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Jessica Simpson Lays Low

Jessica Simpson Lays Low

Jessica Simpson has reportedly rented a house in Dallas, Texas for the Christmas season to be close to her current flame, Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo.

The last few days, the 27-year-old Major Movie Star star was seen hitting up the high-end stores in the neighborhood with dad Joe and mom Tina.

Unfortunately the Romo-Simpson relationship, which Jessica‘s father Joe help set up, appears to be a sinker. Maybe you missed it, but football fans think Jessica‘s attendance during last Sunday’s game caused Tony Romo‘s worst game in his entire career. (He received a quarterback rating of just 22.2 while his previous low was last December, when then-girlfriend Carrie Underwood was in the stands.)

Will Romo get his mojo back in time when the Cowboys face off against the Carolina Panthers on Saturday? Stay tuned!

25+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson laying low in Texas…

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Photos: Dean/DaveV/Bauer-Griffin
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  • lucia

    poor gal

  • purple gem

    I love Tony Romo and the Cowboys and I do not blame Jessica for Tony having a miserable game.

    Jared should also post Tony’s numbers when Jessica attended the Jets and Packers games. Tony played well and in the Packers game-(which was a HUGE game because the Packers and the Cowboys are two of the top teams in the NFC fighting for homefield throughout the playoffs) Tony had 4 touchdowns.

    Of course nobody reports that because it doesnt fall under the “Jessica Jinx” theory :roll:
    So if anybody is keeping score, Tony has won 2 games and lost 1 while Jessica cheered him on.

  • Ashley

    i know

  • Buckeyegurl

    I ALMOST feel sorry for her. All she did was attend the damn game. It isn’t her fault if Romo is an undisciplined azz that can’t focus if she’s there. Grow up ROMO!

    But in general, can’t stand Jess! Has-been…

  • Buckeyegurl

    I’m sorry, my comment was a little mean, being that it is Christmas. Peace on earth and goodwill towards all…

  • katie



    Why blame her because her BOYFRIEND coundn’t put out?. She wasn’t holding the ball. Why not put the blame on him?, they need to leave this girl alone.

  • jerzeegirl

    Of course it’s not her fault he sucked last Sunday but come on…only 13 year girls wear their boyfriends Jerseys to the game!!! Like Terrell Owens said, just stay away and watch on t.v!!!! LOL

  • Mimi

    Can’t stand that father of hers. He looks like a molester to me. I mean, take a look at that hairdo!!

  • holy cr*p

    You know, some days I wonder if our society is making ANY progress when it comes to gender equality. Since when the hell is any woman responsible for how the guy they are dating does in a football game? If a world class figure skater has a bad performance, do you think her boyfriend gets blamed? Everyone would just laugh their butts off!

    This story is as ridiculous as attributing Brad Pitt’s boughts of depression to who his partner is at the time. As if a grown man isn’t responsible for his own happiness or lack thereof (or responsible for seeking treatment if he is depressed!). I’m so sick of women being blamed for anything and everything when it is often the men of this world that are failing their families and friends.

  • littlechickadee1127

    i wish this girl would JUST GO AWAY

  • visa fan

    Don’t worry Tony, plenty of Holy Kakapoopy for the lady and the game! :)

  • ginny

    She didn’t just attend the game, she mugged it up and tried to get as much attention on her ugly ass as she could. And how on earth can anyone bring up the notion of gender equality in a Simpson post????? Maybe we’ll have equality when idiots don’t get famous for being brain dead sluts with plastic boobs!

  • Melody

    Omg, Jessica & Ashley Tisdale look a lot a like,
    I first tought it was Ashley :P

  • tranny

    She looks like an ugly monkey in a bad wig, go away please no-talent family! It says a lot that this bitch doesn’t have any friends.

  • simpsonisadesperateliar

    Tranny definitely got another nose job, the bump he professed over, and over was his favorite feature is now completely gone, wow. Still doesn’t look female though.

  • simpsonsgoaway

    Laying low? So the paparazzi just randomly happened to be at the same crappy strip mall as this creepy family of press whores???? Yeh right, the whole thing was staged to make us feel sorry for her, and well I don’t. I feel sorry for everyone that has this idiot forced on them.

  • idiot

    God, the attempt to smile in one of the last pics is hilarious, she’s had so much botox she can barely move her face, what a mess.

  • DL

    I don’t feel bad for Jessica, she brought the attention on her. She could have gone to the game and laid low. But since Nick and Vanessa were on the cover on OK Magazine, maybe she had something to prove. Another point, they haven’t been dating that long, for her to go pubic at his football game wearing a custom made jersey . I still don’t blame her for the way Tony played the game.

  • DJ Inphinity

    Better not watch the game Jess…LOL

  • uggg

    her dad is such a creepy pervy douche…check out the “dallas” shirt and the “cowboys” hat…it’s like he’s in custume and playing a role. that guy is all sorts of shady and she needs to grow up, get a dif manager and run the hell away QUICK before what’s left of her career goes even further down the tubes.

  • tsfan

    If a man making millions of dollars can’t play a game simply because he’s girlfriend is somewhere in the stands then he doesn’t deserve to make millions of dollars. Stop using her as an excuse. You blew the game , deal with it.

  • holy cr*p

    ginny – you might want to note that I never said I was a fan of hers or think she should be famous, for that matter. But the fact remains that she is a woman, just like you or I. Unless she started a riot in the stands, I don’t see how her being there should be a distraction to a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYER. He’s supposed to know how to tune out what is happening OFF the field.

    ginny – women like you aren’t doing the rest of us any favours with your attitude. Try a little solidarity once in a while!

  • alina

    I couldn’t have said it more perfectly myself!!!! If she was there to support Tony she would have sat back and watched the game and actually understood what was going on and the importance of it all…instead she mugged it up and tried to be cutesy for the camera the whole game. I swear….I don’t even think she knew what the hell was going on in regards to the game. Her dad had to stop her from cheering at one point when the Cowboys screwed up a play. She honestly had no clue. Dumbass. No football fan wants a no-nothing barbie wannabe dating their head QB. …no matter what team you cheer for.

  • alina

    holy cr*p,
    I think that your trying to make this a women’s lib issue is reaching a bit don’t you? Not to mention that as a woman myself…..I do not identify with someone who has had themselves poked, prodded, stuffed, injected, starved and has added complete stranger’s hair to their own head in an attempt to meet the so called “male ideal” of female beauty. I doubt I’m alone in that….so you might want to pick another woman to use as an example…..’cause Miss Jessica Simpson isn’t cutting it.

  • ginny

    Simpson is an enemy to feminism, social progress as a whole, and the entire arts and entertainment industry. Alina said it well, this idiot is plastic and all she cares about is looking good for a man in the most cliched, powerless way possible. No solidarity for her.

  • zaza

    this whole thing is stupid. her dad setting them up? and how long have they been dating and now they are a “couple”? dating a few times does not make people automatically couples. so so stupid. she is obviously desperate. and her dad is way way creepy. the dallas cowboy attire? very stupid. he looks like a complete idiot.

  • Jules

    Typical Cowboys always trying to blame someone else. TO and company need to shut up and take responsibility.

  • harvey

    Well, what do you expect someone who is NOT a Cowboys fan (Jules)to say???? So predictable!

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Football fans tend to blame everything on the woman in the mans life..take the moynahan story…”she trapped thier golden boy”…stupid folks.,.

    SAG awards nominations are in..Jared where are you…Jessica is less than A alist, so pay attention …

  • me

    what´s so wrong about going to watch your boyfriend playing?!! I don´t get it

    someone needs to give the girl a break
    It´s getting really childishbtw :S

    she looks good

  • texasgirl

    Why is her DAD always setting her up? He is a little too controlling for me.

  • priscilla

    she’s not 100% to blame for their loss. I can’t wait to see what happens IF they lose to the panthers (which I seriously doubt they will). But, it’s all fun to watch how quickly she, I quote another poster, “is becoming the next Yoko”. But hey, she’s happy that she’s dating a rich athlete who she hopes will marry her and he’s happy he gets to ride a horse…match made in heaven

  • debbie

    A quarter back performance on the field has nothing to do with who is in the stands and everyone has a bad day – everyone who knows about sports knows that.

  • Michelle depp

    Seriously, why do people think that this house faced bitch is attractive? She’s not ugly, but she is certainly not anything special. I see prettier girls working at the local gas station…

  • astrid

    She should lay low. She made an absolute fool of herself on Sunday and her father just looks like he was in position to pimp her out yet again. Betcha she rues the day she left Nick.

  • Andy

    Okay, so I am a die hard Cowboys fan, but what this whole situations boils down to is that the boys didn’t show up and play like they should have. They made stupid mistakes, and not just Tony (who was also playing with a sprained thumb on his throwing hand), but the whole team just sucked. You don’t see Sportscenter and the whole blogosphere blaming the other girlfriends and wives. This is just getting ridiculous and I actually didn’t think it would still be in the news. Not only do I feel sorry for Jessica, but I feel sorry for anyone that Tony gets involved with. Last year when the Cowboys lost to the Eagles, it was Carrie Underwood’s fault. There is always going to be some sort of excuse why they didn’t play. I agree that Jessica should stay away from the games, but not for the team, for her own sanity.

  • sara

    Jessica and her family are so desperate. It’s sicken the way Her dad went to this man to shop Jessica to him. Whats more sad is he took the offer-no more respect for Tony Roma. At the game she was jumping up to promote herself and you could see her dad promting her to jump like the trained monkey she is.
    Jessica and the Simpsons are flooding the boards trying to make this work. If Tony decide he do not want her it will be hard for him to get rid of her because that whole family set their claws in deep and it’s is because of Nick and his relationship and John Mayer and his new lady.

  • sophia

    why does her dad have to be involved in EVERY relationship of hers.? this is a disaster waiting to happen. You meet someone, and if your folks like them fine, if not, deal. When Joe stops controlling everything she does, she’ll be fine. He screwed up about 80% of her marriage because of his constant involvement and interference. He’s now “setting her up” with his longtime fav. quarterback and fav. team. Come on, this is redick. This is bound to go wrong. Do they really have to do everything together? She’s a grown woman!! by the way, if you ever watched the newleywed show, she HATED football and everything about it. Don’t tell me she changed and knows all about it now!!!she’s so annoying, and so are her parents!!!

  • Cowgirl

    Now why are u people blaming her dad??? He was just being the middle-person. Tony is a longtime friend of Joe and he merely asked for her phone number and Joe asked Jessica. Is that wrong??? Tony has been wanting to meet her since last year, he said that himself. He also wrote in his blog that it was his dream to date her. So why blame Jessica’s dad??????? geeezz

  • NYc

    It’s not her fault that the Cowboys lost the game. Actually, I question whether her presence even really resonated with Romo. He had a sore thumb and an off day and Jessica’s idiocy in the stands didn’t help. They’ve had a few dates which the Simpsons have hyped into a relationship, engagement and any other publicity they can garner…pathetic publicity and money hungry losers. Joe Simpson’s smug smile and Superbowl shirt kind of says it all. He loves the attention.Jessica is just a clueless rube who doesn’t realize how much of an ass she made of herself on Sunday AND no she’s nothing special in the looks department. She actually looks like a plasticized version of Jennifer Jason Leigh.

  • H

    It really is Romo’s fault if he can’t have his g/f at a game and keep his focus and not Jessica’s. But Jessica acted like such a middle schooler. She was desperately trying to get attention with her antics which didn’t help her case any. You don’t see Giselle plastered all over the jumbotron when she’s at brady’s games she lays low like you’re supposed to. Jessica is an attention whore and I really hope Tony dumps her before she ruins his career.

  • badiggio

    jess was at the game for her own publicity.Tony played bad not because of her,just because he can’t take pressure and is inexperienced.Why is it we’ve only seen one weekend’s pics of them together as well with Joe and ken,in a months time{and keep reading b.s.stories about them here and there}but yet every pic we’ve seen her in since has her with her dad,mom,entourage,etc.what 27 year old man or woman takes along their family wherever they go ,especially if they’re so in love?
    this is classic Joe simpson;sadly he still fools some people.
    this is fake

  • j

    Love her but she needs to get back with Nick and lose those fugly ass Uggs

  • Maria (Shorty)

    People are so bloody stupid! Blaming her for his poor performance. Give me a break!

  • nsm

    who makes her jacket and bag? anyone know? thanks.

  • true?

    So it’s true she had to sell her Cali home because of her debts?

  • SusiQ

    She looked like a fool at the game.

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    rompson sucks worse than jessica’s singing, and acting.

  • Cynthia