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Ashley's Apology to Fans

Ashley's Apology to Fans

Ashley Tisdale just made a public apology to her fans and friends in Miami and Philadelphia, where she backed out of her Jingle Ball performances.

Here’s the public apology from the 22-year-old High School Musical star:

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to be at the holiday shows this weekend. I haven’t fully recovered from my surgery and had to make the difficult decision to cancel the appearances.

When my surgery was scheduled, we didn’t think it would be necessary to cancel the shows because my doctor thought I would heal in time. Unfortunately, the deviated septum was more significant than we originally thought so the healing process is taking longer.

The last thing I ever want to do is disappoint my fans. I flew out to the east coast with the dancers and crew still hoping I would be well enough to perform.

I hope you all have a very happy holiday season.

I love you guys!

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Photos: Peter Kramer/AP
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  • ana


    liinda *–*

  • vivi

    i love ashley

  • Tammy

    Aww i still love you ashley! but i’m sry hun your nose is kinda weird. I will get used to it though!

  • menna

    she looks very different with her new nose.

  • Stephanie

    I miss her old nose. :(

  • heez

    she should have not gone for the surgery since she book so many performance wil be sad

  • heez

    she cancel 2 shows…..many little one wil be so sad :(

  • heez

    btw…she done something to her eye too…can see

  • Her PR just confirmed to US Magazine that she had rhinoplasty…. Great way of being a role model and not disappointing her fans with her lies.

  • Jennifer W.

    ashley we still love you and your great. merry christmas ashley and have a wonderful new year and get to feel better soon.

  • I’mjustme

    you can tell she had a nose job and not deviated septum or whatever. why does she have to fix the outside of the nose? i mean she doesn’t use the outside of the nose to breath(thats kinda confusing lol) anyways she should have never done that especially when she knew she had to perform
    she is a disapointment

  • Kourtney

    I think this was a sincere apology. I’m sure she would have rather performed than not performed.

  • Conner.

    it’s nice she apologized.

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    her old nose made her “unique” now she’s and average blah ugmo.

    she cut of her nose to spite her face. lol

  • kat

    i know her surgery was for health reasons but her old nose looked better than now

  • colongne

    Isnt rhinoplasty just a cover up word for nose surgery, that is the most routine and esthetic surgery people go for?

    She is such a liar, but i can’t judge. But wouldn’t have made sense not to plan surgery before a big tour.

    Excuses, excuses. I bet she still gets paid

  • John

    Ashley is a talentless bimbo!

  • ella apesta. es orrible.! iack

  • kit

    The new nose looks sculpted. It’s nice, but you would know she had it done, even if you had never seen her before. I honestly like her before picture better. But, we’re never happy with what we have.

  • Tina

    I am a fan of Ashley and I think she looks pretty either way.

  • hapy

    feel better ashley, your old nose looked better but i hope sh’es breathing easier. is it me or did they chop off a big chunk?

  • Jake

    I am tired of this stupid propaganda that assumes that kids,teens and individuals don’t have a mind, that they’ll easily do whatever they see others doing, just because a celebrity does something doesn’t mind fans or individuals would want to do the same thing, people have minds, they can decides for themselves, people/teens/kids, don’t look upto celebrities, they observe them, KIDS/PEOPLE HAVE MINDS, KIDS HAVE PARENTS TO, IF ANYTHING KIDS DO WHATEVER IS USUALLY MUCH CLOSER TO THEM(i.e peer pressure, and what there friends do), stop blaming celebrities

  • mary

    hahahaha… for telling lies, her new nose is worst than before. poor stupid girl :P

  • Mary

    My sister had a deviated septum too and she had surgery to fix it. Her nose looks different now and it’s not because of a rhinoplasty.

    I don’t even like Ashley Tisdale, but I don’t bash her just because I can. A deviated septum is a big deal in some cases and it’s good that she decided to take care of her health, even if it means she had to cancel some shows.

  • cable


    Idiot….america’s perfect example

  • amy

    I miss her old nose. It looked way better on her.

  • blah

    she looks so ugly with that new nose

  • Christine x3

    i still love her!

  • Hailey

    love you Ashley get better soon.
    your real fans understand and hope
    you get better soon

  • Samantha

    I was sooo pissed when I went to the the Y-100 Jingle Ball and you weren’t there and a lot of others were pissed too. There were a lot of little kids there to see you even like a little text went on saying “Ashley I hope you come out soon…ilu” I felt bad for the kids and I was also angry in general, but I’m glad you came out to apologize, it really makes me love you even more…

  • amanda

    sorry but she is soooo full of crap. She doesnt even name the right surgery for a deviated spectrum

  • http://myspace Brittney

    To all the haters shut the fuck up so got a new nose so what it doesnt matter if you like it or not.
    It was her decision and she probally fills god aout it.
    And plus she is gorgous.
    unlike people here.
    How would you feel if someone made fun of you about how fat you are or how ugly you are.
    You would want to hange.
    I love ashley.

  • wildcatgirl

    Why r u all bashing ashley? obviously the problem was so serious that she couldnt wait until after her performances to get the surgery

  • zac lover

    i went to the Q102 jingleball and i was SOOO excited to see her perform. i was so upset when i found out she wasn’t going to be there. but i hope she is feeling better! … just my luck. the one time i go to a concert to see her especially, shes not there. =(
    it was a sad night. but im over it now lol

  • lexie

    i agree with jake,, stop blaming clebrities,, they can do what ever they want,, people can choose their own choice,,
    anyway,, i still love u ashley don’t worry..

  • marsha

    Not a big fan of this girl. That nose is as fake as hell, and she had the nerve to lie about why she got. At least she had enough common sense to apologize, but I bet that’s just her publicist doing damage control to prevent backlash concerning her cancellation and her fugly nose.

  • marsha

    Not a big fan of this girl. That nose is as fake as hell, and she had the nerve to lie about why she got. At least she had enough common sense to apologize, but I bet that’s just her publicist doing damage control to prevent backlash concerning her cancellation and her fugly nose.

  • LOVE tisdale

    I love You Tisdale (L)

    Forever *______*

  • Mrs.Ashlee_Efron

    aww i still love ashley
    its not her fault but i just hope
    you get better ashley your still my idol
    no matter what..and haters stop hating on ashley
    like if your any better

  • missefron

    I love her. she’s so nice…but is it me or the pic is really weird :S !!??

  • Sarah

    I was at the All Access Lounge in NYC for Z100′s Jingle Ball (The Pre-Event where Ashley was scheduled to perform) and Ashley came on stage to announce that she wasn’t going to perform, and I completely understood why. She said that she really just wanted to tell her fans because she cares a lot about them. Sure I was disappointed, but she’s still recovering and there’s no way she wants to risk anything bad happening. Instead, her dancers came out and danced to “He Said, She Said” and it was awesome! I was watching her standing on the side and btw, she looked gorgeous! I was REALLY close to the stage so I got a great view of her.
    And then she still did the Meet and Greet! So it’s obvious that she really cares about her fans.

    She also came on stage at the actual Jingle Ball and wished a happy birthday to Jordin Sparks! That was where all the pictures of her new nose are coming from. So all in all, I’m a HUGE fan of Ashley’s and I really wish her all the best – and she definitely made the right decision by canceling her performances. Apparently, she almost had a heart attack before the pre-event at Jingle Ball and was breathing in a ton of Oxygen from a tube. Yeah, I wouldn’t have performed either.

    So people need to give her a break, seriously. I wish Ash all the best in a full and speedy recovery.

  • required


  • .•*

    She’s ugly with that new nose

  • karen!

    ashley the best!
    she is very pretty!
    super hermozaa!

  • Mareike

    awww I love her, she’s the best ever :)

    by the way… love her new nose :D

  • thegamingamine

    She kinda reminds me of ‘Cindy-Loo-Hoo’ w/that new nose of hers…

  • /lindoo_zaac

    salio raraa en esaa fotoo..
    igual es una diossaa!

    I love Zac Efron!

  • kyndra

    THE NEW NOSE LOOKS REALLY BAD. IM SORRY BUT I HAD TO SAY IT. SHE REMINDS ME OF THE PEOPLE IN HOOVILLE OR WHATEVER IN THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS. im sorry but it looks reaaaaaaaaally bad. she looks like a totally different person!

  • makayla

    she got a nose job cause she
    had beathing problem’s okay she is not anther
    paris .

  • makayla

    she got a nose job cause she
    had beathing problem’s okay she is not anther
    paris .