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James Marsden's Clean Start

James Marsden's Clean Start

James Marsden demonstrates how to achieve spring’s unfettered look in GQ‘s latest issue. Check out this snippet from GQ of the 34-year-old actor:

With bone structure like this, James Marsden is the kind of actor you expect to get the girl. But he doesn’t. Ever. As Cyclops in X-Men, he was overshadowed by Wolverine. In The Notebook, Rachel McAdams chose Ryan Gosling. In Superman Returns, he’s engaged to Lois Lane, and yet she still had a kid with Superman! (spoiler alert) But in this month’s 27 Dresses, Marsden plays opposite Knocked Up’s Katherine Heigl, and he finally comes out on top.

“I’ve been up-and-coming for fifteen years now,” he says. “And to tell you the truth, it’s the perfect place to be.” It certainly makes fatherhood easier (he’s married with two kids). “I can still walk into the grocery store and most people don’t even blink an eye. If I can manage to still be up-and-coming when I’m 80 years old, then I’ll know I’ve had the ultimate career.”

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Photos: Peggy Sirota/GQ
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    never heard of him.

  • pipi

    Love him.

  • melly

    well i wish i could meet him at a grocery store ;)

    i FLOVE him… though i’ll overlook the fact he looks a wee bit fruity.

    i’ll even watch 27 Dresses just for him!

  • Sarah

    wasn’t he in Hairspray? lol. oh well… just looks like Corny Collins. I know some people might think I am crazy… lol.

  • eira


    yes hes in hairspray and yes he plays corny collins!
    im looking forward to see 27 dresses,i love him!

  • Katherine

    He was amazing in Hairspray (:

  • Orange Clockwork

    LOL @ (spoiler alert) being placed AFTER the spoiler.

  • grace

    Love him!
    He’s so good looking and really talented :)
    and if I saw him in a grocery store, I’d DEFINITELY blink an eye! haha!

  • suzy

    love him. he was great in Ally mc beal and hairspray.

  • Sara

    Hes hot!

  • Kodie

    he’s my favorite actor!! i’ve loved him since the notebook and he was HILARIOUS in enchanted. and i’d definitely notice if i saw him at the grocery store.

    can’t wait to see 27 dresses!

  • Eathan

    Never heard of him? WTF? Where do you guys live?
    You’ve never seen Superman Returns, X-Men 1, 2 & 3 or Hairspray? Jesus.

    And why is he not wearing any socks?

  • lh

    I don’t think he is, but these photos really make him look gay!
    Marsden is a kinda good-looking guy, but you sure can’t tell by this photo shoot.
    Not much to do as Cyclops, but he was very good as Corny Collins.

  • KittKatt

    I don’t know who he is but god I love a good looking sockless wonder! Something about a handsome man in dress shoes and no socks just kills me…..

  • go sox

    Well, I think I remember him in a series called, “Second Noah”……he was SO young in that. My kids loved that show!! I think he looks so good now; he looks happy, and finally getting the career he deserves!

  • d-girl

    he’s so gorgeous![: i loved him in enchanted.

  • hil

    how old is he??

  • krisnaa

    he’s so handsome.

  • DUI

    Orange Clockwork @ 12/25/2007 at 11:40 am
    LOL @ (spoiler alert) being placed AFTER the spoiler.

    The alert was in reference to his next movie, 28 dresses.

  • V

    Thanks JJ.
    I looooooooooooooove him!!!

    Yes he was Corny Collins in Hairspray!

  • zac lover

    hahaha hes so funny :)

  • Lori

    go sox – I used to watch that show too, Joey Lauren Adams played his gf. I can’t believe he is only 34, he’s seems to have been around forever. The article is so true. He is absolutely gorgeous, yet never gets the girl and he’s been an up comer for years.

    I am not loving the pictures. Even though he is pretty, he doesn’t have that super feminine look of Chace Crawford or Zac Efron.

  • dee

    Is he breaking of some MJ moves in these pics. I see vintage Michael.

  • sinistra

    Hahaha I hadn’t noticed he does come second most of the time in movies doesn’t he? Why, even in Echanted…..he lost to Patrick Dempsey (spelling) LOL.

  • jim

    My god, I cant believe many people actually dont know who he is or until Hairspray. Made me feel like I’m a maniac compared to most people.

    Anyhow, already at work Jared ? Merry Christmas!!!!

    Thank you for the great work, as always!!

  • mossy

    he’s 34?! my he’s aging wonderfully. he’s certainly underrated but it’s better to stay as an up and comer rather than have a brief moment at the top then total obscurity.

    he’s mighty fine.

  • Imzadi

    I like. He almost to beautiful for a guy. And he has such a great singing voice.

  • Sheri Wielgat


    Merry Christmas. Thought you would want to see this (if you haven’t already). Cheers………………………

  • Kara

    he’s so wonderful, i fell in love with him in Hairspray and totally loved him in Enchanted. I can’t wait to see this 27 dresses thing!

    and i love those pics.

  • Jenn Schift

    I think this fellow looks like a homosexual. I would love to spend a “girls day” shopping with him!

  • karen

    Omg i love this guy! Thanks JJ! Please please put more about him around here.

    Should check out the link below. Super cute in this GAP ad!

  • Natalie

    He is so handsome and I really like him in every movie and interviews. I never understand why girls choose other guys over him in his movies, haha. Even in The Notebook, I thought Why did he have to lose the girl?

  • kelly


  • Blowhole

    That’s the gayest married-guy-with-two-kids that I’ve ever seen.

  • annie

    He does look homosexual. But he is beautiful!

  • gina

    He’s hot as hell. I agree with you guys… he was adorable in Enchanted

  • rae

    He is so handsome and hot. Almost too pretty.

  • Madonna


  • cain

    Nay, so gay…

  • danne

    i LOVE his voice!!! but don’t dig the photos….
    gawd….he looks
    u judge!

  • Sophia

    He’s just lovely. Great voice, face, acting skills. Hopefully he’ll finally get the girl in 27 dresses. Can’t wait for that film!

  • Sinna

    He’s sexy. I love Matt and all, but he should have been people’s SMA

  • Rachel

    Wow! I’m surprised he’s married with two kids. I would never have known. And he definitely doesn’t look his age. Fabulous performer he is.

  • shi_baby

    ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! im hoping that he would be the new Brad Pitt….

  • shi_baby

    been in love with him since the NOTEBOOK… definetely seeing 27dresses..and its only because of him…

  • nancy

    i love this shoot!

    he’s finally starting to land roles that show him off…before I only saw him in so-so ken doll “perfect guy” parts and i assumed he was just another decent model turned actor. but he’s really had a great year, he’s actually phenomenally talented as a singer & in comedy roles.

  • Cynthia

    I’ll never forget when this queen swapped spit with Jesse ‘swimfan’ Bradford . Yuck!! He’s so gay!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    His eyes just melt my inners! HA! HA! YUMMY MAN!!

  • missefron

    I looove him…in The Notebook, HAIRSPRAY!!, Enchanted ! He’s an amazing, dancer actor and singer!! impressive!! thanks

  • Oh Angelina!

    Amazing pictorial – love the photography!