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Tom Cruise Makes the Cut

Tom Cruise Makes the Cut

Tom Cruise dines at one of his favorite restaurants on Thursday–chef Wolfgang Puck’s modern, elegant single-room steakhouse “The Cut” at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles.

After dinner, Tom took the time to greet fans and photographers and pose with/for them!

How will Tom be spending the holidays? With wife Katie Holmes and the whole family for their annual trip to Telluride, Colorado!

Earlier this week, Katie shared with Parade about her fun times in Telluride: “We ski. We have big dinners and laugh. We love cooking. My mom’s stuffing is my favorite. I’m a huge fan of pie, especially pecan. I will probably cook some garlic mashed potatoes and maybe a cheesecake. We always make a lot of sugar cookies with decorating and sprinkles. Suri will be in the dough everywhere. Tom has shown me the greatness of extra chocolate chips. Tom’s really good in the kitchen. He makes great pasta carbonara and lemon pasta.”

Merry Cruise-mas, everybody!

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135 Responses to “Tom Cruise Makes the Cut”

  1. 1
    BABYV Says:


  2. 2
    unoseyperson Says:

    i totally dont like that hair cut, it a basin hair-cut.

  3. 3
    lvzanessa Says:

    zanessa news, zacs way to buzzy at de moment in time

  4. 4
    the DQ Says:

    Doesn’t matter how many times KH tells stories about her “amazing” life, nobody will EVER believe the sham/lie she’s living.

  5. 5
    halo Says:

    who cares whos first?

  6. 6
    stefanie Says:

    They are Scientologists…they don’t believe in Christ as the savoir, so what are they celebrating? Tom’s hypocrisy is too much…and it will show in the box office.

  7. 7
    josh Says:

    i really respect that man! he’s a legend

  8. 8
    plz dont stop the music Says:

    TOM! Love him. way to go TOMKATTTT

  9. 9
    etwa Says:

    always happy to here from them! NICE christmas KATIE..hehe..
    loving tomkat

  10. 10
    lini Says:

    absolutely and simply adore this cute family. best of luck to them on this Holy season.

  11. 11
    jeckl Says:

    where’s little SuRi????!!! misssss herrr.
    Merry Christmas to TomKat and cutie pie Suri

  12. 12
    girl_20 Says:

    i love tom, and katie ofcourse. they make a great couple. best couple in hollywood. hope they will always be together with their precious Suri. how warm this family makes me feel!

  13. 13
    ROBERT Says:

    alrightt wishes to u and ur family

  14. 14
    jessy Says:

    He looks nice, he is always very nice to every one. i wish other celebs were like him. He never whinges about his celebrity status.

  15. 15
    raly Says:

    great point jessy! ur right

  16. 16
    tomkat fan Says:

    looking good Tom! keep it up!!

  17. 17
    temi Says:

    Tom + Katie = Forever.

    lovee this family

  18. 18
    stefanie Says:

    I am reading these posts and one thing is obvious…the Scientologists are having their members post nice things about Tom.

  19. 19
    loni Says:

    Tom has shown me the greatness of extra chocolate chips.

    OMFG!!! gag me with a spoon!!! kate makes me puke.And she is a ***** to let nicole’s kids call her mom.

  20. 20
    merry christmas Says:

    beautiful! merry christmas tomkat

  21. 21
    suri Says:

    missing suri! hope there will be a new thread about her some time soon

  22. 22
    dny boy Says:

    true..he is a legend. great actor..great man. good luck to him and his family

  23. 23
    kristi Says:

    thanks JJ for this new thread. more pics of tomkat! wid surii..hehe

  24. 24
    DDr Says:

    Tomkat.. a GREAT couple.. along wid brangelina

  25. 25
    lama Says:

    nice news

  26. 26
    jessy Says:

    I must say I love Little Suri as well, she is just one very cute munchkin.

  27. 27
    meli Says:

    im loving this family

  28. 28
    Lindsay Says:

    We love you Tom, I’m worry for you, my stomach hurt when I try to feel what you are going throught. I hope you know most of the poeple, NICE people love you and care for you babe :) take care.

  29. 29
    jason Says:

    pasta carbonara.. i like that.

  30. 30
    hey Says:

    i always thought one day zac efron will become as important as tom cruise in the coming years…just a feeling.
    Love Tomkat and Zanessa and Bragelina.

  31. 31
    nicole Says:

    tom is ugly as hell and dumb as hell.

  32. 32
    rira Says:

    nice thread. love it.
    hope they have fun together with the little beauty suri

  33. 33
    taly Says:

    tom!!!!! i really like this guy! gd luck to tomkat

  34. 34
    [~Famous~] - The God. Says:

    is tom getting younger? dude looks 25 again.

  35. 35
    taly Says:

    yeh thats right # 24.

    a happy person looks younger. he is so happy and settled down with his family now. hope they will always be.

  36. 36
    jackie Says:

    I want PROOF with pictures that Katies parents will be allowed in the Colorado house.

  37. 37
    brit Says:

    love tomkat alot

  38. 38
    lenid Says:

    nice family. always happy . merry christmas to them

  39. 39
    anld Says:

    simply wow. love them!! they deserve the best

  40. 40
    guy Says:

    Happy to hear from them often. keep up wid the tomkat news JJ. thanks

  41. 41
    Regular Poster Says:

    Gosh, what has Katie found about this guy? I know he is a very talented actor and I can’t deny it because I have seen it in his movies but that nose! Ugh!

  42. 42
    pr person Says:

    Yuck! Big nosed weirdo!

    That parade article was nothing more than Katie’s Scieno handlers sending in her answers. Who on earth says things like…. “Tom has shown me the greatness of extra chocolate chips.” or “It’s a reality for me, another dimension of awareness”…… HUH? or She is asked if Suri is a ‘great traveler too?” and her strange answer “She’s very aware”. HUH?

    Bunch of loons!

  43. 43
    Pole Says:

    He’s an ass for letting his kids calling KatE mom :( What an insult to Nicole.

  44. 44
    paulie Says:

    This week Katie Holmes has gone out of her way to inform us that sTom Cruise’s elder children call her Mom rather than Nicole Kidman, the woman who adopted them and saved them from foster care. Yet in her interview there is no mention of how they will fit into this fun holiday in Telluride. As far as I can see it’s all about her, Tom and their own kid. On top of that why are Scientologists celebrating Christmas at all? After all, they believe that human beings are descended from aliens. Sounds like nothing more that Katie Holmes attempting to persuade us that she hasn’t been brainwashed by Tom and his people. Yet right.

  45. 45
    jhl Says:

    Katie Ho is a Bit-h. She is jealous of Nicole. She probably says horrible things to Nicole’s children trying to turn them against their mother, Nicole. Katie is not a mother to anyone…she’s a big FRAUD!!!!

  46. 46
    jhl Says:

    the mainstream media is finally seeing through these two freaks a well:,2933,317765,00.html

    To the cult freaks on this board, read it and weep……hahahahah

  47. 47
    wtff? Says:

    This paragraph from the link in #46 says it all.

    “Holmes, who is 29 and under Cruise’s constant control, may not fully understand the impact of what she told Parade. Friends say that being away from her children is “painful” for Kidman, who is considered one of Hollywood’s most agreeable and friendly players. She didn’t need to be blindsided while doing her job half a planet away from the children she loves.”

    Fox News tells the world what we’ve been saying here all along. Katie is not only an idiot, but a btch as well.

  48. 48

    You’re a pathetic lesbian sponging on your parents when you’re an embarrassment to them.

    Just a worthless housemaid in their home.

    They wouldn’t tell you directly but that’s how they feel deep down inside.

  49. 49
    not a katie fan Says:

    she’s as phoney as a two-dollar bill.

  50. 50
    Sushi Says:

    It’s not “The Cut”—

    The name is just “CUT” (as is cut of meat).

  51. 51
    Gigi Says:


  52. 52
    love Says:

    Very handsome man on his late 40′s and he’s wonderful on the inside. Makes my day and weekend.

  53. 53
    jealous Says:

    that fan is so lucky.

  54. 54
    Marlene Dietrich Says:

    There is NO limit to his greatness, is there? He not only showed the greatness of chocolate cookies to Wifomatic and now it must be the glory of doing laundry and the greatness of vacuum cleaning, too. Now he can dine alone.

    I remember a passage from “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, where it said that Dorian Gray’s grandfather who was a cruel man had to eat his steak alone at the club, too… Hmmm….

    This nose sure keeps getting bigger – maybe from all the lying. But so is his butt. The suit doesn’t sit exactly perfectly on Tommy Gurl’s hips. I think it’s the big butt. Or could it be that he gets this hollow back from wearing these plateaux and lifts? I think it’s both.

    Everybody loves XENU!

    Merry X-mas & happy holidays, everybody.

  55. 55
    brad Says:

    Why is everyone wishing them a Merry Christmas – they don’t believe. They believe in L Ron. and Tom dosn’t look younger he looks quite OLD! and Katie looks like an old **** too with her matching Suri haircut. Come on Tom was good in the 80′s NOT today. There is a million hotter guys in Hollywood now. He is well past his prime. They are one scary family!

  56. 56
    Carrie Says:

    They are living a lie. They are not happy. Katie is being smothered by Tom and his controlling ways. And by the way, her new movie stinks. Don’t waste your money.

  57. 57
    mary Says:

    Tom needs a face lift. Someone please help him. What happened to him. He used to be good looking. Not anymore. Poor Tom – I mean – poor Katie.

  58. 58
    Jane Says:

    Considering he rarely sleeps and always on the go with family,friends and business he looks really good.

    He will be filming some battlescene parts of Valkyrie and the movie release on October. Perfect cuz that’s a German holiday month.

  59. 59
    Bea Says:

    Yipppppee….more pics of Tom..Katie and Suri.Please…..

  60. 60
    Susan Says:

    I wonder who is paying all these people to write nice things about that freaky family. You couldn’t pay me enough. They are just plain weird.

  61. 61
    Lily Says:

    Good one,Jared!!!

    From a Suri Suri Christmas to Merry Cruisemas!!!!!!

    Love that!!!!!

  62. 62
    betty Says:

    Toms new movie is going to bomb. I wouldn’t go if I was given the tickets.
    Waste of time and gas.

  63. 63
    mary Says:

    Lily – what are you smoking? You are as freaky at that midget Tom. Come on he is a phony has been.

  64. 64
    Katie hater Says:

    What the hell was Katie thinking to tell that magazine that Tom’s older children call her mommy. Who cares. She did it to hurt Nicole. Nicole is a lovely woman and dosn’t deserve to be treated this way. Her kids were stolen from her by tom, and Katie’s comment was rude and uncalled for. What a classless person. Nicole is way better looking than katie too.

  65. 65
    free katie Says:

    Run Katie run.

  66. 66
    Angie Says:

    Shiloh is so much cuter than Suri. Shiloh comes from two beautiful people. Suri comes from two old people.

  67. 67
    josie Says:

    Tom probably liked having his picture taken with that other woman because she is the one person on the planet that he is taller than.

  68. 68
    Tania Says:

    Stupid $cientologists begone!!! I can tell because 1. You spout all of this naseauting pro-TomKat nonsense. 2. You are barely literate.

    Tom showed Katie the greatness of extra chocolate chips? Wow, how profound. How old is she? 7?

    Everything they do and say is a big lie and these over the top syrupy statements are so phoney. The whole world is laughing at them.

  69. 69
    aha Says:

    nice to see some haters give their Friday night and weekends to Tom Cruise.

  70. 70
    ymca Says:

    This man is all around hotness and I love a man that cooks.
    Bring on Valkyrie.

  71. 71
    Kelly Says:

    YEAH BABY!!!!

  72. 72
    Anonymous Says:

    He is hot but that’s hardly important to me when what matters most is how great a person you are on the inside. You cant go wrong with TC on that one.

  73. 73
    jane Says:

    This is so scripted by their PR people–a family Christmas baking cookies and sitting by the fire.

    Tom and Katie keep trying to convince everybody that they’re normal!! Just plain folks with a few hundred million bucks…

    I think that’s the real reason Katie is happy with Tom. She likes being mega-rich, shopping in Paris, etc.

  74. 74
    dancer Says:

    Handsome (and talented)

  75. 75
    peta Says:

    I love my Tommy and Suri looks a lot like him.

  76. 76
    Reese Says:

    Merry Christmas and lots of love to Tom and his family.

  77. 77
    Tania Says:

    He has a ****? More like a cameltoe.

  78. 78
    celtics Says:

    Handsome,gifted actor,down to earth,nice to everyone,loves his mom,loves his wife,daredevil and full of adventure. A family makes him even more appealing and sexier.IMHO.

  79. 79
    Tania Says:

    The $cienotogists are out in full force tonight. Sheesh, are you people instructed to flood this place with all these ridiculous TomKat posts? Stupid question, of course you are! You people are such sheep and are worse than the Bush supporters.

  80. 80

    You have a piglike face and secondary male sex characteristics.

  81. 81
    Tania Says:

    secondary male sex characteristics? Isn’t that what Tom is lacking?

  82. 82

    In fact, there is no such thing as ‘Katie Holmes’ fanbase’. There’s just one 32 years old psychotic fan of her which is writing under different names. Ask Clint Morris from moviehole or Jett from BOF.

    All the ‘pro-katie’ posts you read on this blog are from that one freak. I recognize her. She still lives with her parents and is jobless.

    She has registered over 100 accounts on IMDb for to stage a ‘katie Holmes fanbase’. She has been banned from numerous sites for making multiple accounts (not 2-3 but like 20-30 aliases) to fake support for katie which fanbase is almost at level zero since a couple of years.

    Katie is now a public pariah and her one pathetic fan is trying to ‘fix’ that.

  83. 83
    Tania Says:

    Katie is only a pariah since she hooked up with that freak Tom and let him tell her how to dress and what to say. He indocrinated her into $cientology and she looks miserable. He is the laughing stock of the world now and is box office poison. That movie “Everyone Hates Hitler” is now delayed because most likely it sucks and people laughed at the trailers with Tom dressed in his little Nazi uniform.

  84. 84
    yoyo Says:

    Tom is hot aging like fine wine.

  85. 85


    I was talking to the psycho tomkat sockpuppet of 32 years old.

  86. 86
    Hannah Says:

    Hey Jared, please have some TomKat sightings in Colorado.


  87. 87

    I was talking to the one psycho while saying ‘ you have secondary male sex characteristics’

  88. 88
    amc Says:

    Looking forward to Valkyrie,Hardy Boys and Edwin Salt to be directed by Peter Berg the new Michael Mann protege. WoooHoooo.

  89. 89
    ignore trolls Says:

    I pray the trolls will have joy and peace for 2008. They are giving their religions and Christmas a bad rap by acting so pathetic and a bunch of scrooges and devils.

  90. 90
    e Says:

    I wonder why George Clooney or Brad Pitt aren’t eating dinner with Tom. Oh…I forgot, Tom is a L-O-S-E-R!

  91. 91
    Tania Says:

    The only pathetic ones are the ones posting how hot Tom is. Please. The man (?) is about as sexy as eye snot.

  92. 92
    Jamie Says:

    Tom looks so short. Suri will be in the dough alright.

  93. 93
    Jamie Says:

    He’s so gay and weird.

  94. 94
    Jamie Says:

    Of course Katie is happy. All she does is shop all day. She doesn’t have any responsibility.

  95. 95

    And what are you giving for Christmas presents ? Nothing or cheap shoddy nothing. Cause you are a unemployed faineant leech to your family. As usual.

  96. 96
    Bess Says:

    I like Tom and he is good looking but I prefer his Top Gun haircut and Last Samurai look not the Valkyrie haircut.

  97. 97
    flygirl Says:





  98. 98
    lottery Says:

    The man is gorgeous!

  99. 99
    dean Says:

    “Holmes, who is 29 and under Cruise’s constant control,”


  100. 100
    peace Says:

    Tom is so cool and I think he is absolutely delicious. Fox news knows best when they think Americans that oppose the war in Iraq are evil and unpatriotic.

    That’s a laugh. We love America and have every right to be concerned about our nation’s direction and our boys dying right and left in the Middle east.

  101. 101
    007 Says:

    i love Tom

  102. 102
    Tania Says:


    I may hate Fox news but they are right concerning Tom Cruise and aren’t afraid to call it as it is. Everything else they lie about.

  103. 103
    Tania Says:

    Those pictures of TommyGirl make laugh since he looks more female than the gal who is with him. He is so gay and gets even gayer as he ages.

    Tom is sterile and Suri is not his. His cousin William provided the sperm and inpregnated Katie via turkey baster.

  104. 104
    hilarious Says:

    Fox news gets their entertainment source from Star magazine.
    Poor Tania that’s so below your IQ dont you think?
    Are you proud telling people you read and believe Star magazine.
    I think I will be proud reading Newsweek,Business Journals but never Star magazine. Yikes!

  105. 105
    Delia Says:

    Cant get enough of Tom. *kisses JJ*

  106. 106
    lily Says:

    loveeeeee tommm. best actor ever

  107. 107
    psc Says:

    love you Tom!!Katie and Suri too!!!

  108. 108
    Susan Says:

    Tom needs to take his KBot in for repair. She relaly screwed the pooch with the “Mom” comment. What a stupid stupid woman. I guess thats why he hired her. I hope Nicole writes a book thru Andrew Morton someday and spills the beans on this freak and his cult. Does anyone else think that Suri looks JUST LIKE William Mapother?

  109. 109
    Susan Says:

    FOX NEWS OUTS CRUISE- above link

    Even Rupert Murdock decided to pull the plug on Cruise and protect Kidman. I bet he hates Cruise.

  110. 110
    Susan Says:

    $cientologi$t$ have invaded this thread.

    Jesus doesn’t like $cientology.

  111. 111
    Bella dawn Says:

    It is no coincidence that Katie chose to reveal that her stepchildren refer to her as “Mom”, immediately following Nicole’s statement in her recent Vanity Fair interview that she does not like that her kids call her Nicole, instead of showing her the respect she is due as their parent.

    As a stepmother to two children over the age of 10, who are estranged from their real mother, I consider it even more important to respect her role in their life and Katie’s insensitive and ignorant statement is an obvious passive-aggressive ploy to add insult to injury. Hopefully you can clear the negativity that lurks in your psyche at your next auditing session Kate.

  112. 112
    Bella dawn Says:

    I respect Scientologists right to worship L. Ron and believe in “space opera” but I find it puzzling that any religion demands it’s adherents patrol cyberspace and defend the public image of their most prominent member?!? Tom has the money to handle the PR damage control on his own, I sincerely hope you well-intentioned, though sycophantic folks are being financially rewarded for your efforts.

  113. 113
    wtff? Says:

    dean @ 12/22/2007 at 1:48 am

    “Holmes, who is 29 and under Cruise’s constant control,”




  114. 114
    lucia Says:





  115. 115
    SAMMA Says:

    Hey tommy where are Conner and Bella? It’s been over one year since they were seen with you. Did you ship them off for more brainwashing?

  116. 116
    grace Says:

    I hope he gets the Oscars for Valkyrie after getting the Bambi from Germany.

  117. 117
    dean Says:

    tommy will NEVER win a Oscar he is NOT that good of an actor.

  118. 118
    Lee Says:

    Need more pics of Tom and his family. Many thanks jj.

  119. 119
    jemma Says:

    Need more truth JJ. Where are the older kids? Why has tommygirl disowned them?

  120. 120
    baby Says:

    Im going ga-ga over Tom and so excited to watch his next films.

  121. 121
    piper Says:

    the trolls forgot their meds again.

  122. 122
    Bob Says:

    CAlling the cult followers “trolls” is FUNNY! tommy looks like troll too!!HAHAHAHAH

  123. 123
    Angie Says:

    He is hot and a complete actor. Some give Tom a hard time that Lions didnt open big when Depp’s Sweeney Todd and Tom Hanks Charlie Wilsons also just opened 9 million.

  124. 124
    janny Says:

    Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks don’t make their women into RoBO Ho’s. They keep their private lives PRIVATE. They don’t sell their children for photo ops. AND they both know how to act.
    tommy girl has to BUY his way into movies. he is SO yesterdays news.

  125. 125
    Miapocca Says:

    no really…didnt katies family have thier own tradition before their rich son in law…pathetic losers

  126. 126
    NC Says:

    You are pathetic Micapocca!

  127. 127
    solo Says:

    Great man,so happy for Katie. All around nice guy and talented so happy for us fans.

    Thank you Jared.

  128. 128
    dean Says:

    Will tommy photo shop photos of Katies parents into the pics of he and katie? That is the ONLY way she will EVER see them again.
    tommy is a CONTROL FREAK.

  129. 129
    Jeanette Says:

    Love Tom, Kate and Suri and my family and i from Brisbane, Australia, wish you all the very very best for 2008.

    Have always been a fan of Tom, and always will be.


  130. 130
    Janny Says:

    tommy cult freak has killed katie’s soul.

  131. 131
    emma Says:

    Hey tom where are your REAL kids conner and Isabella?

  132. 132
    Miapocca Says:

    ahahhahahah…RoBoHo …you are singong by the fire..we wish you a RoBoHo year , we wish you a RoBoHo year and a stick up the a-r-se/.//i heard them all the way from colorado..ahahahah

    So what did the holmes do for christman before thier pathetic selling of thier daughter to the CULT

  133. 133
    dean Says:

    KatE did NOT really spend the HOLYdays with her parents OR the older kids that she says call her “mom”.

    She has been brainwashed onto thinking that has all taken place when in reality katE was locked up in the basement being forced fed kool aide.

    tommy has used the “greenscreen” at the studio along with photo shoppe to create a peaceful holiday setting to “leak” to the media.

  134. 134
    just saying Says:

    Andrw Mortons book is out on Jan 15th.
    LRonHubbard is Surie’s daddy (frozen sperm)

    Here is Hubbards Pic..

    A little too creepy..

    Run Morton Run!

  135. 135
    suzi Says:

    I don’t understand what Scientologists is all about, it’s a complete mystery to me. This business of space aliens sounds to crazy for me. However I do know what the first amendment does. It allows every citizen the freedom of religion. And every citizen includes Tom Cruise.

    And “just saying” what andrew morton is saying in his book could be true. I dont know. But if Tom and Katie sue, which I have no doubt they will, dna samples from both Tom and Suri will likely have to be taken. Now, if the dna comes back stating that Tom is the father of Suri then Andrew Morton has a huge problem. And that huge problem will probably translate into millions in damages paid by Andrew Morton to Tom and Katie. Then I would really love to be Tom and Katie’s lawyer.

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