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Prison Break Returns January 14

Prison Break Returns January 14

Peep the new Prison Break promo!

Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell return in Prison Break episode “Boxed In” premiering Monday, Jan. 14 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX. After raising the suspicions of the Panamanian Army, Michael experiences solitary Sona style. Bellick has the fight of his life and Susan sets her sights on Sucre as T-Bag schemes his way into the escape.

18 days until the next new episode!

Bigger Prison Break promos inside…

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prison break returns 01
prison break returns 02

Photos: Michael Lavine/FOX
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  • _CHeToX_


  • annie

    Woah ! its back!

  • Babysis

    yay! wentworth is hot!
    what about the writers thing?

  • samira

    So beautifuuuuullllll Went !!!!!!!

    At the same moment I wanted to link this picture to show it to people. What coincidence lol!
    Thank you jared

    I would like to be instead of dominic, why it’s not me????lol why??????????????? :( :( :(

  • lulua

    pb sucks now! It’s jumped the shark and should even be on anymore

  • aysh81

    can not FRACKING wait…damn WM is fine, I will never tire of saying that LOL!

  • cutiepie

    They messed the show up when they killed off Sara. There is nothing to look forward to on it now :-(

    Damn fox

  • CelebGossip

    went is not hot when he’s not bald…

  • Jac-jAc

    i wish Sara was still alive :(

  • http://???? NUMMY NUM NUM

    mmm mmm mmmm, boy you just keep thoses legs open, love your welcoming poses :) …….CANNOT wait for the show to start up again, does anyone know how many episodes there are till the death of the TV strike, or am I living under a rock and the writers strike is over??

  • Just me…

    I’m so excited by this Prison Break return!!
    I love all the saison and I can’t wait to see all the new episode!

    Wentworth it’s a so good actor and a good man…

    @ CelebGossip…

    It is odd my sister told me the same thing!!!
    How can you say that?

    Wentworth will always still “HOT” for me!!!


    A new unexpected theory comes to my mind: it may surprise you all by its novelty but I wonder if he could be gay?

  • http://???? NUMMY NUM NUM

    Nummy is not happy today, Nummy is going to be soooo off topic,

    The world is stage…..The stage is a world of entertainment………..

    Is it sooooo Fnk difficult to get along in this sad sad world we live in,
    one thing I know for sure we are are good at as the human race and have been for at least 4000 years is killing eachother…………..Rest in peace B.B………………………………. R.I.P I’m done for the day…..

  • samira

    nummy num num :)

    there are 13 episodes before the writers strike, and at january 14th there will be the episode 9 and if I understand good, the writers strike will be over.

  • samira


    STOP the gay debate PLEASE !!!!

  • samira


    STOP the gay debate PLEASE !!!!

  • Wentfanatic

    To me Prison Break = Wentworth Miller… everything else is a blur.

  • Wentfanatic

    To me, Prison Break = Wentworth Miller… everything else is a blur.

  • melly


    I can’t wait….

    woo-hoo! i do hope they give Michael a new love interest!

    Love wentworth!!!!!

  • Violaine

    Can’t wait for Went

  • V2

    Love the show and can’t wait for the new episodes! And love the picture! :D

    Not sure when the strike will be over though Samira. It could last long and I think it’s likely that Season 3 will end up being a half season. It will take some time until new scripts are written and episodes are filmed. If that’s the case, at least we’ll get to look forward to season 4 then. :)

  • meemee

    Love the new promo pics

  • tony the tiger

    in response to your question, wentworth miller is completely gay…he was openly gay in college…..but has been on the down low since his career took off…especially after some pictures of him and his boyfriend surfaced online.

  • [~Famous~]


  • http://???? NUMMY NUM NUM

    A cup a tea is all I needed, thanks Samira and V2 for the info………..

    Tony the Tiger are you just upset because Wentworth didn’t like your cereal growing up? Sugar coated frosted flakes……THERE GREAT!
    What happened to nice, caring fun loving hugable Tony the Tiger??
    Let the man be, it’s not amusing anymore and the topic is stale and boring, so let it be, just let it be…………….lets talk about his fashion taste and his choices of Magazines he reads…………………………….

    Here one…………….. thanks for not wearing shades indores ;)
    ……………… thanks for wearing that lovely sweater
    ………………. love the hat, reminds me of mine but I hv furry things on the side :)

    Just remember ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year’……….

  • Mrs Miller

    This writers strike has fucked up Hollywood

  • Went’s not gay!

    How can you be OUT and then be back IN the closet??? It’s not possible. Went’s a very smart guy. I doubt if he would think he could get away with that in this day and age with the internet and all. You can’t hide your past, it’ll sneak up and bite you in the ass.

    Went is very proud of his ethnicity. I would think he’d be OUT and PROUD if he was gay as well. He doesn’t seem like the type of man who is ashamed of anything. He’s a very confident man.

    Do yourself a favor and STOP believing rumors.

  • lizzie

    SERIOUSLY, I dont want to sound rude but like some of you said, the whole debate about him being gay needs to stop!!!!! Why??? becasue he has confirmed himself through the press that he is NOT GAY!!! who better to believe than the man himself!!!!! If he was he would have said so, but no he was asked if he was and he answered “no.” just because there are pictures of him hanging out with another man who happens to be gay doesnt mean he is. there are many guys out there who have gay friends. My boyfriend’s best friend happens to be a gay man.

  • ellen

    he’s gay



    It always works!

    All you have to say is the word: “Gay?” and people start yelling at each other…
    Life is great when entertainment is free!


  • simona

    people there is so quietess around him this months.
    no pictures who feed the comments, just him alone to shopping or at the airports.
    he looks a bit sad, but i hope he’s ok.
    he’s just a lovely person and inspires you with silence and decency.
    he always smiling when he was being photographed, but not these days.
    i love you and support you no matter what.
    happy new year!

  • lene

    I won’t be watching until the writers pull their heads out of their ass and bring back Sara(h)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MiSa FORVER! :D lol

  • Laura


  • Raichill

    The show needs Sara back. There’s nothing to look forward to at all without Michael and Sara’s relationship. Who cares if Linc gets whimpy LJ back….BORING!

  • cain

    the show should shut down before it’s getting more ridiculous. It’s been very ridiculous yet.

  • samira


    If you think this show is ridiculous, nobody forces you to watch this show. You change chain tv simply.

    There are still persons who watch this show.

  • marymi

    i can’t hardly wait!!!!

  • http://tiff celine

    i love the show more more more prison break and wentworth miller

  • it’s prison, yo!

    I want to be in the center of a Mike & Linc sandwich!!! Scrumptious!!! Slurp, smack, gulp!!! Yummy, that’s was lip smackin goooooood!!! lol

  • I’m a naughty girl

    I hear ya!! Can I get some of that? Mmmmmmm, that was TASTY!! Sweet & Salty for sure!!

  • icel

    oh went..we miss you! we love prison break!goodluck.. love you same as dom..

  • cheerleaders fan

    i love prison break i love u domenic goooooooooooooooo

  • chachachachia

    they should just take advantage of the hiatus and go ahead and cancel the show. the second season was unnecessary and the third season was a complete and utter joke. i made it through two eps and decided that it was season 1 only dumbed down for the mainstream fox viewers.

    wentworth should know better than to stay on a bad show. the only way the show would improve is if he finally gets a gay lover because yes, though you idiots won’t admit it, he’s gay gay gay, gay as a broadway musical and clay aiken in a tutu.

  • samira

    @ 44

    You live with him to know if he is really gay or not?? NO
    May be it’s the lack of maturity which makes you say that, or maybe the jealousy, or the fact that you don’t like this actor. Grow up a little please and advance in the life, don’t stop you on rumors.

  • agatha

    I CAN”T WAIT PB!!!!!!!!! i wonna see went again ;)) hehe

  • agatha

    samira – those people who call that went is gay, always will think so and anything changes it and I agree with u but they won’t uderstand it :/ they r simply jealous..

  • samira

    agatha ;)

  • cras

    Meh. Who cares about Michael? It’s all about Mahone.

  • me

    of course he’s gay