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Katherine Heigl is a Married Woman

Katherine Heigl is a Married Woman

Katherine Heigl exchanged vows with musician Josh Kelley in a black-tie ceremony Sunday afternoon at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, Utah.

The 29-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star walked down the aisle to an acoustic song written by Kelley, 27, in an area decked out in blue-and-purple lighting, white flowers, white candles and large white drapes.

T.R. Knight, who was Katherine‘s bridesman, told people that the ceremony was “incredible and beautiful.” Grey’s costar Sandra Oh was also there, as well as Private Practice star Kate Walsh and movie exec husband Alex Young.

Katherine‘s sister Meg told Us Weekly: “It was great.”

The couple met in 2005 when Kat appeared in the music video for Kelley‘s song “Only You.”

Congrats to the happy couple!

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  • ammmy



    or so?

  • go sox

    Love her! She’s beautiful, honest, and loyal! How refreshing is that in Hollywood! Congratulations, Katherine- best wishes for many wonderful years together!!

  • belle

    she is sooooooo pretty!!!!
    but her new husband is ugly!!!!!!!!!

  • j

    I like them together,he’s gorgeous

  • Orange Clockwork

    No one cares about these two.

  • ah

    She’s annoying and unattractive, I give them 2 years.


    She is sooo irritating. I give them 6 months.

  • Brody Jenner

    I loathe Katherine. She wants to be a film actress but will always be a TV girl. How many cigs did she smoke while walking down the aisle?

  • jamie

    Congrats to Katie and Josh!

    Justin Chambers was also there it was reported by OK! magazine.

    Can we have some pics?

  • kathy

    annoying woman..lets see how long he puts up with her

  • Celeste

    I think her character Izzy is so ditzy, too much so to be a doctor. Her character on GA is probably like her anyway.

  • Ha

    big deal

  • lauren

    ah i can’t wait for pictures :) love josh!

  • t

    Oh yay more exposure for an already over exposed actress, what a joy.

    I just hope that when and if they have kids they dont have boys cause they’ll probably inherit they’re fathers hideously hairy chest.

  • Amazed

    Congratulations to the happy couple.

  • kimmy

    Thanks so much for posting Jared!

    Congrats Katie and Josh:]

  • BrainySmurf


  • Brody Jenner

    don’t tase me, bro

    1. An utterance emitted by University of Florida student Andrew Meyer on the evening of September 17, 2007 in efforts to ward off the vicious bite of a police taser after he was detained for getting uppity at a forum with U.S. Senator John Kerry.

    2. A phrase used (with ironic reference to the above incident) to express feigned dissatisfaction with another’s recent or impending actions or speech.

    “The Meyer incident is in no way an issue of freedom of expression.”
    “Are you kidding? Don’t tase me, bro!”

  • TK

    where’s the wedding pics???

  • ally

    no pics??? JJ…it’s christmas….pics please!!!

  • elodie

    Jared,i have a source,Justin chambers was there too!!

  • anti kate walsh

    I can’t wait for Walsh pics. Ugh!

  • Violet

    A wedding is a private moment without media and paparazzi. i’m glad for PD and EP absence.

  • ally

    elodie …you have a source???? wow

  • Helena

    I feel sorry for that man.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Learn to love everybody

  • can’t stand her

    i can’t stand her. her character is stupid on GA and it seems like her real life person is just as stupid.

  • for kate walsh

    Calliope (aKW), shut your lap!! It’s not about my kate here, it’s about katie, and I don’t think we will have kate pics here, so FèMé GRO GUèLE NWè AW LA EN COUCOUNE A MANMANW!!! Grow up, stupid whore!

    Anb congrat to lovely katie, and josh, It’s our grey’s women’s year!!!!

  • Jake

    #24 – so EP & PD avoid the limelight do they LOL Get over yourself !! PD sold pictures of his newborn babies to a celeb magazine (far more private than wedding pics) & EP has sold out to Playboy mag.

    All celebs want & attract media attention, I think you are just jealous that Katherine Heigl is now the STAR of Greys Anatomy, & is having a great year with a successful movie & winning awards. She will have a career after Greys – PD will be typecast forever (as he has been in Enchanted) & EP will shrivel away once all that botox sinks into her face.

  • LAU


  • ally

    pics please

  • Shango_Hispanico

    In a year and a half he will be coming out with a tell all about how stink she is! I hate this kiss @ss b!tch! No talent, annoying loser! Yuck!

  • elydu66

    Shut up haters!!!
    She’s not annoying, she has talent, she’s a good actress, she’s beautiful, natural, she’s a role model for a lot of girls, she has a gorgeous husband who has a beautiful voice. This article is about their wedding, well I’m glad everything happened like they wanted, I hope that was a beautiful wedding and I can’t wait to see the pics!
    And again, haters, if you don’t like her, post somewhere else, or get a life !

  • BrainySmurf

    Amen, Jake #30!

  • j..

    All you EP fan losers are just jealous because Katie and Kate had beautiful weddings to good men. The dumb EP married a drug dealer and credit card thief in a trashy courthouse with no family or friends because the skank has none.

    Even EPs mom was a druggie she overdosed when EP was really young. I guess druggies run in EPs family.

  • Karla

    Aww congrats to them. Hope they have a long, happy marriage.
    Look forward to seeing the pics.

  • Violet

    Jake, I disagree about EP and PD. Anyway I’m a polite GA fan and I’m free to write my opinion. I don’t think people in this place are friends of GA actors. I don’t think people here know their private life. I’m glad for KH and KW if they love a public marriage. I can’t see the problem. I’m also free to write that I don’t like it.

  • Flo

    KH can’t act. She should be grateful to Isaiah Washington for her Emmy. I can’t find her so beautiful. Same words for Kate Walsh. Their husbands then.. puke! The best actress of Grey’s is Sandra Oh! She should punch those whores (KH and KW)!

  • j..

    I watch GA. I also know EP married a drug dealer/credit card thief convicted felon, she admitted it herself in a interview. She also said her mother died of a overdose and she found her dead.
    PD’s pics of his boys were sold to People they did a photoshoot.
    At least Kate and Katie were consenting adults about their pics, PD’s kids could not consent.

  • anti kate walsh

    Who is Calliope? I don’t know this poster. I’m a Kate Walsh hater. Walsh sucks! Her husband is a jackass!

  • anon

    Agree with #30

  • Violet

    # 40 – I don’t think you can judge their private life. You don’t know them. No offence but you wrote a childish comment. About PD, he said that ABC wanted that photoshoot for to save the face after IW problem. Kate and Katie consented and I’m not judging it but I’m free to disagree with their decision. Publicity.

  • Sarah

    Disagree with #30
    I can’t find KH a great actress or the star of Grey’s Anatomy. Izzie sucks and Katie is an arrogant woman.

  • j..

    #43 So PD sold his chrildren b/c of the IW thing. Wow, he is worse than I thought. Thanks for telling me that. His wife should divorce him and take his chrildren he is a terrible father to sell his chrildren for the sake of the show.

  • lyns

    Congrats to the happy couple!

    Katie Heigl married a musician.
    Kate Walsh married the Co president of production at 20th Century Fox.
    Ellen Pompeo married a Felon. lol.

  • Maniston

    She is still a B**CH and when her marriage fails, which is inevitable, she will blame Isaiah Washington.

  • swedish

    Maniston… haahh that wa a good one .. LOL

  • anonymous

    Let’s see how much she opens her big mouth when he starts fooling around on her. I want to see how opinionated she is then.

  • anonymous

    Do you really think his wife was unaware that her children were going to a photo shoot?. I guarantee she was right there with them, she probably supplied the clothes.

    Let’s see, my children are gone for 3+ hours. My husband has them. I need to nurse them and I don’t know where he is. Yeah right, believe whatever nonsense you want to.