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Brendan Fraser: Divorce! Divorce! Divorce!

Brendan Fraser: Divorce! Divorce! Divorce!

Another one bites the dust!

Brendan Fraser, 39, and his wife, Afton Smith, 40, are calling it quits after nine years together.

“They continue to maintain a close and caring friendship,” the actor’s publicist, Ina Treciokas, said Wednesday in a statement.

The couple have three sons — Griffin, 5, Holden, 3, and Leland, 19 months.

Fraser‘s film credits include the Mummy films, Crash and George of the Jungle.

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  • miks

    first (H)

  • aysh81

    I can’t believe i’m gonna do one of the things that S.H.I.T.S me off but …



  • aysh81

    damn you beat me to it MIKS and I so thought I had it in the bag

  • winki

    so bad actor

  • Gigi

    this is so sad.

  • littlelady40

    Wow, how sad… I often thought of Brendan and how hunky and sweet he looks on tv and movies, he has an innocent sincere little boy quality about him that seems as if he has a funny little secret and at any moment he is going to bust up laughing….an inner happiness. I have often thought about his wife, Afton and how lucky she was to be able to spend the days and nights with him. I am sad for both of them and sad for the kids… and hopefull that they will both find happiness in their lives. Please, remember to be neutral with the kids. Love, a real true fan, MMB

  • lily

    what a shame. i guess he is approaching the midlife crisis so it’s time to trade in his wife for a younger one.

  • Helena

    How could you do that after 9 years? Oh well, not my business.

  • Zoe

    It’s funny, it was only a year or two ago and he was talking about how much fun him and his wife were having being parents. He got in trouble because he said they couldn’t wait to be grandparents and he was going to poke holes in his sons condoms so it would happen soon.

  • musicisourhigh

    It is always sad to see a marriage ending, especially when children are involved. I truly wish the best for both of them and their children

  • Susan

    This is sad news. I often thought this marriage would last.

  • groundcontrol

    Why do people get so hung up on other peoples’ marriages and relationships? For all we know they have been miserable or they just don’t love each other anymore. I see no virtue in staying in a loveless marriage. Not even “for the kids.” It takes a lot of courage to end a marriage – it’s so easy to just stay put. I don’t know why anyone would want to stay married to a partner that didn’t love them anymore.

    He always seemed like a nice person. I hope they have a peaceful divorce, keep it peaceful for the kids and both find happiness elsewhere.

  • sad sad sad

    How sad. He looks really bad in this photo, he looks like an alcoholic. I wonder if making the Mummy 3 had anything to do with it, did he hook up with his co-star? I hope not, he seems like a decent guy.

  • [~Famous~]

    she left because of his ridiculous hair.

  • +++


    They dated for 4 yrs and married for 9 yrs, that’s a total of 13 yrs. together. with three little young kids. I wonder what went wrong ?

  • http://none sandy

    can i please have him now!!

  • Elena

    Really sad. I wish the best for Brendan and Afton.

  • sexy bitch

    i always thought him and afon look cute together but doesnt he look cuter with rachel wesiez from the mummy were they played as hubby and wife with a boy named alex. but that was just a moive but still there no harm in dreaming.

  • http://none sandy

    i think he would look much better with me!!!!! :)-

  • Lizzie

    I was surprised about the Sean Penn breakup, but this divorce is more shocking. Brendan Fraser always seemed like a well-grounded person, and it’s too bad he and his wife couldn’t get counseling or help to work things out for the children’s sake.

  • Necro

    He needs to trade ‘er in for fresh a$$, she’s lookin’ spent. He can woo the L.A. clams with wigs and his old movies and stay fat and drunk. F the kids they’ll cash in some day… Love Necro

  • coolqueen

    brendan is sooo..qute,he is the most handsome person in the universe.iam feeling very sad about him.he and his wife should think about their kids.afton is realy very very lucky she was to be able to spend the days and nights with him. I am sad for both of them and sad for the kids.iam his fan, he is the best .i remember that day when i saw him very first time in the movie ”the mummy” he was so hot and realy hotter with rachel weisz ,i want to meet him only once in my life i wants to tell him how much i like him .in another words i love brendan ,i wish him all the best for his carrier and his personal life.

  • Heather

    Sad :c( Hopefully they will get along OK for the sake of their children.
    Well Brendam you are too late I was married a few yrs ago lol.

  • Heather

    Ack not Brendam lol

  • jennyct

    I named my son Brendan – guess why? Ok, I liked the name too, but Brendan Fraser seems handsome, dashing and polite.

    My little guy is dashing and handsome (really!), though not so polite.

  • catherine

    i was a big fan of Brendan Frazer his a very good actor.. hope i can hear or recieve email coming from him…im cate from the philippines

  • Talmodig

    Love always prevail. we where looking ones inside and it jump on-us(on-earth) and since, we never get separate, love and me. so never look behind your eyes mandy you will never forgot cause it’s me, i mean you i think everybody.
    Than, love and happyness and starshine. not between the eyes everywhere.
    Kiss . Ray’

  • Karen

    omigosh!! when did this happen? 2007? it’s already 2009!! Gosh!! I already got married!!! lol!! jowk only! I wldnt trade my husband for him =). But, although I learned about the news late (he may have a new gf alrdy), I feel terribly sad for them now that I know how a marriage life is.

    I dont what to say about them, neihter do I have any right to say anything about them…But, Brendan, if you need a new friend with new/different points of view in life…I’m just here…really…email me. (karen-Philippines)

  • Karen

    …my email is

  • AlexDaCat

    @groundcontrol: Well Said!

  • AlexDaCat

    Brendan… If you ever read any of these comments maybe you should date someone that isn’t in the movie industry! Seems they all want fame and recognition… Demand outrageous Alimony and want to live the life of the Rich & Famous!… How about you come to Perth Western Australia… Best part of Australia and not many people visit here cos it’s an extra 4-5 hour flight from the East Coast… We have the best beaches and you can sit an watch the sun setting sipping a cold Beer! Or Red Wine! You would probably be able to meander through the crowds here unnoticed… I’ll be your tour guide :o)