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'Jumper' Movie Stills

'Jumper' Movie Stills

In Jumper, a genetic anomaly allows Hayden Christensen to teleport himself anywhere – including the Great Pyramids of Egypt. He finds himself in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between “Jumpers” and the deadly Paladins, a secret sect sworn to destroy him and his kind. Rachel Bilson learns the truth behind Hayden‘s teleporting abilities… and they fall madly in love. Kissy kissy!

Jumper opens across the country on Feb. 14, 2008. If you haven’t already, watch the awesome awesome Jumper trailer and check out the Jumper movie poster.

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Credit: desiringhayden; Photos: Michael Gibson/WETA/Regency Entertainment/Monarchy S.a.r.l.
Posted to: Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson

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  • sarah

    first!! =]

  • crystal

    Woohoo! I’m really excited about this one!


    i like him.

  • csxyz

    me too!!!!

  • Orange Clockwork

    First pictures? Two of those are MONTHS old.


    just saw the trailer, i’ll rate it as star and a half out of five star.

  • Jamie

    They filmed this movie back in 2006. It must really suck. The studio probably doesn’t have high expectations for this one.

  • Cam

    He is all kinds of sexy!!! lol

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    this movie looks good. to bad it didn’t have a different cast… hayden wasn’t very good in star wars and rachel is hot garbage.

  • val


    they actually have been filming it since late summer 2006 and most of 2007. Doug Liman is also widely known as a director that does a lot of reshoots, etc. not to mention the fact that filming was extensive due to them filming in lots of locations such as Tokyo, Toronto, Rome, NY, LA, etc.

    as for studio expectations, Fox wants to make this into a trilogy, so I think they have high hopes for it.

  • stef

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. . .

  • San Juan’s B**ch

    Well! Hayden looks ALWAYS HOT!!! Go Hayden go!!!


    I doubt this film will do good.People don’t take Hayden serious they are too caught up with Hayden sucking ass in star wars (which I think he did good!) and Rachel is just a pretty face ,that don’t do much but, shop,party,shop,party and nothing much.The Last Kiss sucked ass in my opinion ,and if people are too caught up in Haydne’s and Rachel’s FAKE RELATIONSHIP,then it’ll flop just like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afflek did for Jiggli (what ever the f**k you call that movie)!!!! so I guess fingers are crossed for Hayden and Rachel will never be a famous A-lis big movie star like Angelina Jolie,Cameron Diaz,etc.She’s a B-lister that’s making her way down to the d-list,and fuck being a sweet girl,she’s a horny/sexual freak.looks can be deceiving,you guys dont know the reaL RACHEL!!!!

  • slaine

    What a YUCKY looking pair!


    @ Fake hook-up

    This movie would probably make 25-32 million dollars on the opening weekend and 52-65 million in all,I don’t think it’ll be to bad.But It gets sickening to hear people talk about racvhel and hayden being a couple and all of the rumors are making me sick,can two (kinda) friends hang out and pick eachother up from the airport without having the media say that they are dating,they do that everytime,and 60% of the time they are very right and only when they see them:kissing,hand holding,leaving on a flight together,hanging out ALOT ALOT ALOT,and rachel & hayden has been doing that (except for hand holding),but trust me,it’s just publicity,just like him kissing sienna,only about 3 magazines talked about rachel and hayden,you don’t see them on the cover of people magazine saying “NEW COUPLE”,you only see BIG maybe’s and they feed into it like crazy!!!!


  • Isabella

    FAKE HOOK-UP! I just want to know if you got my younger Sister Natalie’s Email or not if you didn’t then i will use mine and my brother email to email you because her is hotmail


    yeah,i got it.

  • Isabella

    Fake Hook Up which email adress you got from or

  • june

    And so I believe that the media-hype for this film is now on-going by bannering w/ all the headlines that “odd & still dubious looking coupling” co-stars… Goodluck w/ that!

  • Isabella

    FAKE HOOK-UP! Hello Are You There?

  • finn

    @ # 13

    I agree w/ almost everything you have stated except for that line Bilson is a pretty face?!

    Oh please, just put up your contacts granny!

  • Isabella

    FAKE HOOK-UP! The Email which address did you get it from?

  • is_it

    Factory Girl – FLOP

    Awake – FLOP

    Well as they “inevitably “say that “everything” come into three’s /3′s,
    just make a “giveaway” guess…

  • id_say

    HC is just fugly in this movie, most likely that it was “intentional” so that his homely looking co-star could leveled up w/ his looks…. well why bother when she should be paired w/ that another impish Jamie Bell instead!

  • Isabella

    Hey Fake Hook Up did you get my new Email?

  • Nicole’s loyal fan

    Nicole Scherzinger’s new single called Puakenikeni is out now! The best song of 2008! A club jam for sure.You can buy it via or i-Tunes! Be sure to get it! You wont regret this

  • irishdreams

    much of this hype is to sell what I think might be a good movie but Way WRONG CAST…The book was wonderful but the character Hayden plays is a TEENAGER..and the g/f is 4 years older then he is..This version is not Steven Gould’s work and he had to do a book off of this Griffin character if you read his comments about the movie he calls it mutated book to movie version…To me seems that Gould isn’t liking his book being screwed up..I agree with all the fake fake romance between them seems the only time we hear about them together is when they need press to sell this movie..How many hollywood couples that are truly dating ACT LIKE THIS ICE COLD BLIZZARD…

    I Think Hayden did well in SW ..and Bilson’s Last Kiss man I really felt she couldn’t act..I don’t expect much from Jumper if the movie sells it’s because of Sam Jackson not because of Hayden or Bilson..My hope is if they make some dump trilogy in this they replace Bilson..


    it was a different girl in there but they rplaced her

  • Ana

    I love them together!!!!!!

  • V Supporter

    ANAKIN SKYWALKER!!!!!!! lol… Hayden Christensen…finally he has another movie. OMg! He so looks like himself when he portrayed Anakin in Ep. 2 in 2002. In Ep. 3, he looks so different but all of a sudden, he looks like 19-yr old Anakin! WEIRD!

  • V Supporter

    Proof that Hayden looks like gis 19-yr old self.

  • Greg berman

    Wow. He really looks like… himself. Wow. I can’t believe how much he looks like the guy he is.

  • http://deleted merckies

    @ # 27 : My hope is if they make some dump trilogy in this they replace Bilson..

    THY WILL BE DONE since she was the weakest link among the cast. It seems to me that Bilson had snatched that role that was intended for Teresa Palmer only & mainly due to her OC association w/ Liman. And thats all about it and nothing else…

    But then Palmer wouldnt have to cry over that Jumper’s supporting role as she bagged as one of the lead roles in WB’s Justice League Of America. Such a “sweet revenge” for someone who’s really talented isnt it?!

  • irishdreams

    Hey fake-hookup I agree with you on all counts..and yes they had another girl Teresa Palmer before they chose this one..I think they should have just let Palmer have this part and found another younger actor for the part of Davey..I personally don’t think the two of them have the right look or chemistry but, that is my opion..

    To repsond to the question:


    HELL NO…Where in any photo’s taken have you seen them ONCE kiss, hold hands (that is not part of the movie) and Hayden not walking like a million miles away from Rachel as if she was a disease. She wasn’t pictured with him at his own premier only seperatly..YEA all this screams Love to me…lol

  • http://deleted niles

    I believe that next to Hayden character in Jumper, it was Sam Jackson &/or Jamie Bell who’ s vying up to be on its most pivotal role. But then they’re not getting any headlines out of it compared to the other cast member who desperately & worthlessly having the most of it. That’s totally SUCKS!

  • http://deleted just_asking

    @ # 37

    What was that all about – and having that OC troll in that slutty pics??? Sorry for being clueless…

  • Isabella

    Can we please stop talking about Hayden and Rachel and their so called hook up they are not dating

  • Annoyed

    Bilson’s overrated and way overexposed. Let her have this moment in time. Let her have the idiot fashion and gossip blogs talk about her and her “personal” life. She may think it’s helping her being a braindead fashionsta who thinks it’s cute to be an idiot at 26 yrs old. Or at least act like one. Have you guys seen any of her interviews? She clearly thinks it makes her cute, sweet, nice and adorable but only makes her look like well….an idiot who’s definately far from sweet and nice. Let her have the spotlight and be on the stage for the moment. She’ll find out real quick she’s replacable when they do replace her. Actresses who act like an idiot are a dime a dozen. This coming summer we’ll have a new one show up. They always do. Bilson will find out the hard way that the more exposure she gets the faster everyone will get rid of her. The thing is she can’t stop it now. She has already screwed herself over on that one. No matter what she does or tries to do. The deal is done. So, let her have this moment because it’s all going to come to a quick end very soon. She doesn’t have what it takes to last.

  • Isabella

    Hey i just feel sorry for Hayden because Rachel won’t leave him alone she like a fly that won’t go away

  • teetee

    Hayden is a hottie!!!

  • Isabella

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  • og

    Hey- jen from up there…some of us on this board know Jen and I just reported your comments. Have a good day.

  • Isabella

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  • nyc

    This movie has gotten some bad buzz but I actually thought the trailer was amazing…. I was surprised…given all of the talk. I am definately going to see this. I also thought Rachel and Hayden had very good chemistry…well what I could discern from the trailer.


    @39 and 40

    GROW UP!!!!

  • Isabella

    FAKE HOOK-UP! Hey my Email did you get or not?


    yeah,isabella i just wrote you! :)


    I read that “hate jen” site. That was the meanest sh** I ever and very funny.

  • Isabella

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