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Tom Cruise Makes the Cut

Tom Cruise Makes the Cut

Tom Cruise dines at one of his favorite restaurants on Thursday–chef Wolfgang Puck‘s modern, elegant single-room steakhouse “The Cut” at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles.

After dinner, Tom took the time to greet fans and photographers and pose with/for them!

How will Tom be spending the holidays? With wife Katie Holmes and the whole family for their annual trip to Telluride, Colorado!

Earlier this week, Katie shared with Parade about her fun times in Telluride: “We ski. We have big dinners and laugh. We love cooking. My mom’s stuffing is my favorite. I’m a huge fan of pie, especially pecan. I will probably cook some garlic mashed potatoes and maybe a cheesecake. We always make a lot of sugar cookies with decorating and sprinkles. Suri will be in the dough everywhere. Tom has shown me the greatness of extra chocolate chips. Tom‘s really good in the kitchen. He makes great pasta carbonara and lemon pasta.”

Merry Cruise-mas, everybody!

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  • http://justjared unoseyperson

    i totally dont like that hair cut, it a basin hair-cut.

  • http://justjared lvzanessa

    zanessa news, zacs way to buzzy at de moment in time

  • the DQ

    Doesn’t matter how many times KH tells stories about her “amazing” life, nobody will EVER believe the sham/lie she’s living.

  • http://justjared halo

    who cares whos first?

  • stefanie

    They are Scientologists…they don’t believe in Christ as the savoir, so what are they celebrating? Tom’s hypocrisy is too much…and it will show in the box office.

  • josh

    i really respect that man! he’s a legend

  • plz dont stop the music

    TOM! Love him. way to go TOMKATTTT

  • etwa

    always happy to here from them! NICE christmas KATIE..hehe..
    loving tomkat

  • lini

    absolutely and simply adore this cute family. best of luck to them on this Holy season.

  • jeckl

    where’s little SuRi????!!! misssss herrr.
    Merry Christmas to TomKat and cutie pie Suri

  • girl_20

    i love tom, and katie ofcourse. they make a great couple. best couple in hollywood. hope they will always be together with their precious Suri. how warm this family makes me feel!


    alrightt wishes to u and ur family

  • jessy

    He looks nice, he is always very nice to every one. i wish other celebs were like him. He never whinges about his celebrity status.

  • raly

    great point jessy! ur right

  • tomkat fan

    looking good Tom! keep it up!!

  • temi

    Tom + Katie = Forever.

    lovee this family

  • stefanie

    I am reading these posts and one thing is obvious…the Scientologists are having their members post nice things about Tom.

  • loni

    Tom has shown me the greatness of extra chocolate chips.

    OMFG!!! gag me with a spoon!!! kate makes me puke.And she is a bitch to let nicole’s kids call her mom.

  • merry christmas

    beautiful! merry christmas tomkat

  • suri

    missing suri! hope there will be a new thread about her some time soon

  • dny boy

    true..he is a legend. great actor..great man. good luck to him and his family

  • kristi

    thanks JJ for this new thread. more pics of tomkat! wid surii..hehe

  • DDr

    Tomkat.. a GREAT couple.. along wid brangelina

  • lama

    nice news

  • jessy

    I must say I love Little Suri as well, she is just one very cute munchkin.

  • meli

    im loving this family

  • Lindsay

    We love you Tom, I’m worry for you, my stomach hurt when I try to feel what you are going throught. I hope you know most of the poeple, NICE people love you and care for you babe :) take care.

  • jason

    pasta carbonara.. i like that.

  • hey

    i always thought one day zac efron will become as important as tom cruise in the coming years…just a feeling.
    Love Tomkat and Zanessa and Bragelina.

  • nicole

    tom is ugly as hell and dumb as hell.

  • rira

    nice thread. love it.
    hope they have fun together with the little beauty suri

  • taly

    tom!!!!! i really like this guy! gd luck to tomkat

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    is tom getting younger? dude looks 25 again.

  • taly

    yeh thats right # 24.

    a happy person looks younger. he is so happy and settled down with his family now. hope they will always be.

  • jackie

    I want PROOF with pictures that Katies parents will be allowed in the Colorado house.

  • brit

    love tomkat alot

  • lenid

    nice family. always happy . merry christmas to them

  • anld

    simply wow. love them!! they deserve the best

  • guy

    Happy to hear from them often. keep up wid the tomkat news JJ. thanks

  • Regular Poster

    Gosh, what has Katie found about this guy? I know he is a very talented actor and I can’t deny it because I have seen it in his movies but that nose! Ugh!

  • pr person

    Yuck! Big nosed weirdo!

    That parade article was nothing more than Katie’s Scieno handlers sending in her answers. Who on earth says things like…. “Tom has shown me the greatness of extra chocolate chips.” or “It’s a reality for me, another dimension of awareness”…… HUH? or She is asked if Suri is a ‘great traveler too?” and her strange answer “She’s very aware”. HUH?

    Bunch of loons!

  • Pole

    He’s an ass for letting his kids calling KatE mom :( What an insult to Nicole.

  • paulie

    This week Katie Holmes has gone out of her way to inform us that sTom Cruise’s elder children call her Mom rather than Nicole Kidman, the woman who adopted them and saved them from foster care. Yet in her interview there is no mention of how they will fit into this fun holiday in Telluride. As far as I can see it’s all about her, Tom and their own kid. On top of that why are Scientologists celebrating Christmas at all? After all, they believe that human beings are descended from aliens. Sounds like nothing more that Katie Holmes attempting to persuade us that she hasn’t been brainwashed by Tom and his people. Yet right.

  • jhl

    Katie Ho is a Bit-h. She is jealous of Nicole. She probably says horrible things to Nicole’s children trying to turn them against their mother, Nicole. Katie is not a mother to anyone…she’s a big FRAUD!!!!

  • jhl

    the mainstream media is finally seeing through these two freaks a well:,2933,317765,00.html

    To the cult freaks on this board, read it and weep……hahahahah

  • wtff?

    This paragraph from the link in #46 says it all.

    “Holmes, who is 29 and under Cruise’s constant control, may not fully understand the impact of what she told Parade. Friends say that being away from her children is “painful” for Kidman, who is considered one of Hollywood’s most agreeable and friendly players. She didn’t need to be blindsided while doing her job half a planet away from the children she loves.”

    Fox News tells the world what we’ve been saying here all along. Katie is not only an idiot, but a btch as well.


    You’re a pathetic lesbian sponging on your parents when you’re an embarrassment to them.

    Just a worthless housemaid in their home.

    They wouldn’t tell you directly but that’s how they feel deep down inside.

  • not a katie fan

    she’s as phoney as a two-dollar bill.

  • Sushi

    It’s not “The Cut”—

    The name is just “CUT” (as is cut of meat).