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Merry Kerr-stmas to One and All!

Merry Kerr-stmas to One and All!

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr lands at Sydney Airport on Christmas Eve to spend the holidays Down Under with her family in her native Australia.

The 24-year-old Aussie dimple faced supermodel was accompanied by her friend Maree.

According to various Australian media outlets, Kerr‘s ex-boyfriend musician/model Jay G Lyon got to “know” Tara Reid when they were both in town together.

20+pictures inside of Miranda Kerr‘s Christmas Eve…

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Photos: Ben McDonald/Bauer-Griffin
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  • to 150

    Maybe the paps in Oz don’t work as fast in terms of getting pictures to all the sites.
    Or, it may be that there are none yet.

  • jorgia

    Could be that Who magazine will have the exclusives and it will be in the next issue.
    But yes, it seems a rogue photog would have tried to get a shot since the Daily Telegraph knew as well and the information has been floating around.
    The DT gets their share of exclusives from her so maybe they are in on it to wait as well.
    I hope it is as you said and maybe he just ended up not going but somehow I doubt it.

  • Kate in Oz

    I wonder if they knew Kate Bosworth was going to be there as well. You would think they did since they have the same PR firm.
    In a 12/24or25? Daily Telegraph article they refer to Miranda as going to be at the New Years party for Justin Hemmes as one of the a-listers.
    I looked for pictures to see if O was there and the article I found on the party says Kate Bosworth was the main a-lister represented.
    Did Miranda get demoted in her hometown to Kate Bosworth of all people?

    To see the article about the party -search yahoo for Justin Hemmes-then search news.

  • Kate in Oz

    I had to post that information twice. I’m not sure if the first time will show up or not. JJ isn’t allowing for link attachments today. What’s up with that Jared-we do it all the time?

  • idiots

    Can no on read? That article from the Daily Telegraph (which is a tabloid rag) says he is RUMORED to be there. Do you really believe if he’s been there for days that there would be no sightings? No reports? No pictures? That Miranda Fameho Kerr would have let that chance slip by? It’s been well known where Miranda was staying for XMAS for months.

  • Kate in Oz

    You forgot #156 that even though it is a tabloid that is the tabloid of choice that she has been known to talk to. They have had many things right and first about her.Her agent gives them direct quotes often. They are the ones that were there at the airport with her.
    I think he very well might have been plannng on it but something changed.

    I was just about to make a correction to my earlier post. It turns out I read it too quicky and there were two separate parties. Miranda was suppose to the celeb du jour at a different party than Kate but she was a no show for that as well.
    I suppose everyone can do their own speculation as to why neither showed.

  • th

    I think this whole thing posted on Christmans Eve was a PR test for Miranda. It was to get her name and pictures in the US public to then push Miranda and Orlando as the next hot couple in the US. She is desperate to be famous outside of OZ. She’s had a taste of it working for VS, but she wants to be the next big thing and will do anything (or anybody) to get it. I think their (Orlando’s and Miranda’s) people knew early on that people did not like her. Just read the first few pages of this! It’s been said before; the initial posters were probably her people. The public isn’t buying this. They aren’t fond of Miranda, and Orlando’s star is fading.

    If they are spending time together, they are probably doing it quietly to not draw attention to themselves at this time. Orlando’s career cannot continue to take a bashing by adding Miranda’s bad press to it. He doesn’t need any help in getting bad press. They’ll be out in the public again. Neither one of them can live without being in the spotlight.

  • to 155

    It wasn’t just the Telegraph that claimed to have information.
    Who Magazine also gave specifics and claimed they got confirmation that they were a couple and that he was planning on joining her on holiday.
    Where she was staying was out there for a while but it seems someone-most likely Miranda-was now adding the Orlando joining her part to the press.

  • oooba dooba

    It seems Orlando was a no-show. He’s still in L.A. He was papped at a dog park in L.A. on December 26 and again today. I don’t think he went to Oz at all. How could he travel to Australia between December 26 and January 3, without being seen or papped even once in that time, and then get back to L.A.? With all the fuss made about his presumed visit, you’d think the paparazzi would have gotten some shots of the couple by now. My guess: there aren’t any shots of them together because they weren’t together. My other guess: if Miranda was setting him up, he got wind of it and turned the tables. He was looking like a fool, and now she’s the one looking like a fool.

  • is it over yet?

    He might have figured it out if that was the case.
    It seems her sneaky way is to tell the Daily Telegraph something that is true and she wants out there and then she denies it to another paper the next day so she looks innocent .This has happened several times since October.I wouldn’t be surprised if she tells Orlando that she has always denied things but it is the tabloids that are making it up.
    This time it was an article in the Telegraph saying he was coming by end of week and her talking to him on her cell phone and confirming he is her boyfriend. These are the people that had her posing at the airport and reported her arrival in advance. Then the next day another paper has her friend quoted as saying she and Orlando are just friends and he isn’t going to Oz.. That is probably what she thought she would show Orlando. Maybe as you say he got wind of the original Telegraph article and she got caught in her game?
    We will probably never know exactly what happened but it will be interesting to see what happens next.

  • lizzie

    People are always fascinating. People watching is so my thing and doing it via the Internet, much easier, safer and your butt doesn’t get numb from setting on that hard park bench. I saw pictures of him smoking, and he has said usually he takes it back up when he is in a really bad place. I think the friends and family that are supposed to keep him grounded are too busy riding the fame train, and don’t have the courage to tell him the truth. If he really cared about his career, he should take some control of it. I admire him for doing the play in London. I am sure losing that role he has been lobbying for to Daniel Radcliffe must sting. He should go home, find some really good indie film makers and find a great quirky little role for himself. Management teams are all about creating images, and bringing in the big money, after all they too share in whatever deals he makes. He has plenty of money, after all Toyota did gift him with massive amounts of money, so he could take some time to really do some research on where he wants to go next. I only worry that he doesn’t have the smarts to figure it out. Hopefully he will get a clue about what kind of girl might be better for him, cause really he has a pretty sad track record with the actress and model types. Isn’t the definition of insanity repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. As far as relationships go he has that down pretty well.

  • @159

    It’s probably too good to be true that it all went down like that but going with this fantasy that it did –that would mean that the icing on the cake was that Kate Bosworth was in town and got all the great press that Miranda was thinking was coming her way. All of this on her turf no less!

  • bird

    He is too white for sun of Australia. He wasn’t there. ( I hope)

  • ##################

    Look closely at the pitures of her here at JustJared when she was with Brandon Davis. In one of them there is a man leaving before her holding her purse(which you see her holding in another picture). That leads me to believe those were set up pictures-not that she was just out with Brandon. She was walking on Robetson-a well known pap hangout. Maybe she knew if she was alone no one would take her picture.I know there were reports that when they saw the paps she ran the other way-but maybe that was more to do with her just wanting to be in the picture on her own or part of the act to get PR again. So far everything she is doing in not working out right. All that Brandon Davis situation did was get her a bad reputation for being close to him and being in that crowd.
    I know sometimes any press and be good press but I think in this case its more a matter of first impressions are what stick with you and the impression she has given the public in the US is not good at all!! Bad move!
    Now if it turns out she really was playing Orlando and setting him up for a pap frenzy in Oz then her reputation is going to be shot.
    She sure won’t get another famous boyfriend because that will travel fast and no one with an ounce of class is going to go anywhere near her.

  • heyhey

    speaking of classy… Or google kerr.
    Pictures of Miss Sweet drunk and pupil-pinned dancing on table tops at the holiday. Although to be fair, the guy hanging on her is probably just a friend you know.
    @162, yes you’re right;it would be too good to be true that he’s waking up to her games. It’s been going on far too long for he and/or his team NOT to have known. So he must be plenty OK with it. Although if Bozzy was also there, he may have wanted to avoid all that gossip buzz-couldn’t you just image it?- and changed plans. Which should be a big red alert to Kerr; Life with Orlando will ALWAYS be about Orlando and what HE wants.
    Her job is to stand by him and look hot-when he wants her there-kiss and coo-when he wants her to- peep and leak to the press-so he can hide and claim “innocence”-shut up and go away-when he gives the order. And never want or expect anything much for herself. Welcome to Hollywood girlfriend!
    Could you imagine the likes of Penelope Cruz putting up with stuff like that? A grown woman? Which is why we’re back to very young but ambitious model/starlets.
    Truth though? He may not have gone because the weather is really lousy and many flights out/in to LA have been canceled. Unfortunately he may be there now.

  • juicey

    #165 I can’t seem to find those. Can you post the link?
    As far as boz being there, you would think he would have known that in advance since they have the same PR person. He and Boz were just at the same wedding in october so it isn’t like they have been avoiding being at the same place lately. The weather was fine the times he was suppose to have gone, according to her(cough cough-the DT).

  • juicey

    found the pictures. Those are from her birthday party of 2006. Someone just put them there with that article that was taken from the Sunday Harold in Sydney. The Harold used a very boring picture so I’m sure they wanted to juice it up on that site. Not sure if the swimsuit one is old or new but the table/dancing ones are old.
    She was scheduled to be at the Justin Hemmes party on NYE and so far there are no pics or references of her being there. /#respond

  • to #165

    well what happens next should be very telling.

    She looks like an idiot since it seems her new boyfriend was a
    no show and if he really wasn’t suppose to have been coming out
    she should have said something so she didn’t look silly-instead of letting the rumors be out there which she most likely planted herself anyway. If he didn’t come for any other reason than that he was now aware of what she was doing-and things are still going fine with them-then she is stupid for taking the hit and playing the fool for him.
    As already said, this infomation was in the DT and Who which are two places she talks to. Especially the DT which said he was suppose to have been there by end of xmas week.

    If it was just because of Kate Boz they could have handled it several different ways so she didn’t look silly and still be graceful to Kate if that was needed. Now it just looks like Kate Bosworth got all the good press she was suppose to have that week and the paps are still looking for Orlando who is now back in LA.

    we will see if he shows up this week.

  • what he likes

    Well, all you girls out there that think he is hot, now you know exactly what kind of women (little girls) he likes. Young, dumb, cheaters and slutty. Willing to pose sans clothes whenever, strut around in underwear in front of millions.. Gee her mom and dad must be so proud. Notice as he gets older, the women get younger, probably can’t find an intelligent and beautiful woman that is willing to put up with him. or more likely listen to his self involved drivel.

  • oh the drama

    There is a chance that Orlando didn’t know that she had confirmed
    that they were dating AND told them when he was coming and where he was staying.
    She has been very clever about the way she was using it in the press-up until this time- and might have pulled one over on him before.(hey, she is good, look at her track record)
    There was always hints followed by direct denials. Everything went quiet after the last fashion show and then all of a sudden when she arrives back in Sydney-where she has some pull with the papers-we hear it is confirmed they are dating,when he is coming and where he is staying. Not that he has been innocent in the past of any PR games but this might have been her trying to pull a fast one and trying to get those pap pictures in the paper that so far has not made it yet.
    Even when they went out in LA-no one reconized her so the few pictures that were out there didn’t get any play at least not with her name attached.

  • oooba dooba

    @ #160: In regards to Miranda telling “Orlando that she has always denied things but it is the tabloids that are making it up,” I’d say Orlando and Kate may have played that game, as have other actors. How easy it must be to tattle to the rags, then just before you get caught, tell your significant other or casual sex buddy that it’s not your fault because those #@#*&*^^%&% tabloids make everything up. The thing is, strange coincidences have been happening with Kerrbloom since last April. She denied she was cheating with Orlando back then, stated she was still with Jay, and Orlando issued a statement saying he was very upset about being set up by Atelier. Then, in early October, Kerrbloom have a “group date” in broad daylight and out in public at some restaurant in New York. Naturally, it’s spotted by someone and makes the bloggs. Then, according to Ted C., Orlando and Miranda get physical and frisky right out in the open, with Ted implying that THEY WANTED TO BE SEEN. After that, they’re both seen at Ago and in Hong Kong, right? So it seems to me that Orlando courts some things and plays his own games. I can’t honestly say I feel sorry for him ending up with a user for a girlfriend when I think he’s a user himself. If you really think about it, they deserve each other! LOL!

    @ Lizzie: I agree that Orlando needs to take charge of his career. And his life. And yes, his family and friends probably enjoy the perks and extra gravy from his fame train. You’d think that by now, he’d have figured out who his true friends are and who’s getting kick backs from the tabs and stabbing him in the back. Then again, if he’s a user and manipulator of people, it just makes sense that he’d be surrounded by the same kinds of people. Honest people and people with character wouldn’t want to be a part of some things.

    @ #162: Kate was scheduled to go to Australia for “Laundry Warrior” since last October or November, and I truly think Orlando or his people would have had the heads up on that – if he wanted to avoid being possibly seen near her or accidentally running into her and James. While it may sound silly, I do think actors keep in touch with their PR people and try not to run into their exes if possible. If Orlando knew about Kate going there for her film, then he should have told Miranda that he’s not going there. Like I said previously, he needs to tell his girlfriends and casual sex/one night stand buddies to shut the **** up. On the other hand, those buddies could say, “Why should I? I’m good enough to hang out with in Hong Kong, to get photographed with at Ago, to get physical with at Victoria Secret shows and after parties, so I’m good enough to squeal to the press!” Do you ever get the feeling Orlando likes to be the one in charge and to have things his own way? That dude’s going to have a really rough time finding a good woman for a girlfriend. Forget finding a woman to be his wife. That would involve too much personal sacrifice for him. Unless he pays her a salary for it and has her sign a contract. You know, like making a deal. He seems good at making deals.

    @ #165: Totally agree with you. But if he’s in Oz now, you can bet the paps will be all over it. Kerrbloom aren’t about privacy. I think since last April, they never really were about privacy. Someone should tell these actors and models that playing certain games and insulting the public’s intelligence is not a good way to maintain or build solid long term careers. Maybe if Orlando hadn’t played so many games and really focused on his work as an actor, some good roles would have been offered to him. I think he has to choose his next role very carefully because one more mistake or flop at the box office will take him off the A-list (if he’s even still on it) and hurt his career. On the other hand, his recent press hasn’t helped his image or his career, either. The man’s a mess, basically. And no, a strong woman, regardless of her age, would NOT put up with some things. A strong woman would set his butt straight and lay it all on the line. I don’t think Orlando would know what to do with a strong woman! He’d be too intimated, I think. It’s funny actually, because his mom and sister are supposedly the strong types. It takes a secure man to handle and know how to treat a strong woman. Does he strike you as secure?

    @ #170: Good points! However, don’t you think Orlando’s and Miranda’s PR people are in sync and know how to play these games? If Miranda and Orlando are not communicating with each other, and they’re each doing their own PR thing, they’re both going to look really stupid, in addition to looking phony and like liars. And this is supposed to help their careers? Oh wait. I forgot. They already DO look foolish, phony and like liars. Congrats to both of them. It’s just hard for me to feel sorry for a man like Bloom who claims to want his privacy in one breath but does things that run counter to that. Why have public make-out sessions or grope each other so obviously that Ted. C. makes a point of it actually looking like they wanted attention, only to pull back at a time when Miranda’s waiting for her British heartthrob boyfriend to make his appearance? It’s almost as though Orlando goes through phases when he wants attention, or certain types of attention, but when things might go too far for him, he pulls back and withdraws. I think he plays games but doesn’t want to get caught or make it obvious. And I still say he plays the PR fiddle in such a way that it usually looks like the chick was responsible.

    No woman in her right mind would be able to trust a man like that.

  • they both suck donkey dic*

    I hope they both gets what coming to them.
    Miranda obviously couldn’t care less about anyone but herself and advancing her career. She seems to have no shame about the cheating and neither does Orlando. They both are looking uglier and uglier everyday and I’m glad no one seems to be giving a crap about them. The only attention Orlando is getting is negative.

    There is no honor among theives so the only real question is who will turn on the other first.

  • lizzie

    Really when you think about it, he has no idea what a committed relaionship is. There wasn’t one at home, he hit the London Club scene when he was 16 and that is all about who you sleep with that night. It is just as incestious as Hollywood. Everyone sleeps with everyone, and they trade partners like musical chairs. I think they feel like there is no such thing as love or committment or the idea of loyalty and trust between partners. I doubt he has even seen a sucessful marriage. I kinda think when it gets to the point that you can’t even remember how many women you have slept with, much less their names, there may be a bit of a problem. I mean some people do still think sleeping with someone belongs in some kind of committed relationship. I am only in my 20′s and most of my friends are not out whoring around.

  • lima

    That’s true Lizzie. His latest partner is just as superficial and emotionally dysfunctional. I’m sure after this one he’ll be even more damaged and it will be even harder to find a normal healthy partner.The people around him just seem to be enablers, Sebastian being the worst. I’m sure they all knew what was going on since April and covered for him without a concern in the world as to if it was right or wrong or the long term consequences it might have in his life. I doubt there is anyone near him who has the wherewithal to think about those things.

  • ~k

    Seriously, I think you are all making a big fuzz about nothing. Fact: There is some strange PR going on (who ever forced? we might never be able to say). Fact: Orlando really needs some credible work that keeps his private life out of the focus. Just ducking, lurking around Hollyweird won’t help. Fact: Miranda most certainly needs to get adult first to play an adult game.

    At the moment it looks like everyone is stumbling over everyone and the media blows it up in the end.

    Only time will tell if there is really something going on or if there is nothing and they both used each other to stay in the press.

    Last things we know are: She said he would come to Australia and he didn’t. Period.

    To discuss last year’s pictures of her or him being “unable to have a serious relationship with a strong woman” is way over the top, I think.

  • lima

    I don’ think anyone was referring to those last years pictures to point to anything.Those are the least of her problems.

  • ~k

    @176: The only problem I see with her is that she doesn’t know how to play the PR-game properly.
    And to your post @174: I don’t really understand how you can say that the people around him do him any bad or “cover something”. It sounds like he is on drugs or became member of the Cosa Nostra and not like he might be in a relationship. If they tried to shield him from getting in the press with it, what is wrong with that? I mean, they obviously didn’t do their job well but other than that…
    And finding a healthy partner that keeps you on the ground and supports you and your lifestyle is hard for everyone…even harder if you are that isolated.

  • lima

    @177 The people covering for him was a reference to him
    sneaking around with her since April. The condo pictures were not a set up.
    As for her problems, maybe you haven’t been following it but she is known for not only cheating frequently but also her antics in the press and the hollywood scene. It isn’t just that she is innocent and doesn’t know how -it’s more about her tying anything to get her famous.

  • to oooba

    I doubt the pr people are in sync because it seems she was taking things into her own hands and possibly being deceitful about it. Going off the reservation so to speak.
    And if the Ted C thing was correct I wouldn’t take that as going public since the same thing was said about Penelope Cruz at last years Oscar party but yet they never officially came out. I think Orlando wanted the same thing this time. He didn’t care as much if it was rumored they were dating but just like with Penelope he wasn’t going to make it official and give a press release or anthing.

  • K

    @lima: I’m just curious: How did you know that it wasn’t a set up and that she is cheating frequently??? Did she tell you? On what information are you basing this?

    On jan 13th it’s his b’day and we will see if they celebrate it together (there is no way that the paps don’t get that!). Although I still find it incredibly weird that “a couple” is spending New Year apart…whatever…

  • wrong!

    @171 Kate has been filming in NZ not OZ. Jared must have had that wrong. If you look at some of the articles online you will see how she just arrived in OZ for the New Year’s holiday and her birthday.
    However, they still share the same pr firm so I”m sure he must have known she would be there so it probably was not a factor if he changed his mind about going.


    I know your right, college and grad school have provided some wild times, but still there has to be some sense of self preservation. I wonder if some people just aren’t born with it, or they lose it somewhere along the way. Anyway I always thought he seemed like a nice guy, it makes me sad to see the choices he is making.

  • ???

    I heard that Miranda is writing a book. I wonder what’s the name of book?
    İs it (How can you use 3 men in the same time when you are focused on what you are doing and still feel like you have a lot to learn)?