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'Australia' Movie Stills -- FIRST PICTURE

'Australia' Movie Stills -- FIRST PICTURE

With Australia, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, writer-director Baz Lurhmann is painting on a vast canvas creating a cinematic experience that brings together romance, drama, adventure and spectacle.

Anyone else have the Baz trilogy on DVD? Moulin Rouge! Romeo + Juliet! Strictly Ballroom! Cannot wait to add Australia to the set!


HQ picture inside…

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australia movie stills 01

Photos: James Fisher/20th Century Fox
Posted to: Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman

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  • moohoo

    baz is a great director. looks like a good movie. funny how they all have last names with man. ironic huh?

  • Tina


  • Elizabeth

    Oh my god. I am so excited for this movie I can’t even speak. HUGH JACKMAN IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Jamie

    Australia cost $120 million to make. Nicole’s going to be in a lot of trouble when it tanks.

  • Just Jared

    It better not. All hail Baz the Great!!!


    whatever it is.

  • lulu

    Jamie @

    She was already in trouble, Invasion bomb, Golden compass flop domestically, and I don’t thiink this new film can save her career.
    beside, long epic movie is not the choice of moviegoer right now.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared, I can’t wait to see, love Nicole and Hugh. Moulin Rouge will always be one of my favorite movie by Nicole

  • Susan

    I’d like to see this because of Hugh. He’s a good lookin’ man. I’ve never really been a big fan of Nicole Kidman. Maybe it’s just me but she seems like she could be a cold person at times.

  • m3lissa


    THANKS 4 POST JJ! ;)

  • lovenicolekidman!

    she looks diffrent but she is still beautiful,thank god natash & sasha didnt comment .

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    i like hugh, but that nicole… is a movie killer. this ish will flop.

  • nicole fan

    hopefully, this wil be a good luck charm for nicole. she seems like a good person.

  • popa

    Nicole is bettter model than actress – but to her credit, she has tried to break out of the mould – vix eyes shut wide!
    is this movie runs it will be coz of Hugh – he is gorgeous.

  • Nora

    Regarding the subject of the movie, Mrs. K. and Mr. J. are the perfect choice…
    ….although I have to admit that it´s the prospect of Mr. J. ( maybe shirtless ) in the Australian outback that leaves me waiting impatiently like a little teenage girl for the movie to start in our country ;-)

  • cricket

    Too bad for Baz and Hugh,the kidman curse will doom this one too..Hopefully this will be the final nail in the coffin of her undeserved career and she will go get lost in the Outback.

  • poodle puddle

    Nicole looks gorgeous!

  • Elenwee
  • zoe

    this sounds like a pretty cool film. nicole looks beautiful on the cover- without any make up, literally. as for hugh, i dont really know him that well.

  • hellander

    oh my God i love all photos!she is so beautiful here.loved the other phtos too…can’t wait to see this one!

  • John

    why people are so stupid to say when films bomk at box office, it’s Ncole’s fault?is she the director too?is she the unique actor in the film?please i know it’s hard to Nicole haters too admit she is a great actress but try to afind other arguments!

    and as LULU said, GG flop at USA, but aamrica isn’t the unique country in the world!try to be lee egocentric please!

  • Betty

    ohh i love to see all these Nic hatters writting.they are so predictable. sorry to say this to you, but 2008 will be Nicole’s year: with The Reader and Australia, she will shine!!!!

  • triman

    hey yeah moohoo…never thought of that!
    DYING to see this movie, hope hugh’s beard and nic’s crap acting dont spoil it. baz is brilliant

  • Ginger

    Nwe Line decided already to do the sequels!so it seems GG was not a flop at all, i perfectly why it was a flop in Us…poor country…

    well i’m very happy Because loved the film!

    Australia will be great too, i have no doubts.and Nicole and Hugh will be terrifc!

  • Prada girl

    people Nicole is a great actress. she did fantastic performances in may films: The Others, Fur, Moulin Rouge, Dogville, To Die For, Margot at the weeding, Portrait of a Lady, Birth, The Hours,…it’s ok for you???

    i’m sure many people didn’t see the majority of this films, because people don’t like diffrent and refined scripts they prefer the commercial ones like The Invasion or Bewicthed, where Nicole is not so good!

    Baz is a amazing director, love all his films, and he works with Nicole better than anyone. I still have my doubts about Hugh, but let’s hope they work together!

  • Jollie baby

    Baz is my favorite director, he is a genious. love all his movies and can’t wait for Autralia! Nicole and Hugh make a good couple and she is beautiful in this pic!

  • Martha

    Moulin Rouge is my favorite film ever! I know Australia will never be better than this but i hope it’s a good film.
    I think Nicole can’t be better with Baz, he understands her as no one!
    I like Hugh, but i would prefer Russel for the role!

  • Matt

    Why doesn’t someone write a movie about Australia that isn’t about the Australian outback? According to Hollywood we’re all horse riding, crocodile wrestlers. I’m Australian, but I’ve never seen the outback nor have I ever seen a kangaroo, crocodile etc apart from in a zoo. There is more to Australia than the outback.

  • Nora

    I know what you mean, as a German I am always expected to be running around in a “Dirndl Dress” “yodelling” and drinking lots of beer.

    Nevertheless I went to see most parts of my country ( including castle “Neuschwanstein”, the “Reeperbahn” and the “Lorelei” ;-) )

    And you have to admit that the Australian outback has something of the secret call of adventure and the spirit of freedom ( at least for Europeans I guess ).

    I always thought that every Australian tries at least to visit the Outback once in his life and to caress a Koala and look out for a Kangaroo. Your nature is one of the most special, rare, precious and beautiful in the world.
    Although your cities are also worth a movies for sure….

  • Matt

    Hey Nora, Yeah that’s exactly it. I’ve held a Koala, fed Kangaroo’s etc but this is all at the zoo. The Australian Outback is an adventure etc, but I think it holds a major stereotype about the rest of us, the way we talk, our accents etc.

  • http://deleted flower

    Looks like a good movie.HUGH, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL EYES!!! He really is too handsome,I love him!!!

  • Angi

    I will go see it for Hugh Jackman(who, by the way, has the best name on the planet). I hope that his performance will better her’s.

  • thegamingamine

    Oh! So freakin excited, Moulin Rouge is like my favorite movie ever, although I’m going to miss McGregor, seeing as that Lurhmann & Kidman are together once more…But Jackman’s a worthy alternative, lol.

  • pp

    #25 – you don’t need to have ANY doubts about Hugh Jackman. He is a very talented, versatile actor who can play any part (not just Wolverine) and will likely steal the movie right out from under Ms. Kidman’s pretty little nose. I just hope that having Nicole in this movie doesn’t jinx it.

  • Daisy

    Funny that people call The Golden Compass a flop when it is not!! It has only been out 2 weeks world wide & has made over $135 million dollars & is not even open everywhere in the world yet.

    The His Dark Materials books are not that well known in the US. Plus the stupid boycotts of a movie before it was even shown. So arguements that the movie is a “”bomb” at the box office are a bust.

    About the movie, “Australia.” It isn’t just about the outback it is about the bombing of Darwin, Australia by the Japanese. It will help give some Australians a history lesson, at least a background into what a lot of people forget the farther away from that history they get. Just as Americans have trouble with Pearl Harbor & how important that day is in history.

  • Helena

    ohh i love to see all these Nic hatters writting.they are so predictable. sorry to say this to you, but 2008 will be Nicole’s year: with The Reader and Australia, she will shine!!!!

    I’m not a ‘Nicole hater’, but weren’t people saying that 2007 was Nicole’s year? LOL.

  • Lauren

    yaaaaaaaaaaay! Thank you Jared! I love Nicole Kidman and CanNOT wait to see this film!

    weeeee! :D

  • Serena

    All that talk of Hugh “stealing” the movie from underneath Nicole is plain SILLY and STUPID. They are co-stars. Nobody ever said Nicole “owned” the movie. Time to trim your catty claws.

  • Daisy

    And 2007 has been a very good year for Nicole! Margot At The Wedding is also doing wonderfully!

  • Marlene Dietrich

    Beautiful Nicole. I love her.

  • bethlehem


  • bethlehem


  • Marlene Dietrich

    She reminds me of Grace Kelly on that picture.

  • Jane Doe

    They can manage to cover the grey for this yet she walks around looking haggered…WHY is that? Gorgeous photo, though.

  • Crystal

    fauxmance alert!

  • Didi

    I hope he gets his kit off in this movie

  • kira

    What a beautiful (natural) picture of Nicole!

  • Helena

    Baz himself said the Red Curtain trilogy is different to Australia. So it won’t be added. IMO, there was only one GREAT movie in that trilogy and that was Strictly Ballroom.

  • kim

    Im SOOOO excited for this movie!!!

  • http://justjared bubbly

    re helena in a way it was kind of her year. for once i truly believe she is at peace with herself. shes has found a love like no other and finally feels like she can just be. thats more of an amazing achievement than any film doing well. well imo anyway

    but im so excited for this movie. nicole is amazing, and immensly talented! she beautiful in that picture! & hugh well he’s hot.