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Jamie Lynn Spears' Pregnancy: Pint-Size Edition

Jamie Lynn Spears' Pregnancy: Pint-Size Edition

Hot off the heels of Will Ferrell‘s “Landlord Video”… check out Jamie-Lynn Spears speaking out on her pregnancy… pint-size edition!

Jamie Lynn Spears

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  • Devanee

    that is such a cute video

  • Cheyanne

    2nd YEA ! awesome video

  • nina


  • Halley

    Why are those parents still exploiting this innocent child with their vulgar brand of humor..?

  • Mals

    This whole situation is disgusting and she needs to be kicked to the curb. To think that Casey may not be the dad and that someone much older working on the set could be the father makes my stomach crawl.
    I want that whole show to go away.

  • Aly-may

    awwwh that little girl is so so cute!
    i love herr!

  • Anouk

    omg, she’s so cute!

  • Kate

    I hope Nick drop that show!

  • marsha

    the little girl is cute, but they shouldn’t be using someone so young to advertise jamie’s pregnancy. if i had a daughter, i wouldn’t want her to even know about it, whether she udnerstands it or not. i wish people wouldn’t exploit their children like that.

  • Zkunis

    this is ridiculous

  • LARA

    I think it is not funny that you have so Jamie Lynn Spears funny! She is only 16 and gets a child, but that’s not as bad as all say, Jamie Lynn, I stand behind you

  • LARA

    And that’s realy ridiculous !!!!!!!

  • baby_cri

    ahahahah!!!so funny!!

  • visa fan

    Holy Kakapoopy!:) now that’s funny.

  • maddie

    omg, thats soo cute!

  • wow

    ok some of you need to calm down this was all in fun, geez seriously some of u need to remove the stick up ur arse.

    That video was funny!

  • Liz

    That was so funny and awesome!

  • kelsey

    she looks like my niece :]

  • wowza!

    haha “watch zoey 10101″
    lol. i don’t think that show should be put on anymore.
    funny vidd

  • Eli

    funny video, but I wouldn’t let my kid make a video like that. the little girl is very cute!

  • Other Troy


  • AD

    The anger me so much hypocrisy!
    America is a place in the world where most are selling pornography and the false moralists are shocked because the jamie lynn was pregnant
    Flock of idiots

  • [~Famous~]

    this is stupid. a funny stupid though. lol

  • shi_baby

    OMG!! too cute!!

  • elisa

    so cool :D

  • laura

    come on, this is really funny! and not even that mean :D
    i love the way she says watch zoey 10101 :D :)) she’s too cute!

  • Jessie

    I don’t know whether to laugh or be horrified. It’s funny I’m just not so sure if it should have been made.

  • ok…

    haha..she’s so cute!

  • cally

    LOL sure she made a mistake but look on the funny side the kids got talent

  • Sarah

    LOL! I love that kid. :]

  • Antony

    I keep it!!! :D

  • Christine x3


  • ?!

    why is britney younger than jamie lynn…lol

    creepy funny…but its wrong….funny wrong

  • Antonella

    OMG, she’s sooooo cute (:
    she looks lovely in those giant glasses
    so funny

  • Amanda

    watch zoey 10101

  • snaz

    To AD “the anger me so much hypocrisy….” your a moron

  • a fan

    Aside from it being just plain stupid it isn’t funny at all.

  • rincez26

    aww, so cute!!!

  • Mariiisa.

    Awww, She’s soo cute.
    But the Video is kinda funny. ;D

  • Kaisa

    that’s funny :P

  • Afua


  • fuck

    haha thats so fucking hilarious

  • Nikki

    haha You gotta love that! jaja it’s so funny!
    but, it’s not really “healthy” to make a little girl like her say all that stuff, , I guess she has no idea what she’s talking about.. ,or who..
    but c’mon people.. a 16 years old girl got pregnant… and most of her fans support her.. saying she’s so brave for keeping her baby.. HA! if I had all the money her family.. or really, her sister has! or even knowing my mom will take care of the baby, while I go for shopping with my sister.. Of course I will keep the baby!… A lot of people doesn’t realize she’s just an inmature 16 years old… I’m 16, so I know what i’m talking about.. I mean.. all that care to people of our age it’s go to school.. hang out with friends.. hair,, nails.. clothes, cute guys…. NOT BABIES!… if u think Jamie Lynn it’s a brave girl for accepting her pregnancy.. I would say.. SHE HAS NO CHOICE!… an abortion could be.. but really.. I don’t think her parents would let her do that kind of stuff.. I mean.. maybe they would.. they let her go living with her boyfriend.. and got pregnant… Gosh.. I used to like this girls tv show.. but.. I hope it gets canceled… how can she do a tv show about being a good girl.. and behave like good people if she’s doing what’s she’s doing?? … it’s just stupid!…. So Jamie Lynn.. I hope ur family stays with u.. cause it’s not easy what’s next in your life.. too bad u mess up your entired future! I guess that’s the kind of world we all build. Good Luck anyways.
    PD: I see a near future her “boyfriend” leaving her .. and making her a single mom… boys just don’t get mature with this stuff… for him It’s like his parents.. and Jamie’s parents would take care of the baby… umm… haha poor guy.

  • ashlee anne

    Wow! I completely support Nikki!… you got it girl!… I’m also 16, so.. it’s true everything you are saying!… It’s really sad how she got pregnant being so young.. that just prooves how inmature she is.. u know what Jamie?… exists a lots of things u can use to avoid pregnancy..haha, I guess your mon didn’t told you about that ha?… and about how your own health could be affected by being pregnant so young.. .!
    wellI guess you’ve already make your choice.. or.. your parents did.. haha. Anyways, just don’t be as stupid as your sister is, for god’s sake!… take care of that kid, who doesn’t have fault for coming to this world, an fall into this crazy and I-don’t-care-anything-but-money- family…

  • taylor

    that’s so true Nikki!
    I’ll bet anything she was drunk or having drugs while she was doing it her boyfriend!… it’s just sad.

  • Arianna =)

    these lil girl is just sooo cute and fun!!!

  • Ellis catherine

    Why can’t people just have a sense of humor. It’s not a big deal it’s a movie. People think it’s funny. If you don’t, don’t even leave a comment. No one cares what you think. It’s just fun. All of Will Ferrell’s short videos are hilarious. Have a sense of humor and get over it!

  • http://justjared ~*SaRaH*~

    that never gets old

  • chick_87

    holy cute! and i hate jamie lynn! bad example like her crazy sis!

  • Justin

    very funny guys. XD