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Gerard Butler @ Waverly Inn

Gerard Butler @ Waverly Inn

Scottish hunk Gerard Butler and a female friend catch dinner at Vanity Fair supremo Graydon Carter’s restaurant Waverly Inn in NYC’s West Village Thursday night.

Gerard‘s romantic comedy P.S. I Love You costarring Hilary Swank opens in theaters nationwide today! Sadly, it was received a paltry 15% from RottenTomatoes with critics calling the movie a “romantic cliche,” having an “uninspired romantic formula” and simply put, “blithely inept.”

Sounds like you should skip this one and save your money. Go see Juno if you haven’t already!

Also spotted at the Waverly Inn on Thursday: musician John Mayer and actor Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild)

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63 Responses to “Gerard Butler @ Waverly Inn”

  1. 1
    em Says:

    Sexy man!

  2. 2

    second that……nummy!!

  3. 3
    Misty Says:

    Yummy, what a great way to start my morning off, with a little dose of Mr. Butler. Sooooooo heavenly!

  4. 4
    Gerry's girl Says:

    The man is GORGEOUS!

    And no thanks Jared, i’ll pass on seeing Juno, i’m seeing PS I Love You today at noon! Critics dont know sh*t when it comes to movies and i rarely agree with their choices of what a “good movie” is.

    Gerry looks Yummy indeed, hopefully he was doing an interview with VF, man i would love to see him on the cover of VF!!

    Thanks for the pics.

  5. 5
    michelle Says:

    Are you kidding – not see a movie with Gerard Butler in it – won’t miss
    PS I Love You. The world needs a sappy love story – too many depressing war and action movies this year.


  6. 6
    Yvette Says:

    Very good movie, very funny too. Don’t know what the critics are talking about. Gerard is one fine looking man.

  7. 7
    Michelle Says:

    GO SEE PS I LOVE YOU!!!! I saw an advance screening and it was really, really good. I was kinda surprised I liked it so much, because I didn’t think Hilary Swank would make a good lead. But she carried her own and somehow, I identified with her loss (who wouldn’t-she loses her hunky husband Gerry (Gerard Butler) to cancer. I really felt her pain and loss, because I could picture myself in her shoes. And Gerard is in the movie a lot too (even though he’s supposed to be dead). Its the kind of movie that makes you cry and laugh at the same time. Definitely a tearjerker!!! but in an oh sooo good way. And Gerard Butler is absolutely dreamy in the movie-both funny and romantic. This movie is not to be missed!!! If you just like Gerard Butler, you will absolutely fall in love with him in this movie. If you are already in love with him, then you will know all the reasons why.

  8. 8
    stefanie Says:

    Hi Michelle, thanks for the wonderful review. I’m looking at these pics of Gerard and he’s really a manly man…you don’t get that so much anymore on the screen. I love in this more casual look, he even looks approachable. P.S., I Love You isn’t my kind of movie, but I hope it does very well in the box office as a solid romantic comedy.

    I think Gerard is my new baby’s daddy…AND that’s my late stepfather’s name (Butler) so it would be easy for me to take on that name. Oh, I think there’s karma in the making here….

  9. 9
    stefanie Says:

    Oh, one more thing…amazing legs!!! I’m just looking at those quads through those nice jeans…now that’s the legs of a stallion. He can ride me all night long *LOL*

  10. 10
    anna Says:

    oh, baby!!! I will definitely be going to see PS I Love You. That man is the sexiest male on the planet right now and I will NOT miss seeing him on the big screen.

  11. 11
    Sebastian Says:

    gay sex between him and Pitt…yumm..Brad would be the bottom. lol

  12. 12
    Helena Says:

    Juno, is indeed a better decision. Ellen Page is an excellent actress. But Gerard is so hot, so i don’t mind.

  13. 13
    Alexa Says:

    Who’s the girl? Her clothes are horrible! Yuck…

  14. 14
    anon Says:

    She’s not Naomi Campbell. Hee.

  15. 15
    stefanie Says:

    Nope, she’s not Naomi Campbell, thank God.

  16. 16
    ClaireGirl Says:

    Isn’t she too white to be Naomi Campbell? :)

  17. 17
    Joanna Says:

    It’s definitely not his ex, Bianca, either. Anyway, this girl is dressed like a streetwalker.

  18. 18
    pingy_pongy Says:

    She looks like Bianca! Bu who cares.
    Im have to see that movie, if he wasent in it..i would not bodered.

  19. 19
    Helena Says:

    I think most Butler fans are going to be disappointed. Doesn’t he die in it…?

  20. 20
    jane m Says:

    Yeah, the main thrust of the plot is tht he is dead but still communicating with his wife through letters he wrote as he faced death.

    He died in Atilla, Lara Croft – Cradle of Life, Reign of Fire, 300 and maybe some others I’ve forgotten. So we Gerry fans are used to that.
    He is always the sexiest dead guy imaginable.

    I’m seeing this film twice this week – tonight and after Christmas. Can’t get enough of my Butler. woooo wooo!!!

  21. 21
    pingy_pongy Says:

    Yeah me to im used to him dyng all the time.

  22. 22
    just a thought Says:

    PS I Love You

    gag reflex. corny movie. seems like its been done a hundred times before.
    Hilary Swank-gerard Butler coupling is just not that inviting on a large screen nor do I plan to lose my hard earned 10.50 for this movie. so I will wait till DVD.

    too bad they didn’t pick the other sexier actress that was vying for the role. It would have made more entertaining viewing. I mean you have these supposed gorgeous men with Hilary Swank.. eeek.. sorry but should have pick the sexier actress.

  23. 23
    cristina Says:

    that man is hooooooooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 24
    stefanie Says:

    I never saw Lara Croft-Cradle of Life…now I will rent it.
    Yeah, Gerard dies in everything…his death scene in “300″ was amazing, I had a tear in my eye. I was even sad when his character sacrificed himself to save the children (and Christian Bale) in “Reign of Fire”.

    Well, I’d love to “die” in his arms…now that’s hot!

  25. 25
    Holly golightly Says:

    Good to see him rested and his good looks back. As for PS I Love You, it is a lovely little movie, despite the critics panning it.

    Test audiences loved this film and so will general audiences. Now if everyone one who HASN’T seen it would just stop panning it as well, it should do a snappy business this holiday, with both laughs, tears, and lots of very nice eye candy for the ladies.

    For anyone who understand the female psyche, the smart guy that takes his girl to see it is bound to get lucky that night! LOL

  26. 26
    admin Says:

    Too bad he’s gay :

  27. 27
    phllygrl65 Says:

    Gerard Butler-Gay? Oh, yeah right. (note: sarcasm)

  28. 28
    Alix Says:

    Swank made him look bad! He’s hot, talented and way too gorgeous to have been in a romantic movie with that Swank Dude.

  29. 29
    O Says:

    Thanks for the pics Jared. Gerry looks great. BTW, PS I Love You is an excellent movie. I just went to the midnight showing, and I had such a great time. Not only Gerry, but the whole entire cast was superb. Some critics don’t know s**t and they can say what they want. It was a marvelous film.

  30. 30
    theeageryoungspacecadet Says:

    1. He looks H I D E O U S
    2. His new movie sucks
    3. The girl is just a beard for who he really took home
    4. Facial hair and sitting with one’s legs’s wide open does not equate to heterosexuality.
    5. See “Sweeney Todd”

  31. 31
    jane m Says:

    I’ll pass on Juno too…um, let’s see watching a teenage geek (Michael Cera) losing his virginity (again!) or magnificently Hot, Hot, Hot, Butler gettin’ it on with a grown woman. Yeah, it’s PSILY for me tonight. Juno – maybe rent the DVD or wait til its on HBO next year.

    Gay? yeah, right – all the pathetic male non-hotties keep saying that. If he is, let me just say he is doing a very good imitation of a straight man. Stephanie said it well.

  32. 32
    S.W Says:

    Okay…this is really sad. The girl with Gerry is most likely a prostitute. According to people who was outside the Waverly Inn that night Gerry just picked her outside and left with her in the cab. And yeah, they said she’s a “streetwalker”. So that explains her outfit LOL!

  33. 33
    SPie Says:

    I was obliged to see an advance screening of the film and I was delightfully surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

    Hilary Swank may not be the choice that comes immediately to mind for a romantic comedy, but she has enough acting chops to pull off the role convincingly. The film was smart, emotional (without getting schmaltzy) and funny, with just the right balance to keep the film moving and entertaining.

  34. 34
    Bert Says:

    Gerard is sex-on-a-stick. Yum!

  35. 35
    sabrina Says:

    how is he gorgeous or sexy??? he is old and wrinkly,,,, just my opinion!

  36. 36
    just lovely Says:

    Man some of you people have a problem with getting old. Wrinkles are not a bad thing. GB is quite cute.

  37. 37
    angelina_mmm Says:


  38. 38
    private-alaska Says:

    Hey Ladies,
    If the female in the car was you.All of these comments would be about you.I have male friends.Maybe their friends,and friends surport each other.

  39. 39
    private-alaska Says:

    Hey Ladies,
    If it was you in the car with Mr Butler.all of the comments would be about you.I have male friends.just maybe their friends.And friends support each other.

  40. 40
    boopboopteedo Says:

    Wow, he looks great. Sexy winter clothes. Who wants to take him back to thl lodge?

    Lay off the hooker. Hookers have to eat too. It show GB’s generosity at the holidays to take a street walker to dinner, lol.

    Let’s remember he is a weatthy man. Lots of stars ( Hugh Grant,
    Eddie Murphy ) pick up hookers. It is gross, but it is hardly shocking.


  41. 41
    O Says:

    Wow, you people do know that we ALL age with time. And for you to point that out as a flaw is pretty low and pathetic on your behalf.

  42. 42
    boopboopteedo Says:

    Opps, forgot to mention. The critics are way off. This is a great movie. Best tear jerker since The Notebook.. Ladies go see it! Hilary is great in this. She shows she can play very feminine. Of course, Mr. Butler steals the show. Even if he just did the strip scene in his shamrock boxers he would have stole it.


  43. 43
    thatgirlxo Says:

    oh lord how i love gerard butler!!! thank you thank you thank you jared =)

  44. 44
    oceanlover Says:

    You know , some of your comments about who he’s with are really low. If he was with you, would you want things like that said about you? Grow up and have some respect!

  45. 45
    LoneWolf Says:

    U go, oceanlover. Whether she is or isnt, for all we know she came out before he did and was waiting. If you recall Hollywood history, Charlie Sheen one of glitter-towns bad boyz, was (and maybe still is) notorious for associating with “working girls”. Also, Eddie Murphy was known to help them get off the streets. (So I had read). Gerry, like us all, is entitled to a good time and who he chooses to be with to have a good time is his choice. Like Oceanlover said, if it was you or one of your kin how would you feel? Peace.

  46. 46
    jane m Says:

    On him a few lines around the eyes look great. He’s a grown man and has all that masculinity and sexiness that comes with the maturity of a few lines and a few gray hairs. You can tell that almost all the over 35 male stars dye their hair unless they don’t have any…Bruce Willis anyone? lol. Do ya’ think Brad Pitt is really still a blondie? Never was, actually.

  47. 47
    Fiona Says:

    How TOTALLY embarrassing for him to be photographed with a hooker!!! I mean, I know that a lot of male stars sleep with prostitutes every now and then, but to be photographed by a paparazzo when you’ve just picked one up from the streetcorner! LOL!! It’s actually a little amusing. ;) OMG…..

  48. 48
    operaghost Says:

    PS I Love You was lovely! Saw it last night, and cried and laughed and sighed my way through. Actually, this is romantic comedy with DEPTH, something that is desperately needed today. It is bittersweet and heartbreaking and yet somehow uplifting at the same time. It was wonderful. Hilary Swank had wonderful chemistry with Gerard Butler, Harry Connick Jr. broke my heart, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan was unbelievably cute and sweet.

    PS, I Loved This Movie. In case you couldn’t tell. Go see it!

  49. 49
    postwatcher Says:

    That totally looks like the ANOREXIC

  50. 50
    postwatcher Says:

    That girl totally looks like that anorexic Bianca. It is her without the fake spray tan. Gerry looks a little bloated.

    I know everyone thinks he is supposed to be a kind nice guy, but
    look at the Emaciated women he is seen with. That kind of tells you what kind of guy he really is…


  51. 51
    LoneWolf Says:

    It is apparent, the stories are the same and “reporters” stand firm. She is a “bim” Not Bianca Christens(sp)). *Bianca I am told does not highlight her hair (least not like that) nor would she dress like that AND she would never cover her face!!!!!. Still, like Charlie Sheen and the others it is their choice on how they want to have a good time. And like boopboop.. says, they also have to eat. She just got lucky!

  52. 52
    Kitty Says:

    Thanks for the pictures!!!!!!

    Go see this movie!! It was fantastic……sad and funny at the same time. Gerry and Hilary had great chemistry together. I have no idea what the critics and half the reviewers are talking about and neither do they!!
    Poor Gerry:-( He is seen with a woman and everyone is saying she is a hooker! The man is too smart to do this out in the open. I am sure it is a friend since he is smiling for the pics and not angry. I absolutely love her coat too:-)

  53. 53
    GB fan Says:

    OMG! I cannot believe some of the comments on these boards…totally amazes me!
    First of all – the man is GORGEOUS – he has wrinkles and character and regardless of what anyone says – he has a twinkle in his eye…and a smile that can light up the night sky!

    Secondly … what is wrong with his lady friend? How do any of you know that she is a “street walker”? Your words can be cruel…please be kinder – especially at this time of year!

    Thirdly – P.S. I love You was a wonderful movie – I really enjoyed it…and GB was in it longer/more than I expected and as always his performance left me wanting to see him in more…can’t wait to receive Shattered (aka Butterfly on a Wheel).

    Fourthly – Happy Holidays to everyone!

  54. 54
    cyndee Says:

    Kind of like killing the goose that laid the golden eggs. You draw people to your site with some nice photos of Gerard Butler, and then you trash his movie using someone else’s opinion.

    Why not use the LA Times review instead of Rotten Tomatoes? Or better yet decide for yourselves by checking out the film?

    P.S. I Love You is a great film with a superb cast and lots of laughs, it’s romantic, sexy and funny.

    Just Jared you have lost any goodwill or cache you might have had as a cool website by shooting down the star that people go to your website to see.

  55. 55
    Suz Says:

    I’ve seen the movie and loved it. Laughed and cried and saw some great acting and beautiful scenes from Ireland. Hilary and Gerry were better together than I expected – he carries the film I think – what’s not to like!
    Putting up pictures of him smiling for your photographers and then featuring a bad review of his movie… come on people…wise up already!
    I think everyone is too hard on his very young companion in the pictures. It’s next to impossible to look good standing next to this guy.

  56. 56
    charty_6988 Says:

    It is a hit and miss with this movie. You have both good and bad reviews, which goes with any movie…..I am curious though, if Gerry ever dates anyone close to his age. You never see anyone with him that is say 35 or older. I am 27 and though he is nice looking would not even consider going out with him (sorry everyone) and I think he is a good actor but it makes me wonder why he (and other guys like him) goes for those who are quite a bit younger than themselves.

  57. 57
    lIZ Says:

    Gerry gay-not! Why do people keep saying this? Just because he does not flaunt his relationships and keeps his private life private, unlike most of Hollywood does not mean he is gay! I met the man and is 100 percent all heterosexual man. P.S. I Love You is a wonderful movie. My husband liked it and he is a very picky about what movies he likes.

  58. 58
    celta Says:

    PS I Love You was a good movie, not great, but very, very, good. All the actors were excellent, and Gerard Butler was, as usual, amazing. I’m not usually a fan of chick flicks, and this is an emotional film. It is worth seeing. Frankly, the critics including Rotten Tomatoes can screw themselves. Who cares what they think.

  59. 59
    celta Says:

    PS I Love You is a good, not great, but very good film. Who cares what Rotten Tomatoes likes, I’ve never agreed with any of the reviews there. I’m not usually into chick flicks, and this is an emotional film, if you are not affected by the story you have no heart. All the actors are excellent, especially the amazing Gerard Butler. Go see it. Sweeney Todd is very depressing, and so is I am Legend. Skip ‘em! Get “dear Frankie” on DVD. If you don’t like that one you need a heart transplant.

  60. 60
    Georgina Says:

    To the people here who say that the woman with Gerry is young or very young; how could you possibly know how old she is???

  61. 61
    joanna Says:

    he was having dinner with unnur birna. she’s miss iceland 2005. he’s been linked with the 21 year old in gq magazine this year. interesting!!

  62. 62
    MVB Says:

    HEY #30,


  63. 63
    Tanja Says:

    So what?
    Every person in this entire world can do whatever he/ she wants….hooker or not who cares?
    The main thing is he is talanted, cute, down to earth and humble( hope so).

    I never judge ppl just in case not to be judged wrong in return :)
    Thats the point :)

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