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Katie Holmes is Lookin' Posh

Katie Holmes is Lookin' Posh

Katie Holmes heads back to her car on Friday after shopping at Maxfields in West Hollywood.

Isn’t Katie looking a bit like her friend Posh Spice? I guess fashion is contagious!

Peep Katie‘s pockets! Pockets keep popping up everywhere!

Hubby Tom Cruise was seen previously at one of his favorite restaurants, Wolfgang Puck‘s “The Cut” in Los Angeles.

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Photos: London Entertainment/SplashNewsOnline
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  • anon

    First!!! She looks so good. I love her hair cut.

  • ….

    wow, she looks pretty but the blue is ugly

  • purple gem

    Katie looks great.

  • zanessa110

    shes so pretty, i love her.

  • silvia

    i dont care if she looks like posh because she looks damn good

  • mara

    CLONE. good luck to her.

    ‘first’. what a shithead.

  • http://???? NUMMY NUM NUM

    Boy has Tom made a woman out of her, who the heck shops in 4 inch heals noone I know….SAD soooo sooo sad :(

  • @BB@

    rs…..she looks JUST like posh spice!
    I wonder if all that change was cause she’s with Tom and now “she” can afford it….?

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    looking like a million bucks. ah, a hundred million.

    damn, tom really upgraded this bish.

  • josie

    Tom must not of liked her the way she was. He is making so many changes. Maybe it is because she is not happy and she is looking for happiness. She looks just plain old. Tom has really changed her for the worst. She was better off with the father of her baby Chris Kline.

  • ralph

    I think she looks like five bucks.

  • tony

    What the hell happened to her. She used to be so pretty. Now she just looks fake and phony. Too bad.

  • a realist

    What’s she doing carrying that suitcase around.

  • stony

    She can’t carry off the Posh Spice look. She just dosn’t have it. She is really not that pretty.

  • trixiestar

    Katie’s much cuter than Posh…

    Saw a bunch more pics of Kate shopping here:

  • marshall

    Tom went from Nicole to this. Too bad.

  • a realist

    josie @ 12/21/2007 at 9:05 pm
    Why don’t you just shut the eff up. Your little rant against TomKat is so gamn tired. Get a life, b*itch!

  • ann

    I agree Nicole was so much better looking. She is a classic beauty. I think Kate knows that and is trying to be more sophisticated. It is not working.

  • ann

    I like her hair there. It looks pretty.

  • lala.

    well, i think she copies victoria beckhams. I admit she’s pretty but she copied victoria w/ her hair and the way she dress. oh& i think she’s getting skinnier.

  • josie

    a realist – you need to learn how to spell. It is a free country and I can state my opinions as well as you can. If you don’t like what I am writing, then don’t read it. Potty mouth!

  • Lola

    She looks nothing like Posh; quite beautiful in fact.

  • Aa

    marshall @ 12/21/2007 at 9:09 pm

    Tom went from Nicole to this. Too bad.
    Katie is better looking than BOTOX Nicole.

  • susan

    why does tom go for such tall women who make him look like a elf.

  • Olivia

    uber chic and classy

  • sid

    I HEART KATIE HOLMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chessa

    I think she looks beautiful and I love her style. Im really looking forward to her promotion of Mad Money. Really excited.

  • a realist

    josie @ 12/21/2007 at 9:12 pm

    a realist – you need to learn how to spell. It is a free country and I can state my opinions as well as you can. If you don’t like what I am writing, then don’t read it. Potty mouth!
    I know how to spell, effer. So I didn’t correct my typo before I pressed submit, so what, is that a crime, b*tch?

  • susan

    Nicole dosn’t need BOTOX but Tom does.

  • ann

    I think Katie is really nice, but she deserves so much better than Tom. He’s an ignorant ass. She should ditch him, especially if all the rumors I’ve heard and read are true about how he ignores her and tells her she’s a bad mother to Suri.

  • halo

    nice sexy legs

  • Nera

    What’s the brand of her bag?

    I love her shoes too.

  • trixiestar

    katie is a midwestern sweetheart. she’s now in hollywood and has to change somewhat to deal with all of the other cold-hearted people desperate for the attention that she gets. shes not even close to ugly and anyone who says that might just be ugly themselves.

  • sophie

    I think what katie told Parade Magazine that tom’s two older kids call her mommy was just horrible. How will she feel when Suri calls tom’s next wife mommy. I don’t think she will like it one bit. I think it was a classless thing to do.

  • summer

    Katie is so beautiful.

  • josie

    a realist – you have a lot of anger. I think you need to relax. I am sure it is not a crime to misspell words. Don’t worry. Freak!

  • TheLostGirl

    Oooh, she brushed her hair for once… nice! ;)

  • lola

    She looks so fucking fake now. She can not pull off this sophisticated look but that is not her natural style. People should stop praising her for her style when this is clearly the work of someone Tom hired to dress her.

  • chef

    Im charmed by Katie and I thank you JJ.

  • Ave

    gah, her haircut is just too…fug. it makes her look like a child.

  • robin

    she is trying to look like Jackie O. Keep trying your not even close.

  • tabatha

    Suri dosn’t look like Tom – she looks like Chris Kline!

  • Adam

    I wonder if Tom told her to wear that outfit. He likes to control her.

  • dean

    So sad that she has to do whatever tommy tells her to do. Tom makes her dress that way and then makes her go to the stores and walk around to get her picture taken . He does all of this in hopes of making himself looks normal.

  • red

    Katie is a natural beauty and
    all shades of class.

  • jane

    I don’t like Katie anymore after her nasty remark about how Tom’s kids call her Mom. It had to hurt Nicole, it was just a really mean thing to say. Katie is not a nice person! She should publicly apologize.

  • Adam

    I wonder how much money Tom pays all his followers to say such nice stuff about Kate. It is a good thing he is rich. He needs to be to pay all these people.

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    I swear she is one hot, classy momma, i hope britney will be this way soon..

  • sue

    Katie wont say she is sorry to Nicole. She wanted her to know that the kids call her mom or why else would she have said it. I think it was totally classless. She had to know that that would hurt. When Suri calls tom’s next wife mom katie will know how it feels. She is a very insensitive person.

  • lisa

    I know that was a sad article. I could not understand why Katie would do such a thing to Nicole. I agree with you that she is a spiteful girl. How could she do it. I was so disappointed.