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A Hudgens-Tisdale Shopping Spree

A Hudgens-Tisdale Shopping Spree

High School BFFs Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale do a little post-Christmas shopping in West Hollywood on Wednesday. The pretty pair stopped off at Fred Segal and the Ron Herman and Louis Vuitton stores at the Hollywood and Highland shopping centre.

Check out the video of Ashnessa‘s shopping spree here. Tizz‘s mom, Lisa, was also there!

And Zanessa lives! According to FOX News, Vanessa and boyfriend Zac Efron were spotted “getting intimate at their own little booth at Hollywood’s hottest hole-in-the-wall, Lola’s, on Friday night. The dancing duo sipped a selection of signature martinis in between constant kisses and cuddles. Strangely enough, their naughty little night out was interrupted when pal Luke Perry joined them. (Isn’t he, like, well into his 40s now?)”

Vanessa‘s gray sweater is C&C California.

30+ pictures inside of the Hudgens-Tisdale shopping spree…

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hudgens tisdale shopping spree 01
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 02
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 03
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 04
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 05
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 06
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 07
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 08
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 09
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 10
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 11
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 12
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 13
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 14
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 15
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 16
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 17
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 18
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 19
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 20
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 21
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 22
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 23
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 24
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 25
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 26
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 27
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 28
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 29
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 30
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 31
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 32
hudgens tisdale shopping spree 33

Photos: Andrade/Jones/, RSPress/Splash News Onlline
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  • soph

    firrst :]

  • zanessa fan forever

    vanessa hudgens fan forever!! she looks pretty as usual!!

  • zanessa fan forever

    really hope zanessa’s still going strong. havent heard about them for awhile..

  • trixiestar

    Such a cute couple….

  • Jessica

    Ashley looks amazing, She always does…

  • Melody

    I Love Ashley’s Clothes….

  • troy

    They both look cute as usual. I think I’m getting used to Ashley’s slightly altered appearance. It isn’t that drastic of a change and she doesn’t in my opinion look all that different.

    Vanessa as usual looks adorable.

  • alexandra silva

    I hope zanessa still dating

    vanessa looks pretty but tired of the paparazzis

    Love zanessa, forever!!!!!

  • molly

    I Love vanessa !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    she’s always soooo pretty!
    i love her clothes , she’s so stylish !!!!

    Go V

  • chocotof

    Ohhh vanessa is so cute in the video ! i love her smile and she’s so sweet and happy in the video ^^she looks tired of the paparazzi but she smiles !!!!!
    She’s very beautiful .. I LOVE HER SO MUCH !

  • elijah

    I love vanessa AND ashley but ashley nose looks weird in the pictures no ?? it was better before :(

  • nitta

    Vanessa is hotter than Ashley…

  • Lilli

    I Love Vanessa!!!(L) She’s always soooo pretty! Loveeee Vanessa!!!:D

  • irene

    zanessa is still a real couple :D

    look at this:,2933,318146,00.html

  • pyramide

    I love BBV
    I love vanessa’s bag and hair ! she’s so stylish !
    She looks happy in the video !

    Can’t wait for her new album !
    Ashley is cute too !

  • hamster

    YAY thanks Irene :D
    I love ZANESSA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • From the block

    She always looks the same to me. I like her outfits thpugh (vanessa) Ashley is very bleh.

  • It’s Christmas

    I Love vanessa’s Hair and clothes and I love ashley’s flip-flops and bag^^
    Can’t wait too for Vanessa’s new album !

  • Ariana.s

    loves vanessa

  • Iva

    ashley is beautiful but vanessa is more beautiful than her . And zac and vanessa are a perfect couple. They are very cute together ! : ) : )

  • xxxx

    i really, really think ashley’s looking so much better with her new nose. i’ve always liked her but that old nose of hers gave her kind of an annoying impression. Now, she just looks really pretty and this is coming from someone who doesn’t even support plastic surgery.
    i think both of them look a bit bleh here but i especially don’t like vanessa’s outfit with the tucked in shirt and the ill fitting jeans. Though i do love that balenciaga bag.

  • ashleytisdale4ever

    Ashley Tisdale forever…this is very beautiful!!! isn’t she?

  • http://AHudgens-TisdaleShoppingSpree rubyred

    Cute girls. They love shopping. Where is Zanessa?

  • shaqui

    I loooooooooooooooveeeee you V !
    her face is always so perfect and beautiful, i love her hair in the pictures !!!
    i love when she smiles and I love her balenciaga bag so much!!Love her outfits and her hair too , she’s sooo stylish !!

    (sorry for my english im from madrid , im spanish ^^)

  • may

    martini? Aren’t they too young for that? Unless it is the non-alcoholic kind.

  • hsm

    ashley’s hair looks dirty no ??? i don’t like the color and her new extensions but they are both beautiful and i love them so much ! :–)

  • Rachel
  • Lias

    i can t understand it

  • Lias

    what they mean about zanessa

  • ashley

    I’m sorry but I don’t buy the club/bar thing. both have said they don’t like to do that kind of stuff.

    and matthew perry like recently went to rehab for alcoholism. so I doubt he’d be at a bar.

  • carry

    Yayyyy Zanessa is not over :D !
    I love vanessa’s shoes and her hair in the pictures
    I love ashley too!

  • Reno dee

    Hmmm…they were drinking martinis when it’s well known that neither of them are 21, hard to believe. Did they drive to this place as well? If so, is Fox News now saying they drink and drive? Sounds too iffy to be true.

    I don’t think they have split, but I don’t believe the entire story about their night out either. I mean, we know we aren’t going to see them together that often, because Zac is filming a movie…that’s just common sense. Had everyone known they were an actual item during his Hairspray filming, the same questions and stories would have arose. :-)

  • Lias

    but zac said he never drinks

  • tapsri
  • Lias

    i think its not true

  • bryan

    i Love vanessa !
    she’s always soooo pretty!

    Can’t wait too for Vanessa’s new album !


  • Becky-BRAZIL




  • ºO.oMaddieo.Oº

    Ashnessa 4EVER
    love them!!!

  • sad
  • erica

    They both look great.

    I don’t know what to make of the rumour that they were at a night club, I mean, they are both under-age (and they have even said so in interviews that neither of them have a fake ID and that they weren’t interested in getting one either) and Luke Perry (that’s the guy from 90210 am I right?) when have we ever seen them hanging out? Oh well, if it’s real then great for them but the facts doesn’t add up, but maybe it’s just me who thinks so.

  • boo

    Vanessa so pretty
    i love so much you V !

  • http://mmmmmmmmmmm lala_girl

    That Fox News is so NOT true!

    Zac said himself he doesn’t drink, and that he hates alcohol, ’cause he once tried (their parents gave him a try). Besides, neither of them are 21, so no one would actually serve martinis to them…

    And, don’t you think the paps would have snapped a picture or two of them getting there??? They’re like everywhere!!! So I bet they would!

    Besides, Vanessa says she preferes being at home with friends, and her boyfriend and having a party of their own, instead of going to clubs and stuffs. So it’s all TOO FALSE TO BE TRUE!

    And last but not least: Zac and Vanessa are NOT confortable kissing and canoodling in public. It’s because they like to stick to their own rule, that they don’t say anything or make anything official. They still say they aren’t dating, and admited it only because it was too obvious with the whole Hawaii situation and pics! But still, all they do when they hang out together and the paps are around, is holding hands. Barely kissing, so I don’t think they’d do it in that club, knowing someone would tell about the whole situation!

    “It’s private when it’s best”, said Vanessa once herself in an interview.

    And Zac said according to her: “We’d like to be both good role models. That’s why we’re not partying at clubs and drinking or something. And we keep our relationship between our selves, so we are not that comfortable showing it all in public”.


    They both look GORGEOUS!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  • Ashley Tisdale Fan

    I Love Ashley, she is so down-to-earth,
    At the end of the clip, you hear a girl say “Ashley” over & over again.
    It seems like she doesn’t care about Vanessa (I Don’t either.)

  • sad

    Haha in the video
    someone ask who was there.. and they guy goes.. vaneesa hudgens … no ashley , but i love them both!
    and at 1:44 the girl was like OHHH VANESSA !

  • Gi Kodály

    We all know that not everything that Zac and V say is true. I don’t see why you guys think that they couldn’t have gone to a bar. Maybe they were curious to know how it is. And Luke Perry could have gone there just to go and talk to them for a while. It’s not like they’re friends. And not having pics of this day means nothing. Zac goes to the 17 set everyday, the paps know where it is and we don’t get pics everyday, because Zac knows how to dodge the paparazzi now.

  • me!

    You see them shopping together, as FRINEDS and you still compare them and create hate where there obviously isn’t!!!!
    If you are as big fans as you claim to be then stop hating your idol’s friends!!!
    And the FOX story… Sounds completly false! The tipical made up gossip story…

  • ulrk

    I love Vanessa’s bag and hair !
    bff forever !

  • elle

    i wonder what vanessa got for zac for christmas :s and vice versa

  • howdy yall

    why is Vanessa wearin the same granny jacket and clothes as last time? I like Tisdale’s hat better dressed than Hudgens. great role model Vanessa underage drinking is a great thing bird brain.

  • hudgens9