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Jessica Alba is Engaged

Jessica Alba is Engaged

Not only is Jessica Alba expecting, she’s also engaged!

Longtime boyfriend Cash Warren recently proposed to the Fantastic actress. Jessica was seen sporting a glitzy diamond engagement ring on her left hand while out and about in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

“I can confirm they are engaged,” her publicist Brad Cafarelli tells Us Weekly.

Jessica, 26, and Cash, 28, are expecting their first child together in late spring, early summer.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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  • AshnaheartsZac

    Congrats to Alba

  • kamila

    Congratulations to Jessica and Cash!

  • Trish

    congrats to jess and cash! all the best!

  • Amanda

    I think you meant to say ‘proposed’ not ‘promoted’

  • peacefish

    congrat, and poor joe jonas HAHA =D

  • sara

    brad and Angelina should learn from these young couples.four kids without marriage,they don’t seem terrific and serious in their relationship.

    btw I’m so happy for them,congrate to cash and jessica.way to go Jessica.

  • csxyz

    “promoted”, hah! I’m happy for them! Hopefully it’ll last, but it seems they must have a strong relationship since they’ve been together for so long.

    What exactly is Cash’s job? Anyone know?

  • The Shiznack

    i just dont like her pissy attitude

  • jessica

    Who cares…she is a sucky actress and boring.

  • Tdani81

    Still don’t agree with the pregnancy out of wedlock. The engagement still doesn’t clear this up. It makes her look too desperate to keep this man in her life and is very selfish and inconsiderate of the life she concieved. She’s just engaged because of the pregnancy, because why else couldn’t she WAIT until marriage to get pregnant? Because otherwise the man wouldn’t have proposed?

  • zz

    What exactly is Cash’s job? Anyone know?
    Well, I read they met during one of her movie, he was an assistant director. He is always refered to as director.
    One thing I found funny is that everytime those celebs anounce a pregnancy out of wedlock its always (well in most cases) shortly followed by an engagement anouncement. It’s like the upcoming baby is the only reason to tie the knot
    Anyway Congrats to them

  • The Shiznack

    has she broken the record for most box office flops

    she has only been in one good film nd that was sin city but her acting abilties werent needed for that film

    nd the question about cash’s job he is or was a directors assistant

  • Here’s The Deal

    ^^And how the hell do you know that this pregnancy was planned? It could’ve been, as I believe it was, an accident. It happens. People don’t always get pregnant on purpose.

    And Sara, for goodness sake, this is a thread about Jessica Alba. Leave other celebrities out of it.

  • Here’s The Deal

    That first part was to #11, BTW.

  • musicisourhigh

    Congratulations to them. I think it was such a stretch to even try to bring Angelina and Brad into this.

    Honestly disliking them is fine, that is your choice but to try to interject them into everything is childishly ridiculous

  • Helena

    She just said a few days ago that she wasn’t planning to marry when pregnant, so I’m asumming it will be after the pregnancy.

  • wow

    yea but will they get married?

  • Didi

    its called entrapment. he refused to marry her before remember so she dumped him then conveniently begged him to come back a few days letter

    to trap a guy what you do is you conveniently ‘forget’ to take your daily contraceptive pill and a few weeks of whoop-dee-doo bonking, you’re pregnant. Then you make your family pressure the guy into proposing to you since ‘you’re a family now’ and ‘you should make your union lawful in the eyes of God’
    the poor guy is all of a sudden stuck between a rock and a hard place. all he can do now is run off, or propose to the stupid b*tch and regret the state of his sh*t life forever


    good for them, kudos.

  • anazanessafan

    of course they have to wed. those are the consecuences and what jessica wanted. toi trap cash

  • issa

    our fave actress certainly has a GREAT year of 2008 to look forward to! congrats guys! =)

  • [~Famous~]


  • Natalie

    LOL, why do so many people in Hollywood only get engaged after the chick is pregnant? Kind of funny.

    Anyways, congrats to them.

  • Helena

    ‘Fave actress’? LOL. Her acting skills in Good Luck Chuck were stunning…

  • CELEBREXviagara

    I hate this sourface pig!! Go on DLISTED and you will see her FUG face all sour and disgusting!

    I hope this kid sends her sour face into oblivion!!

  • CELEBREXviagara

    I am willing to bet the H0 got preggers on purpose.. Notice, he left her and now she is pregnant!

    check this lovely picture out..

  • Kelly

    “^^And how the hell do you know that this” pregnancy was planned?”

    And how the HELL do you know it WASN’T planned? I’m really curious.

  • Carly

    Poor Joe Jonas!! Lol x

  • Here’s The Deal

    Kelly, where did you see me saying it wasn’t planned for sure? I said that I personally believe that it was an accident. MY THOUGHTS. The person I was talking to was stating that it was planned, for a fact, as if they know exactly what happened.

    Here’s a quote form their post: “She’s just engaged because of the pregnancy, because why else couldn’t she WAIT until marriage to get pregnant?”

    Here’s a quote from mine: “It could’ve been, as I believe it was, an accident. It happens.”

    OK? Learn to read through entirely. O_o

  • Cash is cute

    I really like Cash ,think he is a very intelligent guy and cute too. I just hope Jess did’nt pull the ‘I’m pregnant’ you have to marry me now mess on him. Cause from old blog world news,Cash wasn’t as into Jess, as much as she was into him.Maybe he knew something. She did date Derek Jeters, who is rumored to have spread his her.pies to women starletts he dated. Congrats I guess.

  • LisaP

    Well good for them

  • j.

    finally a hollywood couple that believes in being married with a child.

  • sheila

    I usually don’t post….but I just have to ask, since many of you are so old-fashioned about pregnancy out of wedlock…..Are you all virgins? And if not, what would you do if you got pregnant, or got someone pregnant, by accident? – you know, it can happen even if you are careful (and if she is a ho, what does that make him? He could just as well be the one who pricked a hole in the condom, to trap her!) Why is it so important to be married, just because you are having a baby? Why not just be happy for her and hope she has a healthy baby?

  • ok

    married or together is fine with long as their happy..paper doesn’t necessarily seal the deal…jmo.look at the divorce rate..and not that im against marriage but nothing is promised married or not.

  • skippy handelman

    I hate this f*uckin alba-bi*tch. She is so ungrateful to her fans. She has no talent whatsoever and her movies are terrible flops. What’s to like about this cranky hag?

  • sheila

    You actually hate her? Wow…..hate is such a strong word…..I don’t think I hate anyone! There are people I don’t think too highly of, but those are people I know personally….. But we are all different I guess!

  • sheila

    “Ok” – Exactly… said it!

  • jess cant act but she’s ok

    num 36 hates most celebs ,she’s a fat loser with no friends,her only activity is eating and blogging hate . she was arguing with someone else earlier. put 4 of your 80 dozen doughnuts in both of your over sized hands 36, so you can get off Jareds site.

  • jade


    I totally agree with the majority of what u said, nevertheless, I believe that when you bring another life in the world it should be under the most ideal situation, and regardless of what Hollywood says, for most people that is through marriage. Two people who have committed to one another and make a sacrifice (b/c that what marriage is) to raise another person.

    Now, are ALL MARRIAGES IDEAL- of course not, however it is a MUCH bigger deal to have a child rather than get married, so many people (obviously myself) believe this is better.

    Finally, I respect other who may disagree.


  • rincez26

    congrats! :)

  • ITA with ok

    ITA with ok,,she is right. That’s societies idea for raising a baby.. people are indiviuals. Live and let live. Hollywood isn’t the entire world. Normal everyday people live 2gether and raise families without marrying.

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    Congrats to Jess and Cash

  • YuRi

    did u all forget about the ” cheating on her ” story !
    she deserves more than CASH !

    about number [ #13 ]
    she did a great job in the box office this year
    check out her 3 movies
    Fantastic Four : Rise Of The Silver
    Good Luck Chuck

    and wait for the upcomming movie
    The Eye
    will be released soon !

    she has & did everything we need !

  • K

    Congrats to the them..!

    and good luck in ’08 : )

  • joejonas4ever

    omg! poor joe! joe wanted 2 get married 2 her :( o well now hes all mine!