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Sadie Sandler is a Strawberry Sweetheart

Sadie Sandler is a Strawberry Sweetheart

Adam Sandler enjoys a fun Sunday morning at the beach in Hawaii with wife Jackie and daughter Sadie, 19 months.

Looking pretty in pink, Sadie loved to pull up mommy Jackie‘s sun dress and shove her head between mommy’s legs.

It was recently announced that Sandler contributed money to Republic Rudy Giuliani‘s 2008 Presidential campaign.

WHAT DO YOU THNK of Adam’s fauxhawk?

15+ pictures inside of strawberry sweetheart Sadie Sandler

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# 2

Is Sadie sick? I mean mentally? if not than I cannot understand her look.

# 3

uh-oh, I feel like I’m looking at Rumer Willis 2.0

Poor Sadie she has a face only a mother would love.

# 4

in picture # looks like her head is taken from another photo and stick them together

# 5

Sadie and Shiloh seem to be a tad special. She looked normal when she was younger. Hope she is ok.

# 6
d' jackie beat @ 12/17/2007 at 8:29 am

i think she’s cute, loves her.

# 7

you should take a look at the pic of jackie on she totally looks preggers hope this baby looks like her

# 8

People should not make mean comments about babies. Girl babies change a lot…they get better with age. Sadie is adorable and I love her strawberry bottoms.

# 9

Adam is really fat… He needs a diet

What do you think about his fat?

don't hate me cause you ain't @ 12/17/2007 at 8:58 am


poor girl.. looks just like her father.. No paternity test needed!!! :P

Yeah Sophie…every single picture the poor baby always looks -so- confused. Little girls generally do NOT want to resemble the Dad…

And let’s not compare Shiloh and Sadie

McAbraham @ 12/17/2007 at 9:00 am

sadie is 19 months?? more mature looks

She is so adorable, I can’t believe there’s so much hate for a 19 month old girl, some bitter lives you all have.

awww cute! Every baby has their own looks and i personally think Sadie is beautiful.


Hi jared, why cant B&A fans post at their thread??

she’s a ugly baby


I agree she is not an attractive baby but there really isn’t any reason to be so harsh about it.

Let’s try and be nice towards children. They are innocent, unprepared to answer comments like most of you had posted… Let the example of Jesus be our model especially now that Christmas is around the corner and most people call themselves christian! Shame on you!

Oh.. she looks so sweet! I really love them. And gosh, I hate those people who judge a little child. I mean, it doesn’t matter how someone looks, but it matters what’s inside a person. And she looks like a lively, lovely young lady. She’ll be a wonderfull woman later.

So STOP judging!

Poor baby… not attractive at all at an age she should be cute.

San Juan's B**ch @ 12/17/2007 at 9:36 am

Sadie has commical looks but, she is SO ADORABLE!!! She looks like dad!

oh poor kid! Suri Cruise is so much prettier!!

I like her. She looks fine to me but I’ve read somewhere that she is a girl with special needs. Is everything fine with her? She never laughs or looks relaxed.

PAMPERED_RUMOR @ 12/17/2007 at 9:45 am

She isn’t ugly, she is mature looking..

Cute girl.. Gorgeous lips..

this must be what the “breathtaking” baby in that Seinfield episode must have looked like….

hudgensboy67 @ 12/17/2007 at 10:15 am

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Wow, that’s one UGLY baby!

Is it me or does the baby look like Amy Winehouse?

OMG some of you are SO mean. Its a baby for christs sake!

I don’t think she is ugly! Yes she isn’t the cutest baby I’ve seen but lots of average looking babies grow into gorgeous adults.

Sweet child. I’ll bet she’s got Daddy wrapped around her little finger.

I think she will grow into her looks when she is older.

Sadie is a cute baby. She looks like a little chubby fat version of her dad.

That little girl is not cute at all. I was wondering if there is something wrong with her too.

She looks like Rumer Willis. Nuff said. XP

groundcontrol @ 12/17/2007 at 11:01 am

Yes, I’m sure she “grow into her looks,” after plastic surgery to fix all the homely bits.

I wouldn’t waste my time feeling sorry for Sadie. She’ll have a million men lined up dying to marry her because they think she’s “just gorgeous” – hoping to and get jobs with her daddy and their hands on her money.

Let’s hope she developes a good personality and a smart sense to fend off the sychophants she’ll attract. Let’s hope she escapes Hollywood and goes to med school.

What’s with her hair?

#14 “poor girl.. looks just like her father.. No paternity test needed!!! ” ————LMFAO

Damn thats an ugly baby

gossip @ 12/17/2007 at 8:21 am

“uh-oh, I feel like I’m looking at Rumer Willis 2.0″

damn gossip, you totally stole my thoughts!

I like her outfit. She is definitely a daddy’s girl and she is so blessed to have such an adoring dad.

Women should be careful when choosing husbands, your child may look like your partner. Poor Sadie. Though some times even nice looking fathers have homely kids who look like them. Look at Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Rumer Willis.

pic 15 looks like angelina jolie.(the mother)

i bet your all ugly,how cruel. If ya can’t say something nice shut the hill up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That may be the ugliest baby ever

FUJUSTJARED @ 12/17/2007 at 12:02 pm


Half of you people are truly and utterly sick.
No WONDER so many girls in the spotlight have to change their looks daily, it’s people like you who pressure them into anorexica, plastic surgery.
I think Sadie is a cute little baby and will grow up to be a wonderful young woman.
Stop criticizing others… I’m sure YOU weren’t the most attractive kid ever.

I’m sorry, but that baby is ugly…

queen B**tch. @ 12/17/2007 at 12:48 pm

I see #6 and# 46 (same poster) are in faux disguise., haters of AJ&BP.. You Must be one homely beyotchhh. Plus wears bottle thick glasses. Hon, youv’e brought up Shiloh’s name twice, don’t deny you aren’t one and the same. I’m not even a JP fan but how barf can your big azz get. Jealous much?:smile: Sitting here day in day out,just to bring the JPs childs name up on another’s thread to get you some attention hahhaaa.. you got some,now go eat your slop- biggie. -Adam adores his child-.

Sadie is the ugliest celb baby! She looks like Adam with a mop on her head!

well, imho, someone who supports the republicans deserves an ugly child

I am sorry but, I have to agree that she isn’t pretty but, lets be nice, she is a baby after all and she doesn’t deserve that I mean not that she can read this site but, what if someone that knows the Sandler’s did read sites like this that could be very hurtful. In my eyes every child is beautiful in there own way.

stupidsexyflanders @ 12/17/2007 at 1:22 pm

she looks like her dad now, but you never know how she will grow into her looks, i was a really cute little girl, but once puberty hit, i hit the wall you never know..she very well may grow up to be a stunner!!

SweetyKat @ 12/17/2007 at 2:11 pm

Lord forgive me, but bless her heart. She is not cute at all. But by the time she’s 15, she’ll probably be drop-dead gorgeous. You know, one of those model types, anyway,

Hope the people hating on this baby never have kids. They would probably abandon their kids if they didn’t like how they looked. Sick people.

OMG, that is one ugly, fat kid. With the size of that head (as big as her mothers), I hope she was born C-section. Otherwise, OOOUUUUCCCCHHHHH!!!!!

Sorry, but that kid is not cute.

Jazzyjazz @ 12/17/2007 at 3:07 pm

uh…well…she sure looks like her daddy.

luckystar @ 12/17/2007 at 3:15 pm

I personally think that Adam, looks really hot with his weight. I don’t think he’s fat at all, he just doesn’t have the rock hard abs that we’re use to.

thats_right @ 12/17/2007 at 3:20 pm

Sadie and Shiloh seem to be a tad special. She looked normal when she was younger. Hope she is ok.


You stupid idiot don’t you dare compare gorgeous Shiloh with her. It seems you were the tad special. Moron get a life.

Sadie and Shiloh seem to be a tad special. She looked normal when she was younger. Hope she is ok.

The only one special around here is YOU.

some of you are just a bunch of shi%%* I can’t believe the things you say about someones child. Get a life, or buy one, geesh.


puffs plus @ 12/17/2007 at 3:45 pm

sometimes goofy/ugly kids are cute to me. she looks kinda fun.

thats_right @ 12/17/2007 at 3:54 pm

Sadie and Shiloh seem to be a tad special in having rich loving parents. I’m ‘special’ but in a not so smart way. I am. I looked normal when I was younger. Hope I’ll be ok. Now the ‘special yellow bus’ awaits me. Yeah and I will keep bringing up Shiloh on Sadie”s thread, &something wrong with them, cuz I ha.te Brad an Angie, Thanks. Do they give foodstamps out on Monday Yal?

thats_right @ 12/17/2007 at 3:56 pm

Yeah and I will change my name again , but I will mention Shiloh being a tad special again. Like Im someone else. It’s Brad an Angies fault. I crave attention and food.

ugh…sadie is not cute at all.

shiloh is the cutest kid!

whoa, boy; another rummer willis waiting to happen

I dont think she is sick..she looks like her father…long face and she has baby fat, so with age her face will narrow and you will see how much more she looks like her father..she seems to have a lot of fun with daddy..yeah!!

sadie madison is not cute nor beautiful she ugly in my eyes and the poster who said she beautifulin her own way let me tell you honey she the uglyiest baby i seen in my lifetime so is sam j sheen

sadie madison is ugly so is sam j sheen

not the cutest looking celebrity kid.

Could someone please clarify for once and for all whether or not this child is retarded, autistic, etc?

if you are “ugly” as a baby, you will be pretty when you are old. thats a fact.

a fact based on what your mommy told ya? haha

Well…Jackie’s real pretty and Adam’s kinda hot, but WHY IS SADIE”S FACE LIKE THAT!?

Cute!!! is only a baby!!! please….!

DISGUSTING KID! that thing looks exactly like amy winehouse!

LOL Rumer 2


I’m sorry – but this is the ugliest baby I have ever seen! There is absolutely NO comparison between her and Shiloh Pitt … who is a beautiful baby! Maybe she is the ugly duckling who will turn into the beautiful swan some day …

It’s true- the girl’s hair looks quite wired. Long and short at the same time- very creative ;)

judge judy @ 12/18/2007 at 6:41 am

I absolutely hate when people talk about a baby’s beauty… because I think it’s not fair and kids are always beautiful..but that’s an UGLY BABY!!!!!

I’m confused as to why Shiloh Pitt has been brought up in this conversation. We are inundated with many children’s pictures every day. Why her?

Marcia – it is not “anti – Christian” to state an opinion. My opinion is that is not a pretty baby, at all. She may grow up to be a beautiful woman, however, she is an unattractive toddler.

She’s CUTE! She’s only a baby, of course she’s going to have baby fat. I think she’s going to be stunning when she is older.

I don’t know why people can’t say babies are ugly, is this some kind of sin? She’s cute as a baby, but she’s ugly!!!

Miss windjammer @ 12/18/2007 at 5:53 pm

She doesn’t look sick or mentally disabled… she looks like she was just sleeping, or having a good cry!

Anyway, yeah, she looks just like dad.

According to the pictures of Adam’s wife taken during the trip, she’s into her second trimester.

Let’s be honest….this baby is not cute…..hope she grows out of it…..its not her fault….her parents aren’t great in looks either.

the child has no neck.

Bless her little heart. She didn’t choose her parents or her looks, but what makes me mad is that she could possibly look a LOT better if they would just comb the child’s hair for Christ’s sake. I know they’re having fun on the beach, but still…

ugly baby. looks like a 50 yr old or something

Sugarplum @ 12/19/2007 at 7:16 pm

Yes she is ugly, but that doesn’t mean a thing. She could grow up to be a beautiful swan. I was a really ugly baby. And even as a kid I remained pretty ugly. But as I grew up and approached my teens and finally my 20s…lookout world! I’m not bragging or being conceited (hey, I just told you all how hideous I was for the first 14 years of my life). I’m happy to have been an ugly kid because now I’m drop dead gorgeous. So to little Sadie: no worries, you’ll grow up to be stunning!

I’m sure everyone would agree that your childhood lasts about 10 minutes, but the rest of your life is a long, long time….I’d rather be beautiful for 50+ years than 10 minutes.

Lord have mercy is that baby UGLY

I admit she’s not a very cute child but, it’s not her fault she’s not very adorable because her parents may not be the best looking either, I mean when she grows up she might be depressed because she couldn’t choose her parents. I have to tell you though, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is the girl I call “Little Adorable” Shiloh is gorgeous!!
By the way, some of you all are retarded!

What in the hell is wrong with you people, well besides the fact that your parents raised you wrong and half of you are using a computer in your mommies basement. Every child is beautiful and Sadie is cute, yes she looks like Adam and he is a fuc%%$ doll, Jackie is very pretty…even if none of that were true, you just dont say cruel things about children no matter who they belong to! If you don’t believe in Karma then believe in it now, I hope it bites you back in the a$$…I hope you are blessed with a child that you love no matter what instead of basing life on looks….and hopefully for you not talent since you have none. You rock sandler screw these retards.

yuck sick! @ 02/03/2008 at 2:18 pm

SHUT UP, it’s frickin ugly, it’s a frickin twisted *****

oh my dog @ 02/03/2008 at 2:25 pm

Awww…… Adam Sandler sat on a baby and it was vomit, it was revolting, like a squished cockroach, embarrasing hairy monkey, it’s a bowl of fruit with caca in it, bloody mentally retarded family, it’s got pubic hair all over its head!!!

It’s a transex, conceived by two squinting perverts who just didn’t care.

Is that a tattoo on Adam’s back in pic #12?

Gah! What an UGLY kid! @ 05/23/2008 at 3:03 am

‘Nuff said.

I’m sorry but this girl looks not really cute. But I hope she will be a pretty one in the future :)

Shes a very beautiful girl.
Whoever says she isnt i hope your children looks like crap

I can guarantee Sadie will be a beautiful adult, all babies with such mature looking faces turn into beautiful adults, look how thick and gorgeous her hair is, look how beautiful her lips are, look at her cute as a button nose, look at her beautiful eyes. She will be a beautiful woman – MARK MY WORDS YOU A-HOLES STATING OTHERWISE

I hate looking at this kid, it gags me! I think she is retared!

Think about this – when this gril gets older she may google herself and see these comments.

How would you feel if it was your child it was pertaining too, or even yourself??

she’s so cute,
all you people that are saying she’s ugly, you’re soo rude.
she’s a baby, and she’s adorable.
you’re such bitter people. oh my god saying mean things about a baby.
what is wrong with you??

Stop being a troll @ 11/16/2008 at 2:12 pm

IRENA there is nothing wrong with Shiloh. You’re the one who is a tad “special”.

Hahahahahaha That kid looks like a caricature of an ugly jewish kid.

you people are just sick you know that she is a little girl how in the hell can you sit there and talk so much crap about her she is one of the cutest’s kids ever. you people are just sick you know that. leave children alone shiloh is a cutie as well go skrew yourselfs.

sandler1fan @ 07/15/2010 at 5:16 pm

i think adam sandlerr is the hottest man to walk the universe and his daughter is beautiful in his eyes. he created her and shell probably grow up to be a pretty woman. i am adam sandlers biggest fan and i want to meet him it would b the happiest day of my life if i could just hug him and im not some old lonely a teen

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