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Ashley & Vanessa's Christmas Eve Shopping Spree

Ashley & Vanessa's Christmas Eve Shopping Spree

High School BFFs Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens grab lunch together at Mo’s Fine Food in Woodland Hills on Christmas Eve.

After their meal together, the leggings pair went to the Westfield Mall for some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Ashley‘s bag by Chanel, Vanessa‘s bag by Balenciaga.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the Zanessa and Ashley fans!

UPDATE: 15 pictures were added! Check them out!

55+ pictures inside of Ashnessa‘s Christmas Eve shopping spree…

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ashley vanessa christmas eve 01
ashley vanessa christmas eve 02
ashley vanessa christmas eve 03
ashley vanessa christmas eve 04
ashley vanessa christmas eve 05
ashley vanessa christmas eve 06
ashley vanessa christmas eve 07
ashley vanessa christmas eve 08
ashley vanessa christmas eve 09
ashley vanessa christmas eve 10
ashley vanessa christmas eve 11
ashley vanessa christmas eve 12
ashley vanessa christmas eve 13
ashley vanessa christmas eve 14
ashley vanessa christmas eve 15
ashley vanessa christmas eve 16
ashley vanessa christmas eve 17
ashley vanessa christmas eve 18
ashley vanessa christmas eve 19
ashley vanessa christmas eve 20
ashley vanessa christmas eve 21
ashley vanessa christmas eve 22
ashley vanessa christmas eve 23
ashley vanessa christmas eve 24
ashley vanessa christmas eve 25
ashley vanessa christmas eve 26
ashley vanessa christmas eve 27
ashley vanessa christmas eve 28
ashley vanessa christmas eve 29
ashley vanessa christmas eve 30
ashley vanessa christmas eve 31
ashley vanessa christmas eve 32
ashley vanessa christmas eve 33
ashley vanessa christmas eve 34
ashley vanessa christmas eve 35
ashley vanessa christmas eve 36
ashley vanessa christmas eve 37
ashley vanessa christmas eve 38
ashley vanessa christmas eve 39
ashley vanessa christmas eve 40
ashley vanessa christmas eve 41
ashley vanessa christmas eve 42
ashley vanessa christmas eve 43
ashley vanessa christmas eve 44
ashley vanessa christmas eve 45
ashley vanessa christmas eve 46
ashley vanessa christmas eve 47
ashley vanessa christmas eve 48
ashley vanessa christmas eve 49
ashley vanessa christmas eve 50
ashley vanessa christmas eve 51
ashley vanessa christmas eve 52
ashley vanessa christmas eve 53
ashley vanessa christmas eve 54
ashley vanessa christmas eve 55

Photos: Nathanael Jones/, Shinn/Bauer-Griffin
Posted to: Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens

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  • mili

    love them! Gorgeous as usual
    happy christmas.

  • daze

    hello to all hows everyones holiday

  • vanessa

    vanessa is a bester!
    i love her.
    and ash :D

  • plasticgirl

    Vanesssaa We Love you here in Paris !!!!!!!

  • menna

    vanessa really likes that Balenciaga bag…

  • Robin

    Ashley used to be preety now she looks like Micheal Jackson with her new nose. I still like tho but i think she looks weird. Vanessa is and will always be gorgeous.

  • http://METROflog Libia

    Beautiful Girls!

  • genevieve

    vanessa has a perfect body. she has curves which is nice, because now lots of girls in hollywood are scary skinny. i think shes comfortable in her own skin, which is what i love about her. hi daze, mine is great. how about you? what did you get?

  • waouwx

    Yes i thin V has a great body , she’s thin with curves and her face is sooooo pretty , she’s talented , beautiful and her boyfriend is the hottie zac efron ^^

    I love Her!!!! :D

  • daze

    its ok i hope vanessa and zac had a wonderful christmas i hope they got what they wanted

  • genevieve

    yea me too. im sure theyre doing well though. theyre both with their families. vanessa looked like she was having fun yesterday. and usually when zac comes back from his parents house hes in good spirits so im sure theyre fine.

  • lORI


  • gift


  • Talia

    Is it true that Ashley’s pregnant and the father is Zac?

  • perezzzzzzaaaaaa

    No Talia , that’s not true !

  • audrey

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays all! I LOVE these pictures. Ashley looks like she is healing well. It’s so nice seeing her big smile again! She understandably looked slightly uncomfortable in some of her pictures post-surgery.

    I hope you all are enjoying the time with your families! Did anyone get some good things for Christmas?? I got an iTouch (!) and cried when I opened a Marc Jacobs purse from my dad :)

    Unfortunately I missed the Disney parade HSM performance, but the idea of “Christmas time” in place of “Summertime” is cute and I’m sure everyone did a great job!

  • audrey

    *waves and hugs to ellie, KellyT, zvkg (or are you going as aiko_kai now??), V-Loyalist, and Steph* Chat with you guys later!

  • princess

    ashley is wonderful i love ashley shes rocks

  • princess

    ashley is beautiful.i love ashley.

  • anazanessafan

    i think that vanessa look cutee:) but a little amy winehouse with that hairdo jaja but whatever she looks good;) i hope she is still with zac or i’ll be really saaad:(.. btw i think that ashley is jealous of zanessa and vanessa attention:S

  • Hey

    I looooove the balenciaga bag and i like vanessa’s hair ç
    she’s very pretty and talented !
    Merry Christmas V !

  • aiko_ai

    hehehe…you guys are a little fast today.

    anyways….happy holiday. did everyone open up all their presents already???

  • zanessa 4 eva!!

    aww luv nessa n ash!
    hope vanessa n zac spent xmas 2geva!

  • zanessa110

    new pics of vanessa on celebrity gossip. let me get the link.

  • layla

    V looks Gorgeous.
    Love her
    Ashley looks kinda =/ weird

  • Merelu


  • zanessa110

    are these the boots that vanessa has on celebrity gossip?

  • troy

    #247 Vanessa and Ashley didn’t spend Christmas in New York , the parade everybody is talking about is the Christmas Day Parade at Disneyland in California. The performance was taped about six weeks ago.

  • newyorker

    Merry Christmas Everyone! It is so nice to see these girls out and about enjoying themselves ( and laughing) despite the annoying paparazzi. I love both hairstyles and clothes. They always give me new fashion inspirations.

  • tony the tiger

    just when I thought that VaneXXXa could not get any uglier she proves me wrong yet again with these horrendous pictures….she is uglier than any of the cleaning ladies that clean my building…and so matronly.

    God only knows what she had to do to get where she is today but I can imagine…certainly doesn’t involve talent.

    and asslee tisdale is looking more like michael jackson every day

  • tony the tiger


    in response to your question, zac gayfron has never touched a woman except to ask them to borrow their makeup. zac thinks women are just yuckee. except that he clearly wishes that he was one.

  • christmasyay

    hsm cast disney christmas parade !

  • genevieve

    christmas yay, thanks! i missed it on tv, everyone looked great!

  • robbie

    vanessa has this look on her face like; i can’t believe i am stuck shopping with this freak when i could be posing for nu
    8de photos for drake and getting my freak on

  • levi

    merry christmas! its snowing where i am, its the first white christmas i have ever seen!

  • aiko_ai

    awww…you’re soo lucky levi. ^^ I wish it snows in my place. bleh..

  • aiko_ai

    christmasyay @ 12/25/2007 at 4:41 pm

    hsm cast disney christmas parade !
    Thank you! They all look really really good. ^^

  • cLara

    hahahha, on the 5th photo, we can see that vanessa’s nails are not completely painted!

  • ellie

    Merry Christmas again everyone! *sigh* it’s now Boxing Day here, why can’t it still be Christmas? :)

    Aww hi Audrey *hugs back* Sounds like you got some good presents. I was really happy with what I got too, but I’ll tell you when you get back on here.

    Hi Levi! You got snow? That is so cool! It was a sunny and hot day for Christmas over here (when isn’t it?) but that meant we sit outside and soak ed up the sun, so no complaints. :)

    Hi Aiko, enjoying your Christmas so far?

  • elisa

    Yeeeeeeeeeahhh =D

    So cute Baby V So Cool
    I love Her Hair (L) So Stylish =)

  • aiko_ai

    cLara @ 12/25/2007 at 5:36 pm hahahha, on the 5th photo, we can see that vanessa’s nails are not completely painted!
    yeah. It seems like the two got a girls night out and painted each other’s nails.
    then again…Vanessa sometimes really doesn’t care what her nails is like. lol.

  • tahh
  • aiko_ai

    ellie @ 12/25/2007 at 5:36 pm
    It’s good. Did midnight mass, slept around 2:00am, woke up at 10:00 and I’m now surfing the net to greet friends and relatives online a merry x-mas. oh, and playing Dungeon Siege. lol…. This is what I love about computer. You can multi-task.

  • ellie

    aiko_ai @ 12/25/2007 at 5:44 pm
    Hee hee, yep multi-tasking is good. If I couldn’t do more than one thing on the computer at once, I’d be so lost! And being able to communicate with family and friends you can’t meet up with on holidays like Christmas is fantastic :)

  • genevieve

    i agree aiko_ai about the nails. haha maybe ash was like im gonna paint one hand or a few fingers, and you have to go out like that, i dare ya! idk i could just imagine that being the case. or like you said it could just be v being v =] she doesnt really care about her apperance and what nails or painted and what not, thats why i love her.

    oh and this is kind of random, but audrey i love your name! its so pretty, and its like audrey hepburn. idk if you heard of her, but she was a very classy beautiful lady who started starring in films in like the 50s. oh i adore her! shes wonderful. haha, but anyway, love your name

  • Karen


    Do you think your attempt to get attention could be anymore forced?

    Some of you bashers, if you really want to be taken seriously maybe it would be worthwhile for you to come up with some new comments than your usual 2 or 3. They are very predictable, they all end the same way, and our responses would be the same. You all are very boring with these same comments so to keep from being as boring as you all are, I think the ZA’s and supporters will or should just ignore you.

  • aiko_ai

    Karen @ 12/25/2007 at 5:58 pm
    lol. I’ve been pretty much ignoring them. waste of time if you ask me. and they say the same thing over and over and over and over again. And yet…they keep on coming back again and again and again. a vicious cycle of life.

    bleh..whatever. they help w/ Van’s fame anyway. so what the heck.

    gah, and it’s only the afternoons and my neighbors are already soooo noisy!

  • missefron


  • zanessa110

    new pics of vanessa on x17.

  • just the facts

    Karen @ 12/25/2007 at 5:58 pm
    I couldn’t agree with you more. The same comments from the same individuals.
    I’ve always labelled them as suffering from attention seeking syndrome. By not feeding their lack of self esteem and immaturity, I’m hopeful they will take their tired old ramblings and rhetoric elsewhere.