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Ashley & Vanessa's Christmas Eve Shopping Spree

Ashley & Vanessa's Christmas Eve Shopping Spree

High School BFFs Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens grab lunch together at Mo’s Fine Food in Woodland Hills on Christmas Eve.

After their meal together, the leggings pair went to the Westfield Mall for some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Ashley‘s bag by Chanel, Vanessa‘s bag by Balenciaga.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the Zanessa and Ashley fans!

UPDATE: 15 pictures were added! Check them out!

55+ pictures inside of Ashnessa‘s Christmas Eve shopping spree…

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ashley vanessa christmas eve 01
ashley vanessa christmas eve 02
ashley vanessa christmas eve 03
ashley vanessa christmas eve 04
ashley vanessa christmas eve 05
ashley vanessa christmas eve 06
ashley vanessa christmas eve 07
ashley vanessa christmas eve 08
ashley vanessa christmas eve 09
ashley vanessa christmas eve 10
ashley vanessa christmas eve 11
ashley vanessa christmas eve 12
ashley vanessa christmas eve 13
ashley vanessa christmas eve 14
ashley vanessa christmas eve 15
ashley vanessa christmas eve 16
ashley vanessa christmas eve 17
ashley vanessa christmas eve 18
ashley vanessa christmas eve 19
ashley vanessa christmas eve 20
ashley vanessa christmas eve 21
ashley vanessa christmas eve 22
ashley vanessa christmas eve 23
ashley vanessa christmas eve 24
ashley vanessa christmas eve 25
ashley vanessa christmas eve 26
ashley vanessa christmas eve 27
ashley vanessa christmas eve 28
ashley vanessa christmas eve 29
ashley vanessa christmas eve 30
ashley vanessa christmas eve 31
ashley vanessa christmas eve 32
ashley vanessa christmas eve 33
ashley vanessa christmas eve 34
ashley vanessa christmas eve 35
ashley vanessa christmas eve 36
ashley vanessa christmas eve 37
ashley vanessa christmas eve 38
ashley vanessa christmas eve 39
ashley vanessa christmas eve 40
ashley vanessa christmas eve 41
ashley vanessa christmas eve 42
ashley vanessa christmas eve 43
ashley vanessa christmas eve 44
ashley vanessa christmas eve 45
ashley vanessa christmas eve 46
ashley vanessa christmas eve 47
ashley vanessa christmas eve 48
ashley vanessa christmas eve 49
ashley vanessa christmas eve 50
ashley vanessa christmas eve 51
ashley vanessa christmas eve 52
ashley vanessa christmas eve 53
ashley vanessa christmas eve 54
ashley vanessa christmas eve 55

Photos: Nathanael Jones/, Shinn/Bauer-Griffin
Posted to: Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens

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  • babyG

    whoah! a real BFF. same outfit huh?! that’s so cute!!!

    anyway…merry christmas to all!!! Zanessa fans…

  • nikka

    pretty ashley

  • chacy

    #149 –> -1. The song “I Will” is a ballad co-wote by Hilary Duff that was given to V for her new album and Vanessa loves it and hopes it will make the cut for the album

    -2. As of December 21st Vanessa has recorded 14 tracks.

    -3. Vanessa plans to record until the end of february.

    -4, One of the new tracks she recorded is called “Whisper”

    -5. The girl that wrote and produced “Trash Me” had a meeting with Hollywood Records V’s label to see if V will record her song.

    -6. Some producers for the album include Sean Garrett whos worked with Chris Brown, Usher, & Destiny Child and JR Rotem whos worked with Rihanna and the west cost rapper The Game

    -7. Blender magazine featured Vanessa’s new album as an album to look out for in 2008

    -8. And some of the songs will focus on the dark side of Hollywood.

    Thanks for the news about vanessa !
    can’t wait for her new album
    she’s very beautiful in the pictures , i love her hair and her bag !

  • jayanah

    hahaha look at nessa’s fingers in her picture when she laughs !!!hahaha
    very funny !!

    love :
    atheer morad

  • pinky

    omg did ashley have a nose job and does she have her eyes done too ???
    because they look so big and her face looks very different than before ————>

    (sorry for my english)

  • http://deleted V-LOYALIST


    I have no idea where you get the info but nonetheless its quite interesting and im so ecstatic on her sophomore album as well.

  • Vashley-lashley fan

    Omggg i soo love them!!!!!!
    I think they are soo gorgeous… and i think V in’t crying if not laughing because Ash is laguhing!!!
    But oi loveee themmm!!
    Vashley bff 4 everrrrr!!!!
    They are the best!!!

    And Merry Christmas!!

  • genevieve

    joy to the world and merry christmas everyone! enjoy your day! i love these pictures, im glad to see theyre laughing and having fun in a few of em. they both look absoultley gorgeous, and look no makeup! awww gotta love em! hope zac is having a good time with his family!

  • iellidy

    * A todos um feliz natal
    * Que o papai do céu derrame sobre todos uma chuva de benção
    * Que em cada coração seja uma enchorra de amor,paz e muita alegria neste dia.

    feliz natal,Vanessa ,Zac ,Ashley ,cobin,Monique,lucas e toda a familia

  • poppy

    I love vanessa’s hair , she look very beautiful in the pictures AND without make-up (or maybe light make-up but she’s still very hot ^^)
    I love her bag and her nails are stylish lol

  • Gi Kodály

    To all the people talking about Zanessa:
    V said on the latest US Weekly that she and Zac are “busy but good”. So, no, they haven’t broken up.
    I don’t really like V’s hair but she still looks good!


    They’re both so cute. Couple of friends out and about having a great time. That’s the way it should be minus the drama and speculation; it’s just pure friendship and happiness between them.

  • Merry Christmas!

    Ashely looks great Vanessa is plain and boring with that same boring hair

  • Nikki

    #’s 159 160:

    First of all there is NO ZASHLEY.
    Second of all they are both beautiful.
    Third id rather do my hair simple then wild.
    Fourth Zanessa didnt break up
    Fifth if your a Zac fan you would support Vanessa too.
    (not saying you have to like her, but saying ZASHLEY ZASHLEY ZASHLEY, Thats not right.)

  • yesssss

    it looks like Vanessa is trying to be italian or something, with that purse and hair but she clearly can’t put her shiz together .she needs to bite off someone else style. sorry she reminds me of Jessica Alba pretending she hates attention but everyone knows she loves it. As for Ashely at least she can act i love her on the Suite Life im not fan of HSM but Sharpay is the best one out of the whole cast.

  • haha

    ZASHLEY ^^ haha stupid kids , ^^ there is no zashley guys ,..

    and i don’t like bashing on people but im sorry ashley is NOT PRETTY!

    serously ?? look at her face ,she has big eyes , her hair looks dirty and we can see her real brown hair , i dont like to compare them but vanessa look soooooo much better , she’s a HOT GIRL!! , she has a beautiful smile , her hair looks so beautiful and she has a great body , ashley’s body looks like a little girl haha… she need to grown up she’s 22 now , she need to stop acting like a little girl and she need to be an adult.

  • Mikaela

    merry xmas zanessa and jashley!! and happy new year (unless ur jewish and or chinese) ((lol))

  • play


    I love vanessa’s bag and i like her hair like that !

  • wah wahhhhhhhhhht

    wow haha
    little girls body and you call Vanessa’s a good body? they both have the same body except Ashely is skinnier they both have no chest and no buts Vanessa also dyes her hair brown she was born with black hair and you can clearly tell when her black hair starts growing again just look at her scalp baby hair growing on the side sad how she constantly dyes it black hair would suit her better anyways since that is the natural colour of her eyebrows and eyelashes

  • K9KFromTheBlock2

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love seeing them together, they’re are like magnets that always look good together. God Bless them and you all :-)

  • elise
  • little-sweet-baby

    vanessa is pretty ! i like her bag and her legging .. :-D

  • christina

    they look awsome. love them!!!!


    Both look so nic ena d beautiful!

  • narf

    Wow, what a double standard some negative people have.

    If Vanessa goes to a charity event, the say she doesn’t belong there and she is just doing it for publicity.

    If she goes out and does ordinary everyday stuff like a normal person, they say she should be using her fame for good.

    You know you don’t have to be famous to do good, so why don’t you use your spare energy on something creative and maybe your negative vibes will turn into positive ones.

    AS for those who feel Zac, ashley, and Vanessa all fake their relationships, I am a little confused. First you say they have no talent and can’t act, now you say their relationships are all an act. Well, if you thibk they can’t act, then how is this an act? *shakes head*

    I hope this need to believe they are being paid to be friends doesn’t stem from the fact that all of your relationships are fake.

  • narf

    Merry Christmas to all my Angels and Z and V supporters.

  • Becky-BRAZIL

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeee V is my christmas gift S2

    muuuch luv

    I luv her ‘n Brazil too

    Gosh bless mia principessa =]

  • SadieLady

    and vanessa is gorgeous.
    but dont get me wrong i still love ashley

  • genevieve

    Gi Kodály, thank you. see even when theyre filming movies or making new music, theyre still as strong as anything. plus im positive that even though theyre busy, they see eachother a few times a week. its good they dont see eachother all the time.

    and narf, well said about fake zac, vanessa, and ashley relationships.

  • Becky-BRAZIL

    hello NARF! how’s u’re day? ^^

  • narf

    Thanks genevieve, have a wonderful christmas.

    I am doing great today Becky, how are you?

  • KristinLb2

    I love Ashley!

  • Becky-BRAZIL

    *NARF* hum the truth..I’m a lil unwell

    christmas make me sad =/

    cuz the party was in my grandma’s home ‘n the all happiness ‘n it’s over, she’s dead..’n blablabla

    sorry 4 my english..I still learning yet ^^

  • amy

    V doesn’t look to happy… Ash looks way better with makeup…

  • frankie

    i love her style in the pictures , she’s so stylish and S0 Pretty :–)

  • narf

    Aweee, sorry to hear that Becky, just remember the good times. Feel better.

    And no need to apologize for your english, I think it’s great you want to learn.

  • zane

    bff Ashley and Vanessa christmas time together. that’s great!!

  • liz

    ashley looks beautiful.she hasnt changed a bit.shes the same pretty girl.she rocks.v looks nice 2.

  • c:P

    # 60 BITCH @ 12/25/2007 at 12:21 am


    completly agree!!

    ashley suckss!

    v so gorgeouss as always!!

  • souky

    I looooooooooovee you Baby V
    this girl is so Hot !!! and without make-up :)) i love her hair and her bag soo much !!!!!

  • bekkah

    I just love what vanessa and ashley is wearing!!! I also love vanessa’s hair!! they don’t look so happy with the pap’s following them but who would be if u were being stocked LOL anyway merry christmas everybody!!!!

  • me

    why is v only wearing nail polish on 3 nails???

  • zanessa forever

    so cute!


    thanks jared!
    Merry Xmas!

  • dcstarinthemaking

    awww i love seeing them together. vanessa looks pretty, and ash is always flawless but omg idk y but i cant stop looking at her nose

  • Suélen

    que fotos liindas!
    vou correr pro photoshop, ir ediitar xP

  • bekkah

    why would ashley be jealous? and why does it matter there both beautiful and they are best friends….are u really that stupid

  • Steph

    These girls look great :) It’s good to see them do normal young adults do… hang out w/good friends and go shopping :)

    Hey Narf and the ZA’s, Charlie and all Z and V supporters, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!

    Becky, hope things look better for you in the New Year, filled with love. Bereavement is hard I know.. So I offer my condolences. :)

  • whathappen??

    I don’t think ashley looks good in the pictures… maybe it’s me but i dont like her hair because we see her real dark brown hair too much and i dont like her extensions .. they look too fake , vanessa’s extensions looks very natural and real
    and does ashley did somethin’ to her face ?? i now a nose job but her eyes look different ,her face too , i like her better before because i don’t even recognize her now —>

    Love You BBV :D

  • Becky-BRAZIL

    tks 4 u’re words *Narf*

    ‘n support too ^^

    do u have msn?! if u want pass 2 me, ok?!

  • bbv

    VaNesSa Is ReaLLy BeauTiFul !!
    We LoVe Ya BabY v —————————–> ;)