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Brad & Angelina's Movie Day Out

Brad & Angelina's Movie Day Out

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take three of their kids — Maddox, 6, Pax, 4, and Zahara, 2 — to watch The Water Horse at the AMC Palace Theater in New Orleans, Louisiana on Wednesday afternoon.

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep is directed by Jay Russell (Ladder 49, Tuck Everlasting) and is about a lonely boy who discovers a mysterious egg that hatches a sea creature of Scottish legend. The family adventure film opened Christmas Day.

After the movie, the Jolie-Pitts went to KFC’s for some drive-thru chicken. YUM-O!

And it looks like Princess Zee has a new white-and-purple stuffed animal bunny rabbit! She looks too cute in her Kung Fu jacket and pink Mary Janes (they also look Asian-oriented). Angie‘s bag by Ferragamo.

20+ pictures inside of Brad & Angelina‘s movie day out…

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  • Hiya

    Aww, look at Zee’s smile! :)

  • Kim


  • LOG1=0 JOYEUX NOEL!!!!!

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay chou héyyda !!!!!bi 3aado !

  • Kim

    Z is adorable.

  • Razz Miko

    What a beautiful smile on Zee. Im the 1st…yeahh…

  • LOG1=0


  • senior

    Wow another thread, How cute is Zahara?, thanks jared!

  • Francophile

    lol, what a cutie pie !

  • Tiger

    Zahara is adorable. She shows lots of spirit no matter her facial expression. But, she shines when she smiles.

  • black

    But why is it always Zahara, Mad and Pax?

    Why not include Shiloh as well?

    But who knows…..maybe these are the only pictures we get to see…….it´s just strange.

  • Kearnie

    Awwww…what a cuteeeeeeeeeee smile.

    Pincesse Zee in her elements – sassy and all fine!

  • Dirty Denise

    OH-My-Goodness, look at Zee. Just adorable.

  • angel

    just adorable,too cute for word,jj you are spoiling us

  • nova

    Another one?…. Not complaining JJ.

    THANK YOU!!!

    Nice to see a happy ZEE.

  • LADY T

    God bless them! Hello everyone…

  • Yorick

    We saw pics of Jolie and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt only two days ago!

  • Tdani81

    Zee is a beautiful baby. You can already sort of tell what features she will have as she ages—beautiful complexion, long slinder face and nose, full lips, and long curly hair.

  • angel

    bampzs please donot forget to use the flag button

  • consipiracy theory

    Is Angie pregnant?


    Zee is such a cutie !

  • ©-!

    I love Shiloh & Zee .

  • s

    Why not include Shiloh as well?

    Because she is 18 months. No movie goer wants an 18 month old at the movies.


    Thanks JJ.

  • vickifromtexas

    anyone with a functioning brain knows why you wouldn’t take a baby to the movies.

  • Tracy

    Enough with these “WHERE’S SHILOH” posts. Just two days ago she was alone with Angelina. Days before that she was out with the whole family. Whats with all the complaints? It’s not very smart to bring babies to movies.

  • marcella

    shut the f-up



    Why does it seems like there people here who only see one Jolie-Pitt child. There are 3 other childrens and when we see pictUres of them it does not mean it is time to whinnnnnnnnne ABOUT the others.

    How come no one whineeed in the Shiloh thread but come Zahara – you all whinnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee where is Shiloh

    Geez. talk about a back-handed racism.

    Learn to treat ALL the kids the same or STFU!

  • Lady G

    Thanks so much for the new thread Jared, you are the man.

    Love Zee’s smile and hope the had a great time at the movies.

  • sara the fan

    why when there were just Angie and Shiloh,no one complaine where are others? :roll:

    Can I call you haters racist?

    really do you have any kid in real life?did you ever go to Cinema with 1 year old kid.what was it like? :roll: be honest.

    for me it was disaster.and I didn’t take my second child with myself to Cinema when she was still kid.

  • tabitha

    It’s good to see them enjoying the holidays. I wonder if the Waterhorse is a good movie. I have neices and nephews here for the holidays and I would like to take them to the movies.

  • @@fan@@

    only 30 comments an this is already full of haters and racists.


  • llm

    Z is adorable happy kid.

  • honestly

    D not take the recycling bait oif the haters. The purpose of having their four kids represents UNITY. United we all stand.

  • Lady G

    Looks like Princess Zee has a new stuff animal. Can anyone made out what it is…?

    Wonder what happen to the penguin and pink bunny? :lol:

  • guli

    Thanks Jared another new thread!!!

    Zee is adorable :-)

  • tabitha

    Lately we have only seen Angelina in a coat, so it is hard to make a guess about whether she is or isnot.

  • the real tita

    #10: So you want babies in movie theaters where they cry and can’t stand to be in place thereby disturbing other people who paid good money to see the movie? Yep, you’re just the type who would do that.

    Shame on you!

  • Yuck

    Adorable!!!! They look like they had a great time! Princess Zee is too cute!

    Shiloh is too young to sit still for a long period of time to see a long movie. Plus it’s dark and the loud sounds might scare her.

  • Louise

    Only fools would take an 18 month baby to the movies. A child that age will cry and ruin it for everybody in theatre. It’s not as if Shiloh is old enough to follow the story anyway.

  • Hiya

    Thanks for the added pics, Jared!!! Aww, look at Pax jumping in pic #9, and Zee’s got her pink shoes and blankie!

  • the real tita

    #31: Why does it hurt you so much when people ask if Angie is pregnant. It’s like if she was, she’d been impregnated by your own husband and you can’t stand it.

  • to fan

    you know why ….cause some racist or people who only see ONE JOlie-Pitt can’t stand seeing a happy black girl.

    Too bad these people are still stuck in the Dark Ages
    Too bad these people do not see a happy little girl
    Too bad these people seem anal about anything that is outside their comfort zone – i.e. loving another child that you never birthed as though you birthed her.

    Too bad these folks are still stuck in an era gone.

    Get with the program – learn to appreciate and accept ALL races &cultures, change your views on adoption vs biological and for gosh sake – GET OUTTA YOUR COMFORT ZONE!!!!.

  • Hello

    I think she’s pregnant

  • lol

    Cuteness :D They probably didn’t take Shiloh cos she is so young. Young can usually only take babies that young into screenings at certain times. And I’m guessing she’s not yet potty trained! ;)

  • the real tita

    #45: Good answer, good answer!!! (clapping)

  • @@fan@@

    Even looking at zee’s adorable smile, some people can still post a bad comment.
    Let’s FLAG those animals.

  • guli

    OMG— sorry folks but I am ROTFLMAO!!!! These trolls/haters are hilarious. :lol: :lol:
    I have three kids and most of my friends have kids and NO ONE in their RIGHT mind would take an 18 month old kid to a movie.
    How old are these idiots. Well obviously they don’t have kids and I say Thank God to that!!!

  • Debbie

    love this family!!!!!
    finally i see angie smilin’ with paparazzi :D

  • LOG1=0

    3an jaaad ktir 7élwé éssoura taba3 zahara !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iloveangie

    are pax’s shoes on backward? or is that just the style of those shoes?