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Brad Pitt: Bicycle Built For Four

Brad Pitt: Bicycle Built For Four

Super couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take two of their four children — Maddox, 6, and Zahara, 2 — for a family bicycle ride Tuesday afternoon to celebrate Brad‘s 44th birthday in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Angie cycled Zahara around in a kid’s bike seat while Brad pedaled around with Maddox riding in a kid’s chariot carrier.

The same day, a Christmas tree was also seen being unloaded from a pick-up truck into the Jolie-Pitts‘ home in N.O.

On Thursday, Brad & Angie were seen taking a romantic stroll around the French Quarter District of New Orleans, Louisiana. The couple stopped off at Harry’s Corner Tavern and Santa’s Quarters, which carries a wide and unique selection of New Orleans and Christmas decorations.

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  • please

    Love the family. Mad has a litlle trumpet on, I think. Merry Xmas.

  • sara

    Cute family!

  • Frenchy

    Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My vacation starts today.
    I’m gonna do some last minute shopping today.

    I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very healthy, happy, prosperous New Year.

    The Jolie-Pitts look great and I’m sure they will enjoy the holidays. I hope they get some rest because with all these nominations everywhere , it’s going to be a hectic start to the New Year.

    We can bet that there will be another Joli-Pitt family member by then end of 2008, ahem.

    “See” you all next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marcella

    is it just me or does she look pregnant?

  • bdj

    Jolie good show!
    From Shia’s shenanigans to Angelina minding her own business, we look back, aghast, at a lively year in our toddling town

    December 21, 2007

    From the courtroom to the streets of the city, it was lights-camera-action in Chicago in 2007. Angelina Jolie proved she’s still the most “Wanted” star in the world, Shia LaBeouf became perhaps the first movie star ever to get into late-night trouble at a Walgreens.

    It was a good year for…
    Angelina Jolie (“A Mighty Heart,” “Beowulf”)

  • Ameena

    Isabelle II, how are you honey? LMAO at the trolls trying to steal your moniker when she can’t even spell it correctly.

  • Andrómeda

    The million dollar donor could be anyone….but I´m sure who wasn´t: the horse face….

    Anyway, I´m so happy for the success Make it Right is having. Brad and all the people working with him must be very proud.

  • Jessie

    SUPER COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven’t seen their family bonding pictures for such a LONG time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas, BAMPSZ!

  • d.j

    :lol: as I was guessing,the thing I told is becoming true.look at Angulina’s says all that she is not happy and look at the way she is looking at him.hahaha you can see hate and unhappiness in her face and even in that photo which she is smiling look at brad’s face he is looking right to camera and he is like this Angulina you need to smile because next week in touch will be even worse than this week.

    Although I’m sorry for their kids but it was written all over their relationship that they are not in it for the long time.sadly this time kids are involved too.but they seem like a good parent who will help their kids through their seperation but for sure in Jan they will anounce their break up and these pics are just proof to it.let’s see how they will act towAard each other after their anouncment.I hope at least they will act like grown a** people unlike brad’s ex.

  • Ameena

    I thought about Angie being the anonymous donor, but Cmar might be on to something here. This is just like the X to initially donate the Money anonymously only to have her publicist leak the story in the press at a later date.

  • Anonymous
    Brad Pitt’s “Make it Right” campaign to build 150 eco-friendly housing units in New Orleans’ devastated Lower Ninth Ward gained momentum this week with actors Will Ferrell and David Spade joining thousands of Americans who have contributed to the cause.
    “It’s been fantastic,” the activist actor told TODAY’s Ann Curry on Friday. “We’ve had 12,000 people across America come in and donate. We’ve had people like Will Ferrell come in and adopt a house. Our initial goal was 150 houses, and we’ve got 52 houses that have been adopted, which means 52 families.”
    Among the donations, he said, was an anonymous gift of $1 million that arrived on Thursday.
    Pitt spoke from the Ninth Ward, sitting in a vacant tract that has been transformed into a representative art exhibit. Housing forms – roofs, rooms, walls – covered in bright pink fabric represent the affordable housing Pitt’s foundation intends to build to replace those destroyed two years ago by Hurricane Katrina.
    “It’s working. It’s really working,” he said. “It’s that thing we talked about of people coming together and people helping people, and that’s where America’s great.”
    The fundraising campaign will end next month. “We got two more weeks to go,” Pitt said. “I need people out there to come in an adopt the other 100 homes. And hopefully by that time we’ll see this whole neighborhood symbolically put back together.”
    The city’s population is just 60 percent of what it was before the hurricane, and delays in reconstruction have created a volatile political atmosphere. On Thursday night, emotions boiled over when the city council met to approve the demolition of 4,500 public housing units that were heavily damaged by the storm and have remained largely vacant ever since.
    The city plans to redevelop the area slated for demolition, but protestors want the units rehabilitated instead. The protestors attempted to break into the council meeting and were beaten back by police.
    “It speaks to how sensitive the housing issue down here is,” Pitt said of the melee. “It’s an open wound. It’s been sitting in limbo for two years. It’s no surprise it’s reached the boiling point … That’s what going on down here. These families are very, very frustrated.”
    Pitt and his partner, actress Angelina Jolie, have purchased a home in the city’s French Quarter and made New Orleans their home. Earlier this year, Pitt co-sponsored another redevelopment project with Global Green, an organization that promotes eco-friendly housing around the world.
    “If this plan works, we’re going to have people moving in here by the end of summer,” he told Curry. “You can help donate at any level at We’d love to have you.”
    Pitt turned 44 this week, and Jolie gave him a $100,000 custom motorcycle as a birthday present. The couple plan to celebrate Christmas in New Orleans along with their four children – Maddox, 6, Pax, 4, Zahara, who turns 3 next month, and Shiloh, 19 months. The eldest three children are adopted, and Pitt and Jolie have said that they intend to adopt several more.
    Asked about his Christmas plans, he said, “I’m looking forward to it.
    Our son Pax is four, and this will be his first Christmas. I don’t think they had much of a Xmas in the orphanage, and our daughter’s turning three and should have good memories from this Christmas, so it’s a special Xmas for us.”
    Did he have any special wishes?

  • bdj

    Christmas Spirit @ 12/21/2007 at 11:06 am
    New Orleans is my town(old stomping ground) and the “Essence Music Festival” rocks. It was not the same when it was in Houston. It is amazing and fun to participate in a superdome line dance. Mary J, Frankie Beverly and Maze, the lounge acts can rock the house. Hope to see ya there among the 100,000 or so people.

    Hopefully they still exist. I have gone to the ‘Essence” music festival in NO that was so much fun, music, food and people who are so friendly!! Essence is returning the festival to NO this summer during the 4th of July weekend.
    Love this family! They are so unique, that is why everyone loves them even the haters. They don’t realize it, but you do not go to a site early and late to post negaitve comments about someone you hate. They really do love them or are attracted to them.!!!!

  • d.j

    and I forgot to say why They have two seperated umberella?Ican’t find the reason for it.and for sure their body language is not good in any of these pics even in those which they taed each other’s hand.look at their face in those pics,they say alot.

  • marilyn

    Is that a gun necklace? Or a Cambodian symbol Mad is wearing?

  • LADY T

    Thanks Anonymous

  • briseis

    Hi, there, Isabelle II. I see you have a name-taker … I had that problem too about a month or two ago, I saw “briesis” and thought, wth, someone is stealing my name, and can’t even spell it right. Thank goodness though she just posted something innocuous, so I did not even bother with her.

    Slightly OT:

    I am not a major fan of Johnny Depp, but I do acknowledge that he is a great actor and is very good-looking. But all these “Sweeney Todd” ads on the side of Jared’s blog is unnerving. I mean, as I am typing now I am trying my best to ignore Johnny Depp’s eyes, but they seem to be following my every move. Creepy! (Of course I know what Sweeney Todd is all about, but still, his stare is giving me the chills)!

  • sharon

    omg, This is sooooooooooooooooooooo sweet and cute. I am melting by these pictures. They are so in love.

  • Isabelle II

    Ameena @ 12/21/2007 at 11:09 am

    I’m OK, and you? She doesn’t even know about copy and paste.

  • hehehe

    marcella @ 12/21/2007 at 11:08 am

    hahaha,yes it is just you,because at first she has coat in all of these pics and second look at her face it says alot.this woman and man can’t stand each other and you expect her being pregnant.LMAO

    btw jp’s fanskeep hoping for her getting pregnant again,you were saying this from May and guess what not onle she is not pregnant but also Brad told that even If they decide to add to their brood they will adopt.look at CR’s interview again.he mentioned that they are ready for another that mean another kids will adopt by jolie and won’t adopt officially by brad.

  • Lady G

    Here is a link to the Today Show video

  • juju

    This season will probably be difficult for James and Angie. The first X-mas without a love one is always a hard.

  • funny

    Pitt turned 44 this week, and Jolie gave him a $100,000 custom motorcycle as a birthday present.

    MSNBC should be ashame of themselves for adding rumor to this article.

    BTW this “they aren’t smiling” in paps pics has been going on for almost three years. For three years we have had people predicting this couple will end because the pics don’t show them smiling. Whatever. Wishing the Jolie PItts a great holiday season.

  • kn

    About the anonymous donor, I might lean toward post #137 that said Angie could be the mysterious donor as a bday present for Brad. It’s all coming together folks. They share the same vision and endorse each other causes. It makes perfect sense.
    On another note, I miss the sight of Shiloh. Hopefully in the next few days, we might get lucky if the family do the outing together.

  • The real lou

    hehehe @ 12/21/2007 at 11:24 am ,Quit lying!Brad said they would be having more childern but did not specify how.Angelina said in her interview with Extra that they were doing BOTH.Which means bio and adopted!

  • Observer2

    Oh, my Gawd. They have two separate umbrellas. There are separate umbrellas all over the place and some people that don’t even have umbrellas.

    And not one person is doing their impression of Gene Kelly from Singing in the Rain. The world is ending. It’s all gone to hell in a hand basket because people are walking around with separate umbrellas.

    Oh, no.

    LMAO! That’s all you got? Umbrellas?

  • Ameena

    Lady G @ 12/21/2007 at 11:24 am Here is a link to the Today Show video

    Thanks Lady G. Brad is so dedicated to this project, I truly hope the remaining 100 houses are adopted before the end of next month.

  • debbie

    juju @ 12/21/2007 at 11:29 am
    This season will probably be difficult for James and Angie. The first X-mas without a love one is always a hard.


    Yes, It has been 3 years since my dad died of colon cancer and it is so hard – we miss him always. My heart goes out to Angie and James.

  • briseis

    Boy, posters like d.j and hehehe will just keep on harping and harping over this “they-will-break-up-because-they-are-not-smiling-in-the-papz-photos”. Sheesh, people, give it up already! Look at the attached link of Johnny Depp and his partner and daughter, none of them are smiling but are any of you predicting that by this time next month they will be splitting????

    I guess you just want them to look like these two idiots who are always smiling and pimping their child (who carries their child face forward when there are hundreds of flashbulbs going unless you really want that child’s picture taken?)

  • sara

    hehehe haters you were telling this even when Angelina and Brad were in France while she was pregnant and you were telling they are not happy together even when they kissed each other,I remember you found som pics where in then they were apat fromeach other and weren’t laughing and smiling please let this not smiling go.we all know as brad told in Cannes Angelina is not the person who shows her feeling and she is not supposed to smile all the time when papz are around.

    so please next time come with another reason to tear this family apart.

  • Kearnie

    Happy Holidays to the fans of this family.

    It is really silly to read these comments from dj, debbie, hehehe, and whats not about Angelina.

    Trust us when we tell you that you’ve got clue about Jolie. Those of us who have followed her know this much about Angelina Jolie – she does not do what she does not want. Never will put an an act /front. This a woman with very strong beliefs and opinions who does what she wants not what you or anyone else one.

    Most of all, if she is not happy then she would not be where she is now. As simple as that.

    Try reading her articles in the past and get a good idea of who she is.

    Otherwise, what you – dj, hehehe, pheet etc – are describing is the Jolie of the tabloids and NOT the real Jolie.

  • midwest

    Brad and Angelina cannot be smiling and happy in every picture taken its not normal.i don’t know why haters think me i think this couple is for life.they have children that they both adore.and they support one can tell they are very much in love.Blessings to this lovely family.


    BREAKING: the anonymous donor was Angelina. It was a birthday gift for Brad, Angelina wanted to express how proud she was of him and his work in NOLA, to show how much she believes in him and his project.

  • Kearnie

    and sorry for the typos.

    Lastly, must be hard to go back to NOLA and NOT recall the day when she heard about her mother almost a year ago.

  • LADY T

    Thanks Lady G for the link…Great article…

  • debbie

    Happy Holiday and may all be blessed with love, laughter, peace and my we all learn love and tolerance to all others no matter who they are.

  • quarterscene

    I live around the corner from them in the French Quarter. They are soooo nice, and they fit right in! They are a typical N.O. family. I love them.

  • Mrs. Smith

    What a beautiful family! Just doing ordinary, everyday stuff, like taking their kids for a bike ride, picking up a few things at the store.

    Oh, wait a minute, they forgot that they are supposed to have big smiles on their faces, just like everybody else has when they are doing these type of things. Shame on them!

    Thanks Jared.

  • juju

    debbie @ 12/21/2007 at 11:34 am

    juju @ 12/21/2007 at 11:29 am
    This season will probably be difficult for James and Angie. The first X-mas without a love one is always a hard.


    Yes, It has been 3 years since my dad died of colon cancer and it is so hard – we miss him always. My heart goes out to Angie and James.


    I’m sorry for your lost. Yeah it never goes way.

    Angie has Brad and the kids the ease the pain, but James…

  • Helena

    It’s good to finally see pictures of them together as a family. We haven’t seen that in ages!


    Thanks for the video, Brad really does look happy.
    I am glad that NBC is helping with the bradcasting and updates as wel as the hotwater heater donation. I hope that by summer Makeitright will have reached its target in helping the people of New Orleans.

    Good job Brad and the JP’s

  • sharon

    52 houses are adopted. this is so great. Brad, you the man, I love you. Today show interview is so cute, Brad is adorable. he is so yummy. Angie is so lucky to have him every day and night.

  • check it out

    BREAKING: the anonymous donor was Angelina. It was a birthday gift for Brad, Angelina wanted to express how proud she was of him and his work in NOLA, to show how much she believes in him and his project.

    and then you woke up…

    I bet it was Oprah!!!!

  • Gia Jolie


  • julia

    # 185 quarterscene @ 12/21/2007 at 11:47 am I live around the corner from them in the French Quarter. They are soooo nice, and they fit right in! They are a typical N.O. family. I love them.

    Aww thats sweet.. Lucky You…
    Love Them too…

    What awesome Picture..

    Thank You Jared… You’re The BEST!

  • debbie

    juju @ 12/21/2007 at 11:51 am
    I’m sorry for your lost. Yeah it never goes way.

    Angie has Brad and the kids the ease the pain, but James…


    Thank you. I am sure that Brad and Angie will be there for James. He really is a good Uncle and spends a lot of time with the children.

  • http://uk love

    It’s good to see them just loved up,holding hands and enjoying can see how proud Brad is with his family.What a year for Angelina despite the attempt by haters she has come out on top.all the nominations,film and family life going strong.all that and no publicist.

    yet someone had an interview in a magazine just to tell people that TBU was not her only hit and tried to claim the succes of along came Polly as low can a person get.

  • nicole

    Brad is the greatest man ever. President William Bradley Pitt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nicole

    really hate this backgroup, it is creepy, Johnny Depp with his crazy creepy eyes.

  • LADY T

    Star gazing…I just can’t take my off of pics #6 and #11. There’s such a look admiration and adoration with them…Such a sweet gentleness with them…Love,love,love…

  • tabitha

    Brad definately has another child behind him ina bike seat. I can’t tell; whether it is Pax or Shiloh.They really are a cute family.