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Ashley & Vanessa's Christmas Eve Shopping Spree

Ashley & Vanessa's Christmas Eve Shopping Spree

High School BFFs Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens grab lunch together at Mo’s Fine Food in Woodland Hills on Christmas Eve.

After their meal together, the leggings pair went to the Westfield Mall for some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Ashley‘s bag by Chanel, Vanessa‘s bag by Balenciaga.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the Zanessa and Ashley fans!

UPDATE: 15 pictures were added! Check them out!

55+ pictures inside of Ashnessa‘s Christmas Eve shopping spree…

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ashley vanessa christmas eve 01
ashley vanessa christmas eve 02
ashley vanessa christmas eve 03
ashley vanessa christmas eve 04
ashley vanessa christmas eve 05
ashley vanessa christmas eve 06
ashley vanessa christmas eve 07
ashley vanessa christmas eve 08
ashley vanessa christmas eve 09
ashley vanessa christmas eve 10
ashley vanessa christmas eve 11
ashley vanessa christmas eve 12
ashley vanessa christmas eve 13
ashley vanessa christmas eve 14
ashley vanessa christmas eve 15
ashley vanessa christmas eve 16
ashley vanessa christmas eve 17
ashley vanessa christmas eve 18
ashley vanessa christmas eve 19
ashley vanessa christmas eve 20
ashley vanessa christmas eve 21
ashley vanessa christmas eve 22
ashley vanessa christmas eve 23
ashley vanessa christmas eve 24
ashley vanessa christmas eve 25
ashley vanessa christmas eve 26
ashley vanessa christmas eve 27
ashley vanessa christmas eve 28
ashley vanessa christmas eve 29
ashley vanessa christmas eve 30
ashley vanessa christmas eve 31
ashley vanessa christmas eve 32
ashley vanessa christmas eve 33
ashley vanessa christmas eve 34
ashley vanessa christmas eve 35
ashley vanessa christmas eve 36
ashley vanessa christmas eve 37
ashley vanessa christmas eve 38
ashley vanessa christmas eve 39
ashley vanessa christmas eve 40
ashley vanessa christmas eve 41
ashley vanessa christmas eve 42
ashley vanessa christmas eve 43
ashley vanessa christmas eve 44
ashley vanessa christmas eve 45
ashley vanessa christmas eve 46
ashley vanessa christmas eve 47
ashley vanessa christmas eve 48
ashley vanessa christmas eve 49
ashley vanessa christmas eve 50
ashley vanessa christmas eve 51
ashley vanessa christmas eve 52
ashley vanessa christmas eve 53
ashley vanessa christmas eve 54
ashley vanessa christmas eve 55

Photos: Nathanael Jones/, Shinn/Bauer-Griffin
Posted to: Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens

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790 Responses to “Ashley & Vanessa's Christmas Eve Shopping Spree”

  1. 1
    lily Says:


  2. 2
    Kourtney Says:

    first? anyways they look cute

  3. 3
    lily Says:

    i think ashley got more than a nose job done because her eyes looks different too. she should have stick with her original face because she looked better then.

  4. 4
    lmao Says:

    hey JJ, happy hollidayss!!
    jj rox , =D
    ash & nessa :D

  5. 5
    fdsfsdf Says:


  6. 6
    narf Says:

    They look great, but not to happy to see the cameras.

    Merry Christmas ladies.

  7. 7
    yets Says:

    wow BFF’s Forever Love you Vanessa!!
    Merry Christmas all V supporters GOD Bless!!!

  8. 8
    dany Says:

    ashley is starting to look like before

  9. 9
    rubyred Says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 10
    Fleasha Says:

    Are they going to do Disney movies until they’re 50?

  11. 11
    hillary Says:

    i love ashley and vanessa!!

  12. 12
    hey Says:

    Ashley Looks Hot ! but anyways , wheres the pics¿¿¿

  13. 13
    sarah Says:

    this is my first time at lyk number 11 on one of V’s always lyk in the 30′s or sumthing..

  14. 14
    camry Says:

    They both look rlly good

  15. 15
    Eli Says:

    they look amazing!

    merry christmas!

  16. 16
    suzy Says:

    cute. they look good

  17. 17
    hillary Says:

    any more pictures?
    they look so cute!
    merry christmas everyone!!

  18. 18
    maisa- brasil Says:


  19. 19
    hasthefat Says:

    almost first

  20. 20
    maisa- brasil Says:

    vanessa, obrigada por tudo o que você fez por mim esse ano, mesmo não sabendo o que fez. eu te amo tanto e tanto que nem sei como te dizer. te amo (L)

  21. 21
    kgg Says:

    Nice to see these BFFs together for the holidays. They’re both looking great!

  22. 22
    V-fan Says:

    nice to see them together
    Love you V
    hope zanessa sighting soon!!!

  23. 23
    zacsbiggestfan Says:

    i hopee zanessa isnt done because they havent been seen together lately =(

  24. 24
    maisa- brasil Says:

    ashley, apesar de você ta bem estranha com o nariz novo :D
    eu também amo você (L)

  25. 25
    Alessandra Says:

    Vah looksgorgeous

  26. 26
    eli Says:

    That girl looks like Ashley’s Maid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 27
    camilita Says:

    vanessa looks gorgeous as usual =]

  28. 28
    marsha Says:

    it kinda looks like v’s crying in pic number 5. im sure she’s not…but it still looks that way. neway, v looks amazing as always. ashley looks…eh…her face looks didfferent ever since her surgery. but i luv v’s clothes. and i think v and zac are taking a break. like, wen we found out they were going out, popstar said they had an on-off couple thing, and i think they take a break wenever zac films. so yea, i dont think they’re together rite now, maybe once he’s done filming….

  29. 29
    zanessa110 Says:

    love her!

  30. 30
    narf Says:

    Don’t worry # 23, just because you haven’t seen them does not mean they broke up. Like every other couple on earth, they are entitled to privacy. They exist for themselves and each other, not for us.

    If not seeing a couple together every other day/week means they broke up, I have alot of friends and family members whose relationships must be in trouble, because I haven’t seen them in years.

    Take this time to enjoy your family, and let Zac and vanessa enjoy theirs as well as each other, without the camaras following them around.

  31. 31
    vannie Says:

    Love Vanessa!!
    Merry Christmas to all Z&V supporting keep on fighting!!

  32. 32
    Stacy Says:

    Maybe its just met but I dont see any major difference with Ashley. In the Jingleball pictures her face was still a little puffy but now I think she basically looks the same as before. Both looks great!

  33. 33
    Vale Says:

    they look so gorgeous!!!


  34. 34
    John Says:

    I hate Ashley.

  35. 35
    jennifer Says:

    is it me or do ashley and vanessa look the same alot.

  36. 36
    jennifer Says:

    is it me or do ashley and vanessa look the same alot. like their hair is the same and they have similer outfits.

  37. 37
    yets Says:

    I wish all Zanessa supportes a Merry Christmas!
    and to zanessa Forever Love!!!

  38. 38
    jennifer Says:

    Prettyness combined :D

  39. 39
    marsha Says:

    John @ 12/24/2007 at 11:39 pm


    i hate ashley too, but ur gonna start a fight

  40. 40
    zanessa110 Says:

    they didnt break up.

  41. 41
    ann Says:

    haaa, i 3rd the “i hate ashley” parade! but, vanessa looks nice.

  42. 42
    smdwh Says:

    Merry X-Mas

  43. 43
    riley Says:

    YAY they both look so gorgeous

    luv vanessa. && merry xmas to zac , vanessa and ashley!

  44. 44
    zanessa110 Says:

    i love vanessa. i love vanessa’s fashion.

  45. 45
    kass Says:

    Still don’t get why they are famous, but I like Vanessa’s hair.

  46. 46
    aiko_ai Says:


    Wonder if they did each other’s nails. lol….very christmasy.

  47. 47
    Becky Says:

    They look beautiful!


  48. 48
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    What a beatiful friendship they always have. Nice to see them on Christmas Eve.

    Merry Christmas Vanessa and Ashley!

  49. 49
    rumur willis is nasty Says:

    Valley Girls! hahahha

  50. 50
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    and Merry Christmas to Justjared and to his staff as well!

    Thank you guys!

  51. 51
    R Says:

    They both look ridiculous, like they called each other and planned to wear essentially the same outfit but different colors. Even their hair is similar. Grow up and get some originality ladies.

  52. 52
    narf Says:

    Hey V-loyalist, Merry Christmas!

  53. 53
    kristen0606 Says:

    wow they both look great!! its soo nice to see that they are able to find time to hang out with each other!!! in pic number 5 it doesn’t look like she is crying it looks like she is laughing and is hiding from the paps!

    I have a feeling that zac and vanessa are still going strong. just because we don’t have pictures of them doesn’t mean that they aren’t together…zac is filming his movie and vanessa is busy working on her new album..hopefully they are able to find time and i think that they are but they are able to avoid the paps :)
    hope everyone is having a good holiday!!!

  54. 54
    aiko_ai Says:

    Merry christmas guys~~~

    happy holidays to those that celebrates.

    and hello to those that doesn’t. ^^

  55. 55
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    Hi there narf! Merry Christmas!

    How is the movie with the family?

  56. 56
    narf Says:

    I have to say V-loyalist, my sister has picked much better. If I could go back, I would decline to watch.

  57. 57
    Becky Says:

    Zac went home for Christmas. :D

    I hope he’s having the best Christmas ever!

  58. 58
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    Hello aiko_ai! Merry Christmas to you!

    And to those who had nothing but hate in their heart.. my prayers are with you…

    Peace and Love to all!

  59. 59
    Melody Says:

    I Love Ashley, She start to look like herself again.

  60. 60
    BITCH Says:


  61. 61
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    what movie did she picked narf? are they staying for the night?

  62. 62
    daze Says:

    thanks for this they both look so gorgous

  63. 63
    zandv Says:

    zanessa cant b over v is still wearing her ring

  64. 64
    narf Says:

    So # 60, how do you really feel?

    I think now that you have gotten all of that out of your system, you should take a few deep breaths and find a positive energy force. You really don’t want to start the new year with so much negativity attached to your soul.

  65. 65
    pat rector Says:

    pat/tealeaf 12-24-07 11:11pm

    Merry Christmas all ZA fans!!!

    We always celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve at my husband’s family and Christmas Day at my family because of work scedules. We had a wonderful time being able to watch the kids open their gifts and just spend quality time with family. That is a precious gift.

    As for our precious Nessa, she is still as cute as a picture!!! Ashley, looks good as well. I think now since the swelling has gone down, there’s not much of a difference to me. Just slightly on the nose.

  66. 66
    John Says:

    Ashley needs to dye her hair properly. Ashley is ugly and a horrible singer.

  67. 67
    narf Says:

    It was only my sister who came tonight, and she went home. She will be back tomorrow with everyone else.

    The movie she picked was The heartbreak kid.

  68. 68
    narf Says:

    Merry Christmas to you as well pat rector, and God bless.

  69. 69
    zanessa110 Says:

    vanessa was just on e news. she looked so pretty, and beautiful. they were saying the top actresses ad vanessa was like one of the first. they were saying the top celebrities of the year. vanessa was one of the first, she looked awesome.

  70. 70
    ella Says:

    yay for both, i love what both are wearing. Merry x-mas to Vanessa and Ashley and of course to Jared and the staff. See, they are friends, i still don’t get why many of you are still hating on them, like if you’re a Ash fan don’t bash on Nessa, or the other way, you know what i mean, god just grow up and stop “hating” other people because of how they look and the mistakes they’ve made, you should not judge people by their looks and you should also not “HATE” them because of their mistakes, ’cause you know you are not perfect and no one is, just because you’re not celebrity and everytime you make mistake the whole world does not know it, just you and the people close to you, unlike all those celebrities that whenever they do something wrong almost the whole world notices it, sorry but if you are one those persons, you need to get a life bacause saying you “HATE” others is a really strong word, and if you dislike them or have nothing nice to say about them, just don’t say anything, keep it to yourself, that’s just my advice and it’s your choice to take it!

  71. 71
    Rosielee9 Says:

    I hope that both Vanessa and Zac have a great xmas with their families and with each other.

    We have had a few picture’s of them together but obvioulsy we won’t get a lot becuase of Zac working on his movie and Vanessa doing her album, but a few picture’s is better than nothing, and good for them that they can spend time together away from the pap’s they deserve it, and Zac did say he was going home for xmas but I’m sure that he saw Vanessa before he left whenever that was and will no doubt see her when he get’s back after all familiy is very important to both of them, but that does’nt mean that they don’t find time for eachother, it’s just that we don’t always see it.

    Merry Xmas to all and I hope that you have a good one.

  72. 72
    orc Says:

    I love Ashnessa ! Merry Christmas !

  73. 73
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    Im not that familiar with the movie narf, i hope u can get to picked the movie you like the next time, and thats great to know everyone will come over, im sure your cute niece and nephew will also be there.

  74. 74
    karen Says:

    Merry Christmas, Vanessa & Ashley!

  75. 75
    narf Says:

    Yes they will v–loyalist.

    Ok, I need to get to bedd. Merry christmas evreyone, catch you all later.

    Nub to all my angels

    Merry Christmas Troy sweetie, I hope you have a wonderful day.

  76. 76
    eira Says:

    aww..i love them!!!

    i dont think zanessa is over..zac is filming seventeen..hes been busy lately..

    have a happy holidays everybody!

  77. 77
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    I noticed the two Lovely ladies wore light make-up but still manage to look gorgeous, same as their outfit looks almost the same, my bet they coordinated well before going out and i find it cute when they do that.

  78. 78
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    Good night Narf! nub u too!

  79. 79
    sexrex Says:

    ech, ashley tisdale…

  80. 80
    Z & V Fan Says:

    # 30 narf @ 12/24/2007 at 11:31 pm
    Don’t worry # 23, just because you haven’t seen them does not mean they broke up. Like every other couple on earth, they are entitled to privacy. They exist for themselves and each other, not for us.

    If not seeing a couple together every other day/week means they broke up, I have alot of friends and family members whose relationships must be in trouble, because I haven’t seen them in years.

    Take this time to enjoy your family, and let Zac and vanessa enjoy theirs as well as each other, without the camaras following them around.

    Narf, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am sure they are fine and they get to see each other as often as possible. Good for them to be able to avoid the paps.

    Vanessa and Ashley look very cute. I am glad these friends were able to spend time together.

    Have a Merry Christmas!!! Happy Holidays!!!

  81. 81
    aiko_ai Says:

    I really like their clothes….but with the tights, I prefer Ashley’s when wearing flats (because of the length). But had they been wearing uggs or boots, I’d prefer Vanessa’s. Their styles is so like mine. I really want their cardigans.

    Anyone know where it’s from?? Is it outfitter?? (usually don’t shop there, I go GAP and AE)

  82. 82
    cynthia Says:

    so weird that they’re shopping in my neighborhood mall.

  83. 83
    hl Says:

    Aww cute it is always fun to shop with a very close friend!! They both look absolutely adorable!

  84. 84
    zanessa110 Says:

    aiko_ai ashleys is abercrombie.

  85. 85
    Derek Says:

    merry christmas

  86. 86
    aiko_ai Says:

    zanessa110 @ 12/25/2007 at 1:05 am

    ohhh. let me check.

  87. 87
    Nikki Says:

    why does vanessa have only 1 hand of painted nails?

  88. 88
    Petra Says:

    looooooooooooove them

  89. 89
    Juany Says:

    que se hizo ashley en la cara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    vane re diosa como siempre!!!!!!!!

  90. 90
    zanessa110 Says:

    nikki, one is red, the others crystal white. christmas spirit!

  91. 91
    zanessa110 Says:

    yes, you can see its abercrombie.

  92. 92
    Sara Says:

    I really like their clothes….but with the tights, I prefer Ashley’s when wearing flats (because of the length). But had they been wearing uggs or boots, I’d prefer Vanessa’s. Their styles is so like mine. I really want their cardigans.

    Anyone know where it’s from?? Is it outfitter?? (usually don’t shop there, I go GAP and AE)

    The cardigan is from Abercrombie and Fitch, Vanessa’s in Camel and Ashley’s in Grey.

  93. 93
    rincez26 Says:

    Zanessa aren’t seen together because Zac’s busy filming his new movie, “Seventeen”. You’ll see them together again soon. It hasn’t been that long… BTW, Vanessa’s hair is a mess… She looks like she just woke up… Ash looks cool, except for the new nose though…

  94. 94
    eSTHER Says:

    I htink both girls look gorgeous and I see nothing wrong with Ashley’s nose. Well Merry Christmas everyone

  95. 95
    aiko_ai Says:

    thanks zanessa110 and sara. ^^

  96. 96
    Yvie Says:

    Awwww, BFFs! Vanessa and Ashley both look absolutely fabulous! It’s wonderful to see them hanging out together and doing normal stuff. It’s an excellent reminder to all of us that they are indeed regular people who just happen to work in the entertainment industry.

    Hello ZAs! I know I haven’t been around much, but life has been busy for me and just not in the mood to deal with negativity this time of year. Anyway, I knew I had to stop by and send out my best wishes to you all for a very Merry Christmas. I hope all the ZAs get everything they wanted on their wish list.

  97. 97
    go sox Says:

    Merry Christmas, everyone!! It’s so nice to see Ashley and Vanessa out shopping too at the last minute like me!! They look so cute, but they don’t seem too happy about being followed! My wishes for them for next year are for more privacy and less hate from the nasties!!

    Happy Holidays to Ashley and Vanessa- peace and love from all us fans!!!

  98. 98
    Antonia Says:

    The both look gorgeous!
    i love ashleys dress and jacket :P
    and i love both their bags.

    Merry christmas everyone!
    thanks jj for the pics x]
    have a great holiday everyone

  99. 99
    nn Says:

    aww ashley and vanessa are so cute! i love ashley leggings! their so cute!

  100. 100
    katie Says:

    love them

  101. 101
    CHYNNEE Says:



  102. 102
    bee Says:

    is westfield a really big mall in america. cuz to me, it looks like they knew the photographers were gona b there. they probably called them themselves! fame *******!

  103. 103
    bee Says:

    to everyone saying “wow, its so nice they have time to hang out together”… do you know what their life consists of!!? currently, neither are filming, so they shop, go gym and state into the mirror and tell themselves how pretty they are. they are, i’m not denying that, but im sick of seeing vanessa out to breakfast every morning. how about she does some good with her fame and free time.

  104. 104
    luvim Says:

    vanessa i love your natural beauty and nothing is fake. you are so beautiful and simple god bless you always

  105. 105
    Merelu Says:

    both looks cute

    ily bbv

  106. 106
    chey loves zanessa Says:

    they are both cute here.. but i miss zanessa moments together.. hope their relationship is fine.. and still strong.. eeek.. really miss them..

  107. 107
    sweetpea Says:

    damn i was tehre, and i didnt see them
    this sucks.

  108. 108
    aiko_ai Says:

    bee @ 12/25/2007 at 3:02 am
    yeah, because these photographs CLEARLY shows Vanessa and Ashley’s 24/7 life. Yup. And that’s why JUSTJARED post up pictures of them EVERYDAY, EVERY MINUTE, EVERY HOUR, AND EVERY SECOND. Yup Yup. and if you look at the 25 newest post of JUSTJARED, all you see is VANESSA, ASHLEY, VANESSA, ASHLEY, AND ASHNESSA and NEVER anything else.

    so…did I miss anything else?

  109. 109
    aiko_ai Says:

    :b: test:/b:

  110. 110
    Stephiemadden Says:




  111. 111
    janee Says:

    it nice 2 see two buddies hanging out! v look gorgeous as usuall~~~~~~~

  112. 112
    Mandy Says:

    Awwhh, I’m so happy for both of them. They look so happy and cute hang out together again after Ashley got her nose job done ! I hope she’s feeling better and is readyy for Christmas !

    ****o***♥**o***o***♥ *

    Merry Christmas to all of you anyway !
    Have a safe and fun holiday

  113. 113
    Mod Says:


  114. 114
    aiko_ai Says:

    Mod @ 12/25/2007 at 4:17 am

    oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  115. 115
    aiko_ai Says: that I’ve let that out. I’ll see you guys later while I go to church and pray for all you hater’s soul, so that you may all learn compassion, love, and positivity in your life. goodnight and merry christmas.

  116. 116
    erica Says:

    #103 – bee – you try to do something good on an empty stomach and you tell me how easy it is…(yes, I know what you mean but I don’t agree with you) I mean, what did you do when you were their age? Well, if you’ve been their age yet maybe I should say, and then you tell me what’s wrong with enjoying being young and free and enjoy your time with your friends. Besides, Vanessa is working hard on her new album.

    It’s always great to see them together, they look great and I hope that both of them have a wonderful and calm Christmas with their loved once.

    Happy Holidays everyone.

  117. 117
    Andy Says:

    They are soooo hot!
    They almost have same clothes.

    Merry Christmas

  118. 118
    may Says:

    I feel some sense of comfort in seeing these 2 friends together.
    I think they had a sleepover. I wonder who drove?

  119. 119
    Adam Says:

    Finally they are out and about again! ashley ur beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. 120
    V-LOYALIST Says:


    Most probably we know and this is one example. So what’s wrong with hanging out w/ friends? Aren’t they entitled to have some free time? They are still human and still young and need to do normal things like what other teenagers are doing, and if you are tired of seeing Vanessa going out for breakfast or whatever she might be going, go tell it to those stupid photogs to stop following her or maybe tell Jared to stop posting it.

    Oh btw, she does some good and you can check it out on her previous thread.

    Happy Holidays to u!

  121. 121
    deanna Says:

    they both look gorgeous!!
    moree zanesssssssaaaaa!!!!!

  122. 122
    chow Says:

    Omg vanessa looks so hot in the pictures !!! i love her hair ( now it’s long again)
    ashley’s pretty too but i dont like her new nose and her hair color!

  123. 123
    MIZZ TEEQ = Rudy Says:

    merry christmas people! luv u Vanessa!

  124. 124
    kathastic Says:

    thats one of my fav bags that vanessa uses!

    her hair looks cool as well

    hope their xmas shopping went well

  125. 125
    sammantha Says:

    Awwww they both look so cute….they’re always co-ordinated!!!!
    They both look gorgeous!!! Love Vanessa’s hair and ashley’s dress!!!

  126. 126
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    Tsk.. Tsk.. tsk.. Don’t you see that Vanessa is part of Jared Top popular searches and Ashley has her huge following too? So the reason why JJ post so much about them and will sure gets some
    huge hits from their fans and non fans like you who drops by here.
    And if you think they are not in your so called list then there are more celebs that jared posted here, and in case you might be lucky u might find your preferred one.

    Happy X’mas!

  127. 127
    marica Says:


  128. 128
    grgo Says:

    #126 “Don’t you see that Vanessa is part of Jared Top popular searches”

    All because of you, dear V-Loyalist.
    (Wait: is that “v” for virginity? – Cool!)

  129. 129
    V-LOYALIST Says:


    and im proud of that! thank u!
    and my v stands for, sorry you dont need to know.

    Happy x’mas!

  130. 130
    boo Says:

    V looks amazing
    Vanessa ROCKS
    i love you V *_____*

    Ashley cute.

  131. 131
    eve Says:

    Vanessa is so pretty !!! ashley too :)
    I love vanessa’s bag and hair in the pictures

  132. 132
    Zanessaisluv Says:

    Aww.. They look so cute.. I love it when they hang out together.

  133. 133
    Vanessahundgens90 Says:

    New new video for vanessa hudgens click here:

  134. 134
    bryan Says:

    Vanessa is sooooo BEAUTIFUL !

    Vanessa ROCKS :D

    sorry i hate Ashley Tisdale.

    merry christmas !!!

  135. 135
    bbvfan ;] Says:

    Love when they go 2gether somewhere ;] They both look awesome! :) I love their style and stuff… xD OH and I see they have a lot of fun going away from paparazzis… Although I know that it’s tiring of having people walking after U they don’t seem tired! ;P

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    VAnessa needs U!

    There�s a contest on Popstar, about the biggest and most popular celebrity THIS YEAR!!

    Your job is to Write why U admire her and why do U think she�s so worth 2 look up 2!!

    Also when VAnessa wins she will read Ur comments and see what U think of her!! So go, and write one comment 4 her….
    OH and don’t write two words just free yourself and write really what U think…

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    OK, BB V is on #3, and we need like 200 comments to win!! So guys go and vote on:

  136. 136
    Merle.V Says:

    Bffs. cute!

    Lovee them!

    Zanessa* live in love!

    Happy holidays everyone!

    with love.x

  137. 137
    Merle.V Says:

    V looks gorgeous!


  138. 138
    poline Says:

    I love vanessa’s cardigan and bag !
    Love her hair too! she’s so pretty :D
    I like ashley too , she’s cute !

  139. 139
    yets Says:

    I Love Vanessa!!!!
    Merry Chritmas to all supporters!
    Gob bless us all

  140. 140
    Helena Says:

    Media whóres patrol.

  141. 141
    xxxx Says:

    now that ashley has properly recovered i think she looks so much better than before. i’m not a big supporter of plastic surgery but i think this new nose really does suit her better.
    i love how these two haven’t let fame get in the way of their friendship. still, i can’t help but add, ashley just looks so much better. though i do like vanessa as well.

  142. 142
    Regina Says:

    Could their ‘friendship’ seem more forced? I suppose the producers told them to look like they get on, as well telling Zac and Vanessa to date each other. They’re all terrible publicity hungry idiots. Wouldn’t surprise me Vanessa posted those coochie pics myself.

    Oh and Manley Tismale still looks like she’s had awful plastic surgery, so don’t try to cover it up for her, poor Manley Tismale fans. She súcks and she gave in to have surgery, move on. She’s another Jennifer Grey and Asslee Simpson, nothing more. Except that Manley is more false (well so is Asslee).

  143. 143
    erghh Says:

    ———————-> In this picture , ashley’s face looks..weird , i don’t like her face when she smile..

  144. 144
    aiko_ai Says:

    Regina @ 12/25/2007 at 7:01 am
    Helena @ 12/25/2007 at 6:58 am

    yes yes yes…you both have repeated this over and over again.

    anyways…have fun in christmas, and enjoy it. may you both be filled w/ joy and happiness. goodluck to you both.

  145. 145
    Hatred Says:

    they both have an iPhone??

    Vanessa is waaayyyy BEAUTIFUl tha ashley but ashley is still pretty!

    and i guess,now,ashley looks older coz of that nose surgery thingy!


  146. 146
    Jessica Says:

    Ashley looks Amazing,
    I love her style!!

    I Hate Vanessa, I Used to like and when the nudephoto came out, I supported her, but it seems likes she really likes all the attention, so i don’t like her anymore..

    But Ashley is my Favorite Celeb…
    She is a Amazing singer, i mean come on, she got a role in the musical ”Les Miserables” when she was 7, and she only had 1 singing lesson…
    Ashley got a Contract at Warner Bros. Records and Vanessa at Hollywood Records, So Vanessa stays at Disney until she stops Singing…

  147. 147
    V-fan Says:

    Merry Christmas to all .
    hope that zanessa spend Christmas together.
    to all haters i respect you with your opinion pls recpect us also ok.
    Live in love!!!

  148. 148
    sam Says:

    Those two are so adorable together!

  149. 149
    Nicola Says:

    They both look great
    Love ya Vanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. 150
    ilovevanessa Says:

    Vanessa I love you !!!
    I love her hair and her bag !!!
    can’t wait for her new album :-D ——>

    -1. The song “I Will” is a ballad co-wote by Hilary Duff that was given to V for her new album and Vanessa loves it and hopes it will make the cut for the album

    -2. As of December 21st Vanessa has recorded 14 tracks.

    -3. Vanessa plans to record until the end of february.

    -4, One of the new tracks she recorded is called “Whisper”

    -5. The girl that wrote and produced “Trash Me” had a meeting with Hollywood Records V’s label to see if V will record her song.

    -6. Some producers for the album include Sean Garrett whos worked with Chris Brown, Usher, & Destiny Child and JR Rotem whos worked with Rihanna and the west cost rapper The Game

    -7. Blender magazine featured Vanessa’s new album as an album to look out for in 2008

    -8. And some of the songs will focus on the dark side of Hollywood.

    GO baby v :D

  151. 151
    babyG Says:

    whoah! a real BFF. same outfit huh?! that’s so cute!!!

    anyway…merry christmas to all!!! Zanessa fans…

  152. 152
    nikka Says:

    pretty ashley

  153. 153
    chacy Says:

    #149 –> -1. The song “I Will” is a ballad co-wote by Hilary Duff that was given to V for her new album and Vanessa loves it and hopes it will make the cut for the album

    -2. As of December 21st Vanessa has recorded 14 tracks.

    -3. Vanessa plans to record until the end of february.

    -4, One of the new tracks she recorded is called “Whisper”

    -5. The girl that wrote and produced “Trash Me” had a meeting with Hollywood Records V’s label to see if V will record her song.

    -6. Some producers for the album include Sean Garrett whos worked with Chris Brown, Usher, & Destiny Child and JR Rotem whos worked with Rihanna and the west cost rapper The Game

    -7. Blender magazine featured Vanessa’s new album as an album to look out for in 2008

    -8. And some of the songs will focus on the dark side of Hollywood.

    Thanks for the news about vanessa !
    can’t wait for her new album
    she’s very beautiful in the pictures , i love her hair and her bag !

  154. 154
    jayanah Says:

    hahaha look at nessa’s fingers in her picture when she laughs !!!hahaha
    very funny !!

    love :
    atheer morad

  155. 155
    pinky Says:

    omg did ashley have a nose job and does she have her eyes done too ???
    because they look so big and her face looks very different than before ————>

    (sorry for my english)

  156. 156
    V-LOYALIST Says:


    I have no idea where you get the info but nonetheless its quite interesting and im so ecstatic on her sophomore album as well.

  157. 157
    Vashley-lashley fan Says:

    Omggg i soo love them!!!!!!
    I think they are soo gorgeous… and i think V in’t crying if not laughing because Ash is laguhing!!!
    But oi loveee themmm!!
    Vashley bff 4 everrrrr!!!!
    They are the best!!!

    And Merry Christmas!!

  158. 158
    genevieve Says:

    joy to the world and merry christmas everyone! enjoy your day! i love these pictures, im glad to see theyre laughing and having fun in a few of em. they both look absoultley gorgeous, and look no makeup! awww gotta love em! hope zac is having a good time with his family!

  159. 159
    iellidy Says:

    * A todos um feliz natal
    * Que o papai do céu derrame sobre todos uma chuva de benção
    * Que em cada coração seja uma enchorra de amor,paz e muita alegria neste dia.

    feliz natal,Vanessa ,Zac ,Ashley ,cobin,Monique,lucas e toda a familia

  160. 160
    poppy Says:

    I love vanessa’s hair , she look very beautiful in the pictures AND without make-up (or maybe light make-up but she’s still very hot ^^)
    I love her bag and her nails are stylish lol

  161. 161
    Gi Kodály Says:

    To all the people talking about Zanessa:
    V said on the latest US Weekly that she and Zac are “busy but good”. So, no, they haven’t broken up.
    I don’t really like V’s hair but she still looks good!

  162. 162

    They’re both so cute. Couple of friends out and about having a great time. That’s the way it should be minus the drama and speculation; it’s just pure friendship and happiness between them.

  163. 163
    Merry Christmas! Says:

    Ashely looks great Vanessa is plain and boring with that same boring hair

  164. 164
    Nikki Says:

    #’s 159 160:

    First of all there is NO ZASHLEY.
    Second of all they are both beautiful.
    Third id rather do my hair simple then wild.
    Fourth Zanessa didnt break up
    Fifth if your a Zac fan you would support Vanessa too.
    (not saying you have to like her, but saying ZASHLEY ZASHLEY ZASHLEY, Thats not right.)

  165. 165
    yesssss Says:

    it looks like Vanessa is trying to be italian or something, with that purse and hair but she clearly can’t put her shiz together .she needs to bite off someone else style. sorry she reminds me of Jessica Alba pretending she hates attention but everyone knows she loves it. As for Ashely at least she can act i love her on the Suite Life im not fan of HSM but Sharpay is the best one out of the whole cast.

  166. 166
    haha Says:

    ZASHLEY ^^ haha stupid kids , ^^ there is no zashley guys ,..

    and i don’t like bashing on people but im sorry ashley is NOT PRETTY!

    serously ?? look at her face ,she has big eyes , her hair looks dirty and we can see her real brown hair , i dont like to compare them but vanessa look soooooo much better , she’s a HOT GIRL!! , she has a beautiful smile , her hair looks so beautiful and she has a great body , ashley’s body looks like a little girl haha… she need to grown up she’s 22 now , she need to stop acting like a little girl and she need to be an adult.

  167. 167
    Mikaela Says:

    merry xmas zanessa and jashley!! and happy new year (unless ur jewish and or chinese) ((lol))

  168. 168
    play Says:


    I love vanessa’s bag and i like her hair like that !

  169. 169
    wah wahhhhhhhhhht Says:

    wow haha
    little girls body and you call Vanessa’s a good body? they both have the same body except Ashely is skinnier they both have no chest and no buts Vanessa also dyes her hair brown she was born with black hair and you can clearly tell when her black hair starts growing again just look at her scalp baby hair growing on the side sad how she constantly dyes it black hair would suit her better anyways since that is the natural colour of her eyebrows and eyelashes

  170. 170
    K9KFromTheBlock2 Says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love seeing them together, they’re are like magnets that always look good together. God Bless them and you all :-)

  171. 171
    elise Says:

    Beautiful Girls :D ^^

  172. 172
    little-sweet-baby Says:

    vanessa is pretty ! i like her bag and her legging .. :-D

  173. 173
    christina Says:

    they look awsome. love them!!!!

  174. 174
    MARTINA Says:

    Both look so nic ena d beautiful!

  175. 175
    narf Says:

    Wow, what a double standard some negative people have.

    If Vanessa goes to a charity event, the say she doesn’t belong there and she is just doing it for publicity.

    If she goes out and does ordinary everyday stuff like a normal person, they say she should be using her fame for good.

    You know you don’t have to be famous to do good, so why don’t you use your spare energy on something creative and maybe your negative vibes will turn into positive ones.

    AS for those who feel Zac, ashley, and Vanessa all fake their relationships, I am a little confused. First you say they have no talent and can’t act, now you say their relationships are all an act. Well, if you thibk they can’t act, then how is this an act? *shakes head*

    I hope this need to believe they are being paid to be friends doesn’t stem from the fact that all of your relationships are fake.

  176. 176
    narf Says:

    Merry Christmas to all my Angels and Z and V supporters.

  177. 177
    Becky-BRAZIL Says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeee V is my christmas gift S2

    muuuch luv

    I luv her ‘n Brazil too

    Gosh bless mia principessa =]

  178. 178
    SadieLady Says:

    and vanessa is gorgeous.
    but dont get me wrong i still love ashley

  179. 179
    genevieve Says:

    Gi Kodály, thank you. see even when theyre filming movies or making new music, theyre still as strong as anything. plus im positive that even though theyre busy, they see eachother a few times a week. its good they dont see eachother all the time.

    and narf, well said about fake zac, vanessa, and ashley relationships.

  180. 180
    Becky-BRAZIL Says:

    hello NARF! how’s u’re day? ^^

  181. 181
    narf Says:

    Thanks genevieve, have a wonderful christmas.

    I am doing great today Becky, how are you?

  182. 182
    KristinLb2 Says:

    I love Ashley!

  183. 183
    Becky-BRAZIL Says:

    *NARF* hum the truth..I’m a lil unwell

    christmas make me sad =/

    cuz the party was in my grandma’s home ‘n the all happiness ‘n it’s over, she’s dead..’n blablabla

    sorry 4 my english..I still learning yet ^^

  184. 184
    amy Says:

    V doesn’t look to happy… Ash looks way better with makeup…

  185. 185
    frankie Says:

    i love her style in the pictures , she’s so stylish and S0 Pretty :–)

  186. 186
    narf Says:

    Aweee, sorry to hear that Becky, just remember the good times. Feel better.

    And no need to apologize for your english, I think it’s great you want to learn.

  187. 187
    zane Says:

    bff Ashley and Vanessa christmas time together. that’s great!!

  188. 188
    liz Says:

    ashley looks beautiful.she hasnt changed a bit.shes the same pretty girl.she rocks.v looks nice 2.

  189. 189
    c:P Says:

    # 60 ***** @ 12/25/2007 at 12:21 am


    completly agree!!

    ashley suckss!

    v so gorgeouss as always!!

  190. 190
    souky Says:

    I looooooooooovee you Baby V
    this girl is so Hot !!! and without make-up :)) i love her hair and her bag soo much !!!!!

  191. 191
    bekkah Says:

    I just love what vanessa and ashley is wearing!!! I also love vanessa’s hair!! they don’t look so happy with the pap’s following them but who would be if u were being stocked LOL anyway merry christmas everybody!!!!

  192. 192
    me Says:

    why is v only wearing nail polish on 3 nails???

  193. 193
    zanessa forever Says:

    so cute!


    thanks jared!
    Merry Xmas!

  194. 194
    dcstarinthemaking Says:

    awww i love seeing them together. vanessa looks pretty, and ash is always flawless but omg idk y but i cant stop looking at her nose

  195. 195
    Suélen Says:

    que fotos liindas!
    vou correr pro photoshop, ir ediitar xP

  196. 196
    bekkah Says:

    why would ashley be jealous? and why does it matter there both beautiful and they are best friends….are u really that stupid

  197. 197
    Steph Says:

    These girls look great :) It’s good to see them do normal young adults do… hang out w/good friends and go shopping :)

    Hey Narf and the ZA’s, Charlie and all Z and V supporters, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!

    Becky, hope things look better for you in the New Year, filled with love. Bereavement is hard I know.. So I offer my condolences. :)

  198. 198
    whathappen?? Says:

    I don’t think ashley looks good in the pictures… maybe it’s me but i dont like her hair because we see her real dark brown hair too much and i dont like her extensions .. they look too fake , vanessa’s extensions looks very natural and real
    and does ashley did somethin’ to her face ?? i now a nose job but her eyes look different ,her face too , i like her better before because i don’t even recognize her now —>

    Love You BBV :D

  199. 199
    Becky-BRAZIL Says:

    tks 4 u’re words *Narf*

    ‘n support too ^^

    do u have msn?! if u want pass 2 me, ok?!

  200. 200
    bbv Says:

    VaNesSa Is ReaLLy BeauTiFul !!
    We LoVe Ya BabY v —————————–> ;)

  201. 201
    ellie Says:

    Hi Everyone! It’s 2:30am over here and I’m about to crash after having a wonderful Christmas but I just had to come on here to wish everyone who’s currently celebrating it a very Merry Christmas. (Besides, I’ve missed being on JJ the past couple of days :) )

    On the actual thread topic, it’s nice to see these two out together, shopping like normal friends. To my eyes they both look gorgeous and I can’t understand the people who insist on either pitting the two against each other or insist that they are faking a friendship. What a cynical place the world has become if people can actually think this way. Oh well, at least I know there are many positive supporters here to show the other side of the coin, especially all the ZA’s. Nub you all!

  202. 202
    cindy Says:

    Merry Christmas to all. Both of these girls look great. So glad they are able to spend time together. Hopefully Zac had time off to go and see his family. I’m sure he needs a break for a few days from filming.

  203. 203
    janice Says:

    I love ashley!!she’s gorgeous

  204. 204
    narf Says:

    Hey Ellie, merry christmas!

  205. 205
    ujala Says:

    omgosh they look soo kwl
    i love vanessa style n ashley looks good

  206. 206
    liz Says:

    vanessa and ashley both look gorgeous!!!
    love their purses too!!

  207. 207
    melly Says:

    i have to say, the swelling on Ashley’s nose has gone down a bit…

    which is good, maybe her face will be back to normal? Nah, still it looks better than before.

    Ok, # 164 that not right to sayif you support Zac you should support Vanessa too.

    Everyone is entitle to liking/disliking a certain person. I certainly do not agree with that state of thinking.

    Well, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays as well.

  208. 208
    ellie Says:

    Hi sis, Merry Christmas to you too! I hope you’re enjoying it so far. I wish I could rewind the clock so it’s still Christmas over here, but oh well :)

  209. 209
    zanessa110 Says:

    theyre about to come out in the parade. channel 7.

  210. 210
    laura Says:

    oh yeah, so pretty nessa and ash, thanks for the news justjaredª

  211. 211
    ♥Zanessa4life♥ Says:

    Ashley and Vanessa look both great!!!!

    Stop saying that Ashley is ugly!

  212. 212
    jamie Says:

    Can’t wait for vanessa’s new album !
    i love her balenciaga bag and her hair , she’s sooo pretty !!!!

  213. 213
    ashleytisdale4ever Says:

    Ashley Tisdale you are the best!!!
    eleanor alias ashleytisdale4ever

  214. 214
    ashleytisdale4ever Says:

    i love ashley and i hate vanessa
    i’m sorry but is the true
    eleanor ashleytisdaleforeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  215. 215
    talia Says:

    v looks great! i love her hair, her outfit, everything! she’s always so pretty! it’s unfair! if id dnt like her so much id be jealous! i hate ashley’s tho, she’s ugly. her hair is badly colored and her face looks all weird n’ disfigured. poor girl. shell nvr b as pretty as v is. merry christmas vanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. 216
    plok Says:

    agree with talia , ashley IS NOT PRETTY !!!

    And agree too about ashley hair , her hair is badly colored because we can see her real hair color , it’s like dark brown then blond , i don’t like her extensions too ! she need to be more natural , she has her hair colored in blond , she ahs a nose job , she change somethin’ at her eyes too and she dresses like a little girl !
    (sorry for my english and sorry for her fans but she’s not pretty)

  217. 217
    Steph Says:

    Wow, so much competition it’s hard to feel christmasy around here.

    Seriously, there’s no competition amongst friends. You guys are just creating it on your own. You don’t need to throw out the Hate when it comes to writing who you like. Just say Ash looks great or Vanessa looks beautiful. You don’t have to include the other. If you feel the need to compete, go join a softball league or other. LOL I feel like this thread is such a cat fight… rhaaarrr, LOL

    Hey, don’t get offended, just trying to keep up the christmas spirit. Merry Christmas everyone!!

  218. 218
    narf Says:

    I like both Vanessa and Ashley, but that does not mean everyone has to as well.

    But, if you love Vanessa there is no need to add that you hate Ashley. And if you love Ashley, there is no need to add that you hate Vanessa.

    There are going to be plenty of times that JJ will show the two of them together and in the spirit of promoting peace the whole year through, I hope that fans from both camps can learn to respect each other.

    After all, Vanessa and Ashley are friends, there is no need for their fans to be enemies.

  219. 219
    lOL Says:

    ———> i don’t like when ashley smiles because it looks like she’s drunk ^^

  220. 220
    narf Says:

    Hey steph, great minds think alike.

  221. 221
    Steph Says:

    hey narf, that’s so funny you wrote almost the same thing I did!! LOL Great minds think alike :P

  222. 222
    Zanessa Forever!!!! Says:

    ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  223. 223
    zanessa110 Says:

    they BOTH look pretty. but i really like vanessa’s outfit. she really pulls it off. ashleys outfit is cute too, though. no need to offend anyone, just my opinion, but vanessa has better legs than ashley right? but dont get me wrong ashley is very pretty, and so is vanessa. theyre both great and beautiful,and taleted, especially vanessa. sorry, just had to include that last part.

  224. 224
    narf Says:

    I would also like to take this moment to wish the men and women overseas defending our country a Very Merry Christmas, and thank them for all that they do.

    May God watch over them and their families.

  225. 225
    Plee Says:

    Ashley Merry christmas !!
    I luv you !

  226. 226
    genevieve Says:

    wow why so much hate around here? even on christmas! im surprised. guys if you dont like vanessa or ashley dont say you hate them or call them ugly. im not a huge fan of ashley but i still say nice things about her, and when i dont think she looks great or whatever i dont say i hate her, or shes ugly. i just dont say anything. i like her because i like whoever is sweet and friends with vanessa or zac. ashley is just that. so please, have some christmas spirit, and leave the poor girl alone! anyways, who cares about her nose? a nose is a nose, and she looks fine

  227. 227
    StellOu Says:

    Vanessa I loOOOOOOOOooooooove you !!!!!

  228. 228
    genevieve Says:

    i love how theyre like playing around, its cute. theyre both like laughing their heads off in a few pictures. glad to see em happy

  229. 229
    BVV Fan ;] Says:

    Vote 4 Vanessa right HERE!!!

    Remember to sign up and log in before U leave a comment!!!!

    It’s a pritty big contest so please let bbV win!!! :) If she will she will read UR comments!!

    Probably U’ve seen my comment about this before-or-not-either way do it 4 Vanesa Hudgens!!

  230. 230
    zanessa110 Says:

    i just saw ashley getting punked, it was funny

  231. 231
    troy Says:

    #103 Might I suggest you look at the following threads here “Vanessa Hudgens Bowling for Best Buddies”, “Vanessa Hudgens @ Variety Power of Youth,” and “Vanessa Hudgens at Ocean Drive” where you see her doing something good with her fame. It’s so easy to miss when you you don’t bother to look.

    You know I find it really sad that the bashers CAN”T give it a rest for just one day. Just one. It’s depressing which is the last thing anyone should want to be today. I’m wasting my “breath”I know but I just had to get off my chest.

    Vanessa and Ashley look great and as always its nice them spend time together. Especially since they were friends BEFORE “High School Musical.” Aw, forget it.

    Merry Christmas.

  232. 232
    narf Says:

    Awwwwe, you’re not wasting your breath Troy swwetheart, someone is bound to listen.

    And Merry Christmas my love,*big hug and kiss* I hope you have a great day.

  233. 233
    go sox Says:

    Hello, and Merry Christmas, Angels!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day with their families and friends- that’s the best part about the holiday!

    talia and plok, you are showing your young age and immaturity with the things you say. When you are older and are a little wiser, you will realize that you need to dress and do your hair the way YOU want. Growing up makes you realize you have to please yourself, and not care so much about what other people think. If Ashley likes her hair that way, then GREAT!! Girls get tired of their hair the same way, so what’s wrong with a new look?? I think it’s pretty on her! And guess what? She doesn’t care what you or I think. You both sound like very critical, mean girls, who like to bully to make yourselves seem better. Get over yourselves, and grow up.

  234. 234
    LARA Says:

    I love Ashley Tisdale sooo much and I think her new nose is very beatiful like her old nose !!! Ashley is so cute and beatiful ! All things on Ashley is wonderful … Ashley you are the hottest girl of the world ! and Vanessa , she is beatiful too , but Ashley is more beatiful.
    The two girls are best friends , that’s nice !

  235. 235
    narf Says:

    Merry Christmas go sox. I am biding my time till everyone gets here to open presents. Did you guys open your’s yet? If so, I hope you like everything you got.

  236. 236
    troy Says:

    #232 Merry Christmas Narf sweetie, *big kiss*.

    Sorry if my intial post was a bit of a downer. It’s just exasperating that to come here on the one day of the year that’s meant to be all about peace on earth and good will to men. And see the same ridiculous competion between Vanessa and Ashley’s fanbases, bile and unfair statements that we see in every thread about them.

    Granted there hasn’t been a LOT of it in this thread, but there shouldn’t be ANY today. And that goes for every celebrity post on this site not just Vanessa and Ashley.

    I hope you’re having a great day too.

  237. 237
    rasta Says:

    I love you V :D
    she’s very beautiful in the pictures , i love her hair like that , i loooooove her bag and her cardigan too!!!
    she’s so talented and zanessa is so cute but they need privacy..the paparazzi need to stop following them.

    (sorry fr my english)

    cute zanessa moment at 00:28

  238. 238
    zanessa110 Says:

    narf, i got a credit card, and an iphone. i was so happy, i was screaaming all over the place, but i also got clothes and mney and stuff. im so happy.

  239. 239
    zanessa110 Says:

    rasta, thatss so cute.

  240. 240
    narf Says:

    So far so good, hun.

    And no worries, your previous comment was just a testament to how it is. I agree today is a day for positive vibes only.

    Keep smiling that handsome smile, *big kiss* and don’t let them ruin this beautiful day for you.

  241. 241
    go sox Says:

    Sorry for the drive-by post! Hi, narf , steph, and troy!! I thought the HSM crew looked great this morning at the Disney parade! It looked like a tough number to do live, but they pulled it off!! Vanessa did look amazing in that emerald green dress!

    Anyway, I gotta get back to slaving in the kitchen! I’ll be back when I need a break! Love yas!

  242. 242
    narf Says:

    That’s nice zanessa110, I hope you plan to use that Credit card responsibly.

  243. 243
    zanessa110 Says:

    did you guys see tthe parade. vanessa looked awaesome and everyone was like screaming and stuff when she started singing. i love her. wonder what zac got her, imagine he proposed to her, aww. i wuld be so happy.

  244. 244
    zanessa110 Says:

    narf, yep. im only gonna use it for emergencies.

  245. 245
    narf Says:

    Smart tihnking zanessa110.

  246. 246
    sad Says:

    the disney parade ??
    oh i live in france and it sucks hereee :(
    i love vanessa and im so sad because she never will be come here in France !!!

  247. 247
    dia Says:

    Did Vanessa and Ashley spend Christmas in New York? I am not from the states thus I do not know what parade you are talking about. I hope that someone recorded it and would be kind enough to post it on youtube.

  248. 248
    cant say Says:

    she looks pregant, vanessa! i hope she is, but shes really busy so i hope in a about 1 year or so.

  249. 249
    pfff Says:

    pregant ?? oh no it start again !! why ?? because she has a little tummy?? i don’t see it in the pictures.

    vanessa is not pregnant , she’s not fat and not skinny or anorexic , she’s thin but she has curves , she’s perfect !! :)


  250. 250
    lola Says:

    go Vanessa ! ! ♥

  251. 251
    mili Says:

    love them! Gorgeous as usual
    happy christmas.

  252. 252
    daze Says:

    hello to all hows everyones holiday

  253. 253
    vanessa Says:

    vanessa is a bester!
    i love her.
    and ash :D

  254. 254
    plasticgirl Says:

    Vanesssaa We Love you here in Paris !!!!!!!

  255. 255
    menna Says:

    vanessa really likes that Balenciaga bag…

  256. 256
    Robin Says:

    Ashley used to be preety now she looks like Micheal Jackson with her new nose. I still like tho but i think she looks weird. Vanessa is and will always be gorgeous.

  257. 257
    Libia Says:

    Beautiful Girls!

  258. 258
    genevieve Says:

    vanessa has a perfect body. she has curves which is nice, because now lots of girls in hollywood are scary skinny. i think shes comfortable in her own skin, which is what i love about her. hi daze, mine is great. how about you? what did you get?

  259. 259
    waouwx Says:

    Yes i thin V has a great body , she’s thin with curves and her face is sooooo pretty , she’s talented , beautiful and her boyfriend is the hottie zac efron ^^

    I love Her!!!! :D

  260. 260
    daze Says:

    its ok i hope vanessa and zac had a wonderful christmas i hope they got what they wanted

  261. 261
    genevieve Says:

    yea me too. im sure theyre doing well though. theyre both with their families. vanessa looked like she was having fun yesterday. and usually when zac comes back from his parents house hes in good spirits so im sure theyre fine.

  262. 262
    lORI Says:


  263. 263
    gift Says:


  264. 264
    Talia Says:

    Is it true that Ashley’s pregnant and the father is Zac?

  265. 265
    perezzzzzzaaaaaa Says:

    No Talia , that’s not true !

  266. 266
    audrey Says:

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays all! I LOVE these pictures. Ashley looks like she is healing well. It’s so nice seeing her big smile again! She understandably looked slightly uncomfortable in some of her pictures post-surgery.

    I hope you all are enjoying the time with your families! Did anyone get some good things for Christmas?? I got an iTouch (!) and cried when I opened a Marc Jacobs purse from my dad :)

    Unfortunately I missed the Disney parade HSM performance, but the idea of “Christmas time” in place of “Summertime” is cute and I’m sure everyone did a great job!

  267. 267
    audrey Says:

    *waves and hugs to ellie, KellyT, zvkg (or are you going as aiko_kai now??), V-Loyalist, and Steph* Chat with you guys later!

  268. 268
    princess Says:

    ashley is wonderful i love ashley shes rocks

  269. 269
    princess Says:

    ashley is beautiful.i love ashley.

  270. 270
    anazanessafan Says:

    i think that vanessa look cutee:) but a little amy winehouse with that hairdo jaja but whatever she looks good;) i hope she is still with zac or i’ll be really saaad:(.. btw i think that ashley is jealous of zanessa and vanessa attention:S

  271. 271
    Hey Says:

    I looooove the balenciaga bag and i like vanessa’s hair ç
    she’s very pretty and talented !
    Merry Christmas V !

  272. 272
    aiko_ai Says:

    hehehe…you guys are a little fast today.

    anyways….happy holiday. did everyone open up all their presents already???

  273. 273
    zanessa 4 eva!! Says:

    aww luv nessa n ash!
    hope vanessa n zac spent xmas 2geva!

  274. 274
    zanessa110 Says:

    new pics of vanessa on celebrity gossip. let me get the link.

  275. 275
    layla Says:

    V looks Gorgeous.
    Love her
    Ashley looks kinda =/ weird

  276. 276
    Merelu Says:


  277. 277
    zanessa110 Says:

    are these the boots that vanessa has on celebrity gossip?

  278. 278
    troy Says:

    #247 Vanessa and Ashley didn’t spend Christmas in New York , the parade everybody is talking about is the Christmas Day Parade at Disneyland in California. The performance was taped about six weeks ago.

  279. 279
    newyorker Says:

    Merry Christmas Everyone! It is so nice to see these girls out and about enjoying themselves ( and laughing) despite the annoying paparazzi. I love both hairstyles and clothes. They always give me new fashion inspirations.

  280. 280
    tony the tiger Says:

    just when I thought that VaneXXXa could not get any uglier she proves me wrong yet again with these horrendous pictures….she is uglier than any of the cleaning ladies that clean my building…and so matronly.

    God only knows what she had to do to get where she is today but I can imagine…certainly doesn’t involve talent.

    and asslee tisdale is looking more like michael jackson every day

  281. 281
    tony the tiger Says:


    in response to your question, zac gayfron has never touched a woman except to ask them to borrow their makeup. zac thinks women are just yuckee. except that he clearly wishes that he was one.

  282. 282
    christmasyay Says:

    hsm cast disney christmas parade !

  283. 283
    genevieve Says:

    christmas yay, thanks! i missed it on tv, everyone looked great!

  284. 284
    robbie Says:

    vanessa has this look on her face like; i can’t believe i am stuck shopping with this freak when i could be posing for nu
    8de photos for drake and getting my freak on

  285. 285
    levi Says:

    merry christmas! its snowing where i am, its the first white christmas i have ever seen!

  286. 286
    aiko_ai Says:

    awww…you’re soo lucky levi. ^^ I wish it snows in my place. bleh..

  287. 287
    aiko_ai Says:

    christmasyay @ 12/25/2007 at 4:41 pm

    hsm cast disney christmas parade !
    Thank you! They all look really really good. ^^

  288. 288
    cLara Says:

    hahahha, on the 5th photo, we can see that vanessa’s nails are not completely painted!

  289. 289
    ellie Says:

    Merry Christmas again everyone! *sigh* it’s now Boxing Day here, why can’t it still be Christmas? :)

    Aww hi Audrey *hugs back* Sounds like you got some good presents. I was really happy with what I got too, but I’ll tell you when you get back on here.

    Hi Levi! You got snow? That is so cool! It was a sunny and hot day for Christmas over here (when isn’t it?) but that meant we sit outside and soak ed up the sun, so no complaints. :)

    Hi Aiko, enjoying your Christmas so far?

  290. 290
    elisa Says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeahhh =D

    So cute Baby V So Cool
    I love Her Hair (L) So Stylish =)

  291. 291
    aiko_ai Says:

    cLara @ 12/25/2007 at 5:36 pm hahahha, on the 5th photo, we can see that vanessa’s nails are not completely painted!
    yeah. It seems like the two got a girls night out and painted each other’s nails.
    then again…Vanessa sometimes really doesn’t care what her nails is like. lol.

  292. 292
    tahh Says:

    VANESSA what **** is it? Just one hand with nail polish?

  293. 293
    aiko_ai Says:

    ellie @ 12/25/2007 at 5:36 pm
    It’s good. Did midnight mass, slept around 2:00am, woke up at 10:00 and I’m now surfing the net to greet friends and relatives online a merry x-mas. oh, and playing Dungeon Siege. lol…. This is what I love about computer. You can multi-task.

  294. 294
    ellie Says:

    aiko_ai @ 12/25/2007 at 5:44 pm
    Hee hee, yep multi-tasking is good. If I couldn’t do more than one thing on the computer at once, I’d be so lost! And being able to communicate with family and friends you can’t meet up with on holidays like Christmas is fantastic :)

  295. 295
    genevieve Says:

    i agree aiko_ai about the nails. haha maybe ash was like im gonna paint one hand or a few fingers, and you have to go out like that, i dare ya! idk i could just imagine that being the case. or like you said it could just be v being v =] she doesnt really care about her apperance and what nails or painted and what not, thats why i love her.

    oh and this is kind of random, but audrey i love your name! its so pretty, and its like audrey hepburn. idk if you heard of her, but she was a very classy beautiful lady who started starring in films in like the 50s. oh i adore her! shes wonderful. haha, but anyway, love your name

  296. 296
    Karen Says:


    Do you think your attempt to get attention could be anymore forced?

    Some of you bashers, if you really want to be taken seriously maybe it would be worthwhile for you to come up with some new comments than your usual 2 or 3. They are very predictable, they all end the same way, and our responses would be the same. You all are very boring with these same comments so to keep from being as boring as you all are, I think the ZA’s and supporters will or should just ignore you.

  297. 297
    aiko_ai Says:

    Karen @ 12/25/2007 at 5:58 pm
    lol. I’ve been pretty much ignoring them. waste of time if you ask me. and they say the same thing over and over and over and over again. And yet…they keep on coming back again and again and again. a vicious cycle of life.

    bleh..whatever. they help w/ Van’s fame anyway. so what the heck.

    gah, and it’s only the afternoons and my neighbors are already soooo noisy!

  298. 298
    missefron Says:


  299. 299
    zanessa110 Says:

    new pics of vanessa on x17.

  300. 300
    just the facts Says:

    Karen @ 12/25/2007 at 5:58 pm
    I couldn’t agree with you more. The same comments from the same individuals.
    I’ve always labelled them as suffering from attention seeking syndrome. By not feeding their lack of self esteem and immaturity, I’m hopeful they will take their tired old ramblings and rhetoric elsewhere.

  301. 301
    annaspain Says:

    i L- O -V-E vanessa!!!!!!she so,so beautiful and hot!!!gorgeous!!…ashley is…is…prety….but,vanessa is so,so more!!!.-…zanessa is the best!!i lovE!!!zac…..uffff….is so,so,so hottttt!!!!bye….from spain!!!!

  302. 302
    Karen Says:

    Hi aiko_ai! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day.

    Merry Christmas to all the ZA’s and supporters of Z, V, & Z&A. You all mean a lot to me. I am really under the weather today, horrible sore throat but was able to be with my family. It’s early but I am going to bed as I only had 3 hours of sleep yesterday. I was blessed to have my friends and family for another year and along the way this year I was able to meet some very amazing people who also have become very special friends. So, the sore throat is a minor irritation to all the gifts I’ve been given.

  303. 303
    genevieve Says:

    so the pics on x17 are from the day before christmas eve right? because they were posted yesterday and they said “last night v went late christmas shopping.” and then her and ash were out in the afternoon yesterday. haha, little slow on that. but she looked nice there too. i saw a purse in that brown bag thing…maybe a gift to ash, or some other gf? and then i saw the other bag had like a blue box in it or something…maybe a shoe box. just guessin idk

  304. 304
    Gi Kodály Says:

    Merry Christmas everybody!!
    I can’t believe that, such in a great day that is today, Tony the tiger is here to bash V ¬¬.
    aiko-ai, so you are zvkg? Cool!

  305. 305
    sunshine. Says:

    ohh.vanessa looks gorgeous.
    shes so photogentic.

  306. 306
    Zanessa lover Says:

    i support them……

  307. 307
    Kelly Says:

    vanessa looks cute but ash looks gorgeous love her!

  308. 308
    becky Says:

    wtf tony the tiger.
    u must be on drugs or something to think that vanessa is ugly.
    there is no way in hell that she is ugly.
    god it must suck to be you. u must live a horrible life to come on here and say such horrible things too ppl. i see you in like every thread. i dont think ive seen you say ONE nice thing about anyone.
    its just really really sad. wow.
    anywho..they both look gorgeous. i love their oufits.

  309. 309
    Lynn Says:

    Yay! Thank JJ you’ve brightened up my day. I’ve got flu and feeling crappy but this post makes me feel happy.

    Happy Holidays to all on JJ. Lose the hate, feel the peace.

  310. 310
    dan Says:

    they like, wear the same clothes…. :)

  311. 311
    genevieve Says:

    oh lol aiko_ai is zvkg? oh haha, i didnt know. hey there zvkg or aiko_ai =]

  312. 312
    wowza! Says:

    now, i can really tell a difference in ashley’s nose.
    is it just me or has she been wearing less makeup?
    but thats not a bad thing..
    ohh well. im not here to pick out her flaws.
    i love them both and they are so gorgeous. ! (:

  313. 313
    jb Says:

    Hey fellow Vanessa and Ashley supporters..Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Santa brought everything you wished for.. It looks like even Christmas can’t keep Tony the tiger away. Great job btw defending V and A..

  314. 314
    Otteresa Says:

    ASH LOOKS EXTREMELY HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  315. 315
    Other Troy Says:

    Hello everyone here at JJ!! How is eveyrone?? I hope everyones Christmas went out great. :- ) Ash and Vanessa look great!! Its nice 2 see them spending time with each other!!!

  316. 316
    aiko_ai Says:

    genevieve @ 12/25/2007 at 7:41 pm
    Gi Kodály @ 12/25/2007 at 6:29 pm
    ahahaha. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! ^^v

    yeah…I had to change because someone keeps using my moniker. lol. oh well…

  317. 317
    Cheyanne Says:

    i wonder what Zac and Vanessa did with each other for Christmas i mean they had to to at lest one thing together

  318. 318
    jb Says:

    Jesus Ramirez @ 12/25/2007 at 8:12 pm

    All these filthy s@kanks can think about is shopping on this holy day. Fake nose, fake hair extensions and fake singing. These biyatches are ugly, untalented and horrible human beings.
    Wow you talk about it being a holy day but spew negative..did you not learn that if you don’t have anything nice to say than don’t say anything at all…

  319. 319
    jb Says:

    aiko_ai… I got it wink wink….That’s sat that it came to that..

    How are you tonight, did you have a great Christmas??

  320. 320
    ellie Says:

    Hi Jb, hi Other Troy!

    How’s both your Christmas’ been so far?

    To Jesus Ramirez, who’s post has now been deleted, the only horrible human being I can see hanging around these here parts is you. I hope all that repressed self-loathing is only temporary and you regain the spirit which this holiday is all about :)

  321. 321
    aiko_ai Says:

    jb @ 12/25/2007 at 8:34 pm
    lol. I know right. what a lowlife. with a name like that, and spewing some righteousness here. Can’t believe he didn’t see how hypocrite he is. oh well…

  322. 322
    aiko_ai Says:

    I’m good jb. the party was celebrated last night. and it was good. now…i’m just recovering and catching up on my z’s.

    hmm…maybe i’ll go movies later and watch the alien vs predator movie that just came out. hehehe…

    how about you guys? what are you all doing today? more party?

  323. 323
    Other Troy Says:

    Hey Ellie!! Haven’t talked in a while! How are you?

  324. 324
    ellie Says:

    I’m good Other Troy!

    And I guess this answers Aiko’s question too: I’m winding down from Christmas today. Just hanging out inside with the air conditioner on (it’s really heating up over here, it’s going to be about 100 degrees fahrenheit on New Year’s Eve!) and watching the Boxing Day Cricket test match.

  325. 325
    genevieve Says:

    ohh ok whoops aiko_ai my bad =]

  326. 326
    jb Says:

    Hey sister Genevieve, sisterI should say, right!!!

    aiko_ai I heard that movie is really scary, you might want to prepare yourself..

    Hey Ellie!!! missed talking with you!!

    Other Troy, I don’t think I’ve ever talked to you, but I’m jb holding hand out to shake yours…nice to read you…

  327. 327
    Other Troy Says:

    ^^Um Layla, we’ve moved on….you should too. As hannah montana once said….NOBODYS PERFECT!!!!! lol. Im gonna sleep now guys and before I leave I just wanted to wish all the tisdale/vanessa/jashley/zanessa supporters a very merry christmas!!!!

  328. 328
    Other Troy Says:

    Hello jb, its nice to meet you too. Hope your holiday was a good one….

  329. 329
    taylor Says:

    WOW!!! ash looks effin sexy!!! wow, her nose looks great, but 1 question, why is she wearing flip flops in the winter!?! lol. Vanessa looks amazing too!! Merry Christmas everyone!

  330. 330
    camie Says:

    wow Lalya, where have u been all these days. Were u dozing of in outer space? She said that comment before her pictures were leaked out, and those pictures were taken before hsm, and they were not meant for the whole world to see in the first place, so cut her some slack would you.

  331. 331
    aiko_ai Says:

    camie @ 12/25/2007 at 8:57 pm
    IA. ^^

  332. 332
    jb Says:


    ^^vanessa so needs to think when she says something!! shes calling brit and lindsay stupid and there she goes taking nudilicious pix…..SLUTT!!
    Laylo..Do you personal know her? I guess not, cause if you did you would know that Vanessa is a warm hearted talented young women…Maybe you should take a long hard look in a mirror and figure out who is the sl*t here…

  333. 333
    jb Says:

    Other Troy..
    My holiday was great..thanks for asking.. How was yours? :D

  334. 334
    camie Says:

    U know what sucks, the most? IT is when ur boyfriend breaks up with u on Christmas Day, that was my present from my boyfriend. HE told me that he was not ready for a commitment, and that was the reason he broke up with me. What a loser? He was my first boyfriend, and we were going strong for 6 years. So much for relationships, I hope Zanessa won’t break up, but who knows. Anyway how did all of u guys celebrate Christmas?

  335. 335
    dalia Says:

    Hey bff!
    Camie, that sucks!! I’m sorry!

  336. 336
    genevieve Says:

    lol hey jb! hows it going?

  337. 337
    zanessa110 Says:

    camie, aww that happened to me a few days ago. youll get over it. hes not worth it.

  338. 338
    zanessa110 Says: this is my favorite song of vanessa.

  339. 339
    camie Says:

    Yeah I know he is not worth it, but why did he choose Christmas, because He ruined my Christmas Day, and that is my favorite day of the whole year.

  340. 340
    genevieve Says:

    camie, im really sorry to hear about that! you dont need him. i hope you had a good christmas otherwise. trust me, you will probably find someone better and he will be crawling back to you.

  341. 341
    jb Says:

    Camie and Zanessa110 awww you guys needs hugs..Hugs to both of you!!!

  342. 342
    ellie Says:

    I missed talking to you too Jb!

    Isn’t it kind of sad that some people can not let go of their misguided self-righteous attitudes even during the holiday season? Case in point, Laylo.

    I’m going to stick to what brother-in-law posted a few threads back: We don’t care about the scandal anymore. We are utterly sick of hearing a bunch of uninformed spitful people pass judgement on a wonderful young actress for a youthful indiscretion. We get it, you’re all obviously paragons of virtue who have NEVER made a mistake in your entire lives and that apparently gives you the right to hate someone you don’t know for something that in a perfect world would be viewed by the majority as a betrayal and breach of trust by whoever posted the photos on the net instead of a reason to judge and criticize unfairly.

    Please all look past your self-righteousness and anaylze exactly why you feel so much hatred towards someone who has never personally committed any wrong towards you. If you can’t do that, at least think before you post a hateful comment, you never know when it might come back to bite you in the butt.

    *Whew* Sorry about that little rant Z/V fans, I’m in a debating mood today :)

  343. 343
    camie Says:

    aww thanx u guys, u guys make me feel better and geneivieve he did ruin my Chritsmas and I tried to put on a happy face for my family, but I’ll get over him eventually.

  344. 344
    dalia Says:

    Go Ellie!! Rock on babe!!
    Camie don’t let him ruin your day–really that is not fair to you, but you will prevail and find someone who truly does care and is better.
    Hey G!! What’s happenin? Isn’t it after ! hahaha!

  345. 345
    dalia Says:

    I meant isn’t it after 9 G? hahaha!
    Is there a video for these pics? I wonder. mmmmmmm

  346. 346
    zanessa110 Says:

    camie, it ok. my ex dumped me before christmas. im single now and just hanging out with my friends,and stuff.

  347. 347
    troy Says:

    I have to say that here we are on Christmas Day and Vanessa STILL is able to able to bring in over 300 posts brings a smile on my face. Not even the fact that were a few negative ones can dampen that.

    And to the individual whose post was removed, judging from the criteria this person apparently goes by shopping malls all over the world must be filled with horrible human beings. If anybody needs to reeducate themselves on the meaning of this most Holy of days is this “person” and not Vanessa and Ashley.

  348. 348
    audrey Says:

    #295 genevieve- Thank you! I was named after Audrey Hepburn,she was my mother’s favorite actress.

    I’m getting ready to watch those “Planet Earth” dvds- have any of you heard of them?

    ellie- I’m excited to hear about your Christmas and gifts. I’m sorry it’s already Boxing Day there . My how time flies when you’re havng fun :)

  349. 349
    genevieve Says:

    lol hey dalia! nothing really, but you wanna know somethin? my little sister wayyy wayyy younger than me beat me at guitar hero! i was like woah no! whats going on with you? ohh btw if you have hsm2 you should watch the extras really close. they have some stuff in there im sure you would like ; ]

  350. 350
    ellie Says:

    I’m sorry to hear your Christmas wasn’t the best Camie, some guys are just clueless idiots! How about I make you a new Zanessa wallpaper to cheer you up? I can use any picture you want :)

    Hi Dalia, how are going this fine holiday day?

  351. 351
    zanessa110 Says:

    camie iignored my ex, and he asked me back out.but i said no. i was so upset when he dumped me. he told me he loved me, then he dumped me. i was mad, but im over him, and its been less than 10 days, i think. dont worry you will do fine.

  352. 352
    jb Says:

    Ellie you rock…very well said..In seven days it will be a new year, let the past stay in the past..

  353. 353
    audrey Says:

    Sorry for the drive by postings- like I said I’ll be back home soon and able to be online more!

  354. 354
    dalia Says:

    Merry Christmas Troy!! How was your day?
    V has great supporters that is for sure.

  355. 355
    jb Says:

    Camie trust me honey it will get better, I know you have a lot of people tell you that and it does not make the hurt go away, but we are all here for you. We can make you feel a little bit better..right zanessa110!!

  356. 356
    ellie Says:

    Hi Audrey!

    Yeah it’s a bit of a bummer that Christmas is already over, but at least the weather’s still nice! As for my presents, I got a a lot of good things but my faves are: a solid silver chain, a jewellery stand, money for the after-Christmas sales and of course two HSM-related gifts. I got the collector’s edition dvd set which has the Encore Edition HSM, the Extended Edition HSM 2 and the concert!

    And, you know how I was telling you about all the HSM merchandise my parents saw in the shops…Well, my Dad couldn’t resist and he bought me the HSM maracas! Not exactly sure what i’m going to do with them though, they’re currently sitting on my bookcase!

  357. 357
    zanessa110 Says:

    of course lb. were here for you no matter what. if you need advice or anything count on us. trust me, i have experience.

  358. 358
    troy Says:

    #354 Merry Christmas to you dalia! My day was great how was yours?

  359. 359
    zanessa110 Says:

    ellie, whats the Encore Edition HSM? did it come out last year?

  360. 360
    dalia Says:

    My x-mas was o.k. glad it’s over though!
    Onto the New year!!!

  361. 361
    jb Says:

    Hey Troy is you other half going to join us tonight or did you guys celebrate to much today? :D

  362. 362
    aiko_ai Says:

    lol. speaking of HSM merchandise. I can’t believe a co-worker of mine got me one. hahaha. She knows I like Vanessa, so….she got me one of those handwash cream that has HSM pictures in the front. lol.

  363. 363
    jb Says:

    hey bff we seem to be missing each other tonight…:(

  364. 364
    ellie Says:

    Zanessa 110 – it’s the dvd that has the normal and sing-along versions of HSM together. I think it’s the only dvd they brought out asides from the remix edition of the original HSM

  365. 365
    jb Says:

    aiko_ai are you going to use it or save it? hahaha

  366. 366
    dalia Says:

    Do you want to stay at home?

  367. 367
    jb Says:

    I don’t care? what do you want to do?

  368. 368
    dalia Says:

    I’m still on the search for a Zac blow up doll I want to get for a certain bff. Anyone see one? lol!!!

  369. 369
    ellie Says:

    You too Aiko? I think it’s pretty cool actually although looking back, if I had known my parents were thinking of getting me one HSM toy-type thing for a laugh, I would’ve asked for a Troy doll :)

  370. 370
    dalia Says:

    It’s easier at home, but it’s up to you if you want to jump around.

  371. 371
    ellie Says:

    Dalia, I don’t know about a blow-up doll, but I know DEE has a life-sized Zac cardboard cutout that I would try and steal if I lived in LA :)

  372. 372
    dalia Says:

    hahaha ellie, what would you have done with that doll? Hmmmmm?

  373. 373
    zanessa110 Says:

    ellie,jb, im so upset. i ate a peanut butter sandwich yesterday, nd got a rash all ver my face. now im being told, that im alergic to peanut butter. ughh, that includes almonds, cashews and stuff.

  374. 374
    jb Says:

    Zanessa110 thats terrible. Have you ever had that happen b4? Boy you have had a ruff couple of weeks, girlfriend..It will get better, I promise…:)

  375. 375
    dalia Says:

    zanessa 110, at least you only got a rash! Peanut allergies can be really bad and sometimes fatal!

  376. 376
    jb Says:

    ellie it sounds like your parents are great to get you all the HSM stuff!!!!

    Dalia, look out the window do you see it?!?!?

  377. 377
    dalia Says:

    JB what do you want to do?

  378. 378
    ellie Says:

    Hmmm indeed Dalia, lol!

    Oh, that sucks Zanessa110! I don’t know what i’d do if I was allergic to nuts, I practically live off of cashews for snacks. I hope the reaction you had to the peanut butter wasn’t too serious.

  379. 379
    jas Says:

    ashley looks agrivated in the first pic. merry Christmas eeryone

  380. 380
    jb Says:

    Dalia, sue & amy just came home, do you just want to play at both..

    Look over the lake..I know you can see it!!!

  381. 381
    jb Says:

    ellie have you wrote any new FF lately???

  382. 382
    jas Says:

    woho! I got the hsm 2 dvd for Christmas!! if anyone cares….

  383. 383
    dalia Says:

    I’ll be at home mostly.

  384. 384
    aiko_ai Says:

    lol. yeah. I’m definitely gonna use it. hahaha. *shakes head*

  385. 385
    troy Says:

    #361 I’m not sure what Narf is doing this evening, Jb. I’ve been wondering that myself since I’ve noticed she’s been quiet for a while. She”s just getting quiet time in with her family I’m sure, just as Vanessa and Zac hopefully were able to do today.

  386. 386
    ellie Says:

    Not lately JB, but I do have my next fanfic all planned out. It’s a sequel to my Christmas fic. I’ve posted them before but I can post the chapter titles and little hints of you want? :)

  387. 387
    narf Says:

    Hey jb, dalia, zanessa 110, ellie, and My sweetheart Troy, Merry Christmas.

  388. 388
    jas Says:

    I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas :)

  389. 389
    jb Says:

    Ellie please do I missed them..thanks

    Troy here I thought maybe she was cleaning up or doing the dishes after your Christmas celebrations…hahah I’m glad to hear that she is able to spend time with her family… thats what Christmas is all about, spending time with family & friends…

    Just like me, this morning and afternoon I spent it with family and tonight with friends. What a great Christmas…

  390. 390
    ellie Says:

    Hi sis! Are you psychic? Jb was just asking about you :)

    I hope you’ve had a great day!

  391. 391
    dalia Says:

    Hello Narf! Merry Christmas! Hoipe your holiday was good. Soooo what did Troy get you? Do tell, do tell.

  392. 392
    kristen0606 Says:

    hey everyone!! i hope everyones christmas was good!! mine was becasue i got HSM2 the extended edition!!! plus i got some money and an ipod plus ugg boots!! over all it was a good holiday!! how was everyone elses?? :)

  393. 393
    jb Says:

    You must have felt my vibe I was just asking Troy about you..How are you today? Merry Christmas back to you!!!

  394. 394
    dalia Says:

    jb you are so sweet!!
    Hey kristen!

  395. 395
    jas Says:

    kristen0606 @ 12/25/2007 at 10:06 pm
    I got the extended edition too! I’m watching it now!

  396. 396
    kristen0606 Says:

    hey dalia how are you today?? :)

  397. 397
    kristen0606 Says:

    i haven’t gotten the chance to watch it yet but i can’t wait to watch it jas!! :)

  398. 398
    dalia Says:

    I’m good kristen, how was your holiday?

  399. 399
    jb Says:

    Dalia me sweet!! awww Thats not what some people say..hahah

    Kristen Boy you got a lot of great stuff, you must have been a very good girl this year….

  400. 400
    kristen0606 Says:

    good except for the fact that i was woken up at 7 am!!! my lil brother was very excited!! haha :)

  401. 401
    mitch Says:

    i love vanessa’s leggings!!!!!!

    i want one..

  402. 402
    kristen0606 Says:

    hey jb i was a very good girl hehe!!! no really i was at least i tried to be a good girl *looks guilty*

  403. 403
    ellie Says:

    Hi lil sis! Glad to hear your Christmas was good!

    Alright, here you go Jb. I’m not sure when I’m going to have this fanfic actually finished but I’m hoping sometime in the next 2 weeks. It’s more of a comedy than the Christmas fic, which is why it’s taking me longer to write…

    Prologue: There’s No Business Like Show Business (Or why giving into puppy dog eyes is dangerous for your sanity)
    Chapter 1: Stage Beauty (Three words: Troy in tights)
    Chapter 2: Phantom Of The Opera (A hissy fit to end all hissy fits)
    Chapter 3: Star Wars (Can you say obnoxious adolescent ten times without ******** up?)
    Chapter 4: There’s A Girl In My Soup (Want some hair with those chilli fries?)
    Chapter 5: Dirty Dancing (Watch those hands Troy, Gabi I’m shocked! :) )
    Chapter 6: Showtime! (Two words: Chad. Ballet.)
    Chapter 7: Robin Hood and His Merry Men (You’ll never look at the Wildcats the same way again)
    Chapter 8: Saturday Night Fever (Fireworks are fun!)
    Epilogue: 10 Things I Hate About You (Never trust Sharpay when she says that there won’t be cameras)

  404. 404
    narf Says:

    Yes ellie, my ears were ringing and when I lloked on JJ I saw jb was asking for me.

    My christmas was great Dalia, I had a blast with my niece. She gets cuter every time I see her.

    As to what Troy gave mee for Christmas, um well, I can’t really say as it would not fit within the PG guidelines.

  405. 405
    dalia Says:

    yeah i got up about then too kristen. I am tired for sure!!
    Hope to see a zanessa post soon though. How ’bout you all?

  406. 406
    camie Says:

    Thanks guys, but I have to go because I have a dinner with my fanily, I know the hurt will go away, but it will take time. And ellie a wallpaper from u would be awesome, and u can choose the pictures u want to be on it. I will see it 2 morrow, and thanks ellie u r great. All of u actually made me really happy and made me forget about that loser. Ok bye guys and hope u enjoy the remainder of ur Christmas!

  407. 407
    camie Says:

    Thanks guys, but I have to go because I have a dinner with my fanily, I know the hurt will go away, but it will take time. And ellie a wallpaper from u would be awesome, and u can choose the pictures u want to be on it. I will see it 2 morrow, and thanks ellie u r great. All of u actually made me really happy and made me forget about that loser. Ok bye guys and hope u enjoy the remainder of ur Christmas!

  408. 408
    kristen0606 Says:

    hey ellie aka big sis haha!! hope yor holiday was good yesterday!!

  409. 409
    jb Says:

    Kristine that happen to me too, son up at 7:00 to open presents, he was done by 8:00 and I was like can we go back to sleep? He did not find that funny!!!

  410. 410
    Malia Says:

    Hope everyone had a good Christmas. It snowed for about two hours here in Portland, OR. Didn’t stick though, but was nice to relax and watch it.

    Good to see that Vanessa and Ashely got some girl time together for lunch and shopping before Christmas.

  411. 411
    aiko_ai Says:

    oks. have fun camie. enjoy your dinner~~~

  412. 412
    dalia Says:

    gtg peeps, I’ll read you all tomorrow!!

  413. 413
    kristen0606 Says:

    jb- ya i wanted to go back to see right after opening presents but we watched movies the rest of the day and i still am!!! i’m getting very sleepy though!!

    dalia- ya i can’t wait for a zanessa photo!! it would be great if we got to see them on new years eve!! how romantic would that be??

  414. 414
    narf Says:

    Merry Christmas Malia, I hope you had a very nice day.

  415. 415
    dalia Says:

    Here’s hoping kristen!!

  416. 416
    aiko_ai Says:

    have a nice day dalia. ~~ *waves*

  417. 417
    narf Says:

    Good night Dalia, see you tomorrow.

  418. 418
    ellie Says:

    You’re welcome Camie, I’ll have the wallpaper ready and waiting for you tomorrow :)

    My holiday was good lil sis, though I think I ate too much!

    And big sis, by that comment alone I’ve already got scary mental pictures about brother-in-law’s gift, lol. Oh, did he blush when he opened your present for him? :)

  419. 419
    katie Says:

    it was my birthday the other day as well as christmas and ive got so much hsm stuff now coz every1 knows i have a slight addiction they got me joke presents i guess haha i got

    -hsm english folder
    -hsm note pad
    -hsm sing along pen
    -hsm pens and pencils
    -hsm money tin (4 hsm3 savings)
    -hsm badges
    -hsm SING IT
    -zac efron rolling stone cover as a huge poster
    -hsm boxers

    haha and before that i have hsm1 dvd and hsm2 dvd as well as the concert! wow i never knew how much i really had

    its been a good bday and xmas!!!

    merry christmas everyone!!!

  420. 420
    jb Says:

    Ellie thats a great outline..Can’t wait for you to finish…Chapter 5 could be interesting…wink wink

    Camie Good bye and try to enjoy your night!!! :) Hugs to you!!!

  421. 421
    ( . Y . ) Says:

    they’re so cute…they even dress alike

  422. 422
    kristen0606 Says:

    my fingers are crossed dalia!!! see ya tommorow!!

    ellie i think i ate way too much today too!!! my stomach is going to burst!! chocolate is my weakness though!!! haha

  423. 423
    jb Says:

    Night to you tomorrow!!!!

  424. 424
    ellie Says:

    I knew you’d like Chapter 5 the best Jb :)

    Bye Dalia! Hi Malia!

    Oh yeah, I can understand about the chocolate lil sis but I’d have to add brandy custard, a gingerbread house, fruchocs, homemade pudding and a pavlova to my list of foods which I probably ate way too much of!

  425. 425
    kristen0606 Says:

    wow big sis that is a lot of sweets haha!! they all sound very yummy though!! i think tommorow is going to be a good day to work out!!! haha :)

  426. 426
    jb Says:

    Ellie your going to have to go for a run after all those sweets..Just kidding…awww sweets for a sweetie…

  427. 427
    narf Says:

    Yes he did blush when he got my present ellie, but don’t tell him I told you.

  428. 428
    Fabiola Says:

    I love you ASH!!!! you look super great!!! merry christmas!

  429. 429
    ellie Says:

    Thanks Jb, I think you’re a sweetie too! But the run suggestion is actually a good one, think I might take Banjo (my dog) out for a jog in a little while.

    My lips are sealed sis, he won’t hear about it from me even though it does provide good blackmail material… :)

  430. 430
    narf Says:

    Ellie, you wouldn’t dream of blackmaiing either one of us, would you?

  431. 431
    kristen0606 Says:

    i’m working out tommorow though big sis because today is christmas and i really don’t feel like it haha!! one day to pig out then spend the rest of vacation working out haha!! btw way big sis remind me never to get on your bad side!! :)

  432. 432
    ellie Says:

    Uhhh, of course not sis! I’d never do anything like that *laughs nervously while trying to hide a big manila envelope with the words ‘Blackmail Material’ stenciled on it behind her back*

    You’re family, I was just joking… so, how about that weather huh?*tries best innocent look* :)

  433. 433
    narf Says:

    Oh the weather was great sis, could not have had a nicer day. *Note to self, will have to keep an eye on ellie for a while*

  434. 434
    ellie Says:

    Good, good, glad to hear the weather was good *Oh man, I’m babbling, she’s gonna know something’s up. Have to be very careful from now on*

    Uhh and I don’t know what you’re talking about lil sis…Bad side? I don’t have a bad side. I’m good all year round, really! :)

  435. 435
    yets Says:

    Hope to see zanessa!!
    merry Christmas to all!!

  436. 436
    loren_la Says:


  437. 437
    kristen0606 Says:

    ya thats is sooo true big sis haha your also very funny!!! hehe :) *note to self be careful what is said to ellie she could get dangerous* :)

  438. 438
    564165045015604510543216541510 Says:

    ashley & vanessa look gorge. lol ashley looks the same…

  439. 439
    narf Says:

    *moving closer to kristen so Ellie can’t hear* Psssst kristen, what say you and I keep an eye on ellie together?

  440. 440
    kristen0606 Says:

    well i have to go to bed now and my laptop is about to die soo i’ll talk to all of the ZA’s tommorow!! have a good holiday season everyone!! :) you know someone should tell me to stop with the smiley faces!!! haha :) opps there i go again!! now i really have to go to bed!!

  441. 441
    ellie Says:

    Hey, what are you two up to over there? *Tries to sidle over to Narf and Kristen casually* You aren’t talking about little old me by any chance…

  442. 442
    kristen0606 Says:

    sounds good narf! 4 eyes are better than 2!! haha just as long as we are on the same side!! its nice to have an alli when dealing with someone very tricky!!

  443. 443
    kristen0606 Says:

    nope ellie we are not!!! hehe *tries to look innocent* we were just talking about our holidays with our families….

  444. 444
    narf Says:

    *Quickly sliding away from kristen* Good night kristen sleep tight.

    Whatever would make you think we were talking about you ellie?

  445. 445
    jb Says:

    Ellie didn’t you want me to keep that envelop for you.. I thought that was what you said..hahaha j/k Is that what chocolate does to you? Pulls out your dark side…hahaha

  446. 446
    jb Says:

    Good night Kristen, glad mom could talk to you tonight..hahaha Sleep tight..

  447. 447
    kristen0606 Says:

    *whispering to narf* i’ll keep an eye out for her michevous ways!! *talk normally* ya sleep well narf and to everyone else!!

  448. 448
    ellie Says:

    Hmmm *looks at both Narf and Kristen suspiciously before shaking her head*’ I’ve got my eye on you two…Night Kristen!

    *whispering* Not a bad idea Jb, We’ll have to wait a little while though, my sisters’ are suspicious enough as it is…and yes, chocolate makes me a little wacky :)

  449. 449
    kristen0606 Says:

    nite jb i’m glad i could talk to you too mom!! haha

  450. 450
    kristen0606 Says:

    nite ellie!!! why would you need to keep on an eye on us dear big sis?? we aren’t doing anything wrong!!! hehe

  451. 451
    jb Says:

    Ellie make sure you eat chocolate when you write Chapter 5 of your FF..hahaha

  452. 452
    jb Says:

    whisper to Ellie..just put the envelope in with Kelsi music and I will pick it up after rehearsals..they will never know its there…K..

  453. 453
    ellie Says:

    Don’t worry Jb, chocolate is my fanfic fuel!

    Alright, I’m off to take Banjo out for awhile. If any of you go to bed before I get back, I hope the last few hours of Christmas were good and I’ll catch up with you tomorrow :)

  454. 454
    ellie Says:

    *whispers* Thanks Jb! I’ll do that, have a nice night :)

  455. 455
    kristen0606 Says:

    bye ellie!! have a nice walk with your pup!!! now i really am oing to bed haha!!!

  456. 456
    narf Says:

    Good night ellie sis.

    Oh I forgot to tell you, I ended up giving your brother in law something other than what I told you about.

  457. 457
    jb Says:

    Guess what guys, I’m out too..I hope to read you guys tomorrow..
    Have sweet dreams you too..take care..

    peace out….

  458. 458
    kristen0606 Says:

    nite jb aka mom!!! haha catch you on the next thread!!

  459. 459
    narf Says:

    Good night jb!

  460. 460
    troy Says:

    *bumps into ellie* Oh I’m sorry sister-in-law dear, I didn’t see you there, how was your Christmas? *notices envelope* You dropped this, I mean to pry but why does it have “Narf and Troy Blackmail Material” scrawled in Big Fat Letters on top of it.

  461. 461
    emch Says:

    eli #26 – ur damn right. That girl behind looks like Ashley’s maid!!

  462. 462
    ellie Says:

    Uh, hi brother-in-law…*innocent smile* My Christmas was fine, thanks for asking.

    Oh that envelope? Uh well, you see, I was just…Oh look over there, it’s Zac and Vanessa! *grabs envelope out of Troy’s hand and makes a mad dash for the exit*

    Night Brother-in-Law!

  463. 463
    megan Says:

    i wonder if people noticed them at the mall

  464. 464
    Jule Says:

    ohmygosh ash wears flip flops!!! by me in germany we’ve about -10°C

  465. 465
    Sophiie Says:

    #23 I Think Zanessa Aree Over.
    They Look Cute.
    I’m Actualy Satarting To Think Ashley Looks Better With Her New Nose :D
    Love The Outfits Aswell.
    They Don’t look pleased to see the cameras though/
    the one thing i don’t get is why cant the press LEAVE THEM ALONE instead of keep harrasing them and not letting them have ONE day where they don’t get harrased . It was christmas eve. i would get pretty annoyed , they handle it well though
    GOD BLESS ALL Vanessa && Ashley Fans :P

  466. 466
    chacha Says:

    Vanessa is The hottest Girl in HSM :D
    i love her she’s so talented , beautiful , pretty, stunning , .. I wish her the Best

    She’s so beautiful in the pictures ! i love her hair and her balenciage bag !

    Love from Paris ,France
    we love you V

  467. 467
    linda Says:

    cute^^ vanessa looks awsome! *-*
    since the nose job ashley looks soo diffrent..
    anyways,are they some new zanessa pics?

  468. 468
    melli Says:

    zanessa is NOT over ,the last time they was seen was Thursday, December 13th, 2007 ,on the walk hard premiere or something like this,with john mayer and that issnt thats long,so dont worry ;)

  469. 469
    nessina hudgens Says:

    heyy!!!!!vanessa the best . and stop xD byee

  470. 470
    may Says:

    No Z and V sighting,yet!!

  471. 471
    go sox Says:

    Good Day after Christmas Morning, ZA’s!! Sounds like everyone had a great day, except cami! I feel so bad for her….

    Anyway, hope to see you all here today! Looks like narf and troy did a little cuddling last night! I love Christmas night, when everything is over, and everyone is relaxed and just chilling! Best time to cuddle, Froy!!

    Ellie, when you wake up, can you tell me exactly what Boxing Day is? I’ve always read that it is something celebrated there, but not a clue as to what it is!!

    I’m sad I didn’t get any HSM stuff, like all you did!! I guess it’s because I already bought the DVD. I think my family thinks I’m too old!! :o(
    But my daughter wants to go see the HSM On Ice tour, so maybe I’ll see if I can get tickets! She figure skated for 9 years, so we love that stuff!!

    Zac must be back to work today or tomorrow. It must be a pain to be filming a movie over the holidays!

    Wake up, angels!! Miss yas!!

  472. 472
    jb Says:

    Hey go sox..I think there was some cuddling going on last night…haha I think Zac is off this week from filming..they start back up after the new year, I think only speculating.. off to kick boxing class and then some shopping will be back later…read you all then….Have a great day!!!

    peace out..

  473. 473
    evelyn Says:

    actually, last time zac and vanessa were photo’d together was dec 15th .. day after her birthday .. leaving a restaurant .. pics over at gossip girls .. enquirer also reported they went for sushi on v’s bday, dec 14th .. so, by all accounts all is fine with zanessa .. its only been a week … someone had posted the 17 shooting schedule .. and if i remember, zac had chris eve/chris day off and new year eve/new year day off? could be wrong though .. hope everyone had a great Christmas!

  474. 474
    troooooper Says:

    i can tell you what boxing day is…… well they have an annual cricket game and it’s basically just another name for when the sales start. that’s boxing day for ya!

  475. 475
    deb Says:

    Too bad these two will be washed up after the Disney musicals are done. Unless of course they release some more racy photos on the internet.

    Did you all read about poor Vanessa when in Washington? No one on the streets even knew who she was…..ha ha ha !

  476. 476
    go sox Says:

    OMG, that’s too funny, troooooper! Hey, I guess any excuse to go shopping and keep our economy going!!

    Hi, Evelyn! I had read that also, that’s why I thought they’d be back filming today! That would be a bummer cause I always just want to crash today! Although I never do… daughters had to work, and my son had hockey practice at 7:30, so I was up anyway doing laundry. Is there ever a day for moms to chill??

  477. 477
    val Says:

    Deb, I read that too. I guess in the real world all this Hollywood nonsense is of little significance. Especially these two awful singers. Tisdale’s recent record on the radio is just horrible. Does anyone else think Vanessa looks anorexic these days?

  478. 478
    go sox Says:

    deb, their relationship started with the HSM movies, but is beyond that now. It has nothing to do with HSM at this point. They will keep their relationship as long as they want to, and DIsney does not dictate their stars to be friends, dating, or whatever. It’s the 21st century, honey. It’s not old Hollywood.

    And as far as some poor guy in Washington, who didn’t look like he could afford a TV, well, I wouldn’t put too much credence in that. Not every person on the planet knows who she is……there are a lot of celebs I have no idea who they are when I see them in magazines. So what?? The people who are fans, know who she is. I think she appreciated being able to bop about Washington and feel like she could be normal.

  479. 479
    janeeeeeeeee Says:

    lmao, haters do raed all of v and ash coomments!!! VAL is a good example of haters that raelly interested in v and ash

  480. 480
    go sox Says:

    The only thing you said that makes sense is, yeah, in the real world this is of little significance. But you know, we need a break from the real world sometimes. It keeps us grounded and makes us less cynical, like you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the fun and fluff of HSM, and these actors who gave so many people a break from the real world. No one is claiming they are the world’s best singers. But at least they’re not singing songs filled with ghetto garbage.

  481. 481
    go sox Says:

    And deb, I think the more than 17.2 million people who watched the premiere of HSM2 on TV is plenty of people who know who they are …….

  482. 482
    narf Says:

    Good morning Go Sox, I trust you enjoyed your Christmas. What did Santa bring you?

    Good morning Everyone.

  483. 483
    K9KFromTheBlock2 Says:

    omg on this weeks OK magazine with Jamie Lynn spears on the cover theres a picture of zanessa going out the day after her birthday. How come JJ never posted that picture??? :-( Look at it, they’re so beautiful!!!

  484. 484
    genevieve Says:

    val, i think you still have some sleep in your eye, go wash it off. vanessa is no where near anorexic. she looks fine. there are many women in hollywood who look really really skinny, skinnier than v so i wouldnt call her anorexic….and if they are so awful why were they were chosen to be in an award winning MUSICAL that so many people around the world have watched. and thats why so many people have bought their albums. they are wonderful singers now, and as time goes by and they are still in the music business, they will get better.

    now they may not be great to some people, but i agree with what go sox had to say. “at least theyre not sining songs with ghetto garbage.”

  485. 485
    xxx-vanessa-xxx Says:

    vote for vanessa at
    and don’t forget to confirm your accounts.
    You can vote everyday

  486. 486
    genevieve Says:

    K9KFromTheBlock2 i dont think it really matters if JJ posted them or not. he usually posts zanessa pictures when they come out. at least he doesnt make rude false comments or stories about zanessa like OK does.

  487. 487
    bea Says:

    Troy and Gabriella’s anniversary is coming up -New Year’s Eve.
    They met at the karaoke bar on New Years Eve HSM I). Cheers to our fav TV couple

  488. 488
    genevieve Says:

    i meant and why have so many people bought their albums? not people have watched hsm and thats why they bought the albums. typo.

  489. 489
    Dana Says:

    Thank you!!

  490. 490
    narf Says:

    k9k from the block2, there is no law that says just because there are pictures of zac and vanessa out together we must see them.

    These two people are entitled to go out and have time with each other and not have it plastered everywhere. I for one am glad Jared did not put those pictures on here.

    As I have said before, zac and vanessa are only required to entertain us on the tv and movie screens, not in their personal lives.

    Just because you do not see them together does not mean they haven’t been together, it just means that they have found a way to find some of the privacy they deserve.

  491. 491
    Love Vanessa Says:

    i am a girl.i don’t like Ash usually!
    i like Vanessa* she is cute,,isn’t right??
    i like Van!! Merry Christmas!
    And,, i really want to kill Ash sooo muchhh!!

  492. 492
    molly Says:

    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooveeeee you BBV :D
    i love her style and she’s so pretty !!!
    Can’t wait for her new album !

  493. 493
    Christine x3 Says:

    i love thier outfits! =]

  494. 494
    jb Says:

    Narf I totally agree with you.. We love to have them entertain us, but what they do outside that is their business..Not for the whole world to see..You can totally see that Vanessa is trying to hide her face with her hands, which is a indication that she has had enough..

  495. 495
    pit Says:

    as for Vanessa’s birthday, I read somewhere that they actually went out to a Japanese Restaurant late the night of her birthday – they have figured out how to get out without everyone knowing where they are going sometimes – I am sure they enjoy when they do outsmart the photogs. More power to them

  496. 496
    kristen0606 Says:

    hello to all the ZA’s!!
    you know i still can’t believe after everything we as supporters have pointed out to the haters that there are still people not believing that vanessa and ashley are friends..people come on!! why would tehy fake a friendship??? they have both said that they are very good friends and i for one believe them…we see them all the time together and i think that it is great that they are friends you need people who are real in hollywood to help you get through everything!!

  497. 497
    just the facts Says:

    deb @ 12/26/2007 at 9:05 am Too bad these two will be washed up after the Disney musicals are done. Unless of course they release some more racy photos on the internet.

    Did you all read about poor Vanessa when in Washington? No one on the streets even knew who she was…..ha ha ha !

    One person in Washington didn’t recognize Vanessa. Of course for naysayers like yourself that translates into the entire world.
    If you’re going to report something, make sure you at least have all the facts before spouting off.

  498. 498
    zanessa110 Says:

    i hope that they had a great christmas, it would be so cute if her and zac go on vacation. i doubt it, but it would be cute. do you think zac got a break from filming?

  499. 499
    zanessa110 Says:

    totally agree with you just the facts

  500. 500
    aiko_ai Says:

    and to add what just the fact said. I really don’t think Vanessa minded that some people didn’t know her. From the look at the video, I think she preferred it that way.

  501. 501
    narf Says:

    Thanks jb, so what did you get for christmas?

  502. 502
    jb Says:

    Narf I got a sound system for my ipod, a small TV for the kitchen that hangs under the kitchen cabinet, cash, ugg boots that i think i might take back since they make my feet to hot., Thanks for asking…

    What about you?

    Hey aiko_ai & Zanessa110 how are you guys today???

  503. 503
    narf Says:

    LOL, that is so true just the facts.

    How did she go from one person not knowing who Vanessa was meaning no one in D.C. knew who she was?

    Wishful thinking and overactive imagination are 2 things that come to mind

  504. 504
    narf Says:

    I got sweaters, sneakers, a gift card to the movies, PJs, and a scarf with mittens jb.

    Plus I spent the day with my niece and nephew and had a lot of fun. Thanks for asking.

  505. 505
    camie Says:

    Hey guys good morning! How was ur Christmas, and my family did the best they could on cheering me up at the dinner last night.

  506. 506
    jb Says:

    Sounds fun Narf…Do they like HSM?

    Hey Camie are you better today?

  507. 507
    zanessa110 Says:

    jb, im doing good. except that my ex came up with the most stupidest plan. my friend was having a party and i went and so did he. then out of no where he took out a mistletoe and told me i had to kiss him. i was so mad, but yeah he ended up kissing me and everyone was like aww. i told them all to be quiet then told him to stay away from me. he didnt listen so i told him i would call his mother and tell her to come. he didnt believe me so i did call her. then she started screaming at him, and she grabbed him from the ear, she told him to say his good byes and then they left. it was so funny. i think you should keep your uggs. i have like 6 pairs and theyre so warm. great for when your playing in the snow and such. thats so cute narf, it must be fun spendind christmas with your niece and nephew. as for the movies you should see “I AM LEGEND” its so scary but it has alot of action. also, will smith is in it which makes a must-watch,lol.

  508. 508
    go sox Says:

    Hi, narf! My favorite present, was a Red Sox World series DVD! I also loved a wine glass my husband got for me, that was hand-painted, with ‘Libra Girl” on it! Here’s how it describes Libras…..we know of another, don’t we??

    Libras are even keeled and sophisticated, charming, and good looking. They like to flirt and are very social.

    Does that sound like someone else????

  509. 509
    zanessa110 Says:

    camie that sound good, just hang out with your friends and have fun. forget about him, he shouldnt ruin your holidays and remember revenge!

  510. 510
    genevieve Says:

    hey everybody! hey there jb =] hope you all had a nice christmas

  511. 511
    zanessa110 Says:

    go sox, lol. thats cute. hmmm. remindes me of vanessa,lol.

  512. 512
    genevieve Says:

    go sox, thats sweet. makes me think of zac. its funny how the signs are true a lot of times. like zac and v are libra and sagitarious, and their signs are supposed to be good as a couple, and their personalities match the signs…

  513. 513
    go sox Says:

    Hi, everyone!

    camie, hope you’re doing ok this morning!! It’s going to be tough to get over a 6 yr. relationship, but you know, honey, it’s better to know now that something wasn’t right. You want a guy who adores you and can’t live without you!!! And if he isn’t like that, you definitely need to keep looking! I’m sure you’ll be sad for a bit, but getting out and looking good will cheer you up!! Get out there, girl; there IS a guy perfect for you somewhere!!

  514. 514
    jb Says:

    Zanessa110 GOOD for you honey, stick to you guns and don’t cave..Remember he’s the jerk and he totally deserves it..

    Hey G saw you at home today!!!!

    Off to go bowling with family that still here from you guys later..take care…

    peace out for a little while…

  515. 515
    genevieve Says:

    lol i saw you too! have fun bowling!

  516. 516
    go sox Says:

    I think so too, genevieve. Zac is a Libra to a T, and Vanessa IS a perfect Sagittarian! I find it funny too, that I have a ton of friends who are sagittarians; they must complement each other well! And I am not a huge zodiac believer!

    zanessa110, that story was hysterical! It sounds like a scene out of a movie!! Maybe ellie could use it in one of her stories! But I’m glad you showed him you wanted no part of his games!!

  517. 517
    Letícia Says:

    There are so cute…
    Happy Christmas…
    And a good new year..
    I love Vanessa and Ashley
    High School Musical 4ever…

  518. 518
    zanessa110 Says:

    go sox, i wish it was. but im really mad at him.. i trusted him as a friend, now i dont think i can trust him. hes a total stalker, he keeps calling me and stuff. hes so annoying, i try to ignore him as much as i can. and im mad cause i founnd out im allergic to peanut butter.

  519. 519
    genevieve Says:

    zanessa 110, thats actually pretty funny. im glad to hear you were just like no way. thats right, make him beg girl! see camie, i know that what happened wasnt good but i guarentee you will find someone better and your ex will be crawling back to ya. like i said before! guarenteed.

    go sox, yea actually when i first started becoming a fan of them and i found out their bdays and everything one day i found like a little zodiac thing in a mag and i was reading their signs. and they had like a little match thing and for libra it was sagitarious, and the same for sagitarius for another mag i looked at. i was like WOAH cool! so yea, im not a big zodiac believer either, but after that i kinda was. its pretty cool.

    so what did you guys get for christmas?

  520. 520
    go sox Says:

    zanessa110, I forgot I did read earlier about your allergy!! I know that’s a really bummer, but it IS a serious allergy! If you don’t mind my nurse advice here, I work as a school nurse, and we have a LOT of students with peanut allergies. It varies from kids who just can’t ingest nuts, to kids who can’t even smell it, or touch a desk or table with peanut oil residue on it. If you had a rash like that as a reaction, you do need to take this seriously, honey! Your doctor will probably want you to carry an Epipen, for a serious reaction if you feel your throat getting itchy or tight. Or maybe they’ll find that you just need to take Benadryl right away after eating something! Learn to read food labels. Ok, that’s my nursey advice…..

  521. 521
    luuzz Says:

    alguien q hable castellano?

  522. 522
    Steph Says:

    Hey to all ZA’s and Z and V supporters :) Good to see all the positive people on… of course it won’t last, but I am enjoying everyone’s convos :)

    Zanessa 110, you rock!
    Jb, sorry I missed ya, have a good day :)

    My friend Narf, how are you today? Froy under the mistletoe last night?

  523. 523
    go sox Says:

    Hi, Steph! Did you have a good holiday?

  524. 524
    zanessa110 Says:

    stpeh thnaks. go sox, no i just got a huge rash. you guys need to cheeck this out. corbin is so cute:

  525. 525
    zanessa110 Says:

  526. 526
    narf Says:

    Hey Steph, I am good thanks. How are you?

    Froy under the mistletoe? I didn’t see any witnesses, I mean mistletoe last night. *I don’t think she noticed that slip up*

  527. 527
    rubyred Says:

    High School Musical 3 + Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana Movie May Be Delayed

    Published by Lisa Diamond December 26th, 2007 in Entertainment, Celebrity, Movies, Television, Music.

    Disney’s High School Musical 3 (Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron) and The Hannah Montana Movie (Miley Cyrus) may be delayed indefinitely, according to new reports.

    HSM 3 was due to start shooting in January, but the recently-closed location deal in Utah indicates that April 21st is when the cameras will roll. However, script issues combined with the writers strike could push the movie back much further.

    “We had hoped that the High School Musical 3 screenplay that was delivered just prior to the start of the strike would be shootable, but this thing is seriously in need of a rewrite,” a Disney insider reportedly told JHM. “But as long as the Writer’s Guild remains out on strike, we’re not allowed to change a single word of this script. So right now, we’re stuck.”

    The news isn’t any prettier for the Miley Cyrus starrer, which is also slated to shoot in April.

    “The same goes for the Hannah Montana screenplay. This film could be a huge hit and really help launch Miley Cyrus’s movie career. But only if it gets the rewrite that it needs. Right now, that script is just in too rough a shape to shoot.”

    If accurate, it’s quite a conundrum for Disney. Will they go forward with weak screenplays, praying that they can magically fix everything once the strike is through, or will the company hold tight until the strike is over?

    Hopefully the WGA and the studios can come to an agreement sooner rather than later, and then the whole issue will be moot.

  528. 528
    aiko_ai Says:

    zanessa110 @ 12/26/2007 at 1:21 pm

    aww, zanessa…that’s the suckiest thing to be allergic to. Peanut. It’s practically in every food. So, if you’re super allergic to it, make sure that when you go to restaurant, make sure to ask them if they used peanut oil in the food.

  529. 529
    narf Says:

    Awee zaneesa110, peanut allergies are the worst. I have a friend who is allergic and gets veryfrustrated by it.

    aiko_ai is right, make sure you read labels and ask what things are cooked in when you go out.

  530. 530
    camie Says:

    Yeah guys I am doing fine today, and u r right go sox I have to find a better guy, but I think I am not yet ready. Thanx though for caringn so much about me it means a lot to me!

  531. 531
    zanessa110 Says:

    aiko_ai , yeah i know its like in everything. but its not like a major allergy. i only get a rash, thats all. but i love peanut butter.

  532. 532
    go sox Says:

    You’re welcome, camie……take time to be a little sad, and you’ll be fine real soon!! We do care about each other!!

  533. 533
    zanessa110 Says:

    narf, yeah im super upset. but whaddever, im super careful now. at least im not allergic to chocolate, my friend is.

  534. 534
    narf Says:

    Yikes zanessa110, sounds like loads of fun.

    Hey tell you what, just to be safe why don’t you and your friend send me all the peanut butter cups you have. This way I can be sure you guys don’t get sick, Better safe than sorry right?

  535. 535
    go sox Says:

    lol, narf……it’s a match made in heaven; peanut butter and chocolate together!

  536. 536
    go sox Says:

    Zac and Vanessa……..another heavenly match!!

  537. 537
    narf Says:

    Oh yeah go sox, you know it. There was one year I got a ton of chocolate for easter, but no peanut butter cups. I promptly took out the jar of peanut butter to which my mom yelled what are you doing? When I explained it to her she sat down and told me to pass the jar.

  538. 538
    Karen Says:

    zanessa110, a quick drive by post before I go out for a while:
    Don’t think your allergy to nuts is not bad just because you only get a rash. A rash is a pretty serious thing AND if you keep exposing yourself to something you are allergic too to may only get worse which will eventually cause some very serious and even deadly results! It is important to check out label and when eating out in restaurants since peanut oil is used in many foods. I don’t know if you have Mike Sells potato chips where you are but they use peanut oil to make them. So, you see, there are normal everyday things that are made in peanut oil.

    Hey, narf, go sox, steph, and eveyone else I don’t have time to name. Hope your Christmas was wonderful. As I posted yesterday evening before turning in early, I had a horrible sore throat and a headache—still do today—but I got to run now and go get something for my mom. Hope to talk to you all later.

  539. 539
    go sox Says:

    Now you’re a girl I can relate to, narf!!

  540. 540
    zanessa110 Says:

    lol narf. i have a huge craving for a peanut butter sanwich right now.

  541. 541
    narf Says:

    Zac and Vanessa? Now that combo, I know I will never be allergic to.

  542. 542
    zanessa110 Says:

    i know karen. im super upset. hey, does chicken with broccol use peanut butter in anyway? or pizza or cheeseburgers?

  543. 543
    narf Says:

    Hey Karen, talk to you later. Have a great day!

    Hey go sox, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

    Don’t give in to the craving zanessa110, stay strong.

  544. 544
    go sox Says:

    Hi, Karen!! Hope you feel better soon!! I always say that the only bad thing about the holidays is swapping germs with everyone!! Then my students come back to school, and “swim in the germ pool”. Ewwww. Anyway, TTYL…….and thanks for more nursey advice! I wasn’t sure if zanessa110 knew how serious it is!

  545. 545
    zanessa110 Says:

    thanks go sox and karen. dont worry i wont narf.

  546. 546
    narf Says:

    You know go sox and Karen, you two make a great team on here. Between the two of you, this will be one healthy website.

  547. 547
    zanessa110 Says:

    totally agree with you narf.

  548. 548
    go sox Says:

    LOL, narf. Just whack me upside the head if I get too preachy……..

  549. 549
    narf Says:

    Chicken and broccoili can be cooked in peanut oit zanessa110, make sure you double check with the resyuarant you get it from.

    Pizza and cheeseburgers should be ok, if you get French fries, check what they are cooked in. Some places use peanut oil.

  550. 550
    go sox Says:

    That’s what I love about all of us here…….we have amazing things to offer to each other, and have different talents and experiences! It’s wonderful to share with each other!

  551. 551
    narf Says:

    OH, and chocolate is not 100% safe either zanessa110. Most chocolate is packaged in plants that process peanuts.

  552. 552
    narf Says:

    Not a chance go sox, better too much advice than not enough.

  553. 553
    go sox Says:

    Right you are, narf!! We even have a ‘peanut free table’ in our school! And that’s right about the packaging. That’s why plain m&m’s aren’t even safe.

  554. 554
    dalia Says:

    zanessa110, you should find out how severe your allergy is. Cuz some things may be o.k. for you, like stuff that has been in peanut oil or in factories with nuts. Then there is a difference between a peanut and a tree nut too. Kinda goofy huh? If you just had a rash it could be a contact allergy, not a systemic. (?) An allergist would tell you what’s safe and what’s not. Good luck!!

  555. 555
    dalia Says:

    Hi Narf, and go sox! What are your plans for the new year?

  556. 556
    jb Says:

    Hey bff whats up!! left some breadcrumbs at home…

  557. 557
    narf Says:

    Good suggestion dalia, allergy testing would be best.

  558. 558
    go sox Says:

    narf, I’m serious, though; just give me a whack…….I’ll know what it means!!!

  559. 559
    zanessa110 Says:

    thanks guys. i forgot no m&m’s! ok now im extremely upset.

  560. 560
    kristen0606 Says:

    you know i never knew that there was so much to a nut allergy haha!!! its good to know though..except i don’t have an allergy but its good to know!! haha
    soooo what is everyone doing this year for new years eve?? i can’t wait!!

  561. 561
    go sox Says:

    Definitely get tested, zanessa110! Until then be careful! Everyone above had great advice! We just want you to be safe!

  562. 562
    zanessa110 Says:

    i will go sox, i have an appointment on thursday. then he will tell me if it is an allergy, or something else. what if i have the chicken pox?

  563. 563
    go sox Says:

    Hi, dalia! We’re all good! For New Year’s my husband and I head down to Cape Cod, and stay with friends, and hit a local little joint for dinner, drinks, and a live band. It’s a good time!

  564. 564
    zanessa110 Says:

    my ex is annoying he keeps telling me that if we can be friends with benefits.

  565. 565
    narf Says:

    I will be spending the night at home with my my mom, my sister, two of my brothers, and my nephew Dalia.

  566. 566
    go sox Says:

    Well, it could be chickenpox too. Even if you had the vaccine, you can still get the disease. It’s usually a lot milder. But they are now giving teens second doses of the chickenpox vaccine. I’m sure your doc can tell you what it is. I’m hoping for your peanut loving ways, that it is chickenpox!! Does the rash look blistery?

  567. 567
    go sox Says:

    AHHHHHH, zanessa110…..I knew that’s what he would want!!!

  568. 568
    narf Says:

    zanessa110, you are 14 yrs old. You don’t need that kind of friend. I think you are better off having no relationship with him at all. It sounds like the more you give in to him the more he will want. You don’t need someone toying with your emotions or your mind like that.

  569. 569
    narf Says:

    Ok go sox, I promise. If I see you getting to preachy I will send a gentle nudge your way.

  570. 570
    go sox Says:

    I’m with you on this one, narf. Guys like that have no respect for you, zanessa110. At least you know what he’s really like now. Makes it easier to let him go!

  571. 571
    go sox Says:

    I gotta run and do a few things, angels! DId you see the pics of Vanessa shopping with mum and Stella Xmas eve on GossipGirls?

  572. 572
    narf Says:

    Absolutely Go Sox!

    Zanessa110, tell him goodbye. If he continues to be a pain, get help from your guidance counsler, your parents, and his parents.

  573. 573
    go sox Says:

    What’s nice about that is that means Jared has backed off from overexposing Zac and Vanessa. That’s all good. I will be back in a bit!

  574. 574
    ihatevanesa Says:

    eli @ 12/24/2007 at 11:20 pm
    That girl looks like Ashley’s Maid!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  575. 575
    zanessa110 Says:

    thabks narf and go sox. go sox, yes they do look like blisters.

  576. 576
    tommy Says:

    ashley tisdlae is the best/hottest celeb ever!!

  577. 577
    HudgensHater Says:

    Ashley Tisdlae so owns that naked bitchh. Slutnessa took nakes pix of herself, and I remember on Tyra banks that she called britney and lindsay stupid!! she needs to think when she says things, like seriously. She doesnt even know what brit and linds are going through and she has the nerve to say that crapp when she is taking nudee pix?? Forget her! she is a horrible role model and is extremely fugly….,… Ash is better than her. Did you guys know that Ash’s album sold over 800,000 copies and Vanessas sold barely over 500,000!! Ash is wayy better. Ash is the better role model and people like ash more.. asked visitors to divulge their favorite album of 2007 and we received a huge response. Over 16,000 votes were cast and Britney Spears came out on top by a huge margin. Thirty-eight percent of voters hailed “Blackout” as the best album of the year. Here are the top ten albums of 2007 according to readers:
    1. Britney Spears, “Blackout” (Jive/Zomba)
    2. Bruce Springsteen, “Magic” (Columbia/Sony)
    3. RBD, “Empezar Desde Cero” (EMI)
    4. Backstreet Boys, “Unbreakable” (Jive/Zomba)
    5. Kelly Clarkson, “My December” (RCA)
    6. Ashley Tisdale, “Headstrong” (Warner Bros.)
    7. Vanessa Hudgens, “V” (Angel)
    8. Josh Groban, “Noel” (143/Reprise/Warner Bros.)
    9. Avril Lavigne, “The Best Damn Thing” (RCA/RMG)
    10. Josh Groban, “Awake” (143/Reprise/Warner Bros.)

    ASHLEY TISDALE IS PRETTIER AND IS THE BETTEER ACTRESS/DANCER/AND SINGER. and guess what, according to a dutch mag, vanessa and britney were named baddest bad girls!! HA!

    ash is hotter, and better. PERIOD. :p

  578. 578
    Kali Says:

    ohemgee i agree with 574, 576, and 577!! ash is betta!!!!!

  579. 579
    gina Says:

    v and ash ule!

  580. 580
    ellie Says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    How are you all going today?

    Camie, here’s the wallpaper I promised. I hope you’re feeling better today. Thanks go to Zac Fan who sent me the suggestion for the pics and quote I used!

  581. 581
    tears run down Says:

    please. Ashley’s a fake *****. she got a nose job, lied about it, and all her little fans still believe her. she’s got fake highlights and she dies her hair. shes 22 and shes still tryin got act like a teenager. at least v’s true to herself. and she apologized for messing up. ashley’s ugly, everyone knows it, they just feel bad for her cuz she’s always second in beauty and talent wen it comes to v, so they feel bad for her. ashley can’t sing, dance or act. the only reason shes gotten so far is cuz shes got stupid fans like u guys to edge her along. v’s got REAL talent and REAL beauty, she nvr changed herself, shes got a great bf, and shes going to succeed. ashley will just fall on her fake ass.

  582. 582
    genevieve Says:

    look if you guys dont like vanessa dont post here. im not a HUGE fan of ashley, but i dont go around insulting her. and wow you must have no life if youre posting something that has ash one place ahead of v. who gives a crap? so she got one place away. all that matters is they both like EACHOTHER. you never met them, and people like you, are people they dont care about at all. so why worship ashley and insult her best friend, when you know you will probably never meet her and she will like you. and btw i can tell you probably dont have a lot of friends. people with friends know how to forgive and forget. vanessa made a mistake with the pictures A LONG time ago, but so many fans of hers backed her up. and if she is so ugly how is she dating the hottest or one of the hottest guys out there now? and how is it that shes on tons of mags such as people, us, popstar, FLAUNT which is a high end mag with wonderful pictures. she is on a commerical with eko red. AND whenever she goes ANYWHERE she is always complimented. even by the papz.

  583. 583
    genevieve Says:

    btw i did not curse there, i said C***.

  584. 584
    marsha Says:

    what tears run down and genevieve said. vanessa williams went through the same thing and look at her now. vanessa’s gotten past the pics, and they’re HER picks, u guys shuld too. vanessa’s always been amazing, she always WILL be amazing. it’s too bad people are blinded by ashleys huge nose and fake hair to see it.

  585. 585
    kristen0606 Says:

    hey big sis!!! btw i am loving your new wallpaper!! its now my desktop picture!!! so how has your day been??

  586. 586
    genevieve Says:

    yea, see marsha i think people should just appreciate BOTH of them. theyre both gorgeous, both talented, and they both have wonderful personalities

  587. 587
    Susanna Says:

    Does anybody here know Vanessa Williams? She was the first African-American women to be crowned Miss America (or something like that). A few months later some very provocative pictures came out. And these pictures make Vanessa’s picture’s look like nothing, they were that bad.

    Vanessa Williams recieved hate mail, and she was forced to give back her crown. Some magazine companies even thereatened to publish the pictures WITHOUT her permission. The embarassment Vanessa Hudgens is going through pales in comparison to what Vanessa Williams went through.

    But look at Vanessa Williams now. She plays a big role in Ugly Betty (a very popular ABC/Disney show) she had a music career and she got past the pictures, and she made something of herself. Vanessa will too, no doubt. She’s strong, and she’s determind and she’s talented. Haters will not stop her.

    So you can keep degrading her, bringing up those stupid pictures, but all you’re doing is making yourselves look ridiculous. So have your fun now, but I’m positive Vanessa will have the last laugh at the very end.

  588. 588
    genevieve Says:

    susanna i couldnt agree more! well said!

  589. 589
    ellie Says:

    *rolls eyes* Oh for God’s sake…

    Alright, to all those posters who insist on bashing either Vanessa OR Ashley at the expense of the other listen up.
    They are FRIENDS! I don’t know if people so filled with hate can actually understand this concept, but Vanessa and Ashley are friends. They like each other, they like hanging out with each other and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make the assumption that this means they wouldn’t be happy about their fans insulting one of their best friends.

    If you prefer one over the other, that’s perfectly fine. I’m a fan of both but moreso of Vanessa, therefore I only post on her threads not Ashley’s. But liking one better does not mean that you have to degrade the other to get your point across. All it does is make you seem like petty children who are throwing a tantrum because your favourite star is sharing the limelight. I dare any of you to repeat what you post here to your favorite (Vanessa or Ashley) if you ever get a chance to meet them. I can bet you everything I own that they would be dismayed and upset that a so-called fan irrationally hated one of their closest friends that much.

    So please, comment on your favourite, say that you like their hair, their clothes, their talent etc but refrain from resorting to insults against the other. You’ll seem less childish, fans who like both will be happier they don’t have to read your hatred and the threads will be a happier place.

    Man, sorry all Z/V and A fans again! Guess I’m still in a rant mode :)

  590. 590
    genevieve Says:

    ellie, you go girl! =] up top! *gives ellie high five*

  591. 591
    ellie Says:

    Hi lil sis! Glad you like it! My day hasn’t started yet actually, it’s only 8:30am, but It’s supposed to be nice and sunny so I think it will be a good day :)

    How’s your day been?

    Oh and evelyn posted the link to this article on VABN, but I thought I’d share it with all of you. It’s a cute little write-up of Zanessa as an ‘It-Couple and Hook-up of 2007′

  592. 592
    kristen0606 Says:

    wow ellie haha that was some rant big sis!!!!! very well said though..i still can’t believe that people don’t believe that vanessa and ashley are friends we have heard it from their mouths!!!! people need to listen and stop hating on both of them…just respect the fact that they are true friends!!!

  593. 593
    nana Says:

    Ash+Nessa = Friens forever end ever!!!!!!!!!!

  594. 594
    kristen0606 Says:

    ellie- my day is going pretty good i’ve been watching gilmore girls (its a show) season 1 and 2 for the last couple of hours i got it for christmas…..but other than that its been a good day :)

  595. 595
    ellie Says:

    Thanks Genevieve! *returns high five* :)

  596. 596
    go sox Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that people likeyou, hudgenshater, are so vicious. Sorry, hun, but britney and lindsay do have worse problems than a picture, and for the 100th time, taken a LONG time ago, and leaked without her permission. Those 2 sleep with anything on 2 legs, drink and drive drunk, and look like addicts. If you consider them role models, you must have serious issues yourself.

    It’s pathetic that people like you keep pitting these 2 friends against each other. Some of us prefer Vanessa; some Ashley. I seriously doubt Disney would have cast any “fugly” ( I HATE that word) girls in a lead role in any of their movies. They are both beautiful, talented girls with lots of potential. Grow up and learn to be tolerant and kind to people you may not like. You’ll get nowhere with that attitude.

  597. 597
    ellie Says:

    Ok, here’s another cool little article that evelyn posted on VABN. It seems our Zac is gaining fans left, right and centre. Even estalished actresses are impressed not only with his talent but with his down-to-earth, not-stumbling-out-of-clubs-drunk behaviour:

  598. 598
    troy Says:

    #589 Very well said, ellie, very well said indeed *gives ellie a high five*

    I’m very proud of you and your big sis will be as well. Speaking of which you wouldn’t really dream of blackmailing your sis and favoritist brother-in-law in the whole wide world would you? *gives ellie puppy dog eyes*

  599. 599
    go sox Says:

    susanna, beautifully said! Adversity is very empowering, and there is no reason for Vanessa to roll over and give up. She IS strong, and all of us fans are proud of her bravery and humility!

  600. 600
    ellie Says:

    *returns high five* Thanks brother-in-law, I learned from the best, your little mini-rants inspired me! *hopes desperately the flattery will distract him from realising I didn’t answer his question* :)

  601. 601
    go sox Says:

    ellie, love the wallpaper! That was such a sweet and tender moment and I love the quote. Wasn’t it Zac that said that?

  602. 602
    ellie Says:

    Hi Go Sox! Yep, that’s Zac’s comment from the Pair Dancing ep of ‘Road to HSM 2′. He says it just before that scene actually, so the quote goes together with it anyway!

  603. 603
    troy Says:

    #577 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ oh, I’m sorry did you say something? I didn’t think so. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    You know, I’m so tired of hearing about what Vanessa said on “Tyra Banks”. She did NOT call Britany or Lindsey stupid she said “I think IT’s stupid” referring to behavior in PUBLiC. Nor did she meantion anybody by name. I’m not even going to get into the difference between what happened her (a misguided thing she did in private becoming public) and what some celebritys do for the world to see. And you what she was absolutely right in what she said. I

    Oh and incidentally it doesn’t help your “case” at all to post a list of Readers Pick of Best albums where Ashley’s album is ONE SPACE above Vanessa’s. Because that would indicate that the performers are pretty close in popularity and the albums very close in quality wouldn’t you say?

    Oh wait, I’m sorry I forgot to whom I was posting. Using logic on people like you is futile. Again you have my humbliest apologies. I’m going back sleep now. ZZZZZZZZZ

  604. 604
    ellie Says:

    I think it’s my turn to give out a high five, well said Troy! *high five*

  605. 605
    genevieve Says:

    nice article on zac. i was a little confused by it though. the one part where it was saying someone called her sexy beautiful and lets make the deal. who was saying that? im glad zac is getting nice compliments from actors and actresses, it pushes away all these insults from perez and others

  606. 606
    genevieve Says:

    yes, nice one troy!

  607. 607
    genevieve Says:

    nvm my question was answered

  608. 608
    ellie Says:

    I read back over the article Genevieve. That section is a quote from another director (Richard-Jay Alexander) about Melora Hardin and her music

  609. 609
    audrey Says:

    *grabs ellie’s HSM maracas and starts singing Kumbaya*
    ellie- Your posts are always logical, to the point and unbias. I don’t consider them rants at all :)

    I know the immature posts can cause any sane person to lash out-simply out of sheer frustration and disbelief at the brazen hateful attacks of a person NONE of us know. I’ve taken to simply ignoring the haters. It’s always the same tired 3 things 1.) V’s leaked photos (hence people latching onto to calling her dirty nicknames), 2.) She is “ugly” or “untalented” (again, this is personal preference so how this qualifies as a valid argument is beyond my comprehension), and 3.) Her boyfriend Zac is “gay”. It’s all too juvenille and opinionated for me to even waste time defending, commenting or trying to enlighten someone with that sort of mentality.

    I’m a fan of Ashley moreso than Vanessa, although I bond better with V’s fans. As you can all see Ashley gets attacked with the same judgemental and shallow venom. It’s unfortunate, but I seek comfort in knowing a little thing called karma will come back around. The very people doing all the bashing will one day be met with nothing less than the same courtesy they bestowed upon Miss Hudgens, Miss Tisdale, and others.

  610. 610
    camie Says:

    Thanks ellie! It was a awesome wallpaper

  611. 611
    ellie Says:

    You’re welcome Camie!

    Oh, so you like my maracas Audrey? Hey, now I know something I could use them for, to call together all the ZA’s, HRA’s and GTYAHSM’s in case of emergency :)

    Good post BTW *high five* Oh, and yes, I have watched those subtitled SM movies. My fave is the first one, can you guess why? :)

  612. 612
    troy Says:

    #604 *high fives ellie* I’m glad you liked it ellie. You know I saw where you said it was posts like #603 that inspire you and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. (gives ellie an appreciative brotherly hug* Hey, wait a minute, ellie, you didn’t answer my question about the blackmail ell– *sound of front slamming and a car starting up and driving away rapidly* She couldn’t be immune to the “puppy dog eyes” could she?

    #606 I’m glad you liked it, Genevieve. :)

  613. 613
    genevieve Says:

    yea i was a little confused by that. im a little hyper right now so i guess i read through it too fast haha. thanks btw! and i love the wallpaper, the picture and quote go together so well. *sighs* gotta love those 2!

    g2g now but i will talk to you all tomorrow or later tonight. bye!

  614. 614
    Troy Says:

    I am breaking up with Narf.

  615. 615
    troy Says:

    Me and Narf are over. What do you say ellie?

  616. 616
    audrey Says:

    ellie- It could totally be the “the ZA angels call” your enchanted HSM maracas, haha.

    *high five back* I’m always in support of how you take care of business, no worries!

    Oh, let me think… Perhaps a suave, turtleneck clad young man??

  617. 617
    zanessa110 Says:

    hey guys. ellie i love that wallpaper?\

  618. 618
    ellie Says:

    *talking over the phone* Aww, I’m glad I made you happy Troy and not just cause a happy Troy means a happy sis! Why am I driving away? Uh, well I just remembered I’m late for an…appointment! Yeah, that’s it, a, uh, hair appointment. *nervous laughter*

    *Whew, thank god I got out of there, those puppy dog eyes were starting to get to me* :)

  619. 619
    ellie Says:

    Enchanted HSM Maracas huh? I like that :)

    Hmmm, uh huh, that’s exactly why…. Plus, as a member of the HRA, the fact that it’s really sappy and romantic at parts makes me melt. Is that pathetic or what?

    Bye Genevieve!

    Nice try fake Troy, but you’ll have to do better than that!

  620. 620
    audrey Says:

    OMG, ellie don’t get me started on how the flashbacks of their lives back on the Moon Planet had me bawling. I LOVED Princess Sailor Moon and Prince Darion together (Is it bad I was jealous of her? *embarassed laughter*) I was so sad when her mother had to cast them down to earth in their protected bubbles and amnesia about their true identities.

  621. 621
    zanessa110 Says:

    i found this but i dont know if its true or not. i know that many guys adore vanessa too.
    LOS ANGELES — Despite reports that Disney darlings Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have parted ways, Pop Tarts can assure you the two young lovers are still making more than music.

    Tarts popped the pop prince and princess getting intimate at their own little booth at Hollywood’s hottest hole-in-the-wall, Lola’s, on Friday night. The dancing duo sipped a selection of signature martinis in between constant kisses and cuddles. (What happened to being 21?)

    Strangely enough, their naughty little night out was interrupted when pal Luke Perry joined them. (Isn’t he, like, well into his 40s now?)

    Obviously, our Ness wasn’t allowing any lawsuits to take the fun out of her Friday, as she faces yet another hardship — only this time the saga involves salaries rather than scandalous snaps. It was announced Monday that Hudgens is being sued by her former lawyer, Brian L. Schall, over an $150,000 in allegedly unpaid fees. Schall claims the starlet has swiped more than $5 million in songwriting and recording deals that he was instrumental in negotiating.

    And while Vanessa no doubt will fight her case, will she have to fight to keep Zac, too? Even though the pair did plenty of kissing under the martinis last week, Pop Tarts hears Mr. Efron has a very long line of ladies waiting for him to call.

    “Gorgeous girls throw themselves at him all the time, and he has plenty of phone numbers,” our source said. “And while things are on between Vanessa and Zac at the moment, he has plenty of back-up when/if things go sour.”

    No matter what happens, it looks like Hudgens always will have her “High School” sisters. Pop Tarts popped Hudgens doing a little last-minute shopping with Ashley Tisdale in Woodland Hills on Christmas Eve

    The teen Tinseltowners had a quick bite before bumming into the Westfield Mall — only it seemed as though more conversation was happening on their cell phones than between them.

  622. 622
    Christina Says:

    you know what i noticed vanessa looks pregant in some of theses pictures, but i know its not possible shes a good girl.

  623. 623
    Susanna Says:

    What the heck is Pop Tarts? Is it like a magazine or a gossip blog or something? Never heard of them, so I’m questioning their credibility. But at least they’re not bashing Zac and Vanessa, or their relationship…sort of.

    I don’t know, but does Zac seem like the type of guy who would take many girls’ phone numbers so that he has a back-up plan on the off-chance things go bad with Vanessa? Weird article, it has me all confused :(.

  624. 624
    kristen0606 Says:

    zanessa110 i don’t think that is true because that doesn’t sound like zac and vanessa at all…i don’t believe it at all beside they don’t go out to places like that and drink martinis..they’ve said that too, they are the kind of people who stay at home and they don’t got to places where they will be seen..thats just my opinion though!!!!

  625. 625
    ellie Says:

    Audrey, you are like my soul sister! Those flashbacks always made me cry! I’m also a big fan of greek mythology and considering in the original japanese version they are Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion as based (loosely) on the greek legend, it just makes it even more romantic. Oh and I have to admit this, I’ve actually read a fan-translated version of the manga online *hangs head* Embarrassing I know, but parts of it I prefer to the anime even if it makes me cry more because in the flashbacks to the past, the princess actually kills herself with his sword after he’s murdered by that evil queen.

    And I have now just cemented myself in the geek hall of fame *sigh*

  626. 626
    audrey Says:

    Looking through this pics again, I :
    a. hyperventalated for a sec because Ashley’s blue dress is the same dress I just purchased from Juicy Couture to wear out for NYE! LOVE it!
    b. Vanessa’s “V” necklace is subtle and too cute.
    c. I love their hair! It’s like they had a teasing party before they went out. Pump up the volume ladies!

    ellie – Girl, we’ve got to make a date in LA with you,me, and DEE! I was just at Westfield Mall last Thursday shopping for last minute gitfs! Grrr, I would have been so excited to see them. First, I’d probably tear up (aw, sad but oh-so-true) and then I’d have to muster up some courage to at least say hi, tell them how much I enjoy HSM and “He Said She Said” and if all seemed well, maybe ask for a photo?

  627. 627
    audrey Says:

    *grabbing ellie out of the pity party pool*

    Girl, I cried too when she killed herself after he died! I used to think it was so dorky how much I knew about SM. Look at you! Your even whipping out the “Princess Serenity” lingo. I was like “oh snap, no ellie did not just say that!” And her mom was Queen Amadalya or something to that effect?

  628. 628
    ellie Says:

    Although that article isn’t exactly bashing on V and Z, not too sure I really believe all of it. The part where they were out maybe (only cause the thought of them being together in public kissing and cuddling is sigh-worthy) but the phone-numbers part? I severely doubt it. There was a rumour a few months back that he asked some hotel interns or something for their phone numbers and he’s on record as flat out saying he would never do something like that. Therefore, I really don’t think he’s going to keep a collection of random girls’ phone numbers. And this source? When has an anonymous source like this ever been true?

    Hmmm, you are so right Audrey! Maybe I can convince my best friend to include LA in the stops on our backpacking trip end of ’08 :)

  629. 629
    just the facts Says:

    zanessa110 @ 12/26/2007 at 6:26 pm i found this but i dont know if its true or not. i know that many guys adore vanessa too.

    I wouldn’t put too much belief in this story. Pop Tarts is part of Fox News Entertainment. It’s their attempt at celebrity gossip which is usually not even close to being accurate.

  630. 630
    ellie Says:

    Well Audrey, guess we’ll just be dorky together! Wasn’t her mum’s name Serenity as well? Ok, this is bad, I’m now checking SM facts on the internet…Ok, yep, her mum’s name was Queen Serenity.

    Oh and apologies to everyone for having an off-topic discussion. Just ignore Audrey and me, we’re gluttons for embarrassment :)

  631. 631
    audrey Says:

    ellie-Seriously, if you ever come by LA at the very least I will send you my recommendations. It’s still crazy to me that some of my favorite actors/singers literally shop, eat, and hang out at places I go to as well! I have a feeling I’ll bump into one of the HSM stars someday. I just don’t want to cry- I tend to cry not just when I’m sad- if I get scared, frustrated, anxious… turn on the faucets.

    And yes, sorry for our off-topic Sailor Moon chit-chat! But you guys have gotta admit, Sailor Moon is/was pretty fly :)

  632. 632
    dalia Says:

    It seems like that article is a culmination of several articles. The law suit, them out to dinner, the phone number thing was just recent–remember the snippet about him going to a concert? And then V and Ash. shopping the other day. It just touches on several articles and summerizes.

  633. 633
    audrey Says:

    Oh, and ellie it is too cute that you say “mum”! I can imagine the Australian accent when saying “mum”, awww!

  634. 634
    nett Says:

    They’re both gorgeous! But we want ZANESSA now JJ !!!!!!!!!!!!

  635. 635
    zanessa110 Says:

    thanks guys. i wasnt too sure if it was true or not.

  636. 636
    narf Says:

    Hi ellie my adorable little sis, I see someone tried to impersonate brother in law again.

  637. 637
    audrey Says:

    A little off-topic, but is zvkg now going by aiko_ai because of all the impersonators?

  638. 638
    ellie Says:

    Hi Narf, my cool older sis! Yep, we have another impersonator, what can I say, the ZA’s are famous!

    That would be cool Audrey! I still have to convince her yet (she’s not too keen on going to the U.S.) I think I’ve managed so far for her to agree to go to New York (I’ve always wanted to go there) but I’ll have to come up with some good reasons to include LA. :)

    Hee hee, well I try and imagine all of you guys speaking what you type in American accents. I can’t pull it off very well, though my mum says I sing with an american accent :)

  639. 639
    ellie Says:

    Yep she is, but sshhh, it’s a secret :)

  640. 640
    zanessa110 Says:

    ellie, really. finally, ive been worried about where she was. dont worry ill keep it on the down low.

  641. 641
    narf Says:

    Did you happen to see which way your real brother in law went ellie? *I have to make sure he switched envelopes last night when he bumped into Ellie*

    Oh and what did Santa bring you for Christmas?

  642. 642
    audrey Says:

    I hope you love New York ellie! I lived there before and it’s an amazingly diverse and vibrant energy NY gives off. *sigh* I miss it there.

    I hope you can convince her! I’m not sure how big of a shopper you or your friend are, but that’s something! There are all the movie studios, Walk of Fame (the stars with famous peoples’ names in the middle), the beach, um… the weather here is always warm enough for sandals!

    I wish I had an accent. I was born in the South and used to have a twang when I was little, but I moved away and lost the accent. Now I just sound… American. Haha. My boss is Austrailian and I love how she says everything, even my name. And when she says bye it’s like this 3syllable “bou-y-I “way she says it!

  643. 643
    Steph Says:

    # 637 audrey @ 12/26/2007 at 7:22 pm A little off-topic, but is zvkg now going by aiko_ai because of all the impersonators?
    aiko_ai is gi kodaly isn’t it? I thought it was…

  644. 644
    troy Says:

    #636 Hey Narf hun, how are you? *big kiss*

    I think we’re going to have keep an eye on ellie, she seems to be up to some mischief involving blackmail and she has a disurbingly high tolerance to the “puppy dog eyes”. Hard to believe but its true.

  645. 645
    audrey Says:

    zanessa110- me too! I figured that was her. She’s sly though, I haven’t forgotten the ill-fate of my BMW I entrusted to her. haha :)

    Hi narf! Merry (belated) Christmas, hope you enjoyed yourself!

  646. 646
    aiko_ai Says:

    Steph @ 12/26/2007 at 7:31 pm
    lol, naw. Audrey’s right. Did you see the last two threads? ugh….I don’t mind the impersonation. but at least do a good job of it. be sarcastic. be sarcastic!! j/k

  647. 647
    audrey Says:

    Narf and Troy- since you both seem to be here for a moment. If it’s not too intrusive (and please, by all means do not feel obligated to answer if you don’t feel comfortable) but, do you two date in real-life? I don’t mean to pry, but I can’t tell if its just another ZA angel “family” type thing, or if it’s the real deal. Again, I’m sorry if I seem nosey I don’t mean to :(

  648. 648
    ellie Says:

    Uh, last time I saw him sis, he was looking shocked in the rearview mirror of my car as I drove away :)

    Let’s see, Santa brought me lots of things: A silver chain, a jewellery stand and an earrings stand, earrings, money, a bottle of Bailey’s and a bottle of Vodka (to be shared around of course!), my HSM collector’s dvd and maracas, a cool egg-shaped light and Grease 1 and 2 on dvd (I haven’t had a chance to watch Grease 2 yet)

    Oh and I discovered my 16 year-old cousin is a HSM fan too, so we ended up watching both movies back to back on Christmas, while discussing how hot we think Zac is :)

  649. 649
    audrey Says:

    Hi aiko-ai! I missed chatting with you! How was your Christmas?

  650. 650
    narf Says:

    Hello my darling Troy, *big hug and kiss* I see someone tried to cause a fight between us.

    Oh and as long as you took care of that little errand last night sweetie, I don’t think we will have to worry about our little ellie. *another big kiss*

  651. 651
    troy Says:

    #647 No you’re not being too intrusive Audrey. Is it the real deal? Yes.

  652. 652
    audrey Says:

    ellie- Your gifts sound so great! What do the earrings look like? I tend to be distracted by shiny, pretty things so I’m curious what they look like :) And how fun the movie night w/ your cousin must have been! I recently got my sister into HSM. We watched HSM2 and all the bloopers and extras together. I’ve been eyeing that HSM2 dvd game… I might have to cave and buy it. It looks like too much fun.

  653. 653
    ellie Says:

    That’s some good persuasive suggestions Audrey, I’ll try them out!

    Your boss is an Aussie? Cool, although I’m guessing she’s probably from the eastern states. I get told my accent isn’t as strong because I’m from SA, I’ve even been asked if I was from the UK, cause apparently my accent is more proper! I don’t really think it is, but I guess compared to somebody from say Queensland, we have less of a twang to ours :)

  654. 654
    troy Says:

    #650 Oh don’t worry, Narf it’s all taking care of, your little sis doesn’t expect a thing. *laughs manically*

  655. 655
    Lynn Says:

    Can’t wait to read your latest fanfic Ellie. Those titles sound really interesting lol!

    I wish the HSM cast could have acted your christmas one. I could see them doing it when I was reading it.

  656. 656
    audrey Says:

    *tears up* (and yes, I really did tear up a little) I sensed this was a bit more than virtual flirtation. And you both like HSM too? Aw, life is not fair! My boyfriend cannot stand HSM and I know he only semi-tolerates it simply because he knows it makes me happy.

  657. 657
    narf Says:

    Yes audry, Troy and I are dting in real life. He is a sweet gentleman wwho makes me very happy.

  658. 658
    audrey Says:

    Ellie- My boss was born in Melbourne. Is that an Eastern state? Her family now lives in Sydney I believe. *shakes head* Wow, for a college-graduate I need to study my world map again, haha.

  659. 659
    Steph Says:

    aiko_ai @ 12/26/2007 at 7:34 pm
    ***wipes sweat off forehead*** I was wondering where you’ve been!!! So glad to know this now. I thought I was chatting to someone else one day, LOL

    Hey nice moniker, very pretty. Does it mean something?

  660. 660
    aiko_ai Says:

    audrey @ 12/26/2007 at 7:37 pm
    It’s good. I’m trying to understand something but somethings just baffles me.

  661. 661
    ellie Says:

    Well, they’re silver and have three hearts made of paua shell arranged around a paua shell triangle, connected together by silver metal scrollwork. They’re really pretty, my Aunty bought them from New Zealand (where paua shell comes from).

    I love earrings! I have a home-made ‘earrings board’ to hold all of mine. I think I’m up to around 100 pairs, they are my weakness!

  662. 662
    ellie Says:

    Thanks Lynn! I hope you like the new one as much as the Christmas one. It’s harder for me to write but I’m working on it :)

    Yep Audrey, Melbourne is the capital of Victoria which we consider an eastern state. Actually, SA and Vic have a pretty strong rivalry stemming from sports, footy mainly. We have a saying ‘Kick a Vic’, not nice I know, but it’s just part of the fun :)

  663. 663
    narf Says:

    Hey ellie, that’s nice that you like earrings and you do have a few pairs don’t you? At least they take up less room then shoes.

  664. 664
    audrey Says:

    A whole earrings board!? My friend used to have a headband board. She had every color, every size headband you could think of. It was pretty cool, but your earrings board sounds wonderful! I love earrings too, but for some reason I don’t own too many pairs- maybe 30? And I have 5 friggin’ holes in my ears…you’d think I would own/wear more earrings than I do.

    aiko_ai- Everything ok? I’ve been off the threads b/c of the holidays, and I tried to keep up with the going-ons around here. I fear a few things went over my head.

  665. 665
    narf Says:

    *cuddles next to Troy* Thanks for taking care of that little errand Troy honey. *big kiss*

  666. 666
    aiko_ai Says:

    audrey @ 12/26/2007 at 7:54 pm
    lol. I’m okay. I guess I just got a slap in my face kind of thing. Kind of woke me up on some things. I’m really trying to open up my mind in what other people see. So….yeah.

    I know I’m not making any sense. but it’s one of those philosophy kind of thing.

  667. 667
    evelyn Says:

    i gotta admit, i believe that pop tarts article .. fox news is pretty reliable .. i didn’t know there were rumors they had broken up? hadn’t heard that one recently ..anyway, i think its cool they were showing some pda .. and, i know they are under 21, but you know what, my friends and i drank when we were under 21 and it does not make you a bad person … i mean, they are college age, that is what people that age do! .. looking forward to hearing about what they do on New Years .. i am assuming they will be together ..

  668. 668
    ellie Says:

    Yep, plus they’re less expensive than shoes as well sis. I’m usually happy buying colourful or beaded earrings which are around AUD$15, so it doesn’t send me broke!

    I only have one set of piercings Audrey, though I’m thinking about getting a second set. My earrings board is good, it’s made out of three wooden placemats with holes drilled in them, painted dark purple and connected by ribbon. The best part is I can just keep adding more placemats to the bottom when my collection grows :)

    Oh, and I wanted to apologise for not being entirely truthful with you the other day. I did already know that sis and brother-in-law were dating for real but I didn’t want to say anything without their permission, forgive me? :)

  669. 669
    audrey Says:

    Your making sense. Those cold, harash realizations sometimes leave us speechless and pondering inside our heads. I think with the New Year coming along thats reasonable. I’m having to ask myself all kinds of hard questions, and it’s something I’ll have to figure out on my own.

    Aw, speaking of “On My Own” that is my favorite song from Les Miserables.

  670. 670
    troy Says:

    #665 *cuddles Narf* You’re welcome sweetie. Can I stop with the triumphant manical laughter now? It’s starting to hurt my throat.

  671. 671
    aiko_ai Says:

    lol evelyn. We just had this same conversation in ZF. so all I’m gonna say is…

    “Bad bad bad Zan. Please don’t drink in public anymore. “

    and Troy. if you’re reading this…can you guess who I am in ZF?? hahaha. ^^ shhhhhh now.

  672. 672
    audrey Says:

    ellie- Don’t be sorry, I understand! I wish I weren’t so curious, but I was!

    I went through a piercing phase- I don’t necessarily recommend it, but I didn’t like the permanent nature of a tattoo, so I opted on piercing. Gosh, I am making myself sound like I’m all goth or something (no offense to goths) At one point I had 10 piercings (6 of which were my ears)

  673. 673
    ellie Says:

    *looks around steathily, sees Troy and Narf cuddling in the corner*

    Sis and brother-in-law are distracted, now it’s time to put my plan into action…*opens envelope* Hey, hang on a sec, this isn’t my blackmail material…

    *looks at the contents* ‘Troy’s Guide to Deceiving Mischevious Little Sister-In-Laws’

    TROY! :)

  674. 674
    narf Says:

    Yes please do Troy *kisses Troy to stop the laugh*sweeie, it’s actually starting to get a little creepy.

  675. 675
    aiko_ai Says:

    audrey @ 12/26/2007 at 8:09 pm
    I love piercing. only in ears though.
    I’ve pierced my top ears soooo many times. but it always gets plugged up, because I always take it out after two months due to swelling. but for now. I have two each. I should have had 4 each and the top getting pierced twice, but hey…they’re gone. so…only 2 each just stayed. I still want to pierce the top part though.

  676. 676
    narf Says:

    *stops kissing Troy and looks at ellie innocently* Something wrong sis?

  677. 677
    audrey Says:

    aiko_ai-I had that too. It’s such an easy target for infections/swellings. Mine closed up on me once and I re-pierced it just the one time.

    I’ve got to head out. Please cross your fingers that this expected snow storm doesn’t delay/cancel my flight- I’m missing LA! Bye ellie, troy, narf, aiko_ai, and everyone else hanging around on the thread!

  678. 678
    troy Says:

    #674 Oh, oh the last thing I want to do is creep you out Narf, hu *cuddles and big kiss* How can I make it up to you?

    Why ellie, dear, you’re looking upset is something I’ve done? ;)

    #671 I am reading and I haven’t figured out your secret yet, lol. So its safe for now. I kind of started what turned out to be a rather heated coversation. *blush* And I quickly ducked out. *blush*

  679. 679
    ellie Says:

    Yeah, piercing is definitely less permanent than a tattoo. My brother just got a tattoo (on his upper arm, it’s pretty cool I have to admit. it’s the word Ceol which is Irish Gaelic for music) and both of his ears pierced.

    Oh and I’m glad you understand Audrey. I’m a curious person too, so I can relate.

  680. 680
    Claire Says:


  681. 681
    Gabriela Brazil Says:

    Vanessa and ashley !
    They are a perfects girls!

  682. 682
    ellie Says:

    Bye Audrey, have a safe flight!

    Ooh, you two are so sneaky…This means war you know :)

  683. 683
    narf Says:

    Bye Audrey.
    Don’t worry Darling, *big kiss* I will think of something.

  684. 684
    daze Says:

    Zac Efron: Vanessa Hudgens is a sexy woman

    Atlanta, GA 12/26/2007 11:32 PM GMT (FINDITT)

    Zac Efron has laid breakup rumors to rest after his latest comment about ‘High School Musical’ co-star and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens.

    “The weird thing that no one expected about Vanessa is that underneath such a sweet girl…is a very sexy woman,” said the 20-year-old actor.

    The couple were rumored to be having problems after Efron went to a concert and flirted with a group of girls. According to source, all the girls gave Efon their number and he never mentioned Vanessa.

    To view more stories and news related to Entertainment please go to:

    i just wanted to share this

  685. 685
    daze Says:

    Zac Efron on Vanessa Hudgens: ‘She’s Such a Sexy Woman’

    By Wendy Cook
    Dec 24, 2007

    Zac Efron usually keep very quiet on his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. But OK! Magazine quotes the young actor when they caught up with the teen dream couple earlier this month. The pair were spotted by the weekly entertainment magazine on the streets of Hollywood on Dec. 15, the day after Vanessa’s 19th birthday.

    Zac Efron on Vanessa Hudgens: ‘She’s Such a Sexy Woman’ (Image: Wenn)

    The very private Zac defended his gal. “The weird thing that no one expected about Vanessa is that underneath such a sweet girl… is a very sexy woman,” Zac, 20, has said of his girlfriend. Well, we all know that now, thanks to her earlier photo release.


    Mike Walker has a Zac update as well and tells how he sneaks out of work when he wants to dodge the paparazzi. He writes in this wek’s national Enquirer, “Zac Efron ain’t just another pretty face – the teen-throb’s brainstormed a way-cool way to duck fans and photogs who mob him at the studio gates after work on his new flick “Seventeen”.

    According to Walker, “Zac simply ducks down inside a studio van, gets driven to various streets nearby, then hops into cars left by his rental company – a different one every day – and drives home unnoticed.”

  686. 686
    Lynn Says:

    Did anyone see this on JFX?

    Looks like JFX will have fun at X17′s downfall and I bet Z & V won’t be that upset either :)

  687. 687
    jb Says:

    Good Evening everyone..I see we have some PDA going on..Ellie is that upsetting you? Can someone get me up to speed?

  688. 688
    narf Says:

    Aweee ellie, you wouldn’t declare war on your 2 favorite family members would you?

  689. 689
    jb Says:

    Ellie do we need to pull out the envelope? Remember the one with big black letters with the word blackmail???

  690. 690
    kristen0606 Says:

    hey everyone!! how is everyone this wonderful evening??? hey jb, and ellie!!! you know i missed talking to everyone as a whole!! what about a party here on a zac and vanessa thread on new years eve??

  691. 691
    zanessa110 Says:

    daze, are those sources reliable?

  692. 692
    aiko_ai Says:

    troy @ 12/26/2007 at 8:22 pm
    ahahaha. nah, it’s all cool now. ZF can get pretty intense…oh well.

  693. 693
    ellie Says:

    I wish Jb, Troy bumped into me last night and switched the envelopes :(

    Hmmm, I don’t know sis, a war could be fun…Nah, I’m not that sneaky or mean. Nub you :)

    Ok guys, I’m off to go shopping then to work, so I’ll catch up with you tomorrow. Oh and a party sounds like a great idea lil sis!

  694. 694
    kristen0606 Says:

    thanks big sis!! i just thought we could get the whole ZA’s together….it would be sooo fun!!! we will start to plan soon!!! who else wants to help??

  695. 695
    narf Says:

    Have fun shopping Ellie, nub you too.

  696. 696
    jb Says:

    Ellie soooo thats what happen with the envelope. We can forget all about it… what blackmail thing????

  697. 697
    evelyn Says:

    zanessa110 – hi! i gotta admit, it seems like the Enquirer has been spot on for a while (they had the jamie lynn spears story months ago!), what they report i pretty much believe for the most part .. that quote out of ok magazine was actually taken from the rolling stone article MONTHS ago though, so that is a little misleading

  698. 698
    zanessa110 Says:

    evelyn i know. im talking about the part where they sais that zac was in a club and gave girls his phone number. how have you been?

  699. 699
    lala_girl Says:

    They both look gorgeous!!!

    Ash is so pretty and herself again! LOVE her!
    And to all the haters out there: Her eyes look a little different ’cause lately she has NOT been wearing ÀNY make up like mascara or something. Have you seen V without make up? I HAVE and she looks aweful, just as Ashley does without make up. Just as everybody does!
    Give them both a break! They’re BOTH Beautiful girls that Zac loves!
    Well, maybe he loves them in different ways, but still! And they’re all BFF’s so, stop saying: LOVE V, BUT HATE ASH! ’cause it’s stupid when they’re BFF’s!

    GOSH! Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM BOTH TO DEAD!

    And the paps should give them a break! It’s enough with 5 to 10 pics, why more? Give them a break! And Zanessa is definitely NOT OVER! Just have found another way to avoid the paps! But I’m sure the paps are going to figure it out soon enough! Besides Zac and V are both busy with their careers, so yeah….. they just took a little break… But I bet that they give each other a call wheneve they can or txt message each other and stuffs!!!

    Love them!!!! Ash, V & Zac Rocks!

    Zac’s sooooooooooo HOT! LOL!

  700. 700
    lala_girl Says:

    #700! “Yay me”

  701. 701
    elena Says:

    gracias jared muy buenas fotos

  702. 702
    evelyn Says:

    zanessa 110 – the only story i saw was where zac was a at a concert and girls were giving him THEIR numbers . which i am not surprised as i am sure girls throw themselves at him all the time. i didn’t see where it said he gave them HIS number.

    its kinda funny, b/c that concert story came out after we had already seen zac and vanessa at the movie premiere and the day after her bday and also heard they had dinner on her bday, so clearly things are fine between them.

  703. 703
    Karen Says:

    Hey everyone, been lurking for a little while. Debating about going to bed, I feel terrible, can’t breathe—it’s always bad not to be able to breathe…I went through this very thing for 2 or 3 days just about 3 weeks ago. I’m beginning to think it is an allergy but don’t know what. But this time I’m having problems with one of my ears plugging up off and on, very annoying.

    About those articles, I’d be very leery about believing them. The problem with those type rumors is there is usually at least ONE thing that has a thread of truth to it but then it is twisted so much that even the one fact becomes more of a lie. But people see one aspect that was possibly was true so they start believing EVERYTHING that publication or website prints.

    I remember years ago Cher was talking about that very thing on an interview show and she said how these gossip magazines will print one fact that they have found somewhere and make a big story about it with lies to twist that one truth to make the fact “sensational” and the magazine suddenly becomes creditable. So, I’m saying, maybe Zac and Vanessa were spotted getting cozy in a corner booth but were NOT drinking—especially out where someone could photograph them(and if they were, I’m sure this “source” would love to prove it with photos.) But that’s just it, these sources can SAY anything but they don’t prove it. Maybe they did meet up with Matthew Perry—but Perry is known to have addictions so that is another reason why I doubt they were drinking—and maybe Perry wanted to treat them to a Christmas dinner or something and wanted to meet Vanessa. There are a lot of possibilities. BUT I doubt that the story that was printed was EXACTLY the way it happened. Maybe Zac left to go home to see his parents on the weekend and wanted to have a night out with Vanessa before he left.

    I do imagine that Zac has found ways to avoid the press by now. And probably Matthew Perry has been helpful in that department. LOL But back to the half-truths about these articles: as someone said, the part about Zac saying Vanessa was a sexy woman, that was part of his interview in Rolling Stone so that there goes to show they put together some of these articles—it’s like mishmash!

  704. 704
    daze Says:

    i don’t know if there real caused i just founf it about the concert did zac go to the concert how come we never heard about it and i know vanessa went to the concert

  705. 705
    narf Says:

    Hey Karen, I hope you feel better soon.

    And thanks for your imput on the articles. I think no one should take those ragazines as truthful.

    I know some people are dying for info on one or both of these 2, but to believe every word as true is not good.

    And even though some are connected to legit news sources, it does not mean they can be seen as reliable. They can make things up just as easily.

  706. 706
    zanessa110 Says:

    ok evelyn

  707. 707
    aiko_ai Says:

    evelyn @ 12/26/2007 at 9:28 pm
    actually, that concert story is pretty old. this is more like a bunch of stories from different rumor put together. enquirer is actually pretty good at that. They put up every rumor they hear, hoping that one of them is true.

  708. 708
    daze Says:

    It Couples AND Hookups of 2007
    The stars of Disney’s hit movie “High School Musical,” Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens became the center of attention this year when they were spotted vacationing in Hawaii. The new hot couple were photographed looking very cozy and comfortable together. Vanessa had a tumultuous year when pictures of her surfaced on the Web, but this did not bother Zac one bit. He proudly stood by his girl through it all.
    The new “Grease” couple for the new millenium posed together for the DVD release of Disney’s “High School Musical 2: Extended Edition” at Hollywood and Highland on Nov. 19, 2007 in Los Angeles.
    (Kevin Winter/Getty Images

  709. 709
    dalia Says:

    hey bff, two timing again?

  710. 710
    Karen Says:

    Thanks Narf. I have promised myself once the holidays passed I was going to make myself slow down and get more rest. Something has to give or it is going to be me, I’m afraid. I’m now having some difficulty with my hair coming out so I think it is time to make some big changes in my lifestyle!

    I may not talk to any of you until tomorrow so have a great night!

  711. 711
    evelyn Says:

    karen – good points. i think the article said ‘luke perry’ but maybe they had it wrong and meant matthew perry, that would seem to make ALOT more sense!

  712. 712
    narf Says:

    Karen, your body is trying to tell you something. Please, please, please take care of yourself. We nub you and need you.

  713. 713
    jb Says:

    Hey bff if you look the last comment was early when you disappeared into the bathtub with HB..

  714. 714
    jb Says:

    OMG Karen you really need to get yourself checked out!!! If you don’t do it for yourself do it for all the peeps on here that heart you..We don’t want anything to happen to you!!!!

  715. 715
    Steph Says:

    Hi Karen :) yes I agree w/narf, please take care of yourself. We nub you and we’re here if you need us. I hope you had a great xmas!

  716. 716
    dalia Says:

    I noticed JB– what’s the word over here everyone?

  717. 717
    Karen Says:

    evelyn: just saw your comment before turning off my computer. See, it just goes to show how much these ragazines know what they are writing about. Why would Zac and Vanessa be meeting Luke Perry? Wouldn’t it be more likely to be MATTHEW Perry if they met anyone since Zac is working with him right now? These stupid people can’t even get names right so imagine how factual their fact are! And then they are always saying things about Zac and Vanessa breaking up or their relationship being in trouble because they know it will catch people’s attention.

    I saw on Extra! tonight how they were saying that X17 has such a good relationship with the celebrities because they don’t run them down or get up in their faces, etc. It was a laugh! It said the website was better than most and reliable… if they are it isn’t with Vanessa or Tony Parker either!

    Well, this time it is good-night all!

  718. 718
    Steph Says:

    nighty nite karen :)

  719. 719
    jb Says:

    Ok guys someone tell me that they have Karen’s info. cause if I don’t see her on for a few days I’m going to start to worry..seriously..I don’t know her that well, but it looks like you guys do so someone needs to keep in touch with her..Very serious look on my face…

  720. 720
    Reno dee Says:

    Hi all you Zanessa supporters!

    I just wanted to stop by and see how all of you are doing, and how your Christmas was. I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday. :-D

    I haven’t been on much…trying to spend some time with my boys before they go visit their dad this weekend. :-(

  721. 721
    narf Says:

    Don’t worry jb, we’ve got it covered.

  722. 722
    Reno dee Says:

    Karen, get some rest and go see a doctor about your ear. It could be something with your sinuses and that’s causing your ears to fill with fluid and/or you breathing problem. You may have some fluid in your lungs. Make an appt tomorrow, or I’ll track you down and take you myself. LOL jk (sort of)

  723. 723
    narf Says:

    Hey reno dee, good to see you. I had a great day yesterday, how about you?

  724. 724
    Reno dee Says:

    It was great, I got the boys a present that they actually gave me a BIG bear hug for. That hasn’t happened in a long time (the voluntary hugging LOL). It was nice spending time with all my family too. I really like this time of year.

    Right now it’s really cold. When the boys and I went to the store earlier it was 25 degrees F. Brrrr….

  725. 725
    Sara Says:

    for anyone who was looking for Vanessa’s white boots…

  726. 726
    Reno dee Says:

    Narf, are you and Troy being good? lol

  727. 727
    dalia Says:

    Yeah Karen sounds like pnemonia( sp?) go first thing tomorrow!!!

  728. 728
    narf Says:

    Yikes, that is cold.

    Aweee, a voluntary hug is always the best.

  729. 729
    jb Says:

    Narf thanks!!! feeling better…

  730. 730
    narf Says:

    You’r welcome jb.

    Yes reno dee, Troy and I are being absolute angels I swear.

  731. 731
    jb Says:

    Ok guys I’m out for the night..Take care everyone..sweet dreams..
    read you guys tomorrow….

    peace out…

  732. 732
    narf Says:

    Good night jb.

  733. 733
    aiko_ai Says:

    Ashley definitely had more work done than just her nose. Her eyes, absolutely.

  734. 734
    aly&ajFanForeva Says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but does Ashley’s face look like it’s….missing something. Not like make-up or an eye or something, it just looks…empty. Yeah, that sounded weird. I don’t know how to put it, but she looks different. I think she did something to her eyes because her forehead seems to take up more space and her face looks longer. Picture number 15 makes her face look all droopy. Just my observation. I like Vanessa’s hairstyle though…

  735. 735
    yets Says:

    No Zanessa pic yet?

  736. 736
    zvkg Says:

    aiko_ai @ 12/26/2007 at 11:35 pm

    sigh…seriously. it’s you again. are you done using my other name now? do you want to use this one, that way I can use the other name?

  737. 737
    narf Says:

    Awee zvkg, we know who you are. Don’t let them force you to change your name. We know you would never say anything bad.

  738. 738
    Steph Says:

    yes, zvkg, we know… and we know our little imposter too :P no worries.

  739. 739
    audrey Says:

    #736- I’m real sorry about “outing” you earlier, I just didn’t know where you went! I hope I didn’t add any fuel to the fire for this bored person(s) to keep impersonating you. My lips are sealed from now on. *thumps self in the head for having too big of a mouth*

  740. 740
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    Hi to all my Fellow ZA’s here… How are you guys! I hope your Christmas went well together with the family, and time flies so fast and the New Year is approaching.. Btw.. sorry guys.. If I sometimes miss the fun convo you have here, its hard if you are at work and at the same time going to JJ, cant concentrate really! so while im doing my post now, im having a break at work.. lol!

    Seems the last few pages of the thread has more positive post than negative ones, and that is wonderful. Though I’ve read few article which I doubt the reliability written on it, since most stuff were mixed up news from previous, on the whole I find it just all hearsay that I find hard to believe.

    589 Ellie …Love your, right on target! Good job! .

    609… audrey..I absolutely agree with you. Nice post :)

    Karen… I hope your alright, I pray for your health and get more rest pls..pls..pls.. the Za’s need you big time!

    Narf.. you and Troy are just Adorable, I hope you guys had a nice Christmas time! together *wink wink* wonder what you gave to each other, can u give me a little hint only if u want…heh heh!

    Hi to Steph, Narf How was your day going? I miss you guys!

  741. 741
    audrey Says:

    Nite’ everyone!

    ellie- Hopefully you come across this tomorrow. Could I get your email address? I’d really like to write a fan-fic to share with others. I would appreciate your opinion (and to not step on your toes- I know you started sharing your stories here first, it just inspires me to write more as well!) Once I’ve got maybe a chapter finished I’d love for you to mull it over and let me know what you think?

  742. 742
    zvkg Says:

    nah. it’s okay audrey. I’ll just stick to zvkg since everyone seems to know me that way, and i’m signed in as this in other places. oh well…

  743. 743
    zvkg Says:

    oh and thanks narf, steph and audrey. lol…

    oh well…

  744. 744
    narf Says:

    Don’t blame yourself audrey, the only person at fault is the one behind it all.

    What this person fails to understand is that we all know each other to well to believe that one of us would say something like that.

    They can’t get a fight out of us as themselves, so they try to get us to fight each other.

  745. 745
    audrey Says:

    #742- Okay, I just felt bad because I was asking of your whereabouts earlier and kind of “spilled the beans” if you want to call it that.

    #744- Thank you narf :)

    Hi and bye V-Loyalist, I’m sorry I missed you!

  746. 746
    narf Says:

    Hey v-loyalist, my christmas was great thanks. And Troy gave me his heart for christmas which is all I really wanted.

    Night Audrey.

  747. 747
    zanessafan4eva Says:

    hey guys!

    there’s a new video of ashley & vanessa out and about today the 26th

  748. 748
    narf Says:

    Anytime audrey, have a good night.

  749. 749
    zvkg Says:

    anyways…I’m uploading the new video of Ashnessa. So…wait for awhile. the youtube version should be up soon. ^^

  750. 750
    zvkg Says:

    I guess BFF is keeping each other company while their BFs are w/ their family. lol.

  751. 751
    daze Says:


    OMG! It’s Zac Efron and the rest of the “High School Musical 2” cast. They’re just some of the people who will be recognized at the ninth annual awards show for “their contributions to outstanding family entertainment.” And it’s well deserved. When you can lure 17.2 million people to a cable channel — a family-friendly channel at at that — on a Friday night, you know something’s been done right. America Ferrera of “Ugly Betty” fame will also scoop up an award as an actress and for the series. Phil Keoghan, who normally has to remain stoic as he dismisses teams on “The Amazing Race,” will spread only joy as he hosts the show. 9 p.m. CW

  752. 752
    narf Says:

    Sounds like a plan to me. Besides, there’s always New Years right?

  753. 753
    ellie Says:

    Ok, a quick drive-by post before I go to work.

    Audrey, you wouldn’t be stepping on my toes, I’d love to read over your fanfic!

    Here, I’ll give you my hotmail address which I never use. You can email me there, then I’ll email you back my real address:

    Nice to see you here V-L!

    I’m sorry that the imposter won’t give up Zvkg, but sis is right, we know you well enough to tell you and them apart :)

    Ok, I’m off again, have a nice night!

  754. 754
    zvkg Says:

    Here you go!! New Ashnessa video:

  755. 755
    narf Says:

    Have fun at work ellie, see you tomorrow.

  756. 756
    jenna Says:

    wow, they really made a spectacle out of themselves earlier today.

  757. 757
    zvkg Says:

    lol. I think it was those photographers. when people saw that many paps…people got a little too curious.

  758. 758
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    Oh guys.. Narf, ellie, zvkg (nice to see that name again) glad you’re all still here, and See ya audrey!

    Narf.. thats good to know, i read that your mum, sister and brothers as well as the angels in your life was with you on Christmas, my bet you had a blast especially with the kids.

  759. 759
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    Bye Ellie!

  760. 760
    narf Says:

    Thanks for the video zvkg. I can’t believe those paps. And did you hear the idiot in the backround saying how it was all for show?

    I can’t believe after all this time people can still be so clueless. Oh well, at least we know the truth.

  761. 761
    daze Says:

    how come vanessa and zac didn’t spend time together on christmas

  762. 762
    zvkg Says:

    i think it’s because they broke up.

  763. 763
    narf Says:

    Yes v-loyalist, I had a great time, although my neice tired my dog out. I think he will be sleeping for the next couple of days.

  764. 764
    narf Says:

    Daze, pay no attention to # 762, that is not the real zvkg. She would never say anything like that.

    Zac and Vanessa are fine. They know that Christmas is for family, and there is always New Year’s.

    What’s the matter #762, aka fake zvkg? Hubby out with his mistress?

  765. 765
    zvkg Says:

    lol. see zvkg (impostor), unlike you….I don’t need to know what Zanessa are doing behind closed door, nor do I wonder everyday if they broke up or not. And seriously….whether they’re still together or not, it’s not like it’s gonna change for me. I’ll still love them both. More so w/ Van. So…whatever.

    lol, seriously though. Zac and Van maybe bfs and gfs, but…they’re still young. Vanessa is still under her parents roof and its understandable that she would spend it w/ her parents and family., and unlike where Zac can see Vanessa anytime, Zac can’t always do it w/ his parents. So, it’s also kind of understandable why he would spend it w/ his parents instead.

  766. 766
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    Yes narf.. im imagining your cute little niece giggling and playing with your dog and running around the house.. awwee that was nice to look at. i think your dog miss your little niece my bet.

  767. 767
    narf Says:

    Rascal loves paige v-loyalist. The couple of times my mom put him in a gated area, he was very upset and cried the whole time.

    Also, if I scolded him for something like trying to get her to give him her cookie, paige would tell me not to be mean to the puppy.

  768. 768
    narf Says:

    Ok everyone, I must get myself to bed as it is way past the time I should have gone.

    See, this is why I am starting my new year’s resolutions early, so I can have them down to a T by New Year’s.

    Goodnight V-loyalist and zvkg, catch you both tomorrow.

  769. 769
    zvkg Says:

    night narf~~

  770. 770
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    Awwee.. that was nice of Paige to Rascal. Narf do u have pics of Rascal? would you mind sending it at the BATS, i’ll show it to my nephew. Thanks.

    Ok Good night! catch you tomorrow!

  771. 771
    troy Says:

    Narf I’m sorry I missed you tonight *big kiss*

    I was at that “celebrity friendly and reliable” site x17 doing a bit of research earlier today. If you look at the postings they’re anonymous, and the majority of reader responses are anonymous as well. I noticed a curioius thing every once in a while there will be a post about Vanessa that isn’t running her down, and when that happens the reader responses aren’t as hostile. Oh sure there’s still some bashing unfortunately but not as much.

    So this is what I’m wondering is a lot of the anonymous bashers are actually the original posters trying to stir things up. I’m probably reaching here but it was just a thought I had

  772. 772
    narf Says:

    wow, that’s some really amazing detective work troy. what a breakthrough!

  773. 773
    troy Says:

    #772 If you’re going to insult me under a false name, in the hopes of starting trrouble at least have the common sense the good Lord gave half a chick pea and DON’T it in the guise of the ONE person everybody on this site KNOWS wouldn’t post in a snarky manner to me. Especially when she has all ready posted she’s signing off for the night. Idiot.

  774. 774
    pit Says:

    how do we know what Z & V did or did not do for Christmas – I would be pretty sure they had some time together before he left to spend the holiday with his parents. The photogs just did not get them because they are learning to outsmart them many days.

  775. 775
    pit Says:

    and hey – I’d rather shop around the holidays with a girlfriend – a boyfriend along would be great but the girls are better shoppers together – I am sure!

  776. 776
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    777 .. too bad you can be easily detected as imposter of our Real narf, very clearly that the way you respond to our troy is a proof of it. Are you some kind of sick of a.s.s.?

  777. 777
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    correction on my 776 post, should be for 772.

  778. 778
    zanessa forever Says:

    i love them!

    i love you baby v!

  779. 779
    sammy Says:

    i wonder what vanessa got for zac

  780. 780
    narf Says:

    LOL, somehow I knew our little fiend would not be able to resist impersonating me.

    I don’t know why Troy darling, but it seems someone is as anxious to see us split up as they are to see zac and Vanessa split. I guess no one is allowed to be happy.

  781. 781

    COOL =)

  782. 782
    eva Says:

    vanessa’s hair is gorgeous!!!

    how did she did it?

  783. 783
    Joanna (Poland) Says:

    ASHLEY LOOKS SO PRETTY! THEY BOTH DO! but… wth vanessa’s nells means? ;d

  784. 784
    jenny Says:

    vanessa & ashley look great! i don’t care about the difference before & after ashley got her nose job cuz i still think she looks great either way^_^

  785. 785
    Lindsay Says:

    zanessa and Jashley fans not zanessa and ashley fans

  786. 786
    mimoland Says:

    TISDALE is absolutely ludacrous… she is so not worthy of fame… shes quite ugly and ummm she definitely needs to take a few lessons at fashion skool! seriously… SERIOUSLY.

  787. 787
    mouj Says:


  788. 788
    shadai Says:

    i think zanessa makes the perfect couple …………..continue to be BFF ashley and vanessa. love u all

  789. 789
    Anna Says:

    Ashley Looks alot better!!Vanessa is gross cause of the pics! and anyway ash looks better! ya so my opionion!!

  790. 790
    rim Says:

    love vanessa hudgens

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