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Jessica Simpson's Texas Escape

Jessica Simpson's Texas Escape

Jessica Simpson stays warm underneath an oversized tartan shawl while out eating a Japanese lunch with family friends at Yutaka Sushi Bistro in Dallas, Texas on Thursday.

Yesterday, it was reported that Dallas Cowboys star Terrell Owens said he was only joking when he blamed quarterback Tony Romo‘s pathetic performance during last Sunday’s game on current flame Jessica Simpson, who was cheering him on in the stands (and wearing his jersey).

“I tried to get [Romo] to call her so I can explain to her that she doesn’t really know me and I can be funny,” Owens told The Dallas Morning News yesterday. “It’s not a big deal. I will try to rectify the situation between her and I.”

Just kidding, Jess!

15+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson‘s Texas escape…

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jessica simpson texas escape 02
jessica simpson texas escape 03
jessica simpson texas escape 04
jessica simpson texas escape 05
jessica simpson texas escape 06
jessica simpson texas escape 07
jessica simpson texas escape 08
jessica simpson texas escape 09
jessica simpson texas escape 10
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jessica simpson texas escape 12
jessica simpson texas escape 13
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Photos: Dean/Dave/Bauer-Griffin
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  • susan


  • jennifer

    When will she disappear?

  • Ariana.s

    love her galsses

  • katie


  • alex p

    i love the outfit.. looks good on her

  • ginny

    Ugy, ugly, ugly. Poor Jessica, she wants us to feel sorry for the mess now cause she is sad. :(
    I don’t.

  • tranny

    At least the ugly man is finally closing his blow job mouth. Horrible outfit and hair.


    Stay strong Jess. This is a man’s world, it sucks!!

  • goawayuselesswhore

    Ohhh, poor Jessie, she doesn’t understand why dressing like a tranny and shaking her fake boobies into the camera at a football game didn’t make her “adorable.”
    “But humiliation is cute! I’m adorable!!!! Everyone look at me, football is boring!”

  • jessicasucks

    I see papa Joe has his trained monkey playing for the sympathy card now, but actually I think we are all enjoying this, everyone hates you Jess!

  • plastictranny

    Baboon lips, eeewwww

  • dalia

    this @sshat has THE WORST taste in footwear. douche.


    Jessica looks pretty and girly! I don’t understand why some people say she looks like a tranny. In my opinion, a similar look to Tranny = Gisele Bunchen. Cos she has a more rough face.

  • Sharon

    Oh, I love the boots and the whole outfit is cute cute cute!!

    I still think Jess is adorable and I’m looking forward to her next album.

  • Orianna

    Those that love the boots what outfits do you wear?

    Black and brown together? Are you kidding me?

    Please let this girl go away. It was obvious TO was making a joke so why can’t this has-been-never-was-except-for-a-reality-series wannabe understand that the public will be more sympathetic to someone that can laugh off the joke, not a pouty face, look at me! annoying brat?

    It’s also obvious that this girl calls the paparazzi. I mean Dallas, Tx isn’t exactly a hot bed of activity for photographers.

    Here’s a clue, Jessica: we don’t want to see your mopey, sad self unless you do something of merit with your celebrity. They’re called acting lessons a voice coach and/or public works. Spending money on yourself is not a philanthropic pursuit. Neither is taking proactive to a Mexican orphanage or a van you didn’t even buy staying around for 45 minutes waiting for the photo op and then leaving.

    Please find a rich man in the private world who likes your childish antics, will spoil you rotten and once and for all disappear.

  • annoying

    She looks like Papa Joe in a wig. I can’t understand why she scores endorsement and clothing deals. She has horrible taste and there are plenty of more beautiful women out there. What was Romo thinking?

  • Dean

    No one care for this hideous monkey. Papa joe seems to be trying to lunch a media pity party for this hobag. We want your ugly @SS TO GO AWAY, WE DON’T WANT JESSECA TRANNY SIMPSON.
    How many ways can we tell you. Your fake shake your tatas at the game so you can get publicity is not wanted. Go AWAY.

  • Jen

    I will never go to her movie or buy any of her cd’s. Your clothes stink.
    Terrell Owen voiced what we fans were thinking. Kiss our back end Jessica. I will never feel sorry for you. The more your dad push the more we will not except you or your sister. Sick of this family.

  • She’s Fake plastic

    When she look moopy it makes me happy.

  • Mary

    If TO says he was joking I don’t care. The fans were not joking.

  • shoes4life

    I don’t T.O. was joking becasue he always speak his mind. He basically just said what everyone else was thinking, but was probably encouraged by the coaching staff to say it was a joke.

    Personally, I am sick of hearing about her tired, fake ass and have been for a long time. Cowboy fans and everyone else that is tired of her can we please stop giving her the time of day so she can go away quietly. If we stop commenting on her maybe just maybe the papparrazi and other sites will stop posting on her. She has done absolutely nothing worthy of our attention.

  • Dav

    Orianna thank you*thank you*thank you a million times, That was perfect and right on the money. Thats what I was thinking.
    Tony Roma picked the worst chick in the world to have a publicity stunt affair with. I don’t have any respect for that dude anymore.

  • shoes4life

    #21 – I don’t think T. O. was joking.

  • badiggio

    I read an article today that said T.O talked to Romo to say he was joking.Romo,according to T.O.said jess called him yesterday and wasn’t happy.
    First,IF anyone called him,I bet it was his buddy and co-publicity co-ordinator,Papa Perv.
    Second;IF she’s supposedly been in Dallas all week,as You guys seem to have the “rights”,lol,why did it take until yesterday for her to “call” him?Aren’t they the “all over each other” couple as we’re to believe?
    Third,Romo hasn’t said anything yet,because he’s too afraid he’ll say the wrong thing and slip up.
    he did the same thing last year ,until Jessica said she didn’t even know the guy.
    looks like her movies won’t be doing to well in Dallas

  • meh

    I thought she was moving to Nashville to make a country album.

    She must be gaining back the weight if she has to wear a blanket to hide it.

  • Rene

    I can’t stand her & Tony Romo as a couple. Not that I blame her for losing the game. Something just bugs me about Jessica & Tony. Also she does not have any talent.

  • Lobo

    She has no talent and looks like a cartoon. I thought Tony had
    better taste. There are better women all over Texas than that
    unfortunate girl.

  • elle

    jessica’s too perfect. she’s a freaking barbie!

  • Linda E

    Jess and Tony make a great couple. This whole thing will blow over.

    I can’t understand how anyone can say Jessica has no talent. She has a good voice and is a great singer.

  • musicisourhigh

    I think that the phrase tranny is overused and now people just throw it out when they can’t think of any independent thought

  • felixx


    She’s so Beautiful!

  • ben

    I hate those boots on that monkey. I don’t care if she dates Roma or not he’s ignorant for getting himself involved with this sl#t, to me she will always be a dumb a$$ that needs her dad to tell her how to pi$$ . The way her dad has to find a man for her what is she 10. She needs to grow the f#ck up.

  • kristina

    Jessica has been looking nice lately. Does she have a new man? Is she promoting something?

  • Cynthia

    She’s too damn old to be told what to do by her parents. Is she retarded? Can she think on her own? All I know is this, she’s not ugly, she doesn’t look like a tranny either. She does look like her dad, but not in a bad way, at least not anymore. She just needs to keep her makeup simple, grow up, reinvent herself, keep her parents out of most of her decisions as far as her career is concerned. I hope she stays home Sunday so Tony’s team wins.

  • kristina

    Oh I didnt read what JJ had written. Looks like she does have a new man, but I don’t see it lasting that long if her man’s teammates don’t like her :(

  • wayne geddes

    Jessica destroys peoples careers. She has wrecked John Mayer’s fan base and now is destroying the Cowboys. I wish she would stay in Texas as that is where she belongs. Look at all of the idiots that Texas has produced: Jessica, Asslee, gwbush, Hillary, Hailey, Dr. Phil and the list goes on. What is it? Petrochemicals in the air and water? God hates Texas too. Rainstorms, ice storms, hurricanes. He does not condone of Hillary Duff or Texas.. It’s obvious. Just watch King of the Hill.

  • Tarah

    Who cares people! Live and let live.

  • sandy

    I think this chick is super retarded. If she ever get married I’ll bet she will call her daddy every day. Her personality seems very immature and spoil. Look how she is pushing her way into Tony’s life and he is very weak for allowing her to control his world like that.

  • Jamie

    Her lips look ridiculous. She reminds me of the Goldie Hawn character in the First Wives’ Club. I’m going to laugh my a** off when Tony dumps her. She’ll balloon up to 200+ lbs.

  • lj

    i have a feeling TO wasn’t joking and if he wasn’t, good for him. i am sick to death of this girl, most people here in dallas want her to leave the cowboys alone. but then again, i guess we can’t really blame her, tony romo has a history of choking when his girlfriends are present at football games (ie the playoff game he blew last year when carrie underwood was there). either way, i wish jessica would go back to shopping all the time in hollywood and stop stalking the cowboys. i watch cowboy games to see football, not to see her ugly face every five minutes.

  • lj

    wayne geddes, your comment was pretty much the most ignorant thing i’ve ever read in my life. i’m sure people could name a million things wrong with where you live.

  • Cynthia

    How on earth did Jessica destroy John Mayer’s career?! John is a multi platinum selling singer-musician, whether he’s with Jessica or not. It didn’t affect his fan base He’s still got fans. Terrell was kidding, yet he had a funny way of showing it. Fug face Carrie distracted Tony too last year and his team lost. It’s not Jess’ fault that Romo fumbled, however, if Romo tells her to stay home………he better tell her stupid cheerleading family to stay home too *rolls eyes *

  • texasstarfan

    Jessica go back to LA and leave Tony alone. You are distroying his reputation professionally and personally. People are laughing at him and calling him names. He’s our MoJo and it ain’t happening with you. Go find your publicity somewhere else. Everyone but Tony knows what you are all about.

  • nyc

    The pap who took these pictures must be on her payroll. Since when do the paparazzi show up at small obscure restaurants in the Dallas burbs…

  • j

    Stunning! She always looks like a million bucks!