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Jessica Alba's Baby Bump is Growing

Jessica Alba's Baby Bump is Growing

A pregnant (and engaged!!) Jessica Alba hides behind a water bottle but shows off her growing baby bump after her daily workout on Thursday.

Her personal training session lasted for just over an hour at Emerson Hall Fitness on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood.

Cannot wait to see her maternity wardrobe, especially on the red carpet!

Jessica, 26, and longtime boyfriend Cash, 28, are expecting their first child together in late spring, early summer.

15+ pictures inside of Jessica Alba‘s growing baby bump

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jessica alba baby bump growing 01
jessica alba baby bump growing 02
jessica alba baby bump growing 03
jessica alba baby bump growing 04
jessica alba baby bump growing 05
jessica alba baby bump growing 06
jessica alba baby bump growing 07
jessica alba baby bump growing 08
jessica alba baby bump growing 09
jessica alba baby bump growing 10
jessica alba baby bump growing 11
jessica alba baby bump growing 12
jessica alba baby bump growing 13
jessica alba baby bump growing 14
jessica alba baby bump growing 15
jessica alba baby bump growing 16
jessica alba baby bump growing 17

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36 Responses to “Jessica Alba's Baby Bump is Growing”

  1. 1
    Colette Says:

    I didnt know she was part of the Bloodz , West side yo !

  2. 2
    Ally Says:

    her baby is going to look soo cute!!!!! cant wait! lol!

  3. 3
    yay Says:

    post zac efrons pictures plis

  4. 4
    tonya perry Says:

    She is so beautiful. I’m happy for her! AND she’s human. She has spots…makes me feel so much better!

  5. 5


  6. 6
    Billy Says:

    she is so freaking hot

  7. 7
    Billy Says:

    she is so freaking hot

  8. 8
    Denise Says:

    I can’t stand looking at or reading about this ungrateful untalented beyatch . I hate her so much. arrrrrgh!

  9. 9
    yeah um Says:

    Jess staying in shape is great ,but the breasts will still head south some..and other things will occur..staying on top of it will help, but you shall see..

  10. 10
    σ Says:

    shut up with the zac efron ****..Zac is gay and ugly get over it.

  11. 11
    david Says:

    I wonder what the baby is going to look like. With her boyfriend being white mixed with black and her being Mexican mixed with white, that baby might be a plethora of different shades. It’s a waiting game (like Halle’s baby).

  12. 12
    Dach Says:

    Yeah, Yeah she looks good with her small baby bump. I want to know who the guy next to her is. I’m assuming that is her bodyguard. Yummy! lol

  13. 13
    lily Says:

    she is so young, but at least she has the finances which helps. I think they are the real deal so i wish them well and hope they last.

  14. 14
    bataglio Says:

    was CVS out of cover-up for zits?

  15. 15
    annie52555 Says:

    she is a beautiful pregnent mother.

  16. 16
    SHYYOU Says:

    Happy for her having baby bump, but she is still as sexy as before:

  17. 17
    SHYYOU Says:

    Happy for her having baby bump, but she is still as sexy as before:

  18. 18
    goz Says:

    she looks so cute… cant wait !!

  19. 19
    anonymous Says:

    If she hates the paps sooo much why is she always out and about?
    Can’t these people have people do stuff for them? Isn’t that part of being a celebrity??? I don’t get it.

  20. 20
    meggie12 Says:

    she is a great girl, but after she broke up with her hunk earlier this year, because he did not want to marry her (or so they said officially), I’m afraid they are not gonna last long anyway, even if they will get married.

  21. 21
    anet Says:

    ahhh cute

  22. 22
    jo jo Says:

    so cute

  23. 23
    hudgens98 Says:


  24. 24
    YuRi Says:

    she’s so CUTE ^_^
    the mistake is about the father
    she desrves more then $$ CASH $$

  25. 25
    Jeass Says:

    I think that’s her personal trainer, not bodyguard. Yummy is right. Think I need to schedule a session with him!

  26. 26
    wHAT THE fREAK Says:

    I agree w/ you Jeass

  27. 27
    asm1976 Says:

    People need to stop kidding themselves. Jessica shows no signs of a baby bump at all yet!!! The fact that ever since she announced her pregnancy, she’s only photographed leaving or going to the gym makes me think she doesn’t want a baby bump! I mean, seriously, back off the workouts just a little.

  28. 28

    She’s got them fat genes, she’s gonna gain lots of weight. No amount of exercise is gonna save her. She is such an annoying nasty slag.

    ++++ And why in the **** is she so sour? It would be a beautiful thing if she woke up one morning as a cashier at Wal-Mart. No health insurance, 4 screaming kids to feed and no baby daddy in sight. THEN she would earn the right to that puss she sports 24/7. Ungratful ****.

  29. 29
    b*tch slap Says:

    The funny thing is that she doesn’t even look pregnant. Why would she make it public when it’s not even showing yet. You would think she would wait a bit longer to announce it since she hates all the attention.

    acne attack

  30. 30
    b*tch slap Says:

    “I love that everyone can look past my looks, and see that I’m one of the decades greatest actresses”. Cash – “I know what you mean. My success is directly attributed to my cunning business sense, and not just about who I knock up!”

    Alba – “I yearn for a normal life. One in which we could walk hand in hand with our ******* love child, and not worry about the ills of fame. Lets ponder what life would be like, without Hollywood, and the paparazzi”

    Both – “Holy Christ, that would suck!”

    Cash – “God damn life is great. Just think, in 7 months US weekly will be paying us 1 million for exclusive photo’s. In 8 months I’ll be banging some new, fresh, Hollywood wannabe. In 9 months you’ll will be yesterday’s news. Hey at least I had you in your prime.”

  31. 31
    ya ya Says:

    Her last movie tanked. Gotta get knocked up to keep your name in the news these days. Or get a DUI. Or both.

  32. 32
    nose job Says:

  33. 33
    CelebrityFanChat Raph Says:

    She looks cute.

  34. 34
    Susan Says:

    Maybe she covers her face so much because she has bad skin. I wouldn’t want that plastered all over the web either.

  35. 35
    walker Says:

    “I don’t show much butt or cleavage. I’m prude.”

    Oh yeah! what about when you’re posing half naked for all of the guy’s magazines? Hypocrite.

  36. 36
    Gina Says:

    I wish people would stop calling this a baby bump. It bloat and thats all it is. She won’t pop out until she is like 5 or 6 months along. Anyone who has been pregnant can tell you don’t show until later in the pregnancy with your first one. Do you know how bloated newly pregnant woman are. her bump will pop out of the bottom of her stomach not the top near the belly button. Jesus. She is not even showing yet. Good for her keeping up her workout. I wish I would have when I was pregnant.

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