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Merry Kerr-stmas to One and All!

Merry Kerr-stmas to One and All!

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr lands at Sydney Airport on Christmas Eve to spend the holidays Down Under with her family in her native Australia.

The 24-year-old Aussie dimple faced supermodel was accompanied by her friend Maree.

According to various Australian media outlets, Kerr‘s ex-boyfriend musician/model Jay G Lyon got to “know” Tara Reid when they were both in town together.

20+pictures inside of Miranda Kerr‘s Christmas Eve…

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miranda kerr christmas 01
miranda kerr christmas 02
miranda kerr christmas 03
miranda kerr christmas 04
miranda kerr christmas 05
miranda kerr christmas 06
miranda kerr christmas 07
miranda kerr christmas 08
miranda kerr christmas 09
miranda kerr christmas 10
miranda kerr christmas 11
miranda kerr christmas 12
miranda kerr christmas 13
miranda kerr christmas 14
miranda kerr christmas 15
miranda kerr christmas 16
miranda kerr christmas 17
miranda kerr christmas 18
miranda kerr christmas 19
miranda kerr christmas 20

Photos: Ben McDonald/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Kristine

    shes so pretty!!!


  • Mari

    nice outfit!

  • JOLie fan

    She’s one of my fav VS Angels! :D

  • Lillianne

    Something doesn’t make sense. Her boyfriend? husband? got to know Tara Reid? Wassa?

  • required

    QT π.

  • silvia

    she has a baby face, she is so cute

  • Kass

    She’s not pretty imo. I don’t find any of the current VS models attractive. I didn’t think she was famous enough to have paparazzi following her around the airport.

  • Liz

    Ugly and annoying!

  • hahah

    she looks like a special boy in those pics

  • Cynthia

    Yeah, she’s pretty, pretty UGLY.

  • Mia

    BEAUTIFUL!! Her and Orlando really do make a great couple!

  • ?????

    she’s dating with orlando?

  • ?????

    she’s dating with orlando?

  • KC

    Um who cares? Who is this person.

  • Kimmie

    She’s so excited to be photographed. Fame whore hahaha

  • Pointer

    WTF is she wearing and why is she famous? Because her ex hooked up with Tara Reid?

  • Anna

    She is the cutest thing imagineable – I love her.

  • she’s a cabage patch kid face

    This was announced to the press for them to be there.
    She is lying about her age she is 24 not 22

  • Stealth

    She does look very excited to be photographed and her face does look like a cabage patch kid #18 lol

  • Famewhore

    Famewhore is right!
    She wants it bad. Thing is you can get famous for alot of things and I don’t think she is going to get the kind of fame she wants!

  • ugh

    Now we know that this is a very slow news day when we see this wannabe schlepping around an airport with the same goofy look on her face as always.

  • JOLie fan

    Um who cares? Who is this person.
    She’s an Australian supermodel and one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels.

  • pfft

    She’s kind of cute sometimes but not a real beauty.
    She won’t age very well at all. She has chubby cheeks and weak bone structure. She can market her body for a little while but her face won’t make it long.
    Anyway, Jay is NOT dating Tara Reid. Tara was just there for the same party.That is just being thrown around to take the focus off of what Miranda has been doing to Jay but it’s all coming out.

  • lovelace

    “one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels.”

    I guess their only sexy when they’re working. She looks like a 12 year old going to the mall.

  • ugh

    I don’t think she’s a “supermodel.” That term gets thrown around a lot. A supermodel is someone that is like a household name like Heidi, Gisele and Naomi. People don’t know who she is and probably don’t want to know. She’s cute, but definitely not a beauty, and I agree that her looks will probably fade quickly. She’s a party girl who loves to have her picture taken wherever she goes. She loves publicity and will do just about anything, I’m thinking, to get it.

  • Shoutouttojay.

    Shout out to Jay!
    Be glad you’re rid of the tramp, mate. These two skizzies are going to make fools of themselves in a very public way. Have a beer and enjoy the show.

    Don’t worry mate. Everyone at homes knows the truth.

  • abymama


  • she’s a cabage patch kid face

    Thanks for changing the age to be correct Jared.

  • to #27

    It was announced in the Sydney press that she would be arriving. It was planned for her to have the paps there for her.THAT IS A KNOWN FACT IN SYDNEY. If she was arriving in LA NO ONE would know who she was.

    yeah, she is dating Orlando, but has anyone noticed how horrible he has looked since around late summer?

  • ugh

    She sets up her own publicity. That’s why people call her a fame*****. She always appears so surprised and flattered that their taking her picture, but she knew they would be there. I don’t think the paps are sitting around Oz airports waiting for a ton of celebs to show up as they would in NY or LA. It’s pretty funny because she’s been in LA and absolutely unnoticed by anyone even with Orlando. The paps don’t necessarily know who she is. They won’t take pics of either one of them soon. The clock is ticking on old Orly’s 15 minutes. He’s wasted any movie-making momentum that he might have had.

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    she such a cutie, she is wearing the ugliest outfit every, and no makeup she still looks hot.

  • H

    I find it hilarious how you all are criticizing her. She’s a victoria’s secret model and not just any vs model but an angel. Do you know how many models would kill for that opportunity? I know I would. You all are just jealous!

  • im confuse

    she is with her ex, or with orli?

  • im confuse

    she is with her ex, or with orli?

  • trust

    She’ll be re-hooking up with her ex soon, trust.

  • ugh

    I don’t think the VS angel thing has as much clout as it once did. That brand hasn’t been selling well and the show didn’t do that well in the ratings. The girls were all really pushing the stuff, but I don’t think America is that interested in what they’re selling. The models who do Sports Illustrated are more well-known. SI really makes careers (Heidi, Tyra, Cindy, etc.). VS has tried to tap into that, but I don’t think that it’s worked. I don’t see MK doing SI. She just isn’t hot enough IMO.

  • Karen

    Hateful, hateful people. And on Christmas Eve, yet!

    Some of you have posted on other sites, spouting the same viscious drivel. You keep going on, and on about ‘Karma’. Well, that works for you too. If you are so judgemental as to call someone you don’t even know such awful names, you will be judged just as harshly. Isn’t that how Karma works? Or do you think that you get a free pass?

  • To H

    No people don’t have to be jealous just to not like someone or think they are attractive. I’ll even say I think I have better features that she does. She has a better body since she is taller. She does nothing for me and I am not afraid to say it when I think a woman is beautiful.Am I going to post you a picture, NO. I don’t care if you believe me but just because people don’t like someone doesn’t mean they are jealous. I have no desire to be used by men like a play toy how she has been for years. Using her body is her only selling point. That isn’t something to be jealous of if you ask me.
    That’s what I love about the blogs-people can finally say what they think when the media tries to shove someone down your throat. Most people didn’t think Jennifer Anniston was hot in the ’90′s but yet she was hyped by the media as a beauty. What a joke. She may be a nice person but not a raving beauty.

    Don’t even get started on the fact that she is good friends with Brandon Davis.


    love her dimples.

  • she’s a cabbage patch kid face

    To #39
    Cabbage patch kids have dimples just like those. Why don’t you go buy one of those. Your doll will have a longer shelf life.

  • im confuse

    i prefer her with orlando, idont like her ex………… i hoipe she and orlando are couple… because i love the two!!!!!

  • ugh

    I totally agree with you, #38. The public has been fed a lot about “beauty” through the years. Whose beautiful, the most desirable, most handsome, etc. Most of the time, I don’t see it. I see more handsome and beautiful people on the street that in the media. Most of these people do not look that great w/o makeup and airbrushing. Much of the time, the look is quirky but not beautiful. I wouldn’t say there are many VS models who are classical beautiful. I do think Heidi is one, but most of them this year look strange. Some have heavy eyes, horsy mouths, cabbage patch kid looks. It’s not ugly, but it ain’t pretty either.

    As far as MK goes, she’s friends with Oily Bear and others who don’t really work for a living. Again, anything for publicity.

  • samantha


  • lovelace

    Ugh give it a fcuking rest! Your having a hissy fit just because she’s linked to Orlando. It’s not like they’re Brangelina. Go take a nap and relax yourself. It’s the fcuking holidays!

  • Merry Christmas U big HOHOHO!!

    its soooo funny that this girl has been begging for fame and now she is going to get it but it ani’t what she was thinking.
    She is about to become famous for being a ho who cheated many times and not just with Orlando.
    Let’s just say the ‘whispers’ in New York all the way to Sydney are getting louder every day.

  • 1738

    I think Orlando can do better than Miranda

  • Kayla

    First Kate Bosworth now this girl. Dating Orlando Bloom is poisonous. His fans are truly psycho.

  • test


  • ugh

    This is about Miranda Kerr. Who cares about Orlando? He is pretty much off the A list right now. We’re commenting on Miranda. If you like her, good for you. I just think she loves publicity and she’s not that great looking, like a lot of celebrities/models.

  • angelina_mmm