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Mischa Barton's Mug Shot

Mischa Barton's Mug Shot


Mischa Barton looks absolutely dreadful in her mug shot!

Earlier today, the former O.C. actress was arrested around 3AM for DUI, possession of illegal narcotics and driving with a suspended license.

Mischa, 21, “was seen straddling two lanes of traffic and failed to signal when making a turn.”

Odds are Keds will not be renewing her as a spokesperson for 2008.

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  • ginny


  • ginny

    where are all the normal starlets?

  • Mandy

    HAHAHHAAA Dumb B*tchh

  • goz

    4th not surprised at all

  • aere

    poor mischa ):

  • lauren


  • yfw


  • kate


  • melly

    what the hell happened to her?
    she use to be so pretty!

  • hilary

    WHOA. now HER too? omg. celebs these days…

  • chrischdi

    no :(

  • the_original_nika

    and we shall end 2007 with fabulous mugshots, with mischa´s not so pretty mugshot.

  • New Yorker


    All the fame, all the magazine covers, all the red carpet events…just goes to show you that deep inside all of that means absolutely nothing to these rich fuckers.

  • ann

    never liked her. she’s a royal beetch. dumbass haha

  • chris

    they should be the good example for people, but nay holywood movie star, got so much money from the poor people; by go out and watch their movies, support them by buying whatever they are trying to advertised: shoes, clothes, perfume and etc…so they don’t know where to put their money, so they end up like that.

  • Andrea


  • Methedrine

    too bad! Poor her :(


    Be careful next time, and why drive if you have a suspended license ?

  • Nando


    What an idiot!

  • lily

    jared, why did u not post my comment? it was NOT abusive. Don’t be like Perez dude.

  • Anon

    What in the hell is WRONG with these people? (Anyone who drinks and drives, for that matter.) I guess DUI is the new black.

  • visa fan

    We need to focus on what’s causing this drinking under the influence epidemic. I personally believe it falls on the shoulders of Michelle Ryan, Lucy hale and the bionic woman staff. Although I don’t drink or do drugs I believe this is the root to this epidemic. Actually it’s the lack of the bionic woman show. The absence and void cannot be filled. As will hold hands and hominy a request to return of the bionic woman. This is only reasonable explanation. :)

  • Tealeaf

    Another talentless chick bust the dust

  • rincez26

    I guess all that smoking and drinking made her look like that…. She just covered it up with makeup!

  • musicisourhigh

    It is getting ridiculous. People are not having any regard for what they are doing with their lives. Taking stupid chances.

  • go sox

    No regard for their lives, AND others if you DUI…..The sad thing is, these people can afford a driver or limo to cart them around!!

  • Helena


  • regina414
  • Candles

    That’s such a shame. And wow, she’s totally flying in her mug shot.

  • AshnaheartsZac

    She was sooo pretty !
    What happened to her ?!?!

  • Kendra

    What ever happened to the old mischa?

  • The Maven

    its all that crack that she took.

  • tony the tiger

    she looks like a truck stop hooker in these photos

  • maria

    i guess being pretty does come with stigmas (its a quote she said)
    afterall shes just pretty with makeup

  • Cassidy1992

    wow….she used to be really pretty! now? notsomuch! she is totally OTC in the pic~ wowza! too bad….

  • tania

    why are some of you saying “poor her”? the idiot could have killed someone since she was straddling two lanes and she’s a spoiled brat – driving on a suspended license? where are these jackasses parents??

  • [marie]

    hahahaha talentless whore

  • lapinmies

    ei se ole poka mikhään

  • kanttuvei


  • kelly

    She still looks pretty hot lol

  • Marakatti

    Is she an anorectic? And size 0? :O

  • anonymous

    she doesnt look THAT bad in her mug shot…lindsay’s was way worse

  • tim

    Kristi kreuk s way prettier than this dumbass!

  • Koskenkorva

    These celebs have lost total control. They are acting like idiots, but what ordinary people do? They are just buying all celebs promoted stuffs like crazy, and by that supporting these idiots to get more money and get more crazy.
    What´s the point to make a tens of thousands costing renovation in a hotel room where staying 2 weeks because don´t like the colors of thesuite? Rather give these money to charity, fcuk.
    Do they think they are some supermans, nothing can stop them, they are allowed to do what a hell they want?
    I drink sometimes, and get drunk, but I never act like these celebs do, I have always control.
    “Koskenkorva, finnish vodka, the best in the world” :)