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Rihanna is Ready for Some S&M

Rihanna is Ready for Some S&M


Rihanna excites many fans with an S&M get-up while performing at a concert at the SECC in Glasgow, UK on Friday.

The 19-year-old Barbadian singer has been sexing up her image more and more — who’s ready to get under her umbrella?

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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • OMG


  • Musicisourhigh

    I think she is over sexing up her image

  • margie

    she used to be soo pretty and nice looking and now shes trashy and bad and ugh! but i still like her music!

  • EW

    SLUT ew gross puts some clothes on

  • aaa

    wtf is wrong wit her

  • Halli

    Ok. That is NOT hot or cool. Homegirl needs to cool it. Looks like you an contract an STD just by looking at her. Dirty.

  • tara

    ho-ly shit.

  • renan



  • Sherrell

    You all sound lik a bunch of HATERS! Get a life and a job and stop being so dog on critical. She looks good and she is doing well. you sound jealous to me!

  • ViK

    OMG…man does she try hard. First, she tried desperately to be classy, ghetto-fab like Beyonce, now she’s trying to pull a Halle Berry in Catwoman! Why can’t it just be about the music anymore ?!?

  • emily

    VERY TRASHY in my opinion !!!

  • t

    I love that she stopped conforming and trying to be beyonce before, i think she’s being herself more than ever, the person I always saw in her eyes and I think it deserves applause she’s taken a risk instead of staying blah and making the mainstream happy and she’s been more successful doing it than ever, not my favorite outfit but shes been wearing it for the last year so who cares.

  • Nafisah

    Umm, it’s a stage costume remind you. She isn’t parading around in that outfit down Rodeo drive or something. Grow up, people.

  • Hemma

    WTF is this she’s not Janet Jackson what the hell was she thinking

  • TheLostGirl

    She has an increadible figure, but I agree that it’s not nexessary to wear things like this to show it off.

  • Kourtney

    wtf is wrong with her is right!

  • luckyL

    I agree with ViK and this is definitely too much. I wonder what song she is performing to possibly have an excuse to wear this?

  • nina

    her hairstyle looks like a grandma hairstyle.

  • Here’s The Deal

    Love her, but she’s getting a little too sexed-up.

    She has perfect skin though. Ugh, I’m jealous LOL….

  • dang

    oh please, she’s doing some of the burlesque stuff-hardly jaw dropping nowadays. Although I hope her next album is like bad girl gone back to being really pretty and from Barbados-cause I like that girl best.

  • lola

    oh, come on, she’s on a tour that has a bad girl theme-what do you expect her to wear–docker pants and a button up shirt??

    Britney did all sorts of themes like that that were sexy for her tours-it’s not a big deal.

  • hannah

    omg, I want her body-she’s so freaking beautiful it’s not fair.

  • so

    She’s really trimmed down alot-she looks really good. I don’t like pvc or the boots, but she definitely is hot.

  • ohla

    man, once shianna broke up, Shia La beouf has been clubbing hard and getting arrested for dumb things. And Rihanna lost all her clothes. Get these two back together before Rihanna becomes a flasher and Shia robs a bank! It’s just pain we are seeing people-just pain!

  • licious

    um, this isn’t hard to understand—she is on a “good girl gone bad tour.” Of course she’s going to wear some leather and thigh hi boots. It’s only for her shows-she’s always dressed really classy for awards shows and stuff. She looked great on the AMAs.

  • nofuego

    She’s so hot

  • lizaloo

    I so hate those boots but it’s just the theme of her concert-it’s a show getup. All you people scandalized are probably too young to have actually seen a concert besides high school musical live.

  • muycaliente

    She looks fierce!

  • maile

    I’ve gone to the spice girls tour and saw britney spears and beyonce on their tours. This is standard fare honestly. She has a better body than any of them though-she’s so pretty.

  • kaia

    I like her look-it’s sassy and she looks like she’s working it.

  • Jolie-Pitt

    I can’t believe she’s just 19. She’s fresh out of high school.

  • chloe

    This is an improvement to what she was wearing previously-she had this hideous skirt on that was all ruffly pvc. This is like a straight short skirt and looks better with the boots.

  • harley

    I think it’s a little much for her age,but she still looks good. I bet for her next album she does a Xtina-and goes from “dirrty” to retro classy.

  • Brendan

    Sherell, no one is hating Rihanna. She makes good music, but oh my goodness that girl NEEDS some clothes. She’s Good Girl Gone Bondage and someone needs to whip her back into reality. No one is jealous of Ms. Bajian Bondange, I just want to see the girl that used to dress well. And lola, Britney gets away with that cause she’s crazy!

  • nestle

    She’s lost alot of weight on tour, she looked a little thick at the VMAs. And in these pictures she looks SUPER trim and toned. She looks great.

  • perryless

    She looks hot , even though those are total tranny boots. That’s saying something.

  • aymarius

    For the people freaking out. This is a CONCERT. She is not walking down the street or being on a TV show. In concerts, you have a theatrical sense, they over do. Look at Madonna, Beyonce, Mariah or any female entertainer costumes on tours, you will find them exaggarated, it’s the norm.

  • nina

    Her hairstyle, looks like a grandma hairstyle.

  • obsessed

    I prefer classy Rihanna.

  • lola

    Britney wasn’t always crazy-at her height of popularity she was working some major tiny costume pieces. Beyonce was wearing less at 17 in Destiny’s child when I saw her touring with Britney. I think honestly it’s just how it goes with costume pieces on tour-if you are a pop singer, you are going to put on more of a cheesy show than if you are someone with a more serious reputation like alicia keys.

  • halo

    oh please, it’s BECAUSE she’s 19 she’s getting away with wearing stuff like that. What do all girls her age dress up like when they can on Halloween? Some form of a sexed up vamp. rihanna just doesn’t have to wait u ntil halloween cause she’s on tour! Now if she’s pulling this crap at 40, then I’ll tell her to retire the hooker boots. But she’s 19-this is the only age you can get away with that!

  • halo

    ps-I prefer classy rihanna too, but I think she’s classy most of the times. She tends to dress very well and tailored and classy overall. But since the beginning, this girl has always worn some really sexy getups on tour. Off tour, she’s usually looking great.

  • nina

    I would worry if she was like britney spears today and like wearing this type of stuff all the time and showed no sense of judgement about propriety.

    But since all the candid shots of her out and about town show her looking pretty modest and classy, I’m not worried. She knows when it’s okay and not okay to push the limits and doesn’t seem to let these things blur into her real life.

  • [~fAMOUS~] – tHE gOD.

    don’t like the outfit, but… she cant do wrong.

  • chola

    I love it-she looks sexy! She’s got a great shape.

  • um

    those boots are really ugly, but the rest of the get-up is sorta hot for a concert. She is just having fun with her look. It’s not a big deal. I wish she would burn those boots though.

  • Sophie

    I can’t believe she’s my age, she looks older…….weird

  • canon


  • siss

    I don’t like the outfit, but she’s so fierce I’ll let it slide this one time.

  • wow

    none of the beyonce stans are up to hate on here yet-they probably have 8:00 PM bedtimes!