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Vanessa Hudgens: Love Stinks!

Vanessa Hudgens: Love Stinks!

High School workout partners Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale leave the LA Fitness gym together after a post-holiday workout on Wednesday in North Hollywood.

The camera shy BFFs were seen leaving the gym with a legion of trainers and staff. Okay, okay. Just four!

Vanessa, 19, was seen wearing a “Love Stinks” baby tee. Featured front and center on her t-shirt are Looney Tunes skunk Pepé Le Pew and feline friend Penelope Pussycat. Let’s hope Zanessa love still smells good!

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens‘ love stinking up the place…

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vanessa hudgens love stinks 01
vanessa hudgens love stinks 02
vanessa hudgens love stinks 03
vanessa hudgens love stinks 04
vanessa hudgens love stinks 05
vanessa hudgens love stinks 06
vanessa hudgens love stinks 07
vanessa hudgens love stinks 08
vanessa hudgens love stinks 09
vanessa hudgens love stinks 10
vanessa hudgens love stinks 11
vanessa hudgens love stinks 12
vanessa hudgens love stinks 13
vanessa hudgens love stinks 14
vanessa hudgens love stinks 15

Photos: Scott/Shinn/ISBP/Bauer-Griffin
Posted to: Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens

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  • kristen0606

    new thread!!! haha they look very nice!! i wish i could look that nice when i get done working out!! :)

  • sarah

    2nd…ive never been 2nd on a v thread =]

  • suzy

    Vanessa looks so cute.

  • MEW(;:


  • fAMIZ

    great !! Nessa looks sweet but i want Zanessa!!

  • zanessa

    i love vanessa she is so cool we need zanessa sightings… zac outta town just wondering …..zanessa forever

  • Kay

    cute cute. ash and v can’t get enough of each other recently!!

  • Samdeepa

    I love vanessa

  • zanessa110

    love her!

  • laura

    3rd woo

  • dude

    woah how come she and ashley are hanging out soooo much lately??

  • Nessa

    zanessa love is just fine :) hahahahaha

  • Jennifer W.

    vanessa looks awesome as always. baby v forever.

  • troy

    I got to hand it to Vanessa even when she’s going to work up a sweat she still manages to look cute. Ashley looks good too.

  • dalia

    Is this from yesterday or today? Cuz they also went shopping yesterday right?

  • dude

    we won’t get zanessa sightings for a long time until zac finishes taping his movie…=[

  • Vanessahundgens590

    New new video for vanessa hudgens click here:

  • Malia

    Cute shirt. :lol:

  • miley


    I CAN’T BELIEVE IT…. a lot of paps where there… vanessa is so beautiful i love her. oh i’m so happy! :)


  • marsha

    cute t-shirt!

  • narf

    Aweeee, they are still hanging out togoether.

    Congratulations on getting the first post kristen0606.

  • Malia

    Vanessa will be on the cover of Seventeen–the February 08 issue:

  • zanessa110

    man, this is gonna start many rumors,

  • rach

    oh jj , its just a shirt. Of course zanessa love still smells good!

    i love how happy she looks in some of these.

  • Steph

    They both look cute :)

  • genevieve

    aww she looks gorgeous/cute on 17! love her! and these pics are adorable. love the shirt! man, see she still manages to look pretty with no makeup and after a workout. someone asked if zac is out of town, yes he is. but im sure they will hang out when new years comes around. they look so happy, good to see them having fun

  • rach

    it says wed Dalia, so maybe they went before shopping because some of the pics from them shopping look kinda dark

  • ellie

    Woo hoo, you got first post lil sis, congratulations!

    Ok, onto to the actual topic…Man, why can’t I ever look that put together after exercising! I think that shirt is adorable and I want Ashley’s hat. Hmmm, that shirt would be a good basis for a limerick, think I’ll write one before I have to head off, be back in a few minutes.

  • jb

    They both look cute. I’m glad they are so close. It’s really good that they are BFF. They can vent to each other about the papz. I think their normal, not actors, friends don’t have a clue on what they go through. Good for them…

  • dalia

    Nah zanessa110 it’s just a shirt and the rumors only start if the comments on the threads start speculating.
    It’s pepe lepew (sp?) a cartoon character that is a skunk for pete’s sake and the shirt is a play on words. So if anyone does start a stupid rumor it is going to be ridiculous. But there are some major idiots out there that will jump at the chance, so be on the lookout and smash em down!!

  • rach

    is that last pic of ask going to her apartment?

  • Malia

    Remember the Zac shirt in Australia? Those silly love birds must egg each other on to see who can wear the “cutest” saying on their shirts. But I still think “Just Do It” is the best.

  • dalia

    It could be rach, since she drove the pap probably followed her home.
    I’m surprised these didn’t get posted before the shopping ones if it was earlier in the day! Oh well, girlfriends always hang out a lot together if their bf’s are elsewhere. I wonder where Jared is?

  • genevieve

    haha malia i agree :)

  • dalia

    Yeah Malia, I like that one the best too!!

  • jb

    Four HTG in a row..go girls.. swinging arms in a circle, go girls, swinging arms in a circle, Oh its going to be a fun night jb’s in a mood!!!

  • Robin

    They look so cute together! I love them! Ashley’s nose still looks weird and Vanessa’s baby Tee is co cute! I sure hope Zanessa love still smells good or else i would be crushed! Oh yeah i went to the HSM ON ICE TOUR AT THE O2 ARENA LONDOD. It was really really really really GREAT! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!

  • dalia

    Hell, my daughter has a shirt that says ” I get my good looks from my Mom!” hahahaha

  • dalia

    Hey JB are you done kickin a@#?

  • troy

    #33 Thanks for pointing out that it’s just a T-shirt dalia, and let me add that sometimes a t-shirt is just that a t-shirt. Even though some people *coughjaredcough* might try to hint at be being more just to get more hits. *makes I’m watching you motion with fingers to Jared*

  • ellie

    Ok, new limerick (wow, I haven’t written one of these in awhile, I’ve been slacking off!)

    Exercise is good, V and Ashley would say
    As they leave a gym in good ol’ LA
    But it’s V’s shirt that’s the bomb
    She wears it with aplomb
    ‘Love Stinks’ is now the catchphrase of the day!

    Ok, I have to leave for awhile, be back in a couple of hours. Seems like the supporters have got the jump on the haters today, but I know it won’t last so, defend to the death ZA’s, lol!

  • Malia

    And do you make her wear it all the time, Dalia? :lol:

  • genevieve

    lol dalia you crack me up =]

  • kristen0606

    hey narf and ellie and everyone else!! i tried hard to get to the thread first!! hoping to settle all the negativity from the last thread..i think that her shirt is adorable i love that little skunk!! haha

  • ihatevanesa

    ashley rocks;)
    vanessa sucks
    hate that asshole

  • jb

    Dalia just leaving…

  • dalia

    have fun JB!! See you at home later!
    Good job Kristen!! You’ve got fast fingers!!

  • ihatevanesa

    eeww i hate vanessa

    and i hate the first pic!

    she looks like ashley’s maid!

  • Sara

    Why are they always hidding their faces.. Jeezz

  • genevieve

    you know i would actually consider it a sweet sign to zac. of course she misses him, and look at that sweet picture. so lovey dovey probably is a sign to him, but in a good way :)