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Merry Kerr-stmas to One and All!

Merry Kerr-stmas to One and All!

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr lands at Sydney Airport on Christmas Eve to spend the holidays Down Under with her family in her native Australia.

The 24-year-old Aussie dimple faced supermodel was accompanied by her friend Maree.

According to various Australian media outlets, Kerr‘s ex-boyfriend musician/model Jay G Lyon got to “know” Tara Reid when they were both in town together.

20+pictures inside of Miranda Kerr‘s Christmas Eve…

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Photos: Ben McDonald/Bauer-Griffin
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  • e

    (I agree with Bella Donna); Kate Bosworth, others are rest, you are the best…

  • rhymes with witch

    some of the comments on this post are absolutely hilarious. I don’t get the appeal of this girl, I mean she looks like one of my Grams ole kewpie dolls. wide face and totally expressionless.

  • Mr. Barky von Schnauzer

    “I think it was him who dumped her after finding out a few(read: more than one!) secrets.
    and btw-Miranda is hateful herself. The smile for the paps is the act.

    I have to wonder, though, why does it matter? What is the purpose of the venom being spewed at her, and at Orlando by extension? These people are celebrities that don’t exist beyond our TV or computer screens. People are acting like this girl did them some sort of personal wrong, and I have to say, that’s pretty disturbing.

    Seriously, dudes, if a random celebrity who is not named Paris Hilton or Britney Spears inspires this much obsessive hate, it’s time to step away from the computer and find a new hobby. Trust me, you don’t want to go down that road.

    “I just saw some pictures of Kate and James and I have to say she turned out to be the one with all the class.”

    Oh please. If by “with all the class” you mean “she’s a desperate and grasping has been who will attend the opening of an envelope if she thought she’d get her picture taken in some craptastic outfit,” then I’d believe you. The only reason she seems to be so low-key is because she could run down the street naked and no one would care. Miranda K. smiling for the paparazzi is nothing compared to the crap this girl has pulled.

  • Armonia

    Ha. Barky you just did the same thing but you did it to Kate so you can’t see yourself. That was a good dig at Kate there-why so personal? Isn’t that disturbing to you that you can’t stand Kate that much? lol.

    For the record-Miranda is far surpassing Kate in the famewhore game already.

    Maybe to some people she is in the same category as Paris and Britney. Why do you think you get to say who is worth being indignant over? You don’t like those two. Fine. Other people don’t like Miranda and frankly, she isn’t that far away from P&B. Don’t forget she is friends with Paris’s bff Brandon Davis.

  • oooba dooba

    So, some people couldn’t stand Bosworth (and apparently still can’t stand her), and now, some people can’t stand Kerr. What would be the ideal – or at least acceptable – female companion/girlfriend/beard/significant other/lover/etc., for Orlando? At what point will some of the people who bash his lady companions finally start bashing the man himself for CHOOSING these ladies to be with? He’s a grown man who can make his own choices, so it seems to me that he’s drawn to the so-called attention getting types, contrary to what he’s stated in some of his interviews (i.e. not liking girls who call attention to themselves). Calling attention to themselves is generally what actresses and models do! Hellloooo! Orlando seems fine with these women and perfectly happy to be in their company. That’s what matters. He’s happy. He’s getting what he wants, whatever that happens to be. Isn’t that all that matters?

    For those who choose to bash his female companions, it might be worth considering that these are women he chooses to be with, possibly sleep with, love, get his publicity with, etc. If he chooses attention getting hussies, does that reflect on him at all? Or is he forever the innocent and helpless victim of all these conniving vicious femme fatales? Orlando seems to be attracted to a certain type of woman – the kind that gets labeled a famewh*re, so I must conclude that he’s drawn to that trait and/or has it within himself somewhere.

    Otherwise, he’d find different types to hang out with. Has is ever occurred to anyone besides me that a man’s girlfriends start to reflect on him at some point? The same goes for a woman’s boyfriends. If you keep ending up with the wrong people, then maybe relationship counseling or professional therapy is needed to break the cycle.

  • oooba dooba

    Just wanted to add that I’m not interested in bashing either of these women. I think Kate and Miranda have both played the PR/publicity game, and I think Orlando has played it plenty himself. I’ve noticed, however, that it’s usually his female companions who get the brunt of criticism for the games played, while Orlando is seen as the victim or the one being used.

    I guess no one thinks he could possibly be a bit of a user and a manipulator himself? Why is it always the other person’s fault and never Orlando’s? I don’t get that. Never have. You can’t consistently end up being used or lied to or manipulated unless you choose to blind yourself to it or allow it for some reason. People who allow themselves to be treated poorly and/or to be abused need to get professional help to end the cycle of abuse. Then again, if Orlando’s playing his own games – and I don’t think for one fraction of a second that he’s all Mr. Innocent Bloom – he gets what he dishes out. Fair is fair.

  • Armonia

    This time around Orlando is getting his fair share of bashing. Have you not read the thread? People do see it in him now as well.He is a part of it and most likely always was. That doesn’t mean they still can’t call it out in Miranda especially since she is the one being more obvious about it. That might be the plan for Orlando to let it seem like the girl is doing it all but then that is her fault for going along with it and taking the hits.

  • clevernickname

    Orlando is looking more and more like a celebrity and less and less like the actor that he said he wanted to become. Celebrities (and wannabees) have the details of their personal lives called in to the papers like this. People who want to be taken seriously don’t do that.
    It might have been one thing for Orlando if he did this when he was younger and with Kate because some of it could be writen off as teen idol stuff. He is really at a crossroads in his career and if he wants a chance at being considered a respected actor he needs to stop the PR games asap before he is just a tabloid joke. Seriously, does Leo do this BS?

  • e

    Mr Barkey von Schnauzer, excuse me,why are you advising to step away from here to who don’t share same idea with you.For example me, I read your comments and I respecting to them.But I’m not agree with you.I never say “go anywhere else” to you.Stay and write your comments like me,like all others.I’m here because Ilove Orlando,besides Kate but not Miranda.I think there is nothing in the world that she can’t do for her passion of fame.Remember Brent and please imagine,you are dating with somebody.But your partner dating 3 persons too.How do you feel yourself?So bad realy?And this sly lady almost famous now.She start to met with famous persons(directors,actors..)Some people start to write about her how is she beautiful,cute,lovely,angel…She is not one of them.But unfortunately we will read her fake sincerity all magazines interviews in the near future.May be we will see her frozen silhouette in the movies. This is my opinion.

  • It’s Me

    I don’t see everyone is getting all upset. Miranda is just some random model milking her 15 minutes for all it’s worth and considering the age of the supermodel is dead I doubt it’s worth that much. As for Orlando I don’t see why anyone would be bothered with him dating her, did you see his last girlfriend? Clearly his taste in women is questionable. He goes for the super bubbly, not to smart types.

  • @#110

    From reading the thread I didn’t see that most people were commenting on him dating her -most of the comments were about Miranda being a fame-ho in general with or with out Orlando and about who she is as a person. I think PR people must hate the new
    era of the gossip blogs because people get to voice their opinions immediately and its harder to shove people-and their fake image-down the peoples throat.

    However, I do think alot of people believe she is using him and is hitching herself to his cart. You have to admit most people don’t talk on the phone in front of the paps with their ‘loved ones’ unless they are fishing for fame and attention from that relationship. Maybe he doesn’t mind being used.
    I just noticed Jared has a new thread about Edward Norton and there is one on Hugh Jackman from a day or so. Both good actors and respected. Can you picture either of them having silly ‘oh baby’ conversations with their SO’s at the airport with the paps? No, it sounds more like something the girls from The Hills would do.

  • lizzie

    I think this is one of those situations that says look at what they do not what they say. In his interviews he acts like he would like a nice normal girl, but he picks these wannabe types. Does he think it would make him look less cool if he wasn’t with some hot model or actress type. I totally agree with oooba dooba. I just don’t think he is very smart, otherwise he would want someone who could actually put a pharse together with out having to use the words “like” or “you know”. Intelligent people want someone who is hot, but we also like them to have some kind of superior thought process. If I had to choose I would rather have less looks and more brains, looks don’t last, brains do.

  • bird

    Did you see her naked photo with five models for French Photo Magazine. Miranda is running so fast…

  • @#110

    I saw that picture but that is what she looks like with HOURS of makeup and THEN PHOTOSHOP after that.

    here is what she looks like in real life-hanging out with her good friend greasy bear:

    she ani’t all that. very average girl.just tall

  • @#113

    oops.meant to write @113 above.


    Just because her outfit is questionnable – it obviously makes her look … much different to how she really looks – so there is no need to make judgements and she is a household name to those who show an interest in fashion.

    My family how no idea Gisele existed until I became heavily involved with fashion.

  • here we go

    Just saw a mention in WHO mag from OZ.
    She is now giving them there holiday plans so
    the paps can be there to take pictures.
    She told them where her and Orlando are spending the
    New Years!!!

    Kate was never this bad.

  • lizzie

    Well, at least one could look at the bright side. He must be getting laid regularly, and this relationship may put those interesting rumors about his dog and him to rest. She must do something fantastic in bed for him not to care about how blatantly she is using him to further her career.

  • e

    to # 117 I agree with you. , Yes. Kate is a beautiful person, beautiful heart. Real angel is she.

  • e

    to #117 I agree with you. Kate is a beautiful person. Real angel is she.

  • e


  • Katefan

    If this is the chick that Orlando’s boinking on the regular then she must not be doing a good job he looks miserable all the time and he’s not aging well. He was much cuter when he was dating Kate.

  • Sick!

    That is just sick! Why does Who Magazine know this?
    I believe now more then ever that the ‘post from pottsy’ must have
    been true and as they said “she is manipulative and will use anyone to advance her career”.
    If Orlando knows and doesn’t care then he sold himself to the devil.
    Run Orlando. Run like f’ing Forest Gump

  • MOsquito

    Am I the only one who finds her dimples ugly? It gives her a little girl face.

  • I Drink You Pour

    I can’t believe she’s a model. Her face is very limited, she’s just cute not quirky or beautiful. I don’t think she could do anything outside of commercial modeling.

  • Evie

    Lizzie I think they call that being pu&&y whipped.
    He looks like a idiot.
    Now if she did this without telling him since things like
    this only end up in the news over there, well then that is a new level of low. Sorry honey, I forgot to mention I called the paps to tell them
    where we were staying. Smile baby!

  • bird

    #114 + #115 I didn’t say that she is beautiful. I meant to She is running to FAME.

  • e

    Miranda Kerr is the most unbelievable mistake of Orlando Bloom

  • jorgia

    preach it sister! It’s just too freaky how much he has gone down hill since April. He was so hot and handsome right after he shaved his pirates hair and he looked happy and ready to go on to new things. Since then everything about him has changed for the worse. She definetly does not bring him good luck. Now he always looks like he was just kicked in the stomach.

  • lizzie

    Wow, his team has sure swung into action. They have two very interesting placements about him in todays news. At MSN they have this little blurb, about men behaving badly:
    Orlando Bloom: Orlando hit the headlines in October when he was involved in a car accident with paparazzi after a rare outing to an LA nightclub. But don’t jump to conclusions – the clean-living star wasn’t drink-driving like many of his female contemporaries have done recently. And he’s not a ladies’ man either – Orlando, a practicing Buddist, fills his spare time with raising awareness of environmental issues. He is actively involved in an initiative called Global Green and has been approached by UNICEF to act as an international ambassador. An all-round good egg, if a little boring!

    Yeah sure rare outing my ass, And not a ladies man, after pawing some model, there and at some party in London. Sure, and I am interested in that bridge in New York you are selling too!

    Then they have him touted as the man who will replace Tom Cruise and Matt Damon as the next action hero. Kate Bosworth his picked to replace Nicole Kidman.. Considering they are represented by the same people, it seem obvious they are doing some major damage control. Interesting.

  • to #130

    Is that a cut and paste? Someone wrote drink-driving and not drunk driving. Things like that make you wonder about the source
    If it was his team it will take a bit more than a couple or articles to get his image back.

    LOL what’s this about a London pawing? I only know of the one at the Green Door.

  • th

    Drink driving is possibly British terminology. I think his people are going into damage control. I think this whole Miranda thing is to try to make the couple the next hot thing. The problem is that people don’t like Orlando any more. He is unappealing for many of his actions and his words, and people (female fans) have moved on to more interesting and actually working actors. People don’t like Miranda either. She is very fake and people aren’t buying it. You’re correct in the PR thing. Both of them play the PR game. He has played it for a long time, but the public doesn’t want to buy it from him any more. They certainly don’t want to buy it from Miranda. Most people don’t know who she is. The more they know – the less they like her! Neither one of them has any class.

  • e

    Hey ALL,Happy new year. You are my sisters and brothers. I wish you all the best.

  • to #132

    That’s why I doubt it will work. They can’t be that dumb. I’m sure they’ve seen the reaction to Miranda and know that the word on her isn’t that good.
    If they try and push her on people it would be a disaster for her. I agree that the public doesn’t seem to be buying what he is selling anymore either. Playing the pr games as an older man makes him look like a tool. Miranda probably did think she was going to be the other half of Hollywood’s next new couple and that’s what she is so excited about in all these pictures but I can’t see it going that way.

  • th

    I think the positive posters at the beginning were possibly PR folk trying to start a spin on her. That certainly didn’t last long. The fact that we’re still talking about this almost a week later tells me that this dislike has legs. I think if they try any more of this PR stuff it will hurt her, but it will definitely hurt him more. He has no projects in the works right now, and, frankly, he just seems desperate for attention with all of his recent behavior. What serious director will be interested in someone who chases fame in this way? I know Ben Affleck said himself that he had a lot of problems with being taken seriously after his thing with JLo, and he has a better movie making track record that Orlando. If Orlando continues to chase fame and act like a crazy club hopper, his career will be over.

  • lizzie

    I think it was back in Sept, there was an article about him getting drunk at a party in London. He told Elle McPherson he wanted to bury his face in her bosoms and he grabbed some other model’s ass. So, I wasn’t all that surprised when he acted the same way over here. It seems he has a bit of a reputation of being a perv, especially when he is drunk.

  • jorgia

    If they do go on a pr fest while on vacation they are going to come out looking like fools. D-list fools actually.
    Miranda seems very ignorant of how this all works.If you flirt with the media too much it always comes back to bite you HARD.
    With the way Orlando has been looking lately its hard to think he would even be able to fake it for the paps. I have a feeling that this will go south too if they try too hard.

  • to #135

    I thought the first few post were her pr or family/friends as well. Same thing on the other site it was pretty obvious.
    I think the blogs are taken over the celebrity world more than magazines now. Most of the pictures that are in the tabloids have been seen on the sites during the week and the gossip has been spread and discusssed already before they hit the stands.

    You’re right about the Ben thing as well. Orlando has fallen out of favor with a lot of the public and I think he has a job to do in getting the respect back.

  • oooba dooba

    If Orlando wants respect, he’ll have to respect himself FIRST. He’ll have to show respect for women by not groping, grabbing or hitting on one while dating another. If he values his privacy as much as he’s claimed over the years, he’ll make darn sure that his next girlfriend doesn’t talk to the press – period! That includes her friends, her family, her PR people, etc. There are plenty of big name famous actors who keep their whereabouts and travel plans, gift giving and travel expenses, etc, PRIVATE. If they can do it, so can Orlando. Interesting how Johnny Depp, who’s repped by Robin Baum, can keep his private life and travel plans with Vanessa private. If he gives her gifts, it remains private. Baum also reps Bloom. Odd, ain’t it? The stuff that Bosworth was called to task for by many of Bloom’s fans is happening again, and she ain’t in the picture this time. Orlando can’t tell Miranda to keep her fat trap shut? He can’t find a girlfriend who keeps her mouth shut? He can’t find a girlfriend who doesn’t need press, fame, publicity and smiling happy-face shots at an airport? I’m beginning to think Orlando’s doing the best he can, and these women are the best he can do and come up with. Either that, or he’s desperate for attention himself, as someone else mentioned. It takes two to do the publicity cha-cha. If I were Orlando, I would have straightened out my girlfriends at the very get-go regarding what to say and not say to the press, and I wouldn’t go to the places where paps hang out.

    Didn’t he give Bosworth a bracelet or something? If Johnny were to give Vanessa a piece of jewelry, you’d sure as heck most likely NEVER hear about it or what it cost. When two actors share the same PR firm and publicist, and one can keep his privacy and his mouth shut (and has a female companion who does the same), whereas the other actor is just the opposite and has girlfriends who seemingly can’t keep quiet, there’s something not right. That’s why I figure Orlando also plays games and wants the attention, but I also think he pulls back just enough to let the blame fall on the female. He says nothing, gets the same press and name mentioning on the Internet, and it looks as though the chick is behind everything. Kate was blamed for many of the photos taken when she and Orlando dated.

    So, who’s going to be blamed for any shot of Kerrbloom vacationing together, celebrating New Years together, or for the pictures in Hong Kong? I also don’t doubt for one second that Bloom and his PR people are aware of what’s going on with Miranda and the press in OZ. If he really wanted his privacy, he’d tell her in no uncertain terms to shut the **** up, or else – the ‘else’ being he’s out the door and not looking back. He can always be with some other actress or model, since he’s so hot, hot, hot. Sorry, but I think both of them are fake and phony and playing the game. It’s almost like Orlando has become the thing he most wanted to avoid becoming, and it’s sad. It makes me mad to think about it because I used to think he was an okay guy.

  • jorgia

    what pictures in Hong Kong? Just the two blurry ones from the side at what looks like the airport or were there more?

  • Orlando has turned to dung

    He is just straight up dung now.
    What a piece of crap that msm article. That’s almost as bad as the
    cousin saying he never drinks. Why does he still play the buddhist card if he isn’t even trying to live by it anymore?The gig is up. Has he not even entertained the thought that maybe his ‘bad luck’ from the past several months might have to do with his actions that created it? Isn’t there a little something in the buddhist religion about the way you treat other people?
    So he converts this chic to buddhism all the while he is messing around with her behind her boyfriends back? That’s is exactly like a Christian minister sleeping with someone they are trying to teach Christianity to. Most people would think that is pretty screwed up but orli thinks he gets a pass again. Whatever a-hole, keep digging your own grave.Maybe he really likes this girl or maybe he feels trapped now. This big mess you created for yourself is getting bigger every day. Go ahead. Invite the paps to your holiday. Make a royal ass of yourself. That will make it all the more amusing when you two don’t last.

  • lizzie

    Once again I think it shows that he is not the sharpest tool in the box. His management team is being very clumsy in trying to reform his imiage. They treat his fans like they are total idiots. Like we will ignore all of the stupid stunts he has pulled. They never have explained his callous leaving of bleeding friends in that car accident. Maybe if they ignore it we will forget it. He says he loves London, so why , when he has this great chance to spend time there, is he is over here in plastic land playing the fame game. I agree he deserves a vacation, he has worked non-stop since his early twenties, but instead of spending this time with friends (the friends that are supposed to keep him grounded, and his family) why is he over here in LA LA land. He says his relationships haven’t worked because of the constant attention of the paps, and the crazy schedule he has maintained. Now he has a perfect opportunity to change that. Find some nice normal girl, believe me there are some beautiful ones out there. Some that even read and can carry on a intelligent conversation (after all he likes to talk about how smart he is). It is as though he feels being seen with some one less than a famous beautiful celebrity., or a super model will damage his street cred. I once thought he was a thougtful down to earth person, who truly cared about his craft, and tried to avoid the crap and sleeze that went with the whole Hollywood lifestyle. Boy was I wrong. If that garbage he fed his fans was true, he would be in London, using this vacation to try to make some good contacts for future projects, and maybe looking for a relationship that might actually last, maybe with someone that has half a brain.

  • Truth in advertising

    The big picture: People do not like Miranda with or without Orlando Bloom. She is really a piece of work. She has done every PR trick in the book. She appears to be sweet, but she’s just like saccharin – Can be toxic to the system if taken in too great of quantities. Her nickname should be sweet n lowlife. This chick is trying her hardest to become the next hot thing. She has even sunk so low as to attack Paris Hilton. I know, it’s hard to defend Paris. But being the person that I am, I do my legwork investigating.

    STATEMENT: Posted 12/9/07 on a gossip site – Earlier this year, Australian born Miranda Kerr (rumored to be dating Orlando Bloom) and actress Eliska Amor were asked to leave Hollywood restaurant Mr. Chows by a member of Paris Hilton’s entourage, after Hilton was informed that Kerr was already a guest. Kerr and Amor were later told by Mr. Chow employees that they were “not to listen to that” and were then offered free drinks.

    FINDINGS: Mr. Chows is known for being a place to see and be seen. It’s a paparazzi hotspot. Do you seriously believe that Paris Hilton cares about this woman? When did Paris get an “entourage”? Do you think that the people at Mr. Chows are giving a nobody free drinks? Do you think Mr. Chows is giving people the info on who has reservations on any given night? That would probably ruin their reputation with the celebrity public.

    CONCLUSIONS: Miranda or her friend Eliska (who is also known as a PR using fame hound that no one has really heard of) contacted the press themselves about the story. They probably think if they make Paris look bad they’ll look like cool chicks. Guess what, ladies. You probably wanted to be seen there, but no one took your picture at Mr. Chows. You are not a celebrity who warrants the waste of digital space. Instead, you look like a couple of fame chasers who know how to hold down a barstool.

    STATEMENT: This posting, of course, follows on the heels of the dress debacle. Miranda would have you believe that this was a recent event where Paris showed herself off as a brat and “stole” Miranda’s favorite dress, but ended up standing there naked after Naomi Campbell arrived and wanted the same dress.

    FINDINGS: Well, it didn’t happen. At least not that way. It was actually at a 2005 Heatherette show. The evidence is here . Friends, it’s Paris on the catwalk in the dress, not naked. If you look at the backstage pictures, you’ll see Paris and Naomi hugging. Naomi is wearing a see-through outfit with stars on it and Paris is wearing the pinkish thing. You won’t find Naomi at any other Heatherette shows wearing pink. You can find Nicky Hilton wearing a pink dress, but it, again, is on the catwalk. Paris has been a several Heatherette shows since. I don’t think there’s any animosity there. And besides all of that, there is no photographic evidence that Miranda was in any shows in the States until a couple of years later. She was in Australia modeling. If she did any other work, she was an unknown listed as “model.”

    CONCLUSIONS: This is yet another attempt by Miranda to look like a cool chick who was wronged by Paris.

    All of this will eventually bite Miranda in the backside. Now that’s karma!

  • O’s is being played

    lowife indeed!
    I hope that she didn’t tell Orlando about the vacation being in the paper. That way when he finds out he will see first hand what a lying skank this chicy is. She is just like Paris. They may not like each other but they are one in the same.
    She is playing the sweet card on him big time but as you said it will bite her big time. Most likely sooner than she thought. She is already becoming known in the US as nothing more than a cheap ho. If this thing doesn’t fly with Orlando-which I doubt it will-her days are numbered. She will be 25in just a few months. He is her last shot before she is considered old but I think she has blown it.
    Speaking of blowing it, I doubt is really all that GIB anyway. I’m sure Orlando will find himself a replacement quickly. Hate to say it but Orlando has been played.

  • Truth in advertising

    Honestly, Orlando has been looking for a girlfriend like Miranda for quite a while. He wants someone who will play the PR game with him and possibly take the blame for it. People here believe (as do I) that he is more of a celebrity now than an actor. He has no acting jobs lined up. It was reported yesterday that Dan Radcliffe beat him out on an interesting role. Why is in in LA? Why does he make a public appearance at least once a week? He knows the pictures will show up on the internet and in the magazines. He’s trying to keep his name out there any way he can. He could be traveling the world, seeing the sights, or doing good works like Brangelina, but he doesn’t do any of that. He supports causes just enough to get his name attached to them, donate a few items, have his picture taken on the red carpet and get some free drinks. The rest of his time is spent going to paparazzi spots. Keep in mind that I have never been a huge fan of Orlando because he lives his life in a very public (and unappealing) way. I really believe that he has done this his entire career, but he’s now been called out by fans. I would not be in the least surprised that he pays for fan websites like some other celebrities have been found to do.

  • @ all

    remember folks-this is the girl that told the press what time ‘we’ went to bed after the Victoria Secret show. She is very cunning and sly. I think she was told to play it down and say ‘just friends’ so she does but then gives other hints or has her friends do it for her.

  • today

    From the daily telegraph

    {{The timing of her visit is set to send tongues wagging, with rumours her ex Orlando Bloom is also in Oz with his new love Miranda Kerr.

    The one-time Gunnedah girl and Victoria’s Secret model Kerr has reportedly been holidaying at Valla Beach near Coffs Harbour over the festive season.

    While dating Bosworth, Pirates of the Caribbean star Bloom made a romantic dash here to woo her back when she fell for local model Lundi Shackleton.}}

    it’s official. Orlando is a cheesy sellout and has no class.

  • today

    the above article is actually about Kate Bosworth being in Oz.
    I was just posting it to show that the paper somehow knows where Orlando is staying.

  • It’s 2008!!!!1

    “it’s official. Orlando is a cheesy sellout and has no class.”

    Then how about ignoring him and letting his 15 minutes run out? He has no upcoming movies and appears to be irrelevent in Hollywood so whey keep his fame going by buying into this tabloid crap? I don’t think you have the strength to ignore it and that’ s what these celebritards are banking on.

  • hmm

    I find it interesting that there are no pictures of him leaving LA, or of him arriving to meet up with Miranda. With all the info out there that he is making the trip, it seems as though some paps would have gotten some pictures of him . Or pictures of them together since everyone now knows where they are supposed to be. Either it was a little gambit, or he never actually went there.