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Vanessa Hudgens Flaunts it in Flaunt Magazine

Vanessa Hudgens Flaunts it in Flaunt Magazine

Vanessa Hudgens is featured in an artsy “Night Gallery” photo spread in the latest issue of American fashion culture magazine, Flaunt.

Flaunt says of the 19-year-old singer-actress: “The star of High School Musical is currently in the studio recording her sophomore CD, to be released this spring.”

Thanks, Popstar, for the scans!

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vanessa hudgens flaunt magazine 01
vanessa hudgens flaunt magazine 02
vanessa hudgens flaunt magazine 03
vanessa hudgens flaunt magazine 04
vanessa hudgens flaunt magazine 05

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  • Helena

    Photoshopped to the max.

  • toniqua

    she is such a complete and total TROLL.

  • Sam

    how weird! Can’t even reconize some of them. FIRST!

  • christina

    can’t she get any makeup and hair styling tips from Gayfron? she looks fat and dumpy here

  • flava

    1st !
    wow pretty pics i can hardly even recognise her

  • musicisourhigh

    Some of those pictures definitely look far from what we’re use to seeing her. I like that she is doing different looks since it will help her to break away from the HSM identity and widen her opportunities

  • Crystal

    eww ugly pics!!!

  • skyler

    omg i didn’t know it was vah,haha

  • christina


    thanks for backing me on this before all the vanessa nuts post their thoughts….she looks fuglier than ever in these photos….she should be very upset….she may be plain but she is not fugly in real life…but these pictures make her look like a fugly hoochie mama

  • aiko_ai

    lol. Her number one fans are always the first one to comment. ^^

    Great job guys. hahaha.

  • aiko_ai

    sigh…I wish some people weren’t sooo tweeny that they can’t appreciate aesthetic photoshoots. oh well.

    great job van.

  • Gi Kodály

    She looks really weird!
    But it’s still cool!
    ILY V!

  • aiko_ai

    christina @ 12/23/2007 at 5:07 pm
    and it’s ok christina, we understand that you’re a tween and her number one fan. never fail to post and click on her. ^^

  • Ana

    she look like a total different person!! *a ugly person!*

  • kate

    that is so NOT vanessa! look at the pics it looks nothing like her!

  • cydie.

    ugh, you haters are pathetic people. vanessa is gorgeous, and its amazing she is even in flaunt. wow, thats a real magazine. beautifuly taken pictures. thanks jared. (:

  • zanessa fan

    omg. thats just.. ughh

  • suzy

    love these.

  • aiko_ai

    And really…that’s not photoshop. That’s all about make up, lighting, and a camera.

    sigh…kids these days.

    seriously though…when you guys attend college. Please take photography. It’s fun and…you start appreciating things around you. Not to mention that you learn and understand how photoshoots happen.

  • zanessa fan

    omg. eww.

  • melxxbaby

    i would think it was eliza dushku or whaaatev . i dont like the too much makeup .

  • melissa

    She has a beautiful face omg !!!!
    i Love her so much :D
    Go Baby V !!

    Haters… Jealous ..???

  • Rachel
  • tugba

    that isn’t vanessa guys!

  • nesa

    wow! It looks beautiful!

  • aiko_ai

    kate @ 12/23/2007 at 5:11 pm that is so NOT vanessa! look at the pics it looks nothing like her!

    It is her.

  • narf

    Wow, I can see all of you have found the spirit of Christmas and only have positive things to say.

    And by the way all of you judge, I guess you all look 100% perfect 24/7/365. Good for you!

    Happy Holidays!

  • Fer


  • jay

    It’s her , i now she looks very different in the pictures ^^.. but it’s her , she’s still very beautiful !!! :D

    I love you baby V

  • go sox

    I agree with Kate…..these pics don’t look like her at all. #3 and #4 are definitely NOT her. Look at the nose….that’s NOT Vanessa’s nose. What kind of a rag is this magazine?? Even the first one is not her…..the eyes are too far apart. That looks like a painting or art of some sort, but NOT a photo. The rest are some Vanessa “wanna-be”.

  • narf

    BTW, I think as far as art goes the exibit looks great.

  • Kirs10

    wow tht kinda looks creepy, like a goth. Oh well shes still beautiful. Ive never heard of flaunt magazine. Anyone know what category tht would be?

  • Orange Clockwork

    Wow. Hideous.

  • pabolita

    ————-> i love her face , she’s just so pretty!
    and i LOVEEEEEEEE her eyes :-D

  • Andrea


  • Cami

    she looks so bad really, someone really thinks that she looks pretty there??
    i know she wants to break away her rol in hsm but really… you really think she can do something else?
    i dont think so, she is a bad singer and she is so popular just cuz she is zac efron’s girlfriend

  • moe

    wow i love these pics.she look so beautiful and different.definitley more mature.
    wonder what zac said to thes pictures.

    i love you and support you v.

    and to all those haters…it’s really interesting that despite you hate her you look at her pics and find the the time to post a comment.
    and i can smell jealousy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bebe

    agree with moe
    Jealousy?? Haha… She looks beautiful !

  • aiko_ai

    cydie. @ 12/23/2007 at 5:13 pm ugh, you haters are pathetic people. vanessa is gorgeous, and its amazing she is even in flaunt. wow, thats a real magazine. beautifuly taken pictures. thanks jared. (:
    Yeah! It’s actually great to be featured in this mag. It’s a real fashion magazine.

    Here’s their web:

  • Kate

    she looks like a dog

  • belle

    dats not vanessa its just photoshopped!!!!!
    jared ur website sux now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i use to always check it but its not even updated!!!!!!!
    u suck!!!!!!

  • cydie.

    oh my god, stop being so childish. just because theyre not ‘ normal ‘ pictures. its called makeup. take your head out of tiger beat, popstar, and your tween magazines, and read a REAL magazine. or see what REAL photography looks like. those pictures are AMAZING. just because theyre not what your used to, doesnt make it ugly. vanessa is beautiful. think before you critize like an idiot. it IS her.

  • alanaa

    these pix r photoshopped way 2 much!

  • agathi


  • emilie

    she looks amazing in these!
    very different from other photoshoots shes done
    its nice to see a more…artsy side of her

  • luvim

    she’s very beautiful. you idiots study photography and go to school so you’ll learn something. you keep on saying bad things about vanessa but how about you stupid people what have you done so far i n your life. your just plain jealous of her ‘coz she’s very popular and well known around the world. god bless her always for her kindness in helping other people in need. love you vanessa.

  • aiko_ai

    cydie. @ 12/23/2007 at 5:25 pm

    lol. what do you expect from tweens?? They can’t appreciate aesthetic/artsy type of pictures. *shakes head* oh well.

  • keep it real


  • aiko_ai

    There are quite different to the Vanessa we know but just coz its her i love them!