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Violet Affleck Hails a Cab

Violet Affleck Hails a Cab


Violet Affleck, the 2-year-old daughter, of actor parents Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, hails a cab around Central Park West in New York City on Tuesday. You go, girl!

Jen, 35, tried to be a protective mother, shielding Violet from the rain and paparazzi with an umbrella but to no avail!

Crocodile-arm sunglasses by Michael Kors.

10+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck hailing herself a cab…

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violet affleck hailing cab 01
violet affleck hailing cab 02
violet affleck hailing cab 03
violet affleck hailing cab 04
violet affleck hailing cab 05
violet affleck hailing cab 06
violet affleck hailing cab 07
violet affleck hailing cab 08
violet affleck hailing cab 09
violet affleck hailing cab 10

Photos: Mario Magnani/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Ally

    she looks just like her mommy!!! ^_^


    AWW. She’s a cutie.

  • Like

    That child is way too old to have a pacifier in her mouth. What is wrong with Jennifer. Let the child grow up already, silly ass woman.

  • sasha

    Yea two years old and still with a pacifier in her mouth.
    Jen you better get it away from her. This is not the way to show her that you love her.

  • Helena


  • Natalie

    awww cuteness! :)

    i love violet’s coat!

  • cissa

    OMG… Violet is so cute!!! I love this baby… I want a daughter like violet… Jen looks soooo good too! Yesterday she was in a chat, and talk about cyrano, juno, alias, her baby, gone baby gone, etc… sooo friendly…

  • tonny

    Nice baby!!!!

  • Jill

    Take the binky AWAY!

  • Jaquelynn

    I love this girls… violet looks a happy little girl

  • Ha!

    Yeah! You tell her about that binky, people. Because she reads these blogs. LOL. Give me a break – relax. Why do you care?

  • lulua

    How come we never see Ben with his daughter?




  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    Cute baby.

  • Jaquelynn

    I think Ben is in Europe promoting GBG…

  • Baby Doll

    Where is Ben?

    Answer:…… Ben is not in New York. Ben is in Europe.

  • tedy

    Yeah, Ben is in Europe

  • Musicisourhigh

    She is such an adorable cutie. So animated

  • Musicisourhigh

    My child never used a pacifier but who am I to tell them what works for them. I’m sure they will work it out. It isn’t in her mouth 24/7

  • love

    jen is looking great and Violet is such a cutie :)

  • Here’s The Deal

    Cutie pie =)

  • hannaren

    Nanny pushing Violet in stroller next to Jennifer. She’s not the hands on mom that everyone likes to believe she is. ITS JUST ONE KID.

  • Buckeyegurl

    Love Violet, she seems like such a happy kid. So what if she has a nanny? At least she is there in her daughter’s life. Jen and Violet are always together. Jen is a working mom like many others. Should she allow Violet to run around the house alone while she is working? Yeah, dumb question right…so is your post #23.

  • Callie

    Nothing wrong with the soother – if it works to sooth the child at this age what is the harm? My daughter had a soother until she was almost 4 (only at sleepy times or when not feeling well) and she is now in university working on her Masters AND she has perfect teeth – never needed braces. Jennifer is a wonderful hands on mom that knows her daughter better then anyone so if she thinks it’s ok for the soother I agree.

  • a realist

    A child should not have pacifier at this age, it is just pure laziness on the part of the parent.

  • Mandy

    SOOOOO adorable!!!!!!!!=)

  • pacifiers are not for toddlers

    Nothing wrong with the soother – if it works to sooth the child at this age what is the harm? My daughter had a soother until she was almost 4
    Then you are just a trifling mother. A four year old with a pacifier is ridiculous.
    Children should not have a pacifier past the age of 9 months. You are just another lazy ass mother. Instead of dealing with your child, mothers like you just PLUG THEM UP, TO SHUT THEM UP. HOW TRIFLING.

  • Michelle depp

    Hopefully Santa will bring Violet a new frikin hat for Christmas.

  • lazy mom Jen

    I feel sorry for that kid. Her mom is messing her up. She is gonna always have to have a crutch to cope with life. Maybe drugs. Thats what pacifiers do to kids who keep them in their mouths long past the appropriate age.

  • Istanbul

    By the way, her hair looks pretty good and her makeup is always magnificant :-)

  • summers

    It’s not a baby… it’s a little doll… so cute!!!

  • debmomof4

    how old are you people who think that a pacifyer is a bad thing???
    the only thing i aggree with is…the “soother” should be used for just that! to sooth.
    i also do not like to see kids of any age..with that thing in their muouth in public or for no apparent reason ! let them talk !!!! binky’s are for R & R ! not awake time!

  • Callie

    “Pacifiers are not for toddlers | – you have no idea how wrong you are. You don’t know me. Do you think all the people that had pacifiers while toddlers are the ones that are causing all the nastiness in the world today? What you say has no merit – you just insulted me and others to make your point – but did you make any other point then that you are one angry person. No you didn’t. You cannot judge a whole lifetime of parents that let their toddlers have pacifiers as ‘no good’ which is what you basically claim. Maybe you should have had a pacifier when you were a toddler and you would be able to calm yourself better. Heck maybe you even need one now.

  • Callie

    ‘Lazy mom Jen’ – another post from someone classifying a whole group of children that have had a pacifier as getting into drugs or having another ‘crutch’. Are you serious? I’m sure that every single person in drug rehab and those not there yet would be so happy to discover your clever comment. My daughter is in university, holds a part time job and volunteers at 2 clinics each week. She’s no angel but she’s an A-B student and one of the nicest people you could meet. Ooops no drug addiction. My cousin’s ex is an alcoholic and abuser though, want me to ask him how long he had his pacifier for? Use common sense and you’ll realise your nonesense comment makes no sense at all – not even close.

  • YFW

    so what? I’ve seen adults with pacifiers in their mouths.

  • http://deleted mariadel barrio

    Now she’s shielding her baby from the’s a little too late…after months and months of courting them now she finds them annoying lol, I don’t think so Jen…she brought it upon herself!!!!

  • wendy

    Don’t children need car seats? Is it legal to ride in a cab without one?

  • dsfds

    Aww ! She is like the cutest baby EVER!

  • A grandmother

    debmomof4 @ 12/18/2007 at 5:26 pm
    I have four children, and I helped raised many nieces and nephews, PLUS I am a grandmother. And yes, a child that big has no business with a pacifier. It is strictly for the benefit of lazy mothers, mothers who want their child to be quiet all the time, which is not normal.

    As one other poster put it, these types of mothers want to “plug their children up to shut them up”. It teaches children to need a crutch to cope in life.

    A pacifier is for infants ONLY.

    If Jennifer was my daughter, I would put a stop to that nonsense.

  • Callie

    I think you are wrong. I was a stay at home mom for years and my daughter and I did ‘mom and me’ classes, we baked, we read, we sang and danced, we made play doh – my list goes on of how I enjoyed spending time with her. When my daughter was sleepy she was allowed to have her soother. When she was not feeling well she was allowed to have her soother. I might add she doesn’t have it now at age 23 and imagine this – she can go to university, to work and to her volunteer work all by herself without her mommy or a bottle of booze to help her ‘cope with life’. Using your ‘theory’ it would mean that a million mothers are useless and have raised useless children to adult hood because they soothed them with a soother. That would be like saying something as stupid as all working mothers work because they don’t want to be home with their children. See?

  • Adoring fan

    Aww my favorite mother and daughter duo. I never saw Violet with a pacifier before their stay here in the Big Apple. Obviously she has had to adjust to her new surroundings. In any event, I trust Jennifer to know what is best for HER baby. As for those of you who are so adamantly opposed to it..GET OVER IT! Stop being so judgmental about things that are of no concern to you. Stop knitpicking her parenting skills. She is a very good mom. Why be so negative? It is not that big of a deal. For crying out loud. It is not the end of the world. WHEW

  • cjean

    I think this is an interesting point. People belly ache about a two year old having a soother when she’s in her stroller. The fact that you never see her running around with it in her mouth (you don’t even see her in her mothers arms with it) tells me that she’s given it to rest. So we belly ache about a two year old needing “soothing” to relax, but all of the adults who soothe themselves with a drink, cigerettes, chocolate are acceptable. We expect more of our babies than we do of adults. That’s pretty sad.

  • Tdani81

    No offense, but what’s with all the pictures of Violet and Jennifer Garner all of a sudden? Would this be in response to J.Lo’s recent pregnancy announcement? We all know that Ben Affleck is J.Lo’s ex, and it seems as if he left J.Lo because she did not bear him a child right away. Well, she is now pregnant with twins, and all of the sudden attention towards Ben and his family is just to see their reaction to J.Lo’s happiness. This is low-down!

  • l’invidia…chebruttabestia!

    Tdani81…maybe you are a little late, considering that the attentions towards this family is present since the birth of Violet….2 years ago!
    J.Lo pregnancy has nothing to do with all these pics…what if she is pregnant? A lot of other celebrities are…so nothing special!

    And please…it’s possible that some of you are always complaining about something? Are you so perfect human being?
    What’s wrong with a pacifier…especially since it seems that she uses it when she needs to relax?

  • Baby Doll

    The paps are following Violet more then Jen. People love to watch babies grow. The same with Shiloh and Suri. Soon as a photo of any of these babies appear people want to see them. There is a natural curiosity about a babies development (how the are doing/ growing).

    Everyone is happy that J Lo is finally pregnant. I was tired of reading and hearing about how J Lo wants kids every year.

    There are so many pregnant stars in Hollywood right now.
    People are not all that interested in J Lo right now.

    Lynn Spears, YES! Jessica Alba, YES! J Lo, not so much.

    People are going to be more interested to seeing if the baby or babies look like Marc………….

  • From Holland

    I realy love the family Garfleck! They are great parents and realy want the best for their daughter. So who cares Violet is still ‘snabbling’!
    They look happy (see their pics from Hawaii) and you will find the complete family together. At this time Ben is in Europe promoting Gone Baby Gone. Someone has to work to raise the kid right? ;-)

    Nice Christmas!!

  • gaba

    is ben relly in europe?cause I think he promoted Gone Baby gone there already!!!??I saw pics from in in germany,GB,france and spain!I think Mr.Affleck is at home!

  • l’invidia…chebruttabestia!

    Actually Ben is in Kigaly,Rwanda…he is developing a business project there and doing some charity!

    I’m so proud to know that even if they are rich people they are able to give to those who are in need without displaying their work in every magazine!

  • shazam!

    Yes, it is nice when celebs do charity work and don’t feel the need to brodcast it in every media outlet like Brangelina. I’m not saying BP and AJ don’t do good things, I know they do. For me though, it diminishes it a bit when it SEEMS like they crave the accolades they receive for doing it. Many very famous people do very good charity work that we never hear about.