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Victoria Beckham's Toilet Reading

Victoria Beckham's Toilet Reading

Victoria Beckham loves doing what she does best–shopping! Posh was seen dressed in head-to-toe black, out and about shopping in London on Wednesday.

The Sun reports that husband David has bought Victoria a $1,500 limited edition signed Valentino fashion book called “Valentino Garavani: First Name in Fashion.” It is one of just 2,000 copies that exist worldwide.

A source said: “It will make for some good toilet reading for Victoria. Most people might get a puzzle or gardening book in their stocking – but Posh gets this.”

Back in 2005, Posh famously admitted she’d never read a book.

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  • smooth

    There is a great pic from Spice Girls concert,when all the girls invited their children on the stage with them.

  • http://www kkjollj

    she is absolutely gorgeus , lookin sexy, brunette suits her the best , would be better if she had a bit longer hair though

  • Miapocca

    Tom cruise takes suri to the mall to see santa

  • DJ Inphinity

    Posh looks fabulous on her black outfit…

  • ME


  • smooth

    I love Vic and David,but it’s cold in London,isn’t it?
    If I were her mother I would ask her to put coat or jasket,because no fashion is better than your own health.

  • ME


  • depeche

    chicken legs

  • Nando

    It’s okay, Vicky, I’ve only read one book in my entire 25 years of being born. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cramik

    omg she has 3 boys O_o
    maybe too skinny but it fit her and i love her brown hair.

  • wow

    I must say she really looks good here. She’s couture’s best client I bet.

  • Bam bam

    I don’t understand what the fascination is about some of these celebrities. This girl brings nothing to the table. She is unintelligent, talentless, AND ugly. She looks like a robot. It’s good that young girls are exposed to ass clowns like this over other women who actually do something with their life.

  • Nice

    Because she has skinny legs I would lower the skirt length just a bit. Other than that she’s pretty chic and elegant.

    yay for the brown hair.

  • WTF?

    Bam bam @ 12/19/2007 at 10:57 am
    That’s your opinion and you know what people say about opinions….

  • Istanbul

    I love her hair style here. :)

  • simon

    she(s awesome and looks great david is the best football player ever

  • deborah

    I disagree, bam bam. She was a spice girl (and whatever her talent level, she did and continues to work hard to put on a good show), she has written two books, has her own fashion line and fragrance line…and raises three young boys! Sounds pretty impressive to me.
    Moreover, I feel bad for her because that “I’ve never read a book” mis-quote has haunted the poor woman for years. What she actually said was that she never had time to FINISH a book, because of looking after the kids and everything else. It was one of the Brit tabloids that turned that into ‘never read a book in her life’ and, like most lies, that’s what everyone remembers.
    Frankly, I like and respect her. So she doesn’t smile for the camera, so what? Go on YouTube and see interviews she’s done, and you get a much better idea of the person she is (very funny!). Plus, she wasn’t pregnant at 16, hasn’t cheated on her husband or walked out on her kids or gotten arrested for drunk driving nor is she a drug addict…pretty much a better person than 70% of Hollywood celebs IMO.



  • smooth


    Good post.

  • love

    Tisk tisk VICKY. you were photographed 2x wearing the same dress. A fashion faux pas for a fashionista!

  • nina

    girl has such a naturally great figure, if she would just eat more she’d fill out nicely. She’s so rail thin though it looks all sad and pathetic. She’s funny though-she has a dry sense of humor and then people take what she says literally.


    When your that skinny…stay away from makes her look hungry.

  • depeche

    Written two books?? Oh, you mean those books, that were written by other people and selled with VB name…..

  • deborah

    which is still two more books than I’ve written under ANY name…you?

  • stella


  • cr7

    WAIT! she can read? or she just likes to look a the pictures.

  • angel hair

    holy cow, her legs are gorgeous!

  • Tim

    never read a whole book!? and americans get crap for being stupid? what a load of stereotypical bull.

  • Madonna

    She looks good!

  • Ms Fufu

    are love n i d only ones 2 realise that shes worn d same outfit TWICE!!! SAME DRESS, BAG AND SHOES…cldnt she evn mix it up a lil!!!! d only difference now is dat shes added a sweater and gloves to d mix!!!! d 1st tym was to MEL Cs concert in LA n now LONDON!!!
    SAME OUTFIT TWICE IN A MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even i dnt do dat!!!!!!!
    can someone plz tell me again y shes known as a FASHIONISTA?

  • nokia

    something’s wrong with wearing the same outfit twice in a month? when she only wears something once, some stupid people comment, wearing twice some stupid comment too…

  • jd

    Her outfit’s really cute, but she just looks abnormally skinny.

  • Tdani81

    I’m glad she got rid of that bleach from her hair. She looks MUCH more authentic.

  • Tdani81

    Her natural darker hair color looks better with her complexion.

  • Zoe

    it IS cold in London-literally freezing. She is insane to go out dressed like that.

  • zoe

    i love what she’s wearing- very stylist. her hair is awesome and brunette fits her so much better. its so sweet how beckham got her a valentino limited edition book!

  • in

    She was mistranslated…she says she never gets a chance to finish a book because of her busy family life, not that she never reads a book!

  • Raquel

    Isn’t it cold in London??? How can she dress like that if it is almoust snowing!!!Gosh she must be frezzing!




    Oh My God! She’s anorexic!
    Those legs are skin and bones! Viva Monica Bellucci!

  • Katherine

    I was in London yesterday (the 19th) it was FREEEZING!!



  • Ollie

    Stick Insect Alert! Most HIDEOUS “THING” on this planet! Beyond Disgutsting! 100% man-face with fakers glued onto her chest! ewwwwww…

  • Stacey

    Actually, Victoria never sais that she’d never read a book. The actual quote was that after having given birth she could understand why women didn’t want to do things like primp themselves especially, when you didn’t have enough time to read a book.

  • boyce cummings

    She looks great in her original vintage inspired Sara Witt “Marsha” dress , from What Comes Around Goes Around.