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Merry Kerr-stmas to One and All!

Merry Kerr-stmas to One and All!

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr lands at Sydney Airport on Christmas Eve to spend the holidays Down Under with her family in her native Australia.

The 24-year-old Aussie dimple faced supermodel was accompanied by her friend Maree.

According to various Australian media outlets, Kerr‘s ex-boyfriend musician/model Jay G Lyon got to “know” Tara Reid when they were both in town together.

20+pictures inside of Miranda Kerr‘s Christmas Eve…

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(I agree with Bella Donna); Kate Bosworth, others are rest, you are the best…

rhymes with witch @ 12/26/2007 at 7:38 pm

some of the comments on this post are absolutely hilarious. I don’t get the appeal of this girl, I mean she looks like one of my Grams ole kewpie dolls. wide face and totally expressionless.

Mr. Barky von Schnauzer @ 12/26/2007 at 8:58 pm

“I think it was him who dumped her after finding out a few(read: more than one!) secrets.
and btw-Miranda is hateful herself. The smile for the paps is the act.

I have to wonder, though, why does it matter? What is the purpose of the venom being spewed at her, and at Orlando by extension? These people are celebrities that don’t exist beyond our TV or computer screens. People are acting like this girl did them some sort of personal wrong, and I have to say, that’s pretty disturbing.

Seriously, dudes, if a random celebrity who is not named Paris Hilton or Britney Spears inspires this much obsessive hate, it’s time to step away from the computer and find a new hobby. Trust me, you don’t want to go down that road.

“I just saw some pictures of Kate and James and I have to say she turned out to be the one with all the class.”

Oh please. If by “with all the class” you mean “she’s a desperate and grasping has been who will attend the opening of an envelope if she thought she’d get her picture taken in some craptastic outfit,” then I’d believe you. The only reason she seems to be so low-key is because she could run down the street naked and no one would care. Miranda K. smiling for the paparazzi is nothing compared to the crap this girl has pulled.

Ha. Barky you just did the same thing but you did it to Kate so you can’t see yourself. That was a good dig at Kate there-why so personal? Isn’t that disturbing to you that you can’t stand Kate that much? lol.

For the record-Miranda is far surpassing Kate in the famewhore game already.

Maybe to some people she is in the same category as Paris and Britney. Why do you think you get to say who is worth being indignant over? You don’t like those two. Fine. Other people don’t like Miranda and frankly, she isn’t that far away from P&B. Don’t forget she is friends with Paris’s bff Brandon Davis.

oooba dooba @ 12/26/2007 at 10:58 pm

So, some people couldn’t stand Bosworth (and apparently still can’t stand her), and now, some people can’t stand Kerr. What would be the ideal – or at least acceptable – female companion/girlfriend/beard/significant other/lover/etc., for Orlando? At what point will some of the people who bash his lady companions finally start bashing the man himself for CHOOSING these ladies to be with? He’s a grown man who can make his own choices, so it seems to me that he’s drawn to the so-called attention getting types, contrary to what he’s stated in some of his interviews (i.e. not liking girls who call attention to themselves). Calling attention to themselves is generally what actresses and models do! Hellloooo! Orlando seems fine with these women and perfectly happy to be in their company. That’s what matters. He’s happy. He’s getting what he wants, whatever that happens to be. Isn’t that all that matters?

For those who choose to bash his female companions, it might be worth considering that these are women he chooses to be with, possibly sleep with, love, get his publicity with, etc. If he chooses attention getting hussies, does that reflect on him at all? Or is he forever the innocent and helpless victim of all these conniving vicious femme fatales? Orlando seems to be attracted to a certain type of woman – the kind that gets labeled a famewh*re, so I must conclude that he’s drawn to that trait and/or has it within himself somewhere.

Otherwise, he’d find different types to hang out with. Has is ever occurred to anyone besides me that a man’s girlfriends start to reflect on him at some point? The same goes for a woman’s boyfriends. If you keep ending up with the wrong people, then maybe relationship counseling or professional therapy is needed to break the cycle.

oooba dooba @ 12/26/2007 at 11:07 pm

Just wanted to add that I’m not interested in bashing either of these women. I think Kate and Miranda have both played the PR/publicity game, and I think Orlando has played it plenty himself. I’ve noticed, however, that it’s usually his female companions who get the brunt of criticism for the games played, while Orlando is seen as the victim or the one being used.

I guess no one thinks he could possibly be a bit of a user and a manipulator himself? Why is it always the other person’s fault and never Orlando’s? I don’t get that. Never have. You can’t consistently end up being used or lied to or manipulated unless you choose to blind yourself to it or allow it for some reason. People who allow themselves to be treated poorly and/or to be abused need to get professional help to end the cycle of abuse. Then again, if Orlando’s playing his own games – and I don’t think for one fraction of a second that he’s all Mr. Innocent Bloom – he gets what he dishes out. Fair is fair.

This time around Orlando is getting his fair share of bashing. Have you not read the thread? People do see it in him now as well.He is a part of it and most likely always was. That doesn’t mean they still can’t call it out in Miranda especially since she is the one being more obvious about it. That might be the plan for Orlando to let it seem like the girl is doing it all but then that is her fault for going along with it and taking the hits.

clevernickname @ 12/26/2007 at 11:43 pm

Orlando is looking more and more like a celebrity and less and less like the actor that he said he wanted to become. Celebrities (and wannabees) have the details of their personal lives called in to the papers like this. People who want to be taken seriously don’t do that.
It might have been one thing for Orlando if he did this when he was younger and with Kate because some of it could be writen off as teen idol stuff. He is really at a crossroads in his career and if he wants a chance at being considered a respected actor he needs to stop the PR games asap before he is just a tabloid joke. Seriously, does Leo do this BS?

Mr Barkey von Schnauzer, excuse me,why are you advising to step away from here to who don’t share same idea with you.For example me, I read your comments and I respecting to them.But I’m not agree with you.I never say “go anywhere else” to you.Stay and write your comments like me,like all others.I’m here because Ilove Orlando,besides Kate but not Miranda.I think there is nothing in the world that she can’t do for her passion of fame.Remember Brent and please imagine,you are dating with somebody.But your partner dating 3 persons too.How do you feel yourself?So bad realy?And this sly lady almost famous now.She start to met with famous persons(directors,actors..)Some people start to write about her how is she beautiful,cute,lovely,angel…She is not one of them.But unfortunately we will read her fake sincerity all magazines interviews in the near future.May be we will see her frozen silhouette in the movies. This is my opinion.

I don’t see everyone is getting all upset. Miranda is just some random model milking her 15 minutes for all it’s worth and considering the age of the supermodel is dead I doubt it’s worth that much. As for Orlando I don’t see why anyone would be bothered with him dating her, did you see his last girlfriend? Clearly his taste in women is questionable. He goes for the super bubbly, not to smart types.

From reading the thread I didn’t see that most people were commenting on him dating her -most of the comments were about Miranda being a fame-ho in general with or with out Orlando and about who she is as a person. I think PR people must hate the new
era of the gossip blogs because people get to voice their opinions immediately and its harder to shove people-and their fake image-down the peoples throat.

However, I do think alot of people believe she is using him and is hitching herself to his cart. You have to admit most people don’t talk on the phone in front of the paps with their ‘loved ones’ unless they are fishing for fame and attention from that relationship. Maybe he doesn’t mind being used.
I just noticed Jared has a new thread about Edward Norton and there is one on Hugh Jackman from a day or so. Both good actors and respected. Can you picture either of them having silly ‘oh baby’ conversations with their SO’s at the airport with the paps? No, it sounds more like something the girls from The Hills would do.

I think this is one of those situations that says look at what they do not what they say. In his interviews he acts like he would like a nice normal girl, but he picks these wannabe types. Does he think it would make him look less cool if he wasn’t with some hot model or actress type. I totally agree with oooba dooba. I just don’t think he is very smart, otherwise he would want someone who could actually put a pharse together with out having to use the words “like” or “you know”. Intelligent people want someone who is hot, but we also like them to have some kind of superior thought process. If I had to choose I would rather have less looks and more brains, looks don’t last, brains do.

Did you see her naked photo with five models for French Photo Magazine. Miranda is running so fast…

I saw that picture but that is what she looks like with HOURS of makeup and THEN PHOTOSHOP after that.

here is what she looks like in real life-hanging out with her good friend greasy bear:

she ani’t all that. very average girl.just tall

oops.meant to write @113 above.

Just because her outfit is questionnable – it obviously makes her look … much different to how she really looks – so there is no need to make judgements and she is a household name to those who show an interest in fashion.

My family how no idea Gisele existed until I became heavily involved with fashion.

here we go @ 12/29/2007 at 7:23 am

Just saw a mention in WHO mag from OZ.
She is now giving them there holiday plans so
the paps can be there to take pictures.
She told them where her and Orlando are spending the
New Years!!!

Kate was never this bad.

Well, at least one could look at the bright side. He must be getting laid regularly, and this relationship may put those interesting rumors about his dog and him to rest. She must do something fantastic in bed for him not to care about how blatantly she is using him to further her career.

to # 117 I agree with you. , Yes. Kate is a beautiful person, beautiful heart. Real angel is she.

to #117 I agree with you. Kate is a beautiful person. Real angel is she.

If this is the chick that Orlando’s boinking on the regular then she must not be doing a good job he looks miserable all the time and he’s not aging well. He was much cuter when he was dating Kate.

That is just sick! Why does Who Magazine know this?
I believe now more then ever that the ‘post from pottsy’ must have
been true and as they said “she is manipulative and will use anyone to advance her career”.
If Orlando knows and doesn’t care then he sold himself to the devil.
Run Orlando. Run like f’ing Forest Gump

Am I the only one who finds her dimples ugly? It gives her a little girl face.

I Drink You Pour @ 12/29/2007 at 11:08 am

I can’t believe she’s a model. Her face is very limited, she’s just cute not quirky or beautiful. I don’t think she could do anything outside of commercial modeling.

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