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Wentworth Miller is a Beanie Boy

Wentworth Miller is a Beanie Boy
  • Wentworth Miller catches a flight out of Chicago’s O’Hare airport. He caught up on his Vanity Fair and sipped on Starbucks before boarding Business Class.
  • Jessica Alba‘s burgeoning belly is looking great!
  • Sarah Jessica Parker heads to Hawaii for the holidays.
  • Riley Giles sold pictures of ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan
  • Martha Stewart‘s prison made nativity scene.
  • Jack Osbourne, Version 4
  • David Schwimmer is looking for a good lady.
  • Looks for less: No Nonsense Knockoffs
  • Meg Ryan and Daisy True shop at Whole Foods supermarket.
  • Leo and Bar are back on for sure!
  • Jordan goes down a size
  • has added DRM-free downloads from Warner Music Group to its MP3 store. They join EMI, Universal Music Group, and tens of thousands of other independent labels. How exciting! Let’s hope other music labels follow suit. Who wants to be tied down to just one music store? Join the club, iTunes!
  • “[There are distinct advantages to] being young, blond and, if you will, looking a certain way. I’m 26 and I tell myself, ‘Why not have a little fun with that?’ ” — Ivanka Trump to the NYTimes
  • Last week, B2K’s Demario “Raz B” Thorton claimed his former manager sexually abused him. Today, Raz B says he was just kidding. Seriously?
  • I Am Legend star Will Smith clarifyed his comments about Adolf Hitler. Will‘s alleged comments came during an interview with Scotland’s Daily Record “Even Hitler didn’t wake up going, ‘let me do the most evil thing I can do today’,” said Will. “I think he woke up in the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was ‘good’. Stuff like that just needs reprogramming.” His words were obviously taken out of context. Will said his so-called remark was misinterpreted and “an awful and disgusting lie. Adolf Hitler was a vile, heinous vicious killer responsible for one of the greatest acts of evil committed on this planet.”
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  • Helena

    Miss Dog Jordan had already announced that she was dropping a boob size, so it’s not exactly a question.

  • BeTo5

    Thanks 4 posting the news!

  • samira

    when did these pictures were taken ?????

  • will he shut up

    Will got caught – no way his words were misinterrpreted. He said it — basically all people a good deep down – then he used Hitler as an example. No matter how he pack pedals he is say that Hitler was basically good. Must be that scientology teaching. Christianity has it right – people are basically not good – infact are evil untill Christ comes into their lives and redeems them.

  • Just me…

    Wentworth is so beautiful and really concentrate on his magazine..
    I love you Wentworth!!!!

  • andreea from romania

    Gotta love the beanie!!!! He seems to concentrate all of his attention on that Vanity Fair, like a student doing a last minute reading before an exam. How cute is that!

  • samira

    People don’t seem interested by his presence or maybe they didn’t care.

    If it was me, I would have jumped over him lol !!!!!! :D
    He would have been afraid, he is so concentrated by his magazine lol!!!!!

  • Just me…

    I do not manage to believe that nobody seems to recognize it !!
    And I think that he must really be very happy about that !!

    20 minutes sitting at its sides…. waouw… these people are absolutely not conscious of the chance that they have!!
    And Why this kind of things never happens to me?…Why?

  • Wentfanatic

    Ooooh JJ 2 Wentworth post! Spoiling me like this might just get me on one knee & ask you to marry me… as long as you don’t mind playing second fiddle to Went.


  • kingston

    18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days. 18 Days.

    Anybody know if they’re going to show the last PB aired before the hiatus before the new one on the 14th? I don’t remember all the little details that happened, just the overall “OH MY GOD.”

  • samira

    Just me

    I agree with you, they have chance and don’t seize the opportunity.
    If you live in United States, maybe you could have a chance, and me, I live in France, so it’s worse, i am desperate lol !!!!! :(

  • hudgens66


  • V2

    LOL Samira and Just me..

    He could be so deep into his magazine so people would hesitate to approach, like a little defense mechanism (same as playing with the mobile phone can be).
    Not that such thing could stop the big fans lol. :D

  • samira

    V2 lol

    Ohhhhhh me, nothing can stop me !!! . Lol :)

    Went can do anything at this moment.

    If I see him, I “rip along ” lol like a car , I miss not the opportunity lol!!!!

  • Helena

    I would so love it if David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston hooked up.
    But I saw him in London a few weeks ago, is he staying here for a while?

  • http://deleted anonymous

    boy…celebrity obsession is sometimes over the top..there is nothing remotely interesting about Wentworth sitting there in an airport lounge reading a magazine and YET this makes it on JJ…..why not capture him coming out a public stall and upload that…no wonder paparazzis are making a crapload money off of pics like this.

  • tony the tiger

    it is kind of tragic that all of the candid photos of wentworth miller show him completely alone …. even when he was holiday shopping…. because he does not want anyone to see him with his boyfriend (after the pictures of them surfaced last month)

    his career is going nowhere anyway

  • Just me…

    I don’t live in US…but in Belgium!!!!
    And that really mean that I have not any chance and opportunity to cross his way!!!

    You are absolutly right…”The famous defense mechanism ” everybody know that!!!

    And yes of course nothing can stop the big fans.. :D

    tony the tiger…
    I agree with you about one thing…
    That it was tragic that all of the candid photos of wentworth miller show him completely alone!!!

    And Luck IS NOT his boyfriend!!!!

  • V2

    There’s nothing wrong in shopping alone or travelling alone, it’s certainly not tragic.
    He obviously has people in his life to shop for and places and people to visit.

  • christian


    it is common knowledge here in west hollywood that Wentworth has a boyfriend…they used to be seen at gay bars and restaurants…there were even some pix of them together on perezhilton….but now Wentworth won’t go anywhere with his boyfriend…THAT is tragic.

  • V2

    I am well aware of those photos months ago, and honestly I really don’t care if Luke is his boyfriend or not (if he is, they’re a lovely couple).
    That endless gay debate is getting on most people’s nerves however.

    For me, tragic is when catastrophies, accidents and illnesses happen, when people lose their loved ones or get hurt badly. Not when someone is walking the streets or airports alone. That’s what I was saying. ;)

  • samira

    V2 :)

    I totally agree with you.

    This debate is endless, because people are frustrated.

    And as you said : There’s nothing wrong in shopping alone or travelling alone.” I don’t understand the reasoning of some people here.

    Me too, I am someone solitary. Anyway, I know all the world don’t care lol!!

    An intelligent answer by V2 : ” For me, tragic is when catastrophies, accidents and illnesses happen, when people lose their loved ones or get hurt badly. Not when someone is walking the streets alone or airports.”

    Follow her reasoning.

  • Lee

    V2, Samira :-) good girls complete my opinion :-)
    :-) :-) :-)

  • Lee

    V2 i know you had read, Samira did you read too, what i wrote at the
    W addict site about the shopping spree ?

  • Lee

    LL, Nummy, Wentfanatic, Emmy, Fangirl, Liz, Sarah what you are
    think about that ?

  • samira

    Hi Lee :)

    If I understood it correctly, you prefer that we let more comments on the site went addict’s ??

  • Lee

    Yes and no, ;-)
    I mean for longer texts we write at the spree thread again,
    As it were our forum for a long texts.
    Everyone of us writes elsewhere and we must search each other …
    What you would say ?

  • Lee

    and we could see the the beautiful pictures of the cute at shopping..
    again and agin and ….. ;-)

  • Lee

    ahhh .. again and not agin :-(

  • samira

    lol Lee don’t worry.

    The error is human and your brain is not blank. ;)

  • Lee

    :-) Thank you, and what do you think of my idea ?

  • Bitsey

    Anyone know why Wentworth was in Chicago???

  • samira

    Lee :)

    sorry, I am afraid of not understand, maybe it’s my brain which is blank lol !!!

    your idea is : we write long texts in forum went addicts, if it’s that, i’m OK

  • wentlover

    Went is so cute. It is no use to guess why he is always alone. Because there are always some people prefer to have a quite life and prefer to be alone. i have some friends just like him. Shop alone, go to moives alone, travel alone, even when some of them have girlfriends or boyfriends. we never doubt about our friends to be homo or something wrong with them. Why would we cast the doubt on wentworth miller then? just because he is so handsome and famous, so he should have a girlfriend or have a lot of affairs to satisfy our curiosities? People, leave him alone. He chooses to live like this and it is his right to do it.

  • samira


    No sorry, and I don’t know when this pictures were taken

  • Went’s not gay!

    Went has said he doesn’t even go to bars, let alone gay bars, so you must be dillusional. You gays make me laugh because you want him so desperately to be gay, that you make S.H.I.T. up, He has said twice now that he’s not gay. He’s said a few times that he wants a wife and kids. Why can’t you just accept that? We all know gay men love to gossip and that’s where this whole rumor started.

    I don’t believe rumors, I believe Wentworth.

  • Lee

    :-) giggle ;-)
    no Samira turn it around, long texts at shop.
    spree, short texts W addicts the chat is full after 6 sentences ;-)
    but i love this chat :-)

  • samira

    @ went lover 34

    I totally agree with you.

    Me too, I am a person solitary.

  • arabella

    He’s good-looking on this pic.I like him priory because of his acting which is better and better through his new projects.I live so far away from the USA but am big fan of his.The English is not my native but anyway I would love to meet him one day.

  • samira

    Lee oh la la la la la la la :)

    my brain is softened

    Lee, you gonna laugh again lol

    Don’t fall of the chair lol

    what is Shop Spree ??????

  • Lee

    i admire that he do that all alone. lots actors have a huge entourage. that he is doing all himself make him so normal …
    and i belive that is a part of why we like
    him … äh ….. and of course he is such a cutie ;-)

  • Went’s not gay!

    Gay men made up this whole rumor because they want Wentworth soooo badly. This rumor is running rampant all around West Hollywood, yet not one person has posted a photo of Went with gayboy Luke since last summer. If all these gay guys constantly claim they’ve seen them in Starbucks, various restaurants, gay bars, the YMCA, then where are the F.U.C.K.I.N.G. photos?? Practically everyone has a cell phone nowadays, yet no one takes a picture of them together??

    Come on, like I’m going to believe in random posters on the internet!! Ha, ha, that’s a laugh. It’s all B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.

  • Lee

    Samira :-(

  • Lee

    went`s not gay 42
    thank you that is what i say all the time , millions of cell phones
    and not one picture ……

  • arabella

    I don’t want to be rude but i think that lee and samira should go on private chat and talk.Our topic here is something else not calling of each other.I think that u would understand what i wanted to tell you.

  • Lee

    ja Arabella wir haben verstanden …

  • arabella

    Danke Lee aber ich bin kein Deutch Madchen!

  • Lee

    das dachte ich mir ;-) Arabella

  • Lee

    Samira nous serons jetés ….
    Était-ce exact? ;-)

  • arabella

    Ok but you said something on german and i thought that you may think that i am from Germany or something.Anyway Wenty would be probably laughing if he ever read this comments because it is about everything else except him.Kisses!