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Jamie Lynn Spears: I Want To Find Out the Sex of the Baby Because I'm Impatient

Jamie Lynn Spears: I Want To Find Out the Sex of the Baby Because I'm Impatient

New OK! interview snippets from 16-year-old mom-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears have surfaced via CBB.

On telling Casey: [I called Casey after the doctor's appointment and met in person the next day.] It was something we couldn’t really talk about over the phone. We met and talked about everything and decided what we wanted to do. He was 100 percent supportive, and we figured it out.

On telling her mother: [I told my mom right before Thanksgiving.] She was very upset because it wasn’t what she expected at all. A week after, she had time to cope with it and became very supportive.

On her first ultrasound: [Mom and Casey were there.] I was just kinda sitting there. I didn’t expect to be able to see all that. Again, it was a shock. At first, everything is so shocking and you’re scared. But then when I saw it, I was like ‘It’s going to be okay.’ It’s things like that that make you realize it’ll be okay.

On her body: I think it’s something that you just know how to do. As your body changes and all these things happen, I think it becomes natural to know what to do. I will have to be strong and do what’s right. I’m sure it’ll get hard at times. I’m sure I’ll be grumpy. I have to remember in the end that I have to stand up and be strong.

I’m not showing, but some days I’m like: ‘Wow, I feel like I’m showing today,’ and Mom says: ‘No you’re not. Be quiet.’ It’s great to have her there. She is really supportive of me.



On believing she’ll be a good mom: I love babies, and I have my nephews that I love. I have a great mom and she has raised three kids, so if I take lessons from her, I think I’ll be great. All my friends have little brothers or sisters.

On the sex of the baby: I want to find out as soon as I can because I’m impatient. I just want a healthy, happy baby, so the whether it’s a boy or a girl really doesn’t matter.

On names: I haven’t thought about baby names yet. I would have to hear some options!

On morning sickness: I definitely had sickness, but it’s getting better. It was at its worst a few weeks ago.

On not having any cravings: I haven’t really got much of an appetite right now. I mean, I eat, but I’m not going crazy or anything.

On preparations such as the nursery: I haven’t even had time to think about that much yet as I have had so much going on. All you can be is excited now, so definitely, I will be excited.

On marriage and the living situation: Jamie Lynn wants to make clear that they do not live together — she lives with Lynne, while he lives with his parents.

Right now, we’re just focusing on the baby and having a healthy baby. We’re trying just to think about that right now so we haven’t really talked about that.

On Casey as a father: He has always been good with babies. He’s like a big teddy bear, especially around babies, so I know he’ll make a good dad.

On her hopes for 2008: Just to have a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy and for everything to fall in place and to become a stronger person from here.


On finding out Jamie Lynn was pregnant: She came to me and said: ‘Mom, I have to tell you something. Here, it’s in a note.’ I was taken aback. I read the note, which of course said that she was pregnant, and ran into the living room. I said: ‘I don’t believe this. This is not funny!’ I looked at Casey, and he was staring straight ahead. She said: ‘Yes, Momma, it’s true.’

On if Jamie Lynn and Casey should get married: We’re not going there. We’re focusing on the baby. We’ve got so much to focus on right now.

On grandchildren: My grandsons are so adorable! Of course, another little boy would be precious, but a little girl would be precious too. It doesn’t matter so long as it’s healthy — that’s what’s important.

Her hopes for 2008: Health, peace, happiness and a real good healthy focus for life, for all [my children's] lives.

To read more interview snippets from Lynne, check out CBB.

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  • katherine

    Nasty Kentwood Trailertrash, Slut

  • wayne geddes

    What a filthy skeezy girl. I just threw up in my mouth.

  • katherine

    I mean really!


    Her mother needs to have her head examined.

    Lynn SPears is a horror.

    Birth Control WORKS

  • katherine

    And…………. WHY is any mag or net service covering this.

    She’s a nothing, no talent, teen nothing.

    No More please!

  • Cyntya

    Wow … Je ne sais meme pas quoi penser de cette nouvelle…

  • sexrex


  • SkankyHO

    Trailer Trash. I hope she looses her job.

  • Brian birchall, rancher

    All young girls will now think it’s really cool to be pregnant like their idols Jaime-Lynn Spears and Miley Cyrus. I bet Walmart will start selling maternity clothes for tweens on the Olsen twins label.

  • Anthony to the S.

    if she wasn’t a celebrity relative everyone would chalk this up as “whatever”.

  • Melissa

    this is this mothers way of supporting her daughters, fall in the catagory of whoring them out to the media? she wasn’t there when britney needed her, and look at where she’s at…..and the communication is awesome between this mother and her daughters. didn’t britney deliver a note to lynn a few months back? and then jamie lynn does the same thing………way to go mom! get the $$$$$$ out of your mind and be a parent!

  • bataglio

    so sad that nickelodeon won’t take a stand against this piece of rubbish and fire her to set an example

  • Belinda

    stat rape!!!

  • E

    wow.. how can a 16 year old body even handle pregnancy? she hasn’t even fully developed yet

  • kathy

    jamie is not the first teenager to have a baby. she will not be the last so get over it .

  • Mary

    What about statutory rape? I think charges should be file. Why would this guy want to have sex with a 13 or 14 year old child this is pathetic!
    This guy is sick and disgusting! no way this should be glorified. I think this little wh*re should be fire! no way will I every let my kids watch again!
    I think this is the worst mother in the world. Watch he is going to K-fed her stupid a$$.

  • nicoleee

    miley cyrus didnt get pergnate, and it was a mistake, at least you can tell shes not going to be like britney and treak her kids like dolls or something, give her respect. i am and im supporting her all the way :D

  • gansito

    What a proud moment ………. for Teen Pregnancy! Now they have a face … uuufff I was sooo worried!

    Breast Cancer has the pink ribbons
    AIDS the red ribbon
    and so on and on ….

    now teenagers have a HERO …. a 16 yr old kid that was rape by 19 yr old MAN!! … ahhh!

  • katherine

    AND…………….. uneducated trash……

    It’s the GENDER of the baby, not the sex. ARGH.

    Entire family never read a damn book!

  • liz

    She seems really excited about having this baby. It seems kinda weird considering she is only 16!!!!
    good luck to her tho she is gonna need it

  • Sasha

    She thinks that is a doll, that she will play and then left… this doll cries all the time, darling!!!!

  • http://deleted daisy

    well what do you expect, after going to the juno premier with her mom she decided to go public with the news ,after all juno condones a pregnant teen as long as she doesn’t abort and gives it up for adoption. the critics thought the movie was so great and funny ,but i don’t see anything funny about it,tell me what is so cute about a pregnant teen most of them are poor and not like britney’s sis who can afford nannies,so stop glorifying teen pregnancies in movies and teach your poor children sex ed.

  • Tammy

    LOL we all should have seen this coming!
    It’ not like she was going to turn out normal….i mean look at her parents….better yet look at who her older sister is.

    It’s such a shame……..
    WHat a slut

  • Mary

    I meant Nick not disney. Nick should drop her now, do not even show the episodes they have already shot.

  • Pam

    “It’s the GENDER of the baby, not the sex. ARGH.”

    No it isn’t. The article is correct. Gender and gender identity is completely different than whether the baby has a penis or a vagina – that’s the sex.

  • Pam

    That read P-n-s or V-g-na, apparently we censor around here.

  • sara

    This is so sad-this family has no morals at all-This mom is mentally ill. Now we know whats wrong with Britney.
    Her daught has been living with a guy for two years and now knocked up and all she can think about is selling the story to get money.
    I think she is more than 3 mts I think is more like 5 mts.

  • VsPink8

    Oh my god, just shut up! She will be nothing like Britney. Britney threw her family out of her life while Jamie Lynn wants help! Sure she made a huge mistake but she’s taken credit for it fully.

    And of course she’s excited! She’s going to have a kid! She should be excited! And of course she’ll be happy, if you were having a kid I’m sure no matter what that’d whoever you are would be excited too!

    And for her mother, she can’t do anything! Her daughters pregnant and she can’t change that! She doesn’t have to be supportive of Jamie Lynn! SHe could throw her onto the streets but she’s supportive because that’s all she can do at a time like this.

    So think about it and don’t go spouting of f your first opinions, think of it in their point of view!

  • Madi

    Yes, take parenting advice from your mom. I really think that’s her best option. I mean, her mom only raised a nutcase trash whore who’s going insane and a teenage daughter who doesn’t know how to read the instructions on a contraceptive box.

  • Nanana

    bataglio @ 12/19/2007 at 11:40 pm

    so sad that nickelodeon won’t take a stand against this piece of rubbish and fire her to set an example

    nickelodeon is preparing to go down with her

  • santeezy

    i dont get it. to me she makes it sound like its ok to be pregnant at her age. is she for real? i understand wanting to have sex, or whatever, but shouldn’t you be smart about it. use protection. doesn’t anyone use protection?! im expecting a big turnout of teen mothers after this.

  • rammonia

    leave her the f*u*ck alone

  • miley

    OK…first of all yeah this sucks, but it HAPPENS!
    We aren’t in the 50′s any more so give her a frigen break.
    I’m just happy she’s taking full responsibility and is going to keep the baby.
    And no one is responcible other then her and her boyfriend so stop blaming the parents.
    And this entire rape thing….get over yourselves and leave it alone go watch a damn soap opera or something.
    For all you know he could be an amazing guy and starting up accusations on a guy you dont know is just pure DUMB.
    Let them be….it’s their life!

  • http://deleted lulu

    The interview sounded like she’s gonna had baby toy. I pity the unborn baby. not her and her trashy family.

  • the_original_nika

    ouch so many haters.
    somehow I have a feeling once the baby is out, alot people will be like “aaaaawwww…”
    good luck girl, you´ll need it.

  • emily

    actually, katherine, it IS the sex of the baby and not the gender. although both are acceptable terms, when choosing one over the other in this context, gender refers more to the cultural stigmas attatched to male and female while sex refers to the biological and physical differences (physically a boy or girl).

  • Dav

    I think Mommy Lynn is happy she got something to sell to mags and tabs. I hear she might get 1 million for the first pics.
    What a sick family to WH0RE out your 16 year old daughter. This no- good for nothing mom let her 13 year old move in with a man.
    Now she rubs her hands together eagerly waiting on the money.


    I’m tired of seeing HER and her damn SISTER. NEXT!!

  • Nanana

    rammonia @ 12/20/2007 at 12:10 am

    leave her the f*u*ck alone

    but obviously she doesn’t want to be leave alone

    otherwise, why would she announce it and discuss it with the public? so she just want the public to praise her?

    there are parents out there who concern about their teenage kids!!! their kids are not as rich as her who can afford to raise a kid! what kind of influences will this has on their kids? they screw up other people/parents by going public with this.

    Got get your head examine!!!

  • Joeluvr

    she looks SOOOO slutty in these pictures

  • deanna

    OMG.. SHES 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nanana

    Selfish people……..only concern about themselves……..lots of parents will have lots of explaining/education to do to their kids because of this.

  • Melissa

    i think that no matter what age you are, having a baby is a hard job…she has the best role models ever, her mom handed her sister over to the record companies when she should of been raising her, and then britney handed her kids over to k-fed, and before the stuff hits the fan on that one, britney has had SOOO many chances to redeem herself, to be called by all news,magazine,television organizations as”Trainwreck of the Year” . I am a mom of 3. 2 being girls ages 6 and 7, they heard about it at school from kids who have older sisters. for her to be pregnant and take responsibility is one thing, to plaster it on a cover so when i take my girls to the store and they stand at the check out with the magazine in their face, is another thing;but maybe Lynn is thinking ahead,getting paid 1 million for the story,because she knows that Nickelodeon will end their contract,since they put out word a few months ago of Jamie-Lynn’s high moral character. On her being excited about knowing what it is, that is the kid in her talking….she is a kid,having a kid. won’t be the first nor the last. As a mom, Lynn needs to read someone elses book on raising kids and having a stable family life.

  • Nanana

    for her to be pregnant and take responsibility is one thing, to plaster it on a cover so when i take my girls to the store and they stand at the check out with the magazine in their face, is another thing;


  • Melissa

    #41, I agree…and many of the conversations are going to be towards kids who really aren’t ready to have that education;but we live in a different world now,it’s not what matters,it’s what sells.

  • joan

    Look pr people I know you have to make your client look good but go do reserch so you will know how dangerous it is for a teen to have a baby.

  • yuracunt

    Can We Say TRASH

  • http://deleted Yaya

    Wait till she went to labor pain, traumatic ! she thought, the baby toy just pop out from her vagina in a milliesec.

  • CL

    There is nothing ok about being pregnant in your teens, but its an unfortunate reality that must be dealt with if it happened.

    They on the other hand are not doing it well. That girl should not even be in LA, she be somewhere else away from the media instead of feeding them all this material.

    FOR FU*CK SKAKES can’t both those girls actually think about what is best for the children they are bringing into the world and not what their PR stunt to pool.

    Get a clue

  • sara

    I hope Nickelodeon fire her now. I remember the stand they took to clean the rumor up. Now Nickelodeon is the fool.

  • Natalie


    Were Jamie and her boyfriend even using protection? If she wants to teach young girls to be healthy, why doesnt she talk about that?