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Hawaii Christmas for the Hiltons

Hawaii Christmas for the Hiltons


All the Hilton siblings — Paris, 26, Nicky, 24, Barron, 18, and Conrad, 13, celebrate Christmas Day on the beautiful beaches of Maui, Hawaii on Tuesday.

Barron‘s t-shirt: Public Domain Foil Glasses Tee, $28 at Conrad‘s board shorts by Billabong.

Also pictured: Hilton family friend Brandon Davis, 28 and Hilton parental units Rick, 52, and Kathy, 48.

30+ pictures inside of the Hilton family Christmas in Hawaii…

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hilton christmas in hawaii 01
hilton christmas in hawaii 02
hilton christmas in hawaii 03
hilton christmas in hawaii 04
hilton christmas in hawaii 05
hilton christmas in hawaii 06
hilton christmas in hawaii 07
hilton christmas in hawaii 08
hilton christmas in hawaii 09
hilton christmas in hawaii 10
hilton christmas in hawaii 11
hilton christmas in hawaii 12
hilton christmas in hawaii 13
hilton christmas in hawaii 14
hilton christmas in hawaii 15
hilton christmas in hawaii 16
hilton christmas in hawaii 17
hilton christmas in hawaii 18
hilton christmas in hawaii 19
hilton christmas in hawaii 20

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  • melly


    How sweet?

  • JOLie fan

    I’m surprised the paparazzi aren’t obsessed with the younger Hilton brothers. I guess once they hit 18, they’ll be all over the tabloids like Paris and Nicky.

  • Ana

    family daaaaay!

  • karen

    Nice family but brandon davis just seems out of place with them. he is a major douchebag who’s life seems rather pointless at his time in his existance. why do these people include him in anything? guess his own family didn’t want him around, huh? LOL

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Why would this family want Brandon Davis along? He’s a jerk!!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    JOLie fan
    I hope the boys learn from their wacko sister how NOT to behave in public. They may not like being in the spotlight, and if they don’t, then they better go back to NOT being photographed with their sisters.

  • jnjmom

    i think that is Barron in the Public Domain Foil Glasses Tee, Jared. Conrad is the blond one

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Nicky needs to get an arse to fill that bikini. Doesn’t look too cool from behind.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, jnjmom! That’s what I meant !

  • kate.

    pairs looks like a transvestite next to nicky.
    not only that but she needs a tan.
    & she gained some weight too.

  • eaby

    nicky looks awesome

  • csxyz

    agreed. Nicky looks great.

  • duckie

    they all look awesome, eaby.
    except for the davis character. yuck!

  • brandon??

    why is Brandon there? Maybe its true that he did get disinherited from his family. Anyone know?
    Sad sad case.

  • celebpsychic

    Does anyone really need matching accessories on the beach?

    A new spin on celebrity Gossip

  • Get Over It

    Nicky has a PERFECT figure! She is WAY better looking now than Paris, who has gotten a little flabby (not fat – just not fit).

  • mah

    Nicky has lost a lot of weight, she fluctuates a lot.

  • xxx

    Nicky looks amazing!

  • Helena

    Didn’t even know those girls had siblings. Good for them to not being media whóres (well one is only a 13 year old!).

  • anon

    Brandons family also spend xmas in hawaii – thats why he is there, think his family are staying at same resort.

    You can say what you like about The Hiltons but they are a true family & seem extremely close. Doesn’t Conrad [Youngest one?] look like a mini stavros! He’s gonna be prettier than his 2 sisters!

  • anazanessafan

    nicky is hot..hotteer than paris haha

  • teddy-booboo

    the girls have such crooked legs !

    I’m so sick of this family. Esp the oldest one.

  • Ippink

    wow! Nicky is so beautiful in these picks!! Cute familly!!!

  • meee

    conrad’s gonna be smoking hott when he gets older…..he’s kinda hot right now, and he’s only 13!! unveliebable!!!

  • Babysis

    The Hilton boys are both cute!
    Brandon is so FUGLY!

  • j

    What does nicky’s tattoo say??

  • Didi

    isnt paris supposed to be visiting africa in the new year?

    lets hope some angry militias kidnap her and then cut her up into little bits and feed her remains to dogs.

    hopefully the rest of the hiltons will commit suicide in grief.

  • gabo

    nicky lookin pretty hott

  • craig stairs

    who cares about these lowlifes?

  • Christina

    Dayumm Conrad.. is kinda hot and hes only 13. dayumm.. wat a hottie. im 14 we should go out. lol :P (if hes single.) lol
    jus wait Conrad would be much hotter than now when hes ar0undd 18. wowo he would be all over the mags for better things instead of like his sisters, but u cant judge people but watever.


  • meee

    more conrad pics!!! please jared!!!

  • A friend

    Some more pictures of PARIS and her mother KATHY?

  • Madonna

    Unattractive family.

  • david

    Racist tramps. No surprise that they are on this site . . . again!

  • j

    Brandon looks gross as usual,I hate Paris’s hair,Nickys body looks bangin!

  • Denise

    Nicky is so hot. I’d love to taste her voogaby. I bet it tastes like expensive champagne. mmmmmm!

  • useless family

    that family is fake and plastic ,plus fug ,niki looks better than wonkey herplex but not much ..the mom has the same surgeon as her hoe daughter

  • selfish superficial family

    Niki has a case of no azz. her bottom is so droopy on her non existence azz. ummm gross. #18 pic is utterly nasty. Paris is a walking sore, and she hangs with greasy cause she likes him they all do, duh, why else is he there. Paris si superficial. Lilo can tell you that. Can their old lady crooked legs get any more mis- shaped..ewwwwwww. The mom looks ridiculous with her fake boobs.

  • Meeee

    Nicky and Conrad look so alike! He looks older than 13!! I wonder why the brothers stay so much out of the public eye….

  • http://C Yeah

    Oooooooooooooooooooh Conrad, youre a Hilton, come on kid, work on that 6-pac, even though youre 99.9% hotness already, you could be off the charts if you put a little effort in, y’know,harden up them abs, straighten your hair, etc etc. I CANNOT wait until he does an interview or something. Im so fascinated by him.

  • rae

    Nicky looks really great. I don’t see pictures of her that often. Paris looks rough but I’ve thought that for a while. I hope the boys avoid Paris’s bullshit. I’ve never minded Nicky, she had her fun and then she seemed to grow up but they need to avoid Paris.

  • georgette

    baron is super hot! his face is great and his body’s hot. how old is he? konrad looks so unattractive! he looks stupid and come on!! he’s way too young… !! the ones who said he’s attractive are freaky! piuke!

  • gra

    i saw her in wailea after christmas with her family. shes not as skinny as she looks in pictures

  • jenny

    yeaa conrad is hott! he should go out with me :]

  • hawaii Hotel

    Awesome pix. They just don’t look too happy though.