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Chace to Carrie: Meet the Parents... Again!

Chace to Carrie: Meet the Parents... Again!

Carrie Underwood and boyfriend Chace Crawford spent the Christmas holiday together, reports Us Weekly.

“His whole family loves her,” a friend of the couple says. “They are really perfect for each other… They spent Christmas together and had a wonderful time.”

During Thanksgiving at Chace‘s home in Dallas, the 24-year-old American Idol champ also met up with the 22-year-old Gossip Girl hunk’s parents.

“His parents are fond of her and think she’s extremely talented,” an insider says. “And they believe ‘Carrie Crawford‘ would be a great addition to the family!”

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  • kat

    FIRST!! Awww so cute…but ZANESSA is cuter!!

  • ashnaheartszac

    DAMN He’s soooo hot ! ;P

  • Mrs.Ashlee_Efron

    do you have to bring up zanessa
    they look like Zashley u know zac efron & ashley tisdale

  • alanaa

    this is not a zanessa or zashley or any other shitty nickname that involves HSM cast, so could u kidz find another place 2 play?!

    i love them 2gther…wonder if leighton actually wanted him.

  • hayden


  • ilovezacefrron

    zanessa rules

  • ilovezacefrron

    u shut up zanessa is so cute zac is hot~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ilovezacefrron

    u shut up alaana zanessa is so cute zac is hot~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • g girll

    um wtf? how did zanessa come up all of a sudden? anyway chace crawford and carrie underwood make a cute couple :]

  • KAitlin


  • Paula

    Mrs.Ashlee_Efron @ 12/27/2007 at 10:52 pm


    People still ship Zashley? Even though Zac’s with Vanessa? That’s kind of pathetic, lol.

    Anyway, love Chace Crawford. I’m absolutely addicted to Gossip Girls. Best. Show. Ever.

  • purple

    Seriously, all you Zanessa fans need to stick to the Zanessa threads. How disrespectful to barge in here with “Zanessa” on a Carrie/Chace thread.

    Anyways, good for these two.

  • Jennifer W.

    i think carrie and chace look so great together and they look happy.

  • zan rules.

    does it really matter if they bring up zanessa ?

  • La

    This is a very, very old photo. And Carrie Crawford sounds horrible. Any real news on them?

  • Dee

    Zanessa rocks!

  • Paula

    People don’t bring up other people in Zanessa threads, so I think it’s only fair that Zanessa fans do the same to everybody else. And, no, I’m not a Zanessa hater, I’m actually a big fan. I just think that since this is about Chace, the hottest man alive, and Carrie, we should just talk about them.

  • Gossip Girl fanatic

    Chace is way too good looking for boring, too much makeup, Carrie.

  • amy

    | don’t like them together. Carrie seems too dumb for him.

  • lily

    please, it’s not going to last. and for chace, i wouldnt be surprised if it’s a cover up like lance.

  • kat


    44444444444444444444444 EVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEERRRRR


  • deth

    chace just always look so adorable,and carrie’s very talented….i like her, but i dont think she good for chace..he needs a more hotter girlfriend

  • annie52555

    i think they match each other well.
    it is my personal advertisement, sorry for inconvenience.
    i am an attractive and ambious college student. i want to find a rich man.u can contact me on my blog if u r interested.

  • randi

    apparently chace and carrie arent a full on couple – just go on dates
    and out to places occasionally- photographed togther. he’s only dating her to promote himself which makes sense. and the same for her – so she can draw a younger crowd to her music from his fans.
    explains why they dont really seem touchy feely or together when they
    go out- i mean look at the picture.

  • goz

    mmmm …. well if it’s good for them n they’re both happy, i think we fan should be happy too :D

  • Mia

    Romo is so stupid…leaving Carrie for Jessica.

  • hudgens98


  • mel

    Itz obvious it wont last for heavens sake carries’s 24 he’z 22 they hardly even suit each other but thatz just my opinion

  • Linda

    Chace needs to ditch that hick and get a girlfriend as gorgeous as he is–he could do SO much better than Carrie Underwood. He’s stunning and she’s….not.

  • Shell

    Linda your an idiot…they are both good looking people and for people to say shes a hick just because shes from Ok and sings country music just shows how ignorant you are about well life…grow up and if they are a real couple good for them stop hating on people.

  • Shell

    Not to mention Linda, hes from Texas soooo wouldn’t that make him a Hick too.

  • too young

    They seem like an odd couple and I doubt meeting the parents really means much as they are way too young for marriage. I do not understand why young people want to be so serious at these ages.

  • Cynthia

    Chace you can do better. Carrie’s ugly and that’s all.

  • sarah

    Obv. the people calling Carrie dumb are the stupid ones themselves.
    She graduated as a straight A student in college and high school.
    Carrie’s also reallllyy beautiful, just look at this picture!
    It doesn’t hurt to have your album sell over 5 million either.
    STOP BASHING HER, she’s one of the few normal people in Hollywood.

  • Shell

    actually Sarah its over 6 million :) lol yeah she went on American Idol in the middle of college then went back to graduate people who bash are only making themselves look like idiots

  • ummm..

    Carrie is pretty and Chace is hot….cute couple. I’m glad she’s not with Romo anymore…I love my Cowboys but Tony is turning into a complete douche bag. Anyone who leaves Carrie for Jessicunt has issues. Since Jessica looks like a tranny…he’s probably gay. Good Choice Carrie…go for the hottie!! :)

  • akruti

    they r so cute

  • nonononoBignono!


    no way are they dating.
    And, there won’t be a wedding.
    UNLESS! it’s me, my friend, and him.
    Soooo, I plan on licking carrie and saying”HAH! I HAVE HERPES!”

    p.s.I don’t have herpes, butttttt, chace would never touch her again. ;]


  • Chace is hot

    Chace should have dated Leighton, she is more down to earth and more beautiful than stuck up bitchy Carrie.

  • texasstarfan

    Carrie is a beautiful sweetheart of a girl. Chace is much more that a handsome face. He’s educated and has goals. He’s just getting started. He’s a young Tom Cruise. Carrie is one of the most sucessful artists of 2007. Everything she touches just turns to gold.
    She is down to earth and normal. Not like LA celebs. Chace has scored really big getting to date Carrie. The thing is they seem crazy about each other. On the Ellen show, he called her a sweetheart.
    The reason why they aren’t touching in photos is because they both have class. They like to keep their private life private. They rarely comment they are dating. They usually play coy when asked.

  • Justin

    zac n vanessa: zanessa.. then wat about chace and carrie? charrie?

  • Sarah

    They are a cute couple. Look how BLUE his eyes are! *Swoon*

  • tizianita.

    oh god i hate that couple because carrie, chace is so hot, so cute, so nice! and she.. she is a stupid girl, i saw her in starbucks once and i said ‘hi carrie’ and she just walked away! with a couple of coffees! ohh godddd, go for tony romo carrie, he is your boy! chace can get a better girl, she is too beautiful for her! i know the are too people that they loves carrie, but i’m not that people, i don’t like her! but if she makes him happy GOOD FOR HIM!

  • ohbaby

    y is everyone calling carrie dumb esp. when she was salutorian in her class??
    and they call her dumb…

  • theresa

    Carrie is Beautiful and way more talented then jessica simpson– so this is Romo’s loss for sure. I think Chase is cute- -but I sort of feel Carrie can do better. But I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. I just don’t like to date younger men- pet peeve I have. lol

  • http://- bringitback

    apparently leighton meester really fell in love with him from the first day of filming and can’t let him go (i don’t blame the poor girl i mean he’s HOTTTTT) :D but i think chace and blake lively look better together than carrie and chace do. but still, they’re a pretty sweet couple!

  • Morgan

    I think that they are so cute together just like Zanessa or Zashley!

  • Morgan

    I think that they are so cute together just like Zanessa or Zashley!

  • zanessa4ever.

    shut up all you haters.
    they can bring up zanessa if they want. theres no restrictions its a free world man.