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Gemma Arterton is a Bond 22 Girl

Gemma Arterton is a Bond 22 Girl

22-year-old British actress Gemma Arterton (St. Trinian’s) will be the next Bond Girl, confirms Empire Online.

It’s not certain what her role in the film will be or if she will be the main Bond girl, like Eva Green in Casino Royale.

Pictured: Gemma at the world premiere of St.Trinian’s at The Empire Leicester Square last Friday in London, England. 10+ pictures inside…

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Photos: Julian Finney/Dave Hogan/Getty
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  • gala

    she has nothing special . I mean no special face, no special hot body….and her hair looks stupid.

  • snap

    Lucky byotch!

  • troy

    I have no idea who this girl is but I doubt many people on this side of the pond do. She looks like an interesting choice in that she’s not-judging from these pictures-what I would consider in the classic Bond girl mode. Which is a good thing.

  • Maggie McAdams

    No one can be a better James Bond Girl than Eva Green, she was the perfect one. Totally on.

    And Firts by the Way!

  • Maggie McAdams

    Not first anymore… You guys are fast!

  • Lady G

    bu…bu…bu…bu…but I thought the new bonds girl was going to be a pushing 40 woman that was on a sitcom called ‘Friends’?

  • celebpsychic

    Eeewww I need to be cast as a Bond girl

  • hudgensboy60


  • ryt

    I agree with gala.

  • lila

    Well she’s not exactly Eva Green.

  • lila

    Lady G @ 12/17/2007 at 1:00 pm

    Lol, yeah that’s what I heard too.
    What happened to Chinny???

  • SF

    Probably a small role but she looks pretty, but a tad too young. Maybe she will be Bond’s daughter???? Just joking. She has this olden day English rose look, except she isn’t blonde. Pretty in my opinion and hopefully less gothis than Eva Green.

  • SweetyKat

    Hollywood is definitely getting more and more disturbing. I wonder how far they are going to go with the huge age gap between the lead women and men. Bond men are required to be at least 40 yrs old. This girl is 22! C’mon, the last girl that played opposite Daniel Craig looked like a baby. I don’t know exactly how old she was, but she wasn’t anywhere near 30 I’m sure. They also tried to make her look older with her hair styles and costume. Why not get an age appropriate woman and dress her accordingly instead of getting these babies and making them look older? It’s sick, IMO.

  • LT

    If I was Daniel Craig’s current girlfriend, I’d be nervous.
    And pissed! Watch out, you know he had to approve the casting. Yikes!

  • lol

    She’s cute n’all, but Eva G. totally rocked it!

  • Get it? Got it? Good!

    Eva green couldnt be the next bond girl anyway you turds, she died in the first film.

    Give someone else a chance….losers of the highest kind (*shaking head*)

  • liza

    It’s quite simple SweetyKat, because it’s Hollywood. James Bond is every male fantasy, the good looking super spy who not only gets all the great gadgets, action scenes, but also gets the women. Nothing plays better than a man who’s 40 being able to get a girl in her 20′s.

    Personally, I think Eva Green was perfect in Casino Royale.

  • Cloe says

    It enables the male ego to get a woman in her early 20s as opposed to a woman in the her mid 30s,

    Theory goes the younger you get them the more you know you still got it as a man….

    She looks nice just another unfamiliar face which will make the movie that much better and believable, if you use people who are in the media a lot, then it detracts from the film their in. Common sense.

  • Tizi

    Who chose her?

  • Cristina

    diablo, que malo gusto.

  • Rachel

    Gemma is beautiful and talented! Great choice for a more “down-to-earth” Bond girl.

  • Istanbul

    She is so beautiful, moreover her hair style looks gorgeous… :)

  • Cartmen

    She’s no surprise, she looks like the typical european white bond girl soo…i don’t get where the discrepencies come in.

    Oh well she’s hot, i’d hit it ;)

  • bataglio

    WHAT! she’s big, what the hell. Danny can’t be breaking his back carrying a sack like that if he needs to save her a_ss from the baddies!! And she looks like a cross btw. a rabbit & a squirrel!

  • bataglio

    and her teeth, my lawd!

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    who? unknown!


  • SweetykaT

    Exactly Liza, like I said, it’s Hollywood. I just said that it’s disturbing. I don’t like it. It’s getting absolutely horrible out there. The next thing you know, the average age of a leading woman is going to be 20, anywhere from 18 to 23 and the leading man will be whatever. It’s sick.

  • Tdani81

    She does have a cute face—one of the better-looking female Brits I’ve seen besides Rachel Weisz and Thandie Newton.

  • Tdani81

    Hahaha, #26! No offense to the British–LOVE them, because I think they have THE best talent—BUT,
    most of them don’t exactly have good teeth. Don’t know why–maybe it’s the tea.

  • jillian

    Her skin looks shocking…even with all that make-up on.

  • Raichill

    Her teeth are fine. She just needs a bit of teeth whitening work done. I really dislike the whitened horse teeth that they give people on the American makeover shows. They look ridiculous.

  • liza

    “bataglio” I’m sorry to have to burst your bubble but not all women are pencil thin like Eva Green. To my mind, she looks normal. A lot of women have curves, in fact, the majority of women in America wear a dress size 12 -14. I’m in the minority, i wear a much smaller one. And as for the rest of your comment, from what I understand Daniel had to approve the casting. Gemma would not have gotten the part if he did not like what he saw in her.

  • bataglio

    “the majority of women in America wear a dress size 12 -14″
    didn’t yo’ mama tell you that just b/c everyone does something or is something – still don’t make it right to do or be that? if the majority of women in america is 12-14, then american women are BIG. 12-14 is BIG. it’s back bacon, thunder thighs, fupa, gargantuan BIG. it’s get-away-from-the-ice-cream BIG. heck, it’s skip-one-meal-a-day,-you-won’t-die BIG.

  • liza

    Well, bataglio, since you’re so judgemental exactally how small are you ? From your attitude, am I to believe that you have a perfect body with no flaws? I’m sorry that women who wear size 12-14 or have curves like Gemma offend you personally. I guess that means you wont be going to see Bond 22, If you do, then you’ll have your eyes closed so you wont have to look Gemma when she’s on the screen.

    I notice though, that in your comments, you did not address the issue that Daniel has casting approval. As I said before, Gemma would not have gotten the role if the producers, director, and Daniel did not like what they saw. What pray tell, do you have to say about that?

  • bataglio

    liza, i hate to repeat myself, so i’ll just refer you to a prior post… if you’re interested in what i look like (though it has no bearing on the discussion; 12-14 is big regardless of what i look like), please do a search on “alice kim”, the 8/13/07 thread, and read the bataglio @ 08/21/2007 at 9:39 pm response (#106?).

    re daniel having a say in the casting; he also dates a_ss-face satsuki, so i am not surprised at his poor taste in women. i plan on seeing bond, yes. i fully expect bond girl will have been requested to lose 20+ lbs by that point, and will likely sport veneers, so as to not offend the sensibilities of moviegoers who surely wouldn’t be pleased that their $9 netted them a fattie w/yellow teeth for a bond girl.

  • liza

    .bataglio, i did as you suggested i went on the to the 8/13/07 and read the response number 106. Guess what, I am not impressed. As for your suggestion that Gemma would be asked to lose 20 + lbs so as not to offend the sensibilities of moviegoers, what you should have said is offend “my sensibilites”.

    Well, I hate to tell you this, but the the producers, the director and Daniel are not all interested in what you think. Bond 22 will make lots of money even if Gemma stays exactly the way she is now. As I said before, if she offends you personally, when you see the film all you have to do is close your eyes when she’s on the screen,. As for Satsuki, perhaps Daniel learned a long time ago that physical appearance is only skin deep. It’s the person’s character that matters most. A lesson you obviously have not learned,

  • bataglio


    …i didn’t think the point of this exchange was to impress you, but rather to get you an idea of what i look like. based on that, i’d say – mission accomplished.

    re “my” vs. “everyone’s” sensibilities, let me assure you that yellow teeth blown up to movie screen proportions are guaranteed to offend indiscriminately.

  • Chococat

    She has a pretty face and she’s not even wearing much make-up. Not a fan of her hairdo though.

  • rachyeee

    why do u all think that she sucks?
    she is a really good actress and you are all obv jealus of her coz u all suck!!!!

  • Izzy

    Gemma is AMAZING in st trinians i wish i looked like u!!!!

  • Izzy

    Gemma is AMAZING in st trinians i wish i looked like u!!!!

  • sam


  • jojo

    ugly shittt