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Pam Anderson: The Marriage is Back On!

Pam Anderson: The Marriage is Back On!

Just hours after news that Pamela Anderson was filing for divorce from Rick Salomon, TMZ is reporting “had a huge fight, but have now made up and everything is hunky-dory.”

Pam, 40, also blogged earlier today on her official website that “We’re working things out…”

WHEN DO YOU THINK their divorce will be finalized — TODAY, TOMORROW or NEVER?

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  • stefanie

    Oh this broad needs to be institutionalized…along with Britney.

  • hehe


  • luvdgosman


  • Istanbul

    Their divorce will be finalized NEVER…

  • lol

    WTF??? Make up your mind bitch!!!!!

  • missefron

    first ?? …omg pamela anderson…no comment :S

  • missefron


  • Cloe says

    It will be finanlized today!!

    IF not today by the end of the year.

    I mean don’t get me wrong i hope they can ACTUALLY WORK IT OUT, but Pam just seems like hopeless case, and all them she’s been married to dont exactly help the situation.

  • montana mike

    i don’t think they’ll last another week, but one thing i know is that is what my eyes looked like when i was strung out on meth–just saying

  • jen

    oh that is just sad. F*cking ey..

  • annaa

    weee neeed zanessaaa..postt zanessaa jared

  • Ha!

    They have a fight and she immediately calls her publicist and asks him/her to announce their divorce? Before it’s actually really happening? Mature.

  • C

    Annaa stop being a douche

    go to your room and finish your coloring book!

  • Lmao

    I feel sorry for her children.

  • Jessica

    get married once… not ten billion times to the same people!

  • Musicisourhigh

    you know this is a couple whose children I actually do feel sorry for.

  • Helena

    Your credibility had lyed within this post, Jared.

  • hef

    Memo to Pam: You’re officially more famous for your sexcapades and multiple marriages than your “acting”.

    Our generation’s Liz Taylor, God bless us.

  • brendan

    Pam Anderson has pressed the snoozed button on her fifteen minutes of fame yet again, she’s like the only person in hollywood who can say that she is a one hit wonder that unfortunately for everyone else is lasting forever! Someone deflate her boobs so we can all forget about her.

  • whatsername

    Oh god, marriage is just a joke for her !

  • Regina


    …have I seen such a disgusting woman! :) Though she’s in stiff competition with embarassing Brits like Katwatie Price, Kerry Slagtona and Jade Dumby.

  • Didi

    famous people are so f*cking stupid. wheres an arab suicide bomber when you need one cos these hollywood f*ckers need to die asap

    f*ck all f*ckwit celebrities

  • jilly

    Solomon is always looking so creepy! I’m having nightmares!

  • crazyDaisy

    she is so UGLY!

  • Cynthia

    Who cares

  • Tiger

    She is a freak! Lock her up and throw away the key!!

    Someone should investigate for the childrens sake. How very sad for them.

  • ginny

    If the “marriage” is back on then it means she will do a reality tc show. SAVE HER KIDS!!!!!

  • OMG


  • &

    I don’t give a flying f&ck!

  • Here’s The Deal

    She seems to be the type that just does everything on impulse, without thinking.

    She meets a guy, thinks she’s fallen for him, so what does Pammy do? She marries him.

    She has a fight with hubby, and automatically files for divorce, putting no thought into it.

    The light-hearted way she treats marriage is disgusting. And is she thinking about her boys??? This can’t be affecting them positively.

    Let’s hope they have a therapist.

  • d’ jackie beat

    she’s addicted to marriage, am glad she’s not my mother….

  • Hirojay

    Pamela Anderson is just itchy. She cannot live without men. After dumping Rick Salomon, next thing you’ll know she’ll be on Tommy’s lap again and again and maybe Kid Rock..

  • DRAMA QUEEN (poor kids)

    … peolpe have the nerve to talk about AJ. Pam (and Britney) should have thier kids taken from them. If nothing elese, we can at least be thankful they have boys … otherwise they would be raising future Lindsey’s. the again, they won’t have much respect for women based on, the role models they have Pam & Britney)

  • jade

    Pam doesn’t know what she wants.That is quite obvious because of
    all her marriages. I couldn’t believe it, when she married this wild eyed
    Rick. They won’t last long.

  • greta

    Pamela is 40 yrs old but she behaves like a teenager who has hormone problem. As older as she gets, she behaves worse and worse. By marrying Solomon, she just confirmed that she is not stable and muture person.! Work on your chicken brain instead on your tits. For Solomon i would just say: EYES ARE MIRROR OF THE SOUL. Psycho

  • Tallchic

    She puts as much thought into marriage as I do picking out a bra and panties. Actually, I probably think about that more! What a LOSER! And Rick looks strung out or ready to jump someone. I wish they’d both go away!

  • remember da truth

    Hef, don’t compare Pam Anderson to Liz Taylor! Liz could actually act!

    This was the desperate cries of a woman who uses her marriages and divorces as publicity for her dwindling career. She already admitted that at age 40 the T&A act is getting old. But she’s addicted to the fame.

  • yep

    ITA 37. Pam and her cement breasts/ marriages are fake and her acting , umm she cant act ,she is pathetic.

  • mark robbins

    are those “super eyes” or what?

  • It’s true love

    Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon are so in love. They should adopt some babies now. They remind of Brad and Angie.

  • Michelle depp

    Can you say “Publicity”
    That’s the only reason they do this shit…to keep their names in the news. She is a washed up mermaid and he is only known for spending “One Night in Paris”; they have to cause eyebrows to raise so that people keep talking about them…

  • Jazzyjazz

    It won’t last. Who knows when, but realistically it won’t last.

  • Tdani81

    The marriage is “back on”? No wonder the guy looks like he’s losing it.

  • aNN

    She needs therapy. She changes men as much as she touches up her roots.