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Jake Gyllenhaal Has a Neck Tattoo

Jake Gyllenhaal Has a Neck Tattoo

Has good guy gone bad??

Jake Gyllenhaal celebrated his 27th birthday Wednesday on the set of his new film Brothers, which is currently filming in New Mexico.

Jake was seen sporting a faux tattoo on his neck for his role in the Jim Sheridan-directed movie, out 2009. Brothers also stars Tobey Maguire and Natalie Portman and tells the story of a young man who comforts his older brother’s wife and children after he goes missing in Afghanistan. Sheridan directed the 1999 film Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

And if you want to stretch your imagination a little bit, you can pretend he’s talking with Reese Witherspoon in the pink beanie. Although, Jake and Reese were were spotted in San Francisco, Calif. earlier this month walking along Pier 39 at the Fisherman’s Wharf with her son Deacon.

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  • devilgirl

    THANK GOD! Finally a Jakey sighting. It’s been too long.

  • llo

    JG seems to love himself sooo much.

  • Halli

    Aww, Jakey that better be fake cause it looks like all kinds of fug!

  • Halli

    Oh it is. nevermind!

  • remember da truth

    Jim Sheridan is one of the best directors around, and a writer who is concerned with story and character, not special effects. This should be a good movie. Also Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal as brothers? Brilliant! They have similar voices and demeanors, so that works really well.

    Sheridan also directed My Left Foot, In the Name of the Father, and The Boxer, all very good movies that delve into characters and what makes them do what they do.

  • Nando

    Sweet. Jake and Tobey in the same movie. This one ought to have some nice acting.

  • vicky

    He’s so hot (and talented)

  • elodie

    Jared please, no new justin chambers pics? i miss him….

  • devilgirl

    why are you posting that here?

  • elle

    he only got that tattoo to cover up his hickey from jennifer anniston

  • Nicole

    the tat looks HOT on him.. he needs a little edge to him

  • me


  • the_original_nika

    Finally a Jake sighting. the faux tattoo gives him a bit of an edge.

  • chris

    I guess Reese unchained him for a while so he could go to work. Who is the femme he is with? Not Reese I gather. Maybe that coupling has served its purpose and she has left him free to wander. He does wander a bit, in all directions I would suspect.

  • aka

    This film is more a copy of european film. I saw him with the exelent actress Connie Nielsen. She acted in film Gladiator as Lucilla with Joachin Fenix too. She is a complet actress single and dance and she speaks several languages too. But this film Brother is more a “horner” theme. The romantic films whose Hollywood have are only this theme the wife fool the men or the opposite. All these theme are monotonous. Films with special effects don’t be new too. It is the reason that the film Golden Compass don’t give profit.

  • bill

    Jake is not dating Reese. He was outed by Ted Casablanca. Jake is “toothy tile” a raging homosexual. (not that there is anything wrong with that)

  • Get your own sex life

    Bill, first off this post has nothing to do with Jake’s sexuality. This is about Jake as an actor. You seem to only be interested in the crap that Ted C. is selling you. To bad for you because Jake is an excellent actor and I think he seems really right for this role in Brothers. If you need to believe the bs that Ted C. is saying then please obsess somewhere else.

  • RRS

    Jake looks really good here! Very hot with the tat and very perfect for this character. He is a great actor and I can’t wait to see Brothers.

  • wayne geddes

    Jake is a good actor? Have you lost it? The only acting he does is when he is hanging out with Lance and Matthew trying to appear manly.

  • RRS

    Wayne, whatever. You sound like an immature child. Some of us can be adults about sexuality and see past our own prejudices. I think Jake is a great actor and has done excellent work in many movies including his most recent, Jarhead, BBM and Zodiac.

  • anom.

    I am looking foward to see this movie.

    OMG, Jake with tatoo and shirtless… Even as bad boy, I think he´s absolutely HOT!

    Thanks, Jared, bring us more Jake´s pic. Jake with tatoo is cool!

  • remember da truth

    I’ve never thought he was hot, and have always seen why people might think he’s gay, but WHO CARES?!?! He’s a decent actor, and by all accounts, a good person. Who cares what he does in his private life?

    As for the Toothy Tile reports, Ted C. is an over the hill gossip queen who lost all credibility as a real journalist a long time ago. When he first started his Toothy Tile bits to drive up his readership, he said that Jake was not Toothy Tile. But he’s dragged that old saw on for so long to try to get someone to pay attention to him that now he’s having to name SOMEONE as Toothy Tile.

  • AC

    Back on topic, really looking forward to Brothers. I really like Jake’s look here!

  • nope

    Bill, “raging homosexual” sounds like a rather homophobic way to say it. Stop hiding under you faux pro-gay attitude you and i know very well why you and your other friends on the TT sites like to think Jake is gay…

  • Em


    Nice to see Jake without that ugly midget around.

  • anom

    Amen to no.25, not that she is that ugly but so dull it’s almost zapped all his sexiness. I bet she wears the pants in that relationship (NO) pun intended she just seems a bit controlling. At the end of the day not my life.

  • JJ

    Anom, I think Jake has a mind of his own and can make his own decisions even if Reese is controlling. We don’t know what is going on there. It is their lives. I think Jake looks really sexy here and Brothers should be good! Has a very good cast.

  • Lola

    Reese is a controling bi-tch so I’m sure she’s in charge for running this showmance.

  • JJ

    Lola, you don’t know anything.

  • chris

    Jake is not a conventional US handsome boy. Ryan Fillippy is that. Jake would look the part if he played a turn of the century Eastern seaboard aristocratic character in a Henry James novel or in Edith Wharton. He would have been much better in Washington Square than that fag Monty Clift. Jake may be a fag, but he doesn’t look it.

  • oz

    I think it’s interesting that since Jake has been dating Reese you never see him with any of his “guy” friends anymore ala Chris Fischer and Austin Nichols. Before hooking up with her you saw him with those two all the time, especially Chris. Did a PR person whisper in his ear and say, “While you’re dating Reese it might be a good idea not to be seen about with the guys.” Just seems strange – maybe Reese doesn’t like to share!

  • chris


    Well to be honest it is likely he was seeing guy friends because he wasn’t seeing a girl at the time. I doubt Jake is gay, but I think he is pretty poor at finding his own women. Dunst was found for him by his sister, and La Witherspoon evidently threw herself at him so he had to respond. I doubt she would let herself be used as a beard. No gain in that from her standpoint. He might be bi, or he might just not have to have a woman in bed all the time. He might be fundamentally onanistic (look it up), left to himself.

  • anom.

    In Toronto Festival Chris Fischer was there and Jake was dating Reese.

    I saw pics where Jake, Kirsten and Chris were together.

    I mean Jake can be whatever but these conclusions are nuts.

  • chris

    Jakey’s ability to get parts must bug his sister who seems to be at a dead end. I don’t think she has any work (movie work) lined up for her after her role in The Dark Knight. At one time the two of them were rivals, in a sense, and now Jakey seems to have won the battle. Sort of like A Star is Born with Gaynor and March. You know where her career rises as his falls, only with the sexes reversed.

  • anom.

    Hey, Chris, do you think that Jake and Maggie are rivals? I always though they were very close and Jake , as young brohter, asked her some advices.

  • chris

    anom: He said they were rivals and then became more supportive of each other. But that was before recent times when her career has wilted while his has flourished. I doubt the rivalry is entirely a thing of the past. When one sibling has all the “luck” you (she) can get pretty pissed about it all.

  • anom.

    I think, in 2008, Maggie ´ll be under spotlights cause BATMAN´s movie.

  • chris

    Her role in the Batman movie is a subordinate one and she has nothing lined up after that. I would call that a career at a dead end, at least for the time being.

  • chris

    In fact if you go to Box Office Mojo and take a look at The Dark Knight, Maggie is not even mentioned among the actors. She is in it, no doubt, but her role is not even important enough to be listed along with the other main actors.

  • anom.

    Yes, but after this movie she will became well-known. So, I think news projects can be offered to her!
    To be honest I saw her in Donnie Darko and pieces of Stranger Than Fiction and I heard her voice in Monster House.
    I am not convincend if she is too good actress yet.
    About Batman, I like Christian Bale but I didn´t see his first movie and I don´t know if I want to watch the next. Maybe, I do cause Heath Ledger as Joker.

  • chris

    She is already “well known”. She just isn’t box office material. One website called her the “Queen of Hollywood.” Now that is an overstatement if there ever was one. “News projects”? Now that’s the ticket. She might get a job delivering the news on some local LA TV station. And p*rn is sometimes a solution for actors who can’t get legitimate jobs. Not saying……of course.

  • chris

    We need to have a remake of Wuthering Heights. The classic version was with Laurence Olivier, but that was ages ago. I suggest we team Heath Ledger with Jake Gyllenhaal. You loved them as star-crossed lovers in Brokeback Mt. and now you could see them together again in Wuthering Heights. Heath would be….well…. Heathcliffe (who else?) and with the miracles of makeup these days, Jake could be Cathy with a slightly husky voice. Just imagine the sparks that would fly when those two got it on again. Ang Lee might even be persuaded to direct. So let’s hear it for a remake of Wuthering Heights with Heath and Jake together again. Ummm, ummmm.

  • chris

    JJ is behind speed on Jakey who was spotted by TMZ with Reese and her children in Malibu park. Odd that Jakey would be wasting his time with an older woman with two kids by another man instead of finding a woman of his own to have his own kids. Unless, unless….for some reason Jakey can’t have kids and has to make do with somebody else’s. Hummmmmm….funny/strange




  • philmarjan dimaiwat

    hes so cute my jake gyllenhaal…even thugh he dnt knw me but hes amazing i love him forever frm philippines phone # 09262668322

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  • teens
  • Random

    Anyone who knows what this tat is drop me an email thanks.

  • sam


  • Lea

    Tatooos don’t make someone “bad.” How do you know Jake is a “good boy” anyway? You don’t know that fool! There’s nothing stopping him from being a complete douche in real life. Plus I heard he beat up a co-star on the “Jarhead” set because he chipped a tooth. D*ck.