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Natalie Portman's Vegan Shoe Line

Natalie Portman's Vegan Shoe Line

Natalie Portman designed a vegan collection of shoes in collaboration with Te Casan. (Vegans do not use or consume animal products of any kind.)

The Natalie Portman Collection arrives February 2008 online and at the NYC boutique located at 382 West Broadway. The shoes are available for pre-order on January 15. 5% of all vegan shoe profits will be going to charity.

Nat‘s shoes will run you about $200, far cheaper than the Stella McCartney vegan heels.

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  • mildred l


  • kass


  • sprite

    Where is the collection of vegan shoes? How does anyone preorder without seeing a sample?

  • Natalie

    omg she looks STUNNING. one of the most gorgeous women in hollywood in my opinion.

  • menna


  • zoe

    those shoes look so cool and i love her look. she looks so pretty.

  • Jessica

    Thats cool!!! And she looks gorgeous!

  • tt

    That’s all fine and dandy but they are going to destroy the feet.

  • San Juan’s B**ch

    Now! Here is a truly classic looking petite beauty! A CLASSIC BEAUTY indeed!

  • [~Famous~] – Your God.

    beautiful but odd.

  • http://deleted t.greem

    she is so beautiful, but her picture appeared on

  • DUI

    I would never consider buying Jessica Simpson’s shoe line, but I will definitely check out Natalie’s.

  • sam

    i am a vegan. I hope it is affordable.

  • irishdreams

    She is the only actress that I can say I admire..not just for her career but for her intelligence..I think she is radiant and a face we will continue to see in the future..

  • the real tita

    If she’s a vegan, does that mean that the shoes are made of something else besides leather? You don’t want to consume the meat, just use its skin? Now how is it different from wearing fur?

  • MonkeyShines

    Veganism is kind odd. Harm no animals/creatures except it’s ok to seriously harm the environment by making clothes and shoes from PVC, plastics and other man-made materials that require serious chemical pollutants. My favorite is PeTA screaming “wear Polar Fleece it’s warmer than fur” – umm it’s not but it is more immediately deadly to the environment -considering the chemicals needs to turn those plastic bottles into that soft colorful plastic fiber.
    Yeah some vegan manufacturers try to make their products from organic substances or recycled products but they cannot manufacture products for more than a few hundred or a thousand people at most without running into production storages or serious cost overruns. It’s all very interesting from an environmental and economic stand point. Well intentioned but wholly pie-in-the-sky notion.
    Rant over – if the shoes are cute and well made I wear them if even if they were made of cheese. Don’t care who made them.

  • irishdreams

    I know Natalie is very serious about the enviorement she cares I remeber her stating that she will not wear leather of any kind and even tells many movies that she won’t wear things made of leather..I think she finds alternatives to using animal by products..I think the shoes are cute..I would wear them..

  • Soph

    She’s a wonderful actress :) Hot only is she talented and serious but she is committed as well for a good cause such as FINCA and she actually cares about the environment.

  • noa

    I’m sure the shoes will be pretty…. but I doubt they’ll be more comfy then fine Italian leather….
    I ponder the thought of becoming a vegetarian but then i think “FOIE GRAS” and I’m like forget it! Same goes for the shoes. I like the idea but then I think of Italian shoes and nothing matters anymore lol!

  • marek

    I love Natalie Portman !!!

  • lailai

    how gorgeous does she look in this foto???? plus the shoes are really cute too!!

  • th

    She is beautiful and such a classy young lady! I wonder where we’ll be able to buy these shoes. I have difficult feet and don’t usually buy shoes online, but I would definitely by these.

  • Julia

    Why is she selling shoes ?

  • moviemadness

    what makes the shoes vegan? the fact that a Vegan is the spokesmodel. They are just like any othe shoe…

  • visa fan

    That made my Christmas! Holy Kakapoopy!


    love her, she’s a beauty.

  • shi_baby

    GORGEOUS and brains ..cant ask for more….as for the shoes …noble idea but not sure if its gonna be comfy..than again.. you gotta suffer for beauty ..right ladies?!! LOL

  • oh well

    My feet can only tolerate leather shoes. No, thank you Natalie.

  • Marjorie

    Oww shes so beautiful, and her atitude is very remarkable! She´s an animal lover (L)

  • KarenA

    That’s awesome. Go, Natalie! It’s terribly difficult finding dressy shoes that are vegan. Sneakers are also tough, but I knew that in time, more options would become available. I won’t be able to afford Natalie’s collection though, I don’t think. LOL!

  • hottest couple ever

    Excellent actress, brains as well as beauty, I see an “oscar” in her future as well.

  • Akadis
  • MonkeyShines

    And Akadis what are you trying to show? Yes, there are vegan products however as I wrote they are limited in production, excessively expensive to the general population also destructive to the environment despite their claims to the contrary (when you make your shoes of PVC or plastic that requires petroleum and other chemicals-and animal tanners have had thousands of years to perfect their skill set while vegan artisans have had what 15 or so years). Economically and environmentally vegan products are no better and quite possibly worse than traditional products at present time. I applaud those manufacturers who attempt to make organic products but even they acknowledge that the cost prohibits the vast majority of the public from partaking in the benefits of the product.

    Vegan products on the other hand tend to only assuage the assumed guilt of the wearer. A guilt that the vast majority of the public does not feel, not because they are uncaring or uneducated but because the are realists.

  • genevieve

    i adore her for everything she does. shes wonderful, and i am deff getting a pair of those =]

  • SOFF


  • Jon

    They’re vegan because they don’t use leather, etc..

    The fact is, there aren’t any animal-friendly, environmentally-friendly shoes/clothes out there. We all just have to choose which we can live with. Natalie and other vegans don’t like the idea of wearing something’s fur or skin. And when you reduce it to it’s simplest form, it is pretty gross though that won’t stop me- I just don’t think of it that way.

    She looks gorgeous.

  • Jon

    For those wondering what the shoes look like so you can pre-order, as the blurb says- you’ll have to wait til the 15th and go to the website and view the selection.

  • B.

    The leather industry is a highly polluting industry, in fact, one of the most polluting industries.
    Jon, I choose not to wear leather or fur, because I do not see any valid reason for all the suffering and death. I refuse to be responsible for it and have plenty of other options (and believe me… I truly loooove clothing and shoes and accessories and… ughhh, I’m such a girly girl).

    Oh, and I

  • Nathater

    I hate the bitch! She’s dumb, has no talent and is not even that beautiful. Just one of the worst hypocrites in Hollywood. URGH!

  • Phoebe

    So what happens to all the animals that die – just let them rot without using anything ?

    Yes, that is brilliant…….

  • Denise Richards

    Doesn’t this Jewish princess have enough money already? I mean does she really need to hawk shoes too? Go back to Israel and lob grenades at Palestinians you beyatch.

  • B.

    “So what happens to all the animals that die – just let them rot without using anything ?

    Yes, that is brilliant……. ”

    Yes, because that’s where the leather used in the shoe industry comes from… You’re a bright one, aren’t you? (If you’re under 15, you’re excused :-D.)

  • Tonya

    Natalie isn’t a vegan. She eats eggs, drinks milk, and eats rennet-free cheese. Thus, she’s a lacto-ovo vegetarian. See the link for more information.

  • isla

    sell out,not pretty and cant act…

  • Jamie

    That’s a great idea. Maybe vegan shoes will catch on. Take that Trollsen Twins.

  • Brody Jenner

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    Those who use the analogy argue that separate roads differences in infrastructure, legal rights, and access to land and resources between Palestinians and Israelis in the Israeli-occupied territories constitute a system of apartheid. Some of those who make the allegation also use it in reference to the alleged second-class citizenship of Arab citizens of Israel.

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  • Nathater

    Vegan shoes? What are these exactly? Plastic? OMG! We now know she’s not only not too bright, nor too talented not to mention very pretty, but we know that her feet stink as well.

  • laila

    I seriously thought that was Keira Knightly.

  • denise

    i’m excited for this! i’m tired of waiting for stella mccartney’s shoes to go on sale to buy nice vegan shoes!!!! and in comparison to actual leather…. some vegan shoes are actually pretty comfy, maybe i’m just used to wearing heels?

  • irishdreams


    What makes then vegan is that fact they do not use animals at all in the material to make’s not about Natalie selling them she created them for people who are against animal testing or cruelity..I’m sure what she is showing people is not all that is offered..there might be other kinds of shoes to fit anyone’s style..I think she is one lady who wants to help make a difference in the way we dress but also the way we treat our environment.