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It's Aunt Britney, Snitch

It's Aunt Britney, Snitch

Older sister and aunt-to-be Britney Spears gives an expressionless face as she waits at a red light near her home while driving a friend back home in Los Angeles.

HOW DO YOU THINK Britney really feels about sister Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy?

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Photos: Gabo/Chris/Danielle/Bauer-Griffin
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  • stefanie

    Wow, there’s a whole lotta bad skin going on in that car.

  • Lillianne

    She can’t believe Jaime Lynn is getting more attention than she is.

  • Lillianne

    She can’t believe Jaime is getting more attention than she is.

  • Lizzie

    Her assistant looks terrified of pissing her off. It’s sad that no one in that family can figure out that they need help, or how to get it.

  • shelly

    Somewhere out there, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera must be laughing their heads off at this family. Heck, I’ll bet even Jessica freaking Simpson must be laughing, and that’s really saying something.

  • emch

    what’s with the discoloration or patches around Britney’s mouth?? it’s so obvious in the other picture. yuks! Like got hair growing down to her chin on both sides of her mouth…..

  • M

    lol #5

  • stefanie

    You know what? That’s meth skin, definitely meth!
    Christina A. is definitely laughing her preggo butt off! At least she outgrew the slut phase that she went into because Britney, the Less Talented, was getting all the attention.

    Well, who’s on top now, Meth-Head Britney!!!

  • Helena

    #6, I think it’s all the horrible junk food she eats, her daily Starbucks feasts and her smoking.

  • TIA

    I think she probably feels guilty because she hasn’t been the best example or at least not really being there emotionally for her little sister but I really don’t wish
    Britney or her family any bad I just think they’re a regular family with real people problems and I sincerely hope things turn out ok in the end for both of them.

  • Gossip Lover

    Poor Britney, no doubt she will get the blame for Jamie Lynn being pregnant. I hope Britney makes a full recovery from whatever ails her, she’s cool!

  • zanessafan

    wow she must be really mad about Jamie’s pregnancy to not make a weird face like she always does. xD ah whatever we want zanessa Jared!!!!!!!!!!!!

    woo zanessa!

  • candy

    ohh , shut up zanessafan, we dont want zanessa, they are horrible!!

  • Buckeyegurl

    Expressionless…vacant…bad skin (can’t she afford Proactive?)…stupid hat…yep it’s Britney!!! Just go away already!! Watching her self-destruct isn’t even fun anymore…

  • TiredofthisCrap

    K-Fed will get custody of this child as well !!!

  • deborah

    Don’t know or think about Britney Spears much one way or the other, but I think (if it were me), I’d be pretty upset if I found out my sister was pregnant from the paparazzi, instead of having my family tell me before it hit the cover of a magazine.
    On the other hand, Britney seems to be so perpetually caught up in her own life, her own little crazy world, that maybe JL and her mother were concerned that if she and her ‘entourage’ had the news it would be leaked to the press before Lynn/JL were ready. I could understand that. Britney doesn’t seem like she has herself together enough to be an emotional support to anyone else, which is too bad for her sister.

  • Sasha

    Poor family, where is the father of them?

  • gumba

    I meen whats rong with her family her sista is getting a baby and wow a hole late of bad skin in that car I meen there most be some problems! but you now thats brittney she handles every thing in her own way LOL

  • suspicious package

    I just want to echo some of the sentiments of previous posters – I think she is feeling JEALOUS that Jaime-Lynn is now getting more attention than she is. That look on her face looks like she’s planning new ways to flash her cooter.

  • shaddap

    Why doesn’t she accept her place in the world? She acts upset that she is being photographed. They all want the attention until they make it big then they hate everybody for bothering them. hahhahahahhaha loser

  • niki malko

    Britney, I hope you die a horrible, horrible death

  • niki malko

    Britney, I hope you die a horrible, horrible death, bitch

  • lilly

    a lot of people want zanessa they’re the HOTTEST couple!!

  • stellar sophie

    probably thinking that not only does britney know she’s a bad mom, she NOW knows she’s a bad sister too.

  • visa fan

    Holy Kakapoopy! I like the hat, let’s do lunch. :)

  • malu niemeyer

    She must be sad or something.
    And it’s because her sister is getting more attencion.
    I’m not her fan, but she’s a human trying
    to find a reason to be a better person.
    And this baby can offer another way for Jamie.

  • trash

    I agree with stefanie, she has meth skin, she looks drained and pale, if she says she is not of drugs thats the biggest BS ever!! I used to feel bad for her but not anymore she can change things around if she wanted to, i bet if she got back to the normal pretty britney a lot of people will like her again.

  • Jazzyjazz

    I agree #12. To the “zanessa” fans this is not a thread for your little annoying couple so stop whinning every day that you want more of them. Jeez

    And yeah, Brit needs to lay off the drugs. Look at what it’s doing to her skin!! eww

  • liz

    jamie lynn is stealing brittany’s thunder!!

  • Susan

    # 20 Your comment was uncalled for and cruel. If you don’t like someone that’s fine but to wish death upon someone is horrible. Words like that can come back to haunt you. Remember that. Now about Britney. I’m sure there has to be some sort of concern or feelings going on inside her. I don’t think she’s that lost to where she doesn’t care about her sister. I sure as hell would be there for my sister if she was going through something like this whether or not I agreed with her lifestyle.


    Is that Amy Winehouse sitting next to her, Britney acts like a 16 herself.

  • SweetyKat

    I hate to be harsh, but this is what she should’ve said to her if she didn’t:

    Britney looks at her empty-eyed, smacks her lips, shakes her head and says, “You are such an idiot. What the hell were you thinking? (This is if her sister didn’t use protection at all.) Has my life taught you anything at all? Just get away from me. But hey, you make me look good. LOL!!!”

    If she used protection and it failed, she souldn’t be this hard on her. Accidents happen.

  • annaa

    maybe she hit rock bottom and will try to be a better role model=)

  • Joanne

    I think Britney is pissed because now her sister is in the news and not her so much. lol Get rid of all the spears. So sick of them.

  • Brad Addict

    Love B she’s so cute

  • Helena

    It was so funny, I was looking at past threads pre-Jamie Lynn pregnancy posts and I saw one comment say “I’m surprised she hasn’t done anything stupid yet.” HAHAHA.

  • jackpot

    Why doesn’t fugly brit just cut her wrists and get it over with?
    We are tired of all her ugly pics and bad skin.

  • Marilu

    Britney doesn’t have meth skin, she’s got McDonald’s skin. She just needs to eat healthier meals and not all that fast-food junk.

  • jordyn

    she said that her sister isnt pregnant in the video.

  • SweetykaT

    I wonder who the father is. NO ONE is talking about that.

  • Cynthia

    I can’t stand this fugly bitch and her hideous baby sis. The entire Spears family makes me sick. They’re sooo desperate for attention, they’re such OVERRATED UNTALENTED trash.

  • http://yop luuzz

    porq no hacen comentarios en castellano!!!!! :@

  • Jamie

    She doesn’t care. She’s heartless.

  • unkown


  • Mrs Miller

    If you look closely at the picture, you’ll notice that Britney is growing a moustache

  • kayla

    i think britney showed her sister jamie enuff but it was jamies fault.dont blame britney.her family is like that.