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Heath Ledger Hangs Himself

Heath Ledger Hangs Himself

…for a movie!

Heath Ledger was spotted shooting scenes for his upcoming fantasy film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus in London Monday night.

In this scene, Heath was seen hanging from London’s Lambeth Bridge and was rescued by costar Andrew Garfield.

According to Film Ick, an early version of the script reveals several characters: a dwarf named Percy, a clowning, sleight-of-hand expert named Anton, a beautiful young woman named Valentina and her father Dr. Parnassus, who are all entertainers in a traveling theatre. Check out more about the movie’s plot at Wikipedia.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is being directed by Terry Gilliam (The Brothers Grimm, 12 Monkeys) and is set for a 2009 release.

CAN YOU MAKE OUT the red symbols on Heath Ledger’s forehead?

NSFW slightly disturbing pictures posted inside…

UPDATE: Heath Ledger did not hang himself in real life. However, he did die on January 22nd in one of his NYC apartments. Check out the details here: HEATH LEDGER DEAD AT 28

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  • ihavenolife

    i thought he committed suicide!! what a title for the article. tad morbid don’t ya think? :lol:

  • shenanyginz

    yea i’m not feeling the title of this post… i thought he was dead not cool not cool

  • PardyHardy

    my heart skipped a beat…thanks jared

  • ellie p

    OMGSH I WAS LIKE WHAT HES DEAD … then found out it was a movie :L

  • Anon

    I know Heath adores Terry Gilliam, but I am not understanding why he decides to do these strange, depressing movie characters. He plays a hard core drug addict…very convincingly, in CANDY, he does this gruesome, scarey, psycho version of the Joker in TDK, and now he is hanging himself in a Terry Gilliam movie. And BTW: The Brothers Grimm was terrible shite! Heath, Matt Damon, Lena Heady and Monica Bellucci could have done way better. Heath might really like Terry, but maybe Terry is not good for Heath. I saw I’m Not There and Heath can be extremely gorgeous, hot and sexy…when he wants to be. And he’s a good actor. Really good. Why doesn’t he clean himself up and make some fun movies. I bet he could do a fine job with a romantic comedy. And he should find some better clothes. And bathe. And wash his hair. He needs a minder. He never looked so bad when he was with Naomi Watts. Maybe he is sorry he broke up with her. Too late, buddy. Too late.

  • news finally

    Terry Gilliam is an amazing director. Amazing ! JJ had some real news for once !!!

  • mAGGIE

    Phi Delta Theta…on his head.

  • Helena

    HOLY CRAP! That was not funny! I just watched I’m Not There, too and he was wonderful in that!

  • aclark

    JustJared-usually you have more class!!!! This is a completely inappropriate title! Tasteless and tacky!!! Please consider changing it?? Very morbid considering the high number of people who do commit suicide over the holiday season. What a downer….

  • me

    He can be very good looking if he wants to, but most of the time he doesn’t.

  • TheLostGirl

    I agree with number 1, effing morbid headline :(

  • Regina

    You know what’s ‘slightly disturbing’? The title of your bloody post. Wait, not even that is the right word. How about morbid?

  • ew

    ew. he’s so gross to me. he used to be so cute and all his hoing around has made him look spent and used.

  • bataglio

    did michelle williams produce?

  • alexandria

    not funny…my baby is deaD!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA

  • Geode

    THAT HEADLINE WAS AWFUL. I have a son who killed himself and several friends who have lost relatives or friends to suicide. Seeing that headline made me revisit my and their pain without warning. NOT FUNNY NOT FUNNY NOT FUNNY.

  • Orange Clockwork

    OMG. Someone needs to call the WHAMBULANCE for all the whiners here. Geez. Build a bridge and get the fuck over it.

  • Carlie

    wow. that headline was way off

  • OMG


  • lolol

    all you dipshits are complaining because you thought he was dead? i saw “heath ledger is hung” on celebslam and headed straight over. imagine how disappointed i am!

  • Puce

    I’ve got to admit it, that’s a horrible headline…. Sorry JJ !! I really thought the guy had committed suicide !!

  • so sad

    I think you should rename this JJ, it is very upsetting for his fans. I was wondering what this was about. The scene looks so morbid. But if this is who Heath wanted to work with, Terry Gilliam, then that is his choice. Right now I am so psyched to see TDK I am not worrying right now what Heath is working on.

  • queeneetha

    I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Rena


  • alex p

    man i got terrified for a sec… and then the relief came – “for a movie” *sigh*

  • Essex boy

    I agree with the poster who said he probably regrets losing Naomi Watts. What was he thinking of? Michelle Williams totally dragged him down to her own miserable level. Have you guys heard of the rumours that he is seeing Lily Cole, his costar in this film? I think they were seen in a nightclub here in London all over eachother a couple of weeks ago.

  • Lyndsey

    dude…title = not clever

  • jasmine

    I hate your title!

  • Jrfan

    WTF?! HORRIBLE TITLE! Scared the hell outta me! Not funny at all.

  • ewewew

    i would kill myself, too, if i was a phi delta theta. haha.

  • johnnykool

    Wow, you have a lot of whiney crying babies reading this site. I say excellent call with the headline. It grabbed my attention and it’s appropriate for this article. Kudos!

  • chris

    On a more cheerful note: we need a new version of Wuthering Heights. The old Olivier version of 1939 is way out of date. I suggest a new one with Heath playing….well, or course, Heathcliffe and Jake Gyllenhall playing Cathy. A bit of smart makeup and Jake could pull it off, I’m sure. You loved them together in Brokeback, now think how great they’d be getting it on again as star-crossed lovers in Wuthering Heights. I can’t wait just thinking about it. YUm yum.

  • chris

    Anon. Gee how brilliant. You managed to write a whole paragraph, all eleven lines of it, and it was sorta understandable. Of course you gave your silly opinion of everything as if it had any importance (it doesn’t), but hey, what can one expect of a Harvard PhD?

  • Mr Rik

    It’s just a title. Does anyone really believe that if he HAD hung himself they would announce it like that? Please grow up everyone.

    For those that just want to see hideous “attractive” people in rom coms (I’m looking at you, “anon”), SOME people want to see films with a little depth and originality. That is why we (and presumably Mr Ledger) go to people like Terry Gilliam.

  • Suzanne DeSelms

    I bet you feel really bad now that he really is dead.


  • Wow

    and now he really is dead. this is strange.

  • mark


  • brickle

    He is dead in real life

  • Ellie

    How scary considering the recent news of his actual death!

  • Sharon

    I question the timing of this …. Heath Ledger was found dead today. What a horrible way to capitalize on his death. What is happening to humanity. God Bless his wife, child, family and friends.

  • JTE

    Considering the fact that they just found Heath Ledgers body DEAD in NYC…this is a strange prophetic artcle.

    RIP Heath. Youwill be missed

  • sean percival

    Terrible! We are tracking the story here

  • nicholas scaife

    It’s true…just confirmed on CNN. He was a great actor…what’s wrong with these stars these days. Pressure affects us all. I hope it wasn’t drugs!?

  • Ibanez Guitars

    Weird…he’s really dead now.

  • yelrob

    doesnt fate have an intense and twisted sense of humour

  • emily


  • jhg

    today he really killed himself with pills
    its all over the news

  • Ann

    My God……if this isnt foreboding….heath ledger is actually dead today …this is actually bone-chilling.

  • samantha

    This is so NOT FUNNY Heath Ledger REALLY IS DEAD HE DIED TODAY AT 3:00 in his soho apartment, DRUG related

  • dead on arrival

    Well, he’s really dead now. Found in his Manhattan apartment, life imitates art.