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Merry Kerr-stmas to One and All!

Merry Kerr-stmas to One and All!

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr lands at Sydney Airport on Christmas Eve to spend the holidays Down Under with her family in her native Australia.

The 24-year-old Aussie dimple faced supermodel was accompanied by her friend Maree.

According to various Australian media outlets, Kerr‘s ex-boyfriend musician/model Jay G Lyon got to “know” Tara Reid when they were both in town together.

20+pictures inside of Miranda Kerr‘s Christmas Eve…

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Photos: Ben McDonald/Bauer-Griffin
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  • test?

    test again??

  • To Ugh

    SO WHAT!?! Leave the thread if you don’t like her, your not going to change anyone’s mind your just making yourself look stupid and crazy.

  • AussieGal

    These photos were pre planned. They’re was a story in a newspaper here in oz saying that Miranda would arrive on the 23rd and that Lexus would be giving her a free rental to use while she’s home. I wish someone would give me a free Lexus.

  • to 53

    yes, that’s why she is all smiles for them.
    People who aren’t that famous have to beg for this stuff.

    I think its funny as hell that she tried to trade up but its going to bite her in her arse. Orlando is getting nothing but bad press for his own reasons so that isn’t working and she is getting called out her -well, shall we call it ‘social climbing tactics’. I think she thought it was going to be a free ride now being a famous girlfriend but the only press Orlando is getting is negative. Have you seen the latest pictures of him on x17? He looks like a caveman. LOL. Maybe she should reconsider with Brandon Davis.

  • Ohplease

    she’s such a natural beauty! everybody else just need to stop hatin’!

  • kass

    It was pre-planned, yet she couldn’t come up with a better outfit than that to wear while being photographed!? Does she actually think that’s a good outfit?

  • lol
  • To Kayla

    I don’t think that’s true this time. From what I read most of Orlando’s fans were all set to like her until she started talking to the newspapers almost daily when they first started dating. Then it was known she hangs out with that cocaine addict grease pit called Brandon Davis and of course the rumors of how she ditched (and/or cheated on) a long term boyfriend for a better gig didn’t help either. Orlando is getting his own share of beatings even from his own so called fans these days.

  • cybergurl

    One of my girlfriends boffed Brandon Davis and he apparently has an extra large pepperoni. She said he sweats alot but he has staying power. His ballinas are not as big as Cisco Adler’s though.

  • why people don’t like her?

    I think it has a lot to do with the fact that she was making this video here with her boyfriend in the summer all the while she was sneaking around with Orlando and a couple of other dudes.
    So yeah, look how she acts so in love with Jay here. Did they all think they were the only ones.?She might just be a better actor than Orlando. In that video is also Pottsy (Nic), Jay and Jess.

  • Jenn Schift

    Orly bloom is kind of a nancy-boy isn’t he? I mean he can’t even grow a beard! They call him “3 whiskers” back home. I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays on both sides of the pitch like Jake Gyllenhaal.

  • WickedWench

    I thought Miranda had already been down under – with what? – two or three guys while she was dating her ex? She should be used to it by now.
    Personally I think she looks and acts like a brunette Kate Bosworth: a slutty famewhore with a moonface and acne to boot.

  • H

    To #38: I would never ask you to post a pic because I could care less what you look like. Despite what you think, it is still a huge honor to be a VS angel and I’m sure Miranda Kerr could care less if you think she’s unattractive. She’s the one making all the money and has the prestigious modeling contracts.

  • to H

    It isn’t a huge honor for everyone.Many people think its tasteless and not much different than a hooters girl except the pay is better. Some people have self respect and want their accomplishments in life to be more than posing in their underwear.
    Actually, now that I think of it-Hooters girl is right up her alley. She is just as tacky and will never be considered classey.

  • Karen

    I can’t believe that you people are taking a post from a Perez Hilton thread as Gospel. If that is where you go to get your ‘facts’ when you want to crucify someone, you are more pathetic than I first thought.

    Karma people, Karma.

  • Holly Wood

    She is worse than Kate Bosworth. At least KB’s main claim to fame wasn’t taking off her clothes like a wh*re. Check that. KB’s main claim to fame was dating OB. Yeah, they’re exactly the same. Talentless leeches in PR relationships.

  • http://deleted t.greem

    she is so lovely when she smiles. but her pictures appeared on

  • [~Famous~] – Your God.

    she’s cute. but umm… i have no idea what her name is, and i’m on her thread. lol

  • oooba dooba

    Well, I wonder who set up the pap shots of Bloom in Nepal? Oh, that’s right – it was UNICEF. If Bosworth had been there, some people would have been all over her like fleas on a dog. She was usually the one blamed for the PR and photo sessions by many in Bloom’s fandom in the past. Bloom alone, however, means he’s innocent and couldn’t help it. Now who gets the blame for Bloom hanging out at all the trendy hipster joints? No one’s forcing him to walk right into the paparazzi dens. He’s managing quite nicely by himself, so I don’t think he minds the attention, either. You don’t date actresses and models and hang out at Hyde and Villa and Green Door when you Vant To Be Alone. Why not just accept the fact that many – maybe even most – actors and models set up their own publicity at one time or another, or they have their PR people do the ‘dirty’ work for them, while they (the clients) acts innocent. Now that I understand that and accept it, I just roll with it, baby. It don’t matter.

    As for Kerrbloom, these two need to get their shtick together. Bloom’s gone on record as saying he doesn’t date, and that dating is an American custom, not an English one. He said that back when he was dating Kate. So, he lied, I guess. Big deal. Guess he’s been Americanized as well as Hollywoodized. Miranda just got finished saying she’s glad to be single and isn’t interested in dating or having a relationship with anyone right now, as she’s had one boyfriend after another and is enjoying being single for a change.

    Something is a bit off, but oh well. Maybe they’re both happily single and just getting it on with each other and a lot of other beautiful people in Tinseltown. As long as they use condoms and get checked for STDs every 6 months, they can do their thang. It’s Christmas Eve, folks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Nope

    How come post are taking so long to show up?
    Not sure if this will be a repeat or not.

    I don’t think people are talking about the Perez Hilton site from a few weeks ago. However, I do know people who believe what was said there for other reasons.People in New York and others have been saying these things for a while now.

  • To # 29

    Hahaha you sound like a jealous ugly ex girlfriend or something!!

    How the f$*(@ is it well known in sydney? Did she bully you as a kid or something coz you really have something against her..

    I bet you your some sad fat bitch who has nothing better to do than bitch about beautiful people!!

  • to #71

    hey idiot some people know how to read.
    It was in the newspaper-the paps were alerted and even knew which car to look for.

    {{HER ex may have motored on to another woman but you just know Miranda Kerr is going to be sitting pretty when she returns to Sydney for the summer.
    At least she’ll be rollin’ in some pretty fine wheels, after scoring a super sexy loaner through the cyber sisterhood website,
    Not that she needs much help looking hot but Kerr will be cruising around town in the super sexy Lexus SC430, as soon as she touches down on December 23.
    She’ll leave Tara Reid in her stylish dust in that black baby, yeah. }}

  • hahah

    a woman is not beautiful just because she has that title given to her by the media and by the company that has a reputation for employing beautiful girls you know? you actually have to be beautiful..Miranda must have had some good connections, and given a lot of sexual favors to get that job because clearly she isn’t likeable, and most people don’t find her supermodel title worthy. If you look at supermodels like Naomi, Cyndy Crawford, Helena Christensen, Heidi Klum, etc this girl is not even close to being in the same category. Nobody is jealous of her, I see girls on the street everyday who are so much better looking than her.

  • Milo

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I don’t think most of the new Victoria’s Secret models are beautiful. They can’t compare to the likes of Stephanie Seymore, Laetitia Casta, Daniela Pestova etc. Those women were bombshells. Miranda is cute but damn that outfit is shideous. lol

  • oh yeah

    I think sexual favors is all she knows.
    And it isn’t just Orlando fans here saying this crap either. Most of the people don’t seem to care that much about him any longer either.

    I agree bring back Laetitia Casta. Now that was a great body! I have the coffee table book of her and its amazing.

  • oh yeah

    Actually, I would dare say Veronica Taylor is better looking than the cabbage patch kid here.

    If you don’t remeber Veronica is the girl that Orlando tried to pick up at the Green Door the night of the accident.

  • Mr. Barky von Schnauzer

    Wow, if her ex and/or his friends have anything to do with the hate being spewed here, I can understand why she broke up with him.

  • Cabbage Soup

    Mr Barky
    I think it was him who dumped her after finding out a few(read: more than one!) secrets.
    and btw-Miranda is hateful herself. The smile for the paps is the act.

  • H

    People who think its tasteless are girls who don’t look anywhere near as good as the VS angels do in their under garments. That is really hilarious comparing being a VS model to a hooters girl- one group gets to wear gorgeous lingerie and travel the world and have their pics splattered everywhere and in commercials and the other group gets to serve chicken wings to a bunch of horny men.

  • Paging Cher Coulter

    Wow. All I can say is that if any of this whole drama is true than I hope Orlando has strong people in his life right now that will help him see clearly. I think he has been looking really sad lately like something pretty deep is going on inside. It may be serious or it may just be a very minor thing but he doesn’t look joyful at all.He looks very lonely too and I don’t mean just a few shots but almost every candid I’veseen for months.This might last or it might not but it seems they are in very different places in life. She is very young and eager to make a name for herself and he seems to have the attitude of “been there done that and I’m still not happy.”
    If this girl is like people say than he might not be able to see it yet on his own. We all see what we want especially when it comes to issues of the heart and most especially if he is lonely and needs to fill a void.
    Cher Coulter seems like she is a great friend and she comes across as a strong woman to me. That’s just the vibe I get from her.Not some silly little girl. If there is anything to be concerned about or if the rumors are all true then I sure hope people like her will help him get a clue.

  • what’s your price

    to #79
    You just reminded me of the story about a girl who was asked if she would F a guy for $20 and she said “no, what do you think I am, a hooker?”. She was asked again if she would do it for $50 and she said no again. Finally it went up to
    $100K and she said “of course, what do you think I am stupid”. The man responded with ” I knew you were a hooker it was just a matter of what your price was.”
    Those Hooters girl have a lot more in common with the undie girls than you are willing to admit. The undie girls get paid better but they are all serving the same purpose. They are play things for men.
    There are high class prostitutes and there are 20 dollar hookers but they are all hookers!

  • H

    #81 your story makes absolutely no sense with what I’m talking about. You are just jealous that you would never look as good as Miranda does in the VS stuff

  • what’s your price

    LOL. It makes perfect sense but since you don’twant to see it you use the jealous card. Not everyone is jealous-some people just have self esteem

    They are both doing the same thing its just the negotiation of the price for it.

  • KC

    I can understand how some may not respect models, undie models in general. There doesn’t seem to be any requirement besides good genes and it doesn’t seem like it takes any intelligence, just ambition and luck. It’s not true in all cases there are smart models like Gisele, Elle Macpherson, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks who branch out and own businesses and do things that will sustain them after modeling. And who can fault these women for taking advantage of their good genes?

  • Marie

    Miranda just seems like an ambitious young model to me milking her cute dimples for all it’s worth. Her sweetness seems contrived at times as if she’s living up to an image. She’s just making the most of her situation and getting a famous boyfriend helps her image and I think that’s mostly what the Orlando thing is. The way she and her agent is promoting the relationship in the Aussie press makes it seem shady and not genuine. Just my opinion from the outside.

  • Razorhead

    The dimples just look like huge dents in her face. It’s just not cute to me.

  • e

    İs immorality beauty?

  • H

    Please it’s jealousy and you know it. Being an underwear/lingerie model is not the same thing as being a hooters waitress so get over your delusional thinking.

  • Jackcum

    There’s not much of a difference between the purpose of a lingerie model and a hooters waitress. The purpose is to look good in what you are wearing to appease an audience. They both get paid to look good to sell a product. The big difference is in the pay and the prestige. There’s no need to be jealous, you either got it or you don’t.

  • Lane

    It’s true she talks to the press all the freakin’ time but so far it doesn’t seem like Orlando cares. Someone in his camp must be on top of what she is doing even if he doesn’t read Aussie press. If they don’t I hope they figure it out soon.Now she told them he is coming there this week and during her pap set ups above they say they overheard her talking to Orlando on the phone. It only happens in the papers over there since she can’t really control it here since no one cares about her. How can you do stuff like that and then later claim they just want a private relationship?It is possible to have a relationship and not talk to the media about the details but she (or they-time will tell) must not want it that way.

  • The Grinch

    Right on Marie. Shady and not genuine. Exactly what this “relationship” and Miranda herself are.

    @H: Explain how puting on a skimpy top to show off your big boobs to make better tips is different than putting on skimpy underwear and showing off your body are any different? They’re both jobs that the only requirement for is looks.

  • veritas

    Orlando doesn’t care because Orlando needs a fake girlfriend. Wisen up people.

  • Boris

    I just looked up a cabbage patch kid on line and lo and behold she does look like that!
    It reminded me of the rumors that Orlando use to carry around one of Kate’s Lois Lane dolls when they were away from each other. Maybe this time he should just get a cabbage patch kid doll and put some VS underwear on it and carry that around with him.

  • Morgan

    True Veritas. She might as well be wearing a shirt with the word BEARD written on it. This is way to obvious, Orlando’s people are slipping.

  • veritas

    You’re right Morgan. His people may be slipping but the public (read: his fans) are as dumb and gullible as ever so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to run this show.

  • Boris

    LOL. Someone on IMBD is thinking the same thing and just posted these new modeling pictures of Miranda


  • veritas

    Wow she’s a real doll!

  • e

    BORİS (at 93) , you make me laugh too much ,I hope God make you laugh as much as me….

  • Armonia

    Err. no “H” people aren’t jealous of this greedy chic for her looks. They don’t like her because they can spot a lying cheating fake a++ snake when they see one . The woman is COLD COLD COLD. The get up is FAKE FAKE FAKE. (smile for the pap man baby)If Orlando was in on it all then where does that leave him girls? I know you can see it in his face. You’re
    going to have to admit it sooner or later.

    I think he knows he doesn’t have much left and just wants to cash it and maybe thats what all the commercials are about. Pocket some more dough and go away.I wouldn’t be surprised if he just takes the money and goes and buys a farm somewhere-maybe even in OZ with the chic he threw away whatever was left of his integrity for.
    Granted he has more money than most but just take a quick look around Hollyweird and you can see it doesn’t buy you anything you really need. Why do you think there is so much depression and self-destruction?
    It’s really sad to watch him decline so rapidly-but yet somehow it’s still more entertaining than his last few movies. Maybe this will be the best performance he gives his audience.

  • Bella Donna

    I just saw some pictures of Kate and James and I have to say she turned out to be the one with all the class. They look happy and you don’t see her talking about her relationship in the press. They just do their thing and sometimes they get photographed or whatever and she looks really happy and content now. I wonder if Orlando was more behind all the garbarge and press games with them then his fans want to admit. If not than how come the same things are happening in his new relationship but they aren’t happening in hers?
    Miranda might get to do her milking the press thing over there but I honestly don’t think this is going to fly that well here in the states this time. Orlando isn’t a big deal anymore and Miranda isn’t really well liked over here. The way her friends talk about it you can see they thought she was going to be the “next big thing” dating a hot hollywood actor like Leo and Gisele. Sorry honey, he ani’t no Leo and you ani’t no Gisele. If Kate did use the press at all at least she had him when he was hot. Good on ya, Kate!