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Kate Walsh Spices Up Spain

Kate Walsh Spices Up Spain


Kate Walsh keeps it classy in a white buttondown and gray skirt (both by Theory) on Monday at the Private Practice photocall held at Santo Mauro Hotel in Madrid, Spain.

Even though Private Practice airs on ABC in the U.S., it looks like PP airs on FOX in Spain. And the show is called “Sin Cita Previa” in Spain, which translates to “No Doctor Appointment.”

15+ pictures inside of Kate Walsh spicing up Spain…

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kate the Great’s chunky loafers?

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# 1

frist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

# 2

I MADE IT YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll like to thank my mom my sister my boyfriend my stylist and oh the fans thank you for making me 1st

# 4


# 5

yaaaaaaaaaay !!!! in 4 hours im going to meet heeeeeeeeeeer !!!!



# 6

Many American shows air in different networks outside the US, and it’s not rare that they do in the competition.

Private Practice in Spain is “Sin cita previa”, which would be something like “No doctor appointment”. As usual, there are lots of other options that fit the show better…

# 7

OMG,Thank You JJ!

She is sooooo gorgeous! I love her outfit! I love Kate!

Lau, Im soooo jealous of you right now.

# 8

Thanks, Mary! Added that..

# 9

She’s so dull, she can even make Spain go to sleep!

She really seems to be at a happy place in her life

Kate is not dull. She is hilarious with a wonderful personality.
Oh maybe you think she is dull b/c she is not a DUI sister like Paris, Nicole, and Lindsey.

Great pics. Thanks JJ. Love the choccy shoes.

Nearing the end of the European PP promo tour now. Back in US by end of the week !

1) Her hair looks redder again which is good news !

2) The sideway bangs are back – yay !!

3) Her cleavage looks fabulous in that outfit !!!

Thanks for the photos Jared. Kate looks very European chic – dressed perfectly for the occasion as normal.

Private Practice has been picked up all over Europe. Kate’s been to Germany, Italy & now Spain to promote the premiere showing.

I hope we see more pics of her on Thursday when she is back in the US to announce the SAG nominations. Busy lady :)

Gosh she looks like a secretary. That’s how they dress in my office, minus the extra open button on the shirt..

Those pantyhose are awful, way too shiny with the outfit. Ugh.

*Dies dead*
I wish I was there.
She looks amazing as always.
Thanks JJ!

Thanks JJ, she looks amazing!

i can’t wait for the show to air here in latinamerica (february on SONY TV)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the translation says means “Without Previous Appointment” not “No Doctor Appointment.”

take care

Is there any video of Kate promoting PP in Spain? Or in Italy? Maybe she has said some words in spanish. I heard in some interview that she wanted to learn Spanish
Gorgeous and all smiles as always!

anti kate walsh @ 12/17/2007 at 1:00 pm

Yuck! Walsh sucks! Ugly W.H.O.R.E.

Oh… my… god… she’s so…. don’t know… she looks like a french office girl… So cute :D

JJ, can we have pics of Kate at the actual Premiere Party from Spain? Thanks.

The pantyhose are wonderful.

Oh wow! Kate looks amazing, she always does but you know…
I love her hair & the outfit… & her smile.
I hope I get to meet her one day.
Thanks for the pics.

Thanks for adding more pics Jared. My fav is the one where she’s blowing a kiss LOL.

The word to the poster who said her cleavage looks good !!

Yep, more Kate pics. She looks great, very chic & glowing.

Thanks for the photos :)

Thank you JJ. You certainly are doing your share for the reduction of green gas emissions, those photos will keep my heart warn enough to warrant lighting up the fireplace.

Kate is so appropriately dressed it’s amazing. She is going for the very European BCBG (Bon Chic, Bon Genre) look. Very, very classy high class European look. Brilliant. It’s very rare for an American to pull of the exact right tone.

To be, as you put it, “classy” she need to button the next button up on that blouse.

she looks fantabulous! love her!

#31 – what & lose that cleavage ? Are you insane LOL

LanieCroft @ 12/17/2007 at 2:36 pm

Wow Kate looks stunning. Love the blouse, looks very good.

I think the poor girl looks tired. Of course, country-hopping will do that to you! I hope the strike means she’ll have time to rest when she gets back.

Lau, details, please! I know Madrid well and came close to using my ff points to go over for the event, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get a ticket. Please tell us everything!

“Sin cita previa” doen’t mean that exactly.. i think it would be something like “Without previous appointment”. But my english isn’t great and maybe there is a better way to say this..

I love Kate. She’s hilarious and she’s gorgeous. I love private practice and I hope to be as great of an actress as she is. :]

She has the best style ever. I’d give my life for her.

Oh great, I’m jealous at Kate. I wanna go to Spain too!

I have no words to describe how great she looks :)


ok you need to tell us EVERYTHING!

BrainySmurf @ 12/17/2007 at 6:08 pm

She looks fabulous. I want that outfit. Lau, please tell us everything!

omg !! she was wearing a shining dress … she spoke in spanish and then english !!!

omg im in love with her smile… she was smiling aaaaaaaall the time !! im in shock right now… i cant believe ive seen her !!

mmm… what else… she´s very very tall !!

ask me !!

OMG, you met Kate! Im so jealous! She spoke in Spanish, awesome. She is so wonderful.

LAU….WOW!!! please tell us every single detail!!!

I saw pics of the dress she was wearing, very pretty so did you get to actually meet her? or did you just see her?

i met her but we (sadly) hadnt a cup of coffee xDD !! i said heeey we love u !! she said thank u ! more smiles… the she took the … microphone … i think thats the word you use., xD the thing that u use to speak with people xDD ok and speak to all of us …

im going to cryyyy :’(

ive just uploaded a photo ive taken : take a look ^^


gah so freaking cool, you are very lucky she seems so totally nice! what did she say in spanish was she good at it?

Love the pic btw :D

and yeah it is a microphone XD

Thank You Lau!

JJ, can you post the new pics please!

Is it just me or she need eye surgery, her eyes look like they’re trying to kiss, can’t do it for me, too cheap looking

OMG thanks JJ kate looks amazing! she is so damn gorgeous!
LOVE HER!!! Gracias JJ y ole!

What did she say in spanish??? que dijo por favor cuentanos, quiero saber que dijo en mi lengua materna OMG hablo en mi idioma! Es una idola!

Joey, it is just you.

Si si por favor que dijo?? que hizo ?? como es? TODO !!
es mucho mas bonita en persona no? es lo que todo mundo dice.

We want to know everything about KATE !! I’m so excited for you right now !!! KATE IS AWESOME.

omg. love her!!!!

ouaiiiiiiii!!! If I was in medicine/midwife school in france , I would meet her!!! AAAh!!! Why I accepted to be in medicine/midwife school in martinique???????? Oh no!! I so love her she’s so awesome!!!



Lau, más, ¡por favor! Tell us the details of how it all went. Did she take questions or just speak? For how long? What did she say? You met her–how, exactly? Was there an autograph line? Or maybe just a line for everyone to get to greet her? How many people were there? I think everyone here would agree that if you have the time to tell us everything she said and did from the moment you saw her until the moment she disappeared from your sight, we’d be eternally grateful!

She looks great. Not sure about the nylons but she still looks beautiful.

Thank you, thank you JJ! :D

Keep the Kate Walsh pics coming!

Lau dnd estas??? por favor cuentanos como es? que palabras dijo en Español??por favor!!!!

she looks beautiful but i hate the grey stockings are shoes- get rid of those! otherwise, she looks chic and elegant. miss her on greys though.

Kate the Great indeed. i love that she looks classy and stylish, but i do think i like some of her other looks :) still, glad she’s out and about! and i hope Spain loves her just as much as we do. i bet they already do! Thanks once again JJ! you rock!

PS- omg when is the strike gonna end, i need to have my PrP fix!

She’s o.k. Ijust can’t seem to get into Private Practice though-boring!!!!!!!!!!

I get what you’re saying “just me”. I’ve been watching Private Practice for Kate Walsh and not because it’s a great show. The show has a lot of improving to do but it was getting better with every episode. Shame about the strike, the freshmen shows will really take a beating for it.

By the way, Kate’s hair looks pretty good and her makeup is always magnificant :-)

There are loads of pics at Getty & the usual pic places – wireimages – etc. showing Kate at last night’s PrP party. The same event that Lau met her by the looks of Kate’s dress. V envious lol.

Hey guys xD !!! she said: (wait im going to watch the video i´ve made xD)

Gracias por venir estoy muy contenta de estar aki con vosotros!!! gracias!! y ahora en ingles vale? “jajajaj” ^^ mas mola!!

The translate is: thanks for comming !! im very happy for being here with all of you !! thank u !! and now in english… !!

Then she spoke english and she said that she´s very happy because when she started greys she had no idea that she was end up with her own show… so all of this is a dream for her… then she speak about private practice… she said for example that the show is a little par of her… a little part of shonda rhimes… and a little part of all the cast xD !!! i dont know… things like that about PP !!

eee and at the end she said GRACIAS !! (thanks xD)

Bffff i cant believe what happened yesterday… :’( love her to infinityy !!!

LAU you are so lucky to meet Kate and I’m totally jealous.

Thank you for sharing :)

aaa y tb subio al escenario y dijo HOLAAA !!! BUENAS NOCHES MADRIDDDD !!! Y todo el mundo aplaudio y se puso asi como a bailar xD !! en plan kate walsh:

I was saying in spanish that when she appeared she said HIIII !!! GOODNIGHT MADRID !!! And everybody started to clap and kate started dancing xDDD you know the kate walsh show …


ah yes the infamous kate dancing moves, you have to upload that vid btw :)

OMG, Lau thank you so much for sharing with us.

There is a video OMG, I want to see.

She should be back in LA today. She has to announce the SAG award nominees on Thursday.

LAU…could you please post your video???

Here is the video:

She is soooo awesome!

Wow, great video. Good on Kate for having a go at the Spanish – most celebs wouldn’t even try for fear of looking silly !! She sounds good.

Hope to see some pics of her back in the US soon :)

Nice to know she is loved in Spain as well.

Another vid of Kate last night

Someone throw her a teddy bear from the audience near the end !

yeappp !! she spoke a great spanish !! ^^ and we appreciate a lot what she did !!

awww… i miss her xDD i wanna go back to this momment

Hey Olivia ! here in spain.. omfg she´s an idol !! theres a lot of people who watches private practice ^^ Today kate is in all the newspapers

Lau, you make me even more excited about going to Spain this summer! I won’t be in Madrid, but if you happen to be in Barcelona in June, we could get together and talk Kate Kate Kate! (A propósito, ¡hablo castellano!)

You said you met her for a moment. How and when did that happen?

And is it possible for you to scan some of those newspaper articles? I would love to hear what the Spanish press has to say about her. Actually, I would kill to have some of those papers!

Thanks for the video Jamie and Jen. If you know of any more post it here also. Thanks again.

oh my, she’s lookin mighty fine! mmm mmm whoever told her to button up the top – dude, & hide those goodies? r u outta ur mind?? lol

anyhoo she was such a cutie with her goofy dance moves, & such a good sport to speak spanish. i would sooo appreciate it for someone to scan the spanish newspaper articles!! =D

Kate ‘s great, you’re very lucky to have met her.
Is it really MAM with her on the photo ?

hope she’ll be soon in france.

Thank you Lau for sharing with us. So happy for you that you met Kate Walsh.

*happy sigh* So many people Kate makes happy.

I did a bad thing I went thru a bunch of Kate pics last night. Now I am starving for more. Kate and Alex pics Please JJ? Thanks.

lat night? have you found new pics jamie????

ally, I went thru old Kate pics.

I hope we’ll have kalex’s pics tomorrow! Please JJ !!!

JJ thanks for the pictures.. she looks great love the skirt. Please keep posting pictures.

Merry Christmas

It’s Katherine Heigl’s wedding today is it not ?

I know OK mag is covering it, but hopefully we may get a few pics of Kate & Alex arriving etc. cos they are definitely attending.

Yup today is KH’s wedding. Hopefully we will get some pics.

yeah…pics please!!! Tht would be a beautiful present!!!!

We want Kate pics at katie´s wedding please JJ!!

It has been reported that Kate and Alex did attend KH’s wedding. Hopefully pics soon.

kate walsh rocks! @ 12/26/2007 at 1:42 am

No Kate pics at Katie´s wedding?

kate walsh rocks! @ 12/26/2007 at 1:43 am

just made this vid abt Addie!

comments are apreciated!

kw is so cool

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