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Emmy Rossum is Bulma

Emmy Rossum is Bulma

Emmy Rossum just blogged about training and filming with Chow Yun Fat for the live-action film Dragonball, out 2008. Emmy, 21, will play inventor/scientist Bulma, whose father’s Dragon Ball is stolen by Piccolo. Here’s a snippet of her blog entry:

“Sorry I’ve been rather quiet for a bit, I’ve been working on a very exciting new film that I’m shooting outside the US. I’m working with the great Chow Yun Fat and I’m very excited about the role, which is so different than any role I’ve ever played. I love the character and I’m excited to get to share something so fun with you. In prep for the film I’ve been training very hard, learning how to fight, fire a gun, weapons training and even some martial arts. It’s fun to play such a different character when I am such a pacifist in real life. Speaking of pacifisim and peace, I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy holiday and New Year.”

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  • jenna

    The name Chow Yun Fat would be funnier if it was Chow YuM Fat

  • fdsf


  • [~Famous~] – Your God.

    this has to be a joke… a very unfunny one.

  • Twinkle

    Aha! All this time I thought she’s a professional party girl. All one ever sees her do is pose on the red carpet and wear designer clothes. She’s actually an “actress”.

  • kass

    Hopefully this soon to be flop will be her exit out of Hollywood cause she’s boring.

  • qa


  • CELEBREXviagara

    This girl is not ugly, but she has LOW sex appeal, that it is sad.

    She just seem boring and if were were to hang out, she’d be boring and uneventful.

    She is like a sweeter version of Katherine Heigl and a perkier version of Jessica “Herpes” Alba!!

  • sick of this goody girl

    this girl is too freakin SWEEEET all the time.

    “im so great”
    “im so nice”
    “im so lucky”

    SHUT THE $##% UP
    She’s Making me throw UP!!!!

  • Vanessahundgens88

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  • +greenpeace+

    i so cannot imagine her as bulma! she’s totally not right for the role

  • tyler

    I don’t have anything againt her but she doesn’t look like bulma at all. Seriously people it’s dragonball!

  • Desdemona

    I can’t believe it. I’m a Dragonball fan and the last person I would want to play Bulma is Rossum. I’m disgusted.

  • jen

    Eew. I couldn’t be more annoyed by this. Anyone would’ve made a better Bulma then her. She’s too much of a snob. Has she even seen an episode of Dragonball Z? This sucks

  • vidstar1

    they’re killing the best cartoon ever. hate it.

  • lissie

    I thought this was some joke!! bulma= emmy rossum? seriously? someone needs to get fired for the casting on this project. Nothing against Rossum, but thats crazzyyyy.

  • Jennie

    lol this movie’s casting is just as pathetic and stupid as kristen kruek playing chun li!!

  • cybergurl

    Is anyone out there as disgusted by Emmy Rossum as I am? Her faux sweetness makes me want to rossum. She seems so boring, so “made up”, so fake. I freakin hate this chick.

  • ha

    what a miscast

  • nancy

    yeah i thought i was alone on finding most of her charms to be more than a little specious

    she’s lovely and all, but she’s *too* saccharine sweet, more than a little pretentious, and only moderate in both the singing & acting department

  • Liwi

    I spent the whole summer with my sis watched the whole Dragonball episodes. She’s a mussive fan of Bulma, but I much appreciate that green guy character who actually produced the nine dragonballs on earth,what’s his name again?

  • Nat

    Her! Play Bulma!?!?! I CAN’T BELEIVE IT!!! She’s not fit for the role! Change the actress!?!?!?!

  • dbz fan of all time

    i’d rather have paris hilton play bulma.

  • Crystal

    I don’t know why everyone is hating on her. She is an ACTRESS, so she can act the part of Bulma. I know she is sweet, but I trust she will do a good job, or else they wouldn’t have given her the role.

  • Kirstie aka an EMMY ROSSUM FAN

    ppl leave emmy alone! she is a sweet caring, and beautiful girl who i think is very talented. she is my idol and i can’t wait to see dragonball. i mean, better her than hilary duff, right? if it was hilary, i would nottttt watch it! why are you haters so harsh? she has feelings too! celebs are just like us! they’re not superhuman where they have no feelings and let these harsh comments go right thru them. leave emmy alone. she is a talented, beautiful girl who is my idol, fave singer and fave actress.

  • Well it’s better than…

    Well, at least her as Bulma is better than the freakin’ Emo kid they cast as Kakarot!!!!!!!

  • Smoke_ums420

    Emmy Rossum Benny Possum…whatever…why does the whole casting thing matter anyway? The movie is going to be made no matter how badly you bash this individual or the credibility of the film besides..why write mean things about someone for something she is passionate about.
    I love Dragonball and will still adore it as much even if the movie goes down shit creek..I will remain optimistic throughout and if all fails…i will be happily smoked out before hand : D

  • HUgh

    ok please don’t kill me but i’m a dragonball virgin nd an emmy fanatic! *flinches*
    I’ll think she’ll do well, her role in the day after tomorrow was slightly bulma-ish(from what I gather)so if you want a vauge impression of how she’ll do, watch that. She’ll be fine, she IS an actress!!

  • dildos

    I like Yun-Fat Chow, a very charismatic actor. I’m fond of his playing especially in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon….

  • jacklyn

    Oh, please, guys. Did you really think they were going to pick a woman with green hair? Of course they are not going to “seem” right for the role. You’re just being stupid. It would be hard to find a recognizable actress who seems “right” for Bulma, who is an animated, unrealstic looking character. Besides, Rossum should have the opportunity to have a role that’s outside her box. How else would she grow? You might be suprised; she could be fantastic.

  • Chains of fate

    Emmy Rossum is a very good actress and has thus far played all of her roles perfectly. The role of Bulma is a very different role than anything she’s played before, but I know she won’t disappoint. Bulma has always been my absolute favorite character and I’m ecstatic that Rossum is playing her. She’s one of those people who when they do something, they do it right. The casting won’t change so at least reserve your criticism for after you’ve witnessed her performance.

  • Danielle

    I agree. Watch the movie, if you stiil don’t like it THEN you can bitch about it.

  • jessica Thompson

    Who the hell is the casting director? I’m sure Akira Toriyama would be pissed if he saw what they were doing to his creation. Not bad mouthing anyone, but the movie did not stay true to it’s characters. One, James Chatwin? The hair, no! The body, no! Jaime cheung makes a good chici, yamucha is okay, Bulma, emily rossum? No! One, Bulma’s supposed to be hot! A blue haired blue eyed hottie. Sure they didn’t think it realistic to use blue hair, okay, but did anyone look at any other potential actors for the roles. Like for Bulma, Meagan fox, Jessica Alba, Camilla Belle, ANYONE! Goku could have been played by many other potential actors. I mean James seems like he won’t hold any of Goku’s personalities, none of the characters look like they will. And who the hell came up with the makeup idea for piccolo? Anyone? Who decided to put him in a leather suit? Piccolo wears a purple GI, with a cape and turban. I am so disapointed. I can’t even type anymore. They totally fucked up my favorite show like they fuck up everything else.

  • Bulma

    U shit talking virgins need to stop complaining about the movies cast u nerds should be happy that there making a real dragonball film

  • Bubbles

    OMG give her break I think she will do a fab job,

    Why dont you wait until youve actually seen the movie instead of being all nasty straight away,

    You all are pathetic!!!