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Ashley & Vanessa's Christmas Eve Shopping Spree

Ashley & Vanessa's Christmas Eve Shopping Spree

High School BFFs Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens grab lunch together at Mo’s Fine Food in Woodland Hills on Christmas Eve.

After their meal together, the leggings pair went to the Westfield Mall for some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Ashley‘s bag by Chanel, Vanessa‘s bag by Balenciaga.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the Zanessa and Ashley fans!

UPDATE: 15 pictures were added! Check them out!

55+ pictures inside of Ashnessa‘s Christmas Eve shopping spree…

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ashley vanessa christmas eve 55

Photos: Nathanael Jones/, Shinn/Bauer-Griffin
Posted to: Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens

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  • ellie

    Hi Everyone! It’s 2:30am over here and I’m about to crash after having a wonderful Christmas but I just had to come on here to wish everyone who’s currently celebrating it a very Merry Christmas. (Besides, I’ve missed being on JJ the past couple of days :) )

    On the actual thread topic, it’s nice to see these two out together, shopping like normal friends. To my eyes they both look gorgeous and I can’t understand the people who insist on either pitting the two against each other or insist that they are faking a friendship. What a cynical place the world has become if people can actually think this way. Oh well, at least I know there are many positive supporters here to show the other side of the coin, especially all the ZA’s. Nub you all!

  • cindy

    Merry Christmas to all. Both of these girls look great. So glad they are able to spend time together. Hopefully Zac had time off to go and see his family. I’m sure he needs a break for a few days from filming.

  • janice

    I love ashley!!she’s gorgeous

  • narf

    Hey Ellie, merry christmas!

  • ujala

    omgosh they look soo kwl
    i love vanessa style n ashley looks good

  • liz

    vanessa and ashley both look gorgeous!!!
    love their purses too!!

  • melly

    i have to say, the swelling on Ashley’s nose has gone down a bit…

    which is good, maybe her face will be back to normal? Nah, still it looks better than before.

    Ok, # 164 that not right to sayif you support Zac you should support Vanessa too.

    Everyone is entitle to liking/disliking a certain person. I certainly do not agree with that state of thinking.

    Well, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays as well.

  • ellie

    Hi sis, Merry Christmas to you too! I hope you’re enjoying it so far. I wish I could rewind the clock so it’s still Christmas over here, but oh well :)

  • zanessa110

    theyre about to come out in the parade. channel 7.

  • laura

    oh yeah, so pretty nessa and ash, thanks for the news justjaredª

  • ♥Zanessa4life♥

    Ashley and Vanessa look both great!!!!

    Stop saying that Ashley is ugly!

  • jamie

    Can’t wait for vanessa’s new album !
    i love her balenciaga bag and her hair , she’s sooo pretty !!!!

  • ashleytisdale4ever

    Ashley Tisdale you are the best!!!
    eleanor alias ashleytisdale4ever

  • ashleytisdale4ever

    i love ashley and i hate vanessa
    i’m sorry but is the true
    eleanor ashleytisdaleforeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • talia

    v looks great! i love her hair, her outfit, everything! she’s always so pretty! it’s unfair! if id dnt like her so much id be jealous! i hate ashley’s tho, she’s ugly. her hair is badly colored and her face looks all weird n’ disfigured. poor girl. shell nvr b as pretty as v is. merry christmas vanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • plok

    agree with talia , ashley IS NOT PRETTY !!!

    And agree too about ashley hair , her hair is badly colored because we can see her real hair color , it’s like dark brown then blond , i don’t like her extensions too ! she need to be more natural , she has her hair colored in blond , she ahs a nose job , she change somethin’ at her eyes too and she dresses like a little girl !
    (sorry for my english and sorry for her fans but she’s not pretty)

  • Steph

    Wow, so much competition it’s hard to feel christmasy around here.

    Seriously, there’s no competition amongst friends. You guys are just creating it on your own. You don’t need to throw out the Hate when it comes to writing who you like. Just say Ash looks great or Vanessa looks beautiful. You don’t have to include the other. If you feel the need to compete, go join a softball league or other. LOL I feel like this thread is such a cat fight… rhaaarrr, LOL

    Hey, don’t get offended, just trying to keep up the christmas spirit. Merry Christmas everyone!!

  • narf

    I like both Vanessa and Ashley, but that does not mean everyone has to as well.

    But, if you love Vanessa there is no need to add that you hate Ashley. And if you love Ashley, there is no need to add that you hate Vanessa.

    There are going to be plenty of times that JJ will show the two of them together and in the spirit of promoting peace the whole year through, I hope that fans from both camps can learn to respect each other.

    After all, Vanessa and Ashley are friends, there is no need for their fans to be enemies.

  • lOL

    ———> i don’t like when ashley smiles because it looks like she’s drunk ^^

  • narf

    Hey steph, great minds think alike.

  • Steph

    hey narf, that’s so funny you wrote almost the same thing I did!! LOL Great minds think alike :P

  • Zanessa Forever!!!!

    ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zanessa110

    they BOTH look pretty. but i really like vanessa’s outfit. she really pulls it off. ashleys outfit is cute too, though. no need to offend anyone, just my opinion, but vanessa has better legs than ashley right? but dont get me wrong ashley is very pretty, and so is vanessa. theyre both great and beautiful,and taleted, especially vanessa. sorry, just had to include that last part.

  • narf

    I would also like to take this moment to wish the men and women overseas defending our country a Very Merry Christmas, and thank them for all that they do.

    May God watch over them and their families.

  • Plee

    Ashley Merry christmas !!
    I luv you !

  • genevieve

    wow why so much hate around here? even on christmas! im surprised. guys if you dont like vanessa or ashley dont say you hate them or call them ugly. im not a huge fan of ashley but i still say nice things about her, and when i dont think she looks great or whatever i dont say i hate her, or shes ugly. i just dont say anything. i like her because i like whoever is sweet and friends with vanessa or zac. ashley is just that. so please, have some christmas spirit, and leave the poor girl alone! anyways, who cares about her nose? a nose is a nose, and she looks fine

  • StellOu

    Vanessa I loOOOOOOOOooooooove you !!!!!

  • genevieve

    i love how theyre like playing around, its cute. theyre both like laughing their heads off in a few pictures. glad to see em happy

  • BVV Fan ;]

    Vote 4 Vanessa right HERE!!!

    Remember to sign up and log in before U leave a comment!!!!

    It’s a pritty big contest so please let bbV win!!! :) If she will she will read UR comments!!

    Probably U’ve seen my comment about this before-or-not-either way do it 4 Vanesa Hudgens!!

  • zanessa110

    i just saw ashley getting punked, it was funny

  • troy

    #103 Might I suggest you look at the following threads here “Vanessa Hudgens Bowling for Best Buddies”, “Vanessa Hudgens @ Variety Power of Youth,” and “Vanessa Hudgens at Ocean Drive” where you see her doing something good with her fame. It’s so easy to miss when you you don’t bother to look.

    You know I find it really sad that the bashers CAN”T give it a rest for just one day. Just one. It’s depressing which is the last thing anyone should want to be today. I’m wasting my “breath”I know but I just had to get off my chest.

    Vanessa and Ashley look great and as always its nice them spend time together. Especially since they were friends BEFORE “High School Musical.” Aw, forget it.

    Merry Christmas.

  • narf

    Awwwwe, you’re not wasting your breath Troy swwetheart, someone is bound to listen.

    And Merry Christmas my love,*big hug and kiss* I hope you have a great day.

  • go sox

    Hello, and Merry Christmas, Angels!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day with their families and friends- that’s the best part about the holiday!

    talia and plok, you are showing your young age and immaturity with the things you say. When you are older and are a little wiser, you will realize that you need to dress and do your hair the way YOU want. Growing up makes you realize you have to please yourself, and not care so much about what other people think. If Ashley likes her hair that way, then GREAT!! Girls get tired of their hair the same way, so what’s wrong with a new look?? I think it’s pretty on her! And guess what? She doesn’t care what you or I think. You both sound like very critical, mean girls, who like to bully to make yourselves seem better. Get over yourselves, and grow up.

  • LARA

    I love Ashley Tisdale sooo much and I think her new nose is very beatiful like her old nose !!! Ashley is so cute and beatiful ! All things on Ashley is wonderful … Ashley you are the hottest girl of the world ! and Vanessa , she is beatiful too , but Ashley is more beatiful.
    The two girls are best friends , that’s nice !

  • narf

    Merry Christmas go sox. I am biding my time till everyone gets here to open presents. Did you guys open your’s yet? If so, I hope you like everything you got.

  • troy

    #232 Merry Christmas Narf sweetie, *big kiss*.

    Sorry if my intial post was a bit of a downer. It’s just exasperating that to come here on the one day of the year that’s meant to be all about peace on earth and good will to men. And see the same ridiculous competion between Vanessa and Ashley’s fanbases, bile and unfair statements that we see in every thread about them.

    Granted there hasn’t been a LOT of it in this thread, but there shouldn’t be ANY today. And that goes for every celebrity post on this site not just Vanessa and Ashley.

    I hope you’re having a great day too.

  • rasta

    I love you V :D
    she’s very beautiful in the pictures , i love her hair like that , i loooooove her bag and her cardigan too!!!
    she’s so talented and zanessa is so cute but they need privacy..the paparazzi need to stop following them.

    (sorry fr my english)

    cute zanessa moment at 00:28

  • zanessa110

    narf, i got a credit card, and an iphone. i was so happy, i was screaaming all over the place, but i also got clothes and mney and stuff. im so happy.

  • zanessa110

    rasta, thatss so cute.

  • narf

    So far so good, hun.

    And no worries, your previous comment was just a testament to how it is. I agree today is a day for positive vibes only.

    Keep smiling that handsome smile, *big kiss* and don’t let them ruin this beautiful day for you.

  • go sox

    Sorry for the drive-by post! Hi, narf , steph, and troy!! I thought the HSM crew looked great this morning at the Disney parade! It looked like a tough number to do live, but they pulled it off!! Vanessa did look amazing in that emerald green dress!

    Anyway, I gotta get back to slaving in the kitchen! I’ll be back when I need a break! Love yas!

  • narf

    That’s nice zanessa110, I hope you plan to use that Credit card responsibly.

  • zanessa110

    did you guys see tthe parade. vanessa looked awaesome and everyone was like screaming and stuff when she started singing. i love her. wonder what zac got her, imagine he proposed to her, aww. i wuld be so happy.

  • zanessa110

    narf, yep. im only gonna use it for emergencies.

  • narf

    Smart tihnking zanessa110.

  • sad

    the disney parade ??
    oh i live in france and it sucks hereee :(
    i love vanessa and im so sad because she never will be come here in France !!!

  • dia

    Did Vanessa and Ashley spend Christmas in New York? I am not from the states thus I do not know what parade you are talking about. I hope that someone recorded it and would be kind enough to post it on youtube.

  • cant say

    she looks pregant, vanessa! i hope she is, but shes really busy so i hope in a about 1 year or so.

  • pfff

    pregant ?? oh no it start again !! why ?? because she has a little tummy?? i don’t see it in the pictures.

    vanessa is not pregnant , she’s not fat and not skinny or anorexic , she’s thin but she has curves , she’s perfect !! :)


  • lola

    go Vanessa ! ! ♥