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Katherine Heigl: Inside Her Wedding

Katherine Heigl: Inside Her Wedding

OK! magazine has the exclusive scoop on the wedding details of Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl and musician Josh Kelley. Here are some additional details you’ve been dying to know about the wedding:

– Guests were given gift baskets of Christmas cookies as they arrived at the ceremony
– About 80 friends and family attended the wedding inside the white-draped tent
Heigl wore a traditional white Oscar De La Renta gown
– The couple wrote and exchanged their own vows
Heigl‘s maid of honor was her older sister Meg
– Her three bridesmaids wore cranberry red cocktail dresses, also by Oscar De La Renta
Kelley had four groomsmen all dressed head-to-toe in Tommy Hilfiger, including younger brother Charles as best man and Kat‘s Grey’s co-star T.R. Knight

Stay tuned for more details including snippets from OK!’s exclusive interview with the happy couple. Exciting!

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  • sarah

    1st =]

  • laskjdflkj

    at least 3rd!

  • lungs

    i’m sorry but her chain smoking those cancer sticks excessively is disgusting and completely gross…how can one kiss a smoker,,they taste like ciggs and they smell like ciggs…ewwwwwwwww!


    how come she didn’t invite her co-star allen???

  • zoe

    congrats! they seem cute together. oh and donna, her co-star’s name is ellen not allen. kath probably invited her but she just couldn’t make it.

  • kate


  • bella

    i want pictures!


    Ellen was invited but she couldn’t make it, she passed the holidays with her family.
    They’re friends in life, she even threw them a party for their wedding.

    Bump Ellen and congrats Kathie and Josh

  • elodie

    i hope we have a new pic of justin chambers!

  • Helena

    Katherine has had too much botox to get rid of the wrinkles from the smoking.

  • superfan

    why is it that these female grey’s anatomy stars are “RUSHING INTO MARRIAGE”??? soon we’ll hear rumors of the couple heading to divorce court if not, then pregnancy rumors!


    #11 Kathie and Josh are together since 3 years and get engaged since 1 year and 1/2, Ellen and Chris are together since 5 years and get engaged last year, so I don’t think we could say that it’s “RUSHING INTO MARRIAGE”???
    If you’re talking about Kate Walsh, here I could agree with you since she get married 8 months after meeting her husband.

    I hope that neither of them is going to head to divorce.

  • http://justjared bubbly

    awwww i love them
    wanna see some pictures though, need to see the dress

  • Dancer

    I agree with #3 Lungs-her chain smoking just puts me off her. It is disgusting. And kissing a smoker is like kissing an ashtray. At the rate she smokes she’ll have cancer in her 40′s.

  • Ha!

    To #3 and Dancer. Then don’t kiss her.

    Helena, you’re still a moron.

  • blueangel

    The only reason she looks good on Grey’s Anatomy is because they lighten her skintone. IRL she is sooo ugly!

  • lauren

    CHECK OUT JOSH’S LITTLE BROTHER’S (charles’) BAND CALLED LADY ANTEBELLUM :) they pretty much rock.

  • anonymous

    I wish you jealous dumb EP fans would shut up and leave the girl alone. It is sooo obvious you are jealous because EP will never be anything. EP is over after GA. EP cannot act and the GGs and the Emmys agree. She has to much botox on her gross scarface. Her skin is worse than KHs and KH smokes. When EP was 16 she dated a man who was 10 yrs older, slut. Now she is married to a ugly felon who has been convicted for drug dealing, drug possession, credit card thef, and fraud. EP is nothing but trailler trash. She is a druggie that is why her skin is so bad, her hair is nasty and unhealthy, and she stays skinny. It is all the drugs because she married her drug dealer. EP is a nobody she will always be a nobody. She is trash.

  • anonymous

    Katie H. invited everyone but she knew her closest friends would only make the effort to attend her wedding that is the only reason she invited everyone.

    Otherwise she would not have invited EP because her felon would have stolen the guests credit cards.

  • Katy

    I think it’s great that Katherine’s closest Greys friends came – TR, Kate, Justin & Sara – all support each other in everything, which is very sweet & see each other socially.

    Ellen doesn’t seem to socialise with the cool gang much. She may have wanted to spend time with her husband, but it was only one day & the wedding has been planned for over a year – you would think if they were friends, she would have supported her !! Seems to only care about protecting her own interests.

    Ah well, EP did come over as a bitch on Punked & I’ve read press reports saying she’s as popular on set as Isaiah Washington was (which has to be saying something !).

    Congrats to KH & can’t wait to see her next movie, 27 Dresses. She sure is becoming the new leading lady of the movies !

  • Paula

    Word #19.

    It’s quite clear that the cast who are truly friends in real life are those that support each other outside work & see each other socially – eg. Katherine, TR, Kate, Sara, Justin. They would make the effort to support their friends which is nice. More power to them lol.

  • anti kate walsh

    # 18 – # 19
    you should eat your shit. I’m tired of morons like you.
    Walsh sucks!

  • anti kate walsh

    I repost

    # 18 – # 19
    you should eat your s.h.i.t. I’m tired of morons like you.
    Walsh sucks!

  • Shanna

    # 18 you are really interested about EP. You love her.
    She’s one of the best actresses of GA. KH and KW are popular only for their body, because people love to open their legs. They are trash. Horrid women. Like you.

  • Sarah

    I’m tired of morons.
    All fans deserve respect. Childish and stupid comments annoying.
    # 18 You should grow.

  • Megan

    #21 and #22 can you not read dumbass. The title of this thread is Katherine Heigl not Kate Walsh dipshit.

    Thanks for the info JJ. They make a sweet couple.

  • kathy

    you’re talking about her real friends being present for her wedding but Sara Ramirez wasn’t there.

  • anonymous

    WTF? Does this have to do with Kate Walsh? I am the one who posted the comment about EP. I am a Katie Heigl fan, although Kate is ok. But I am more of a KH fan. Told ya, you EP fans are fucking stupid, just like EP.

  • kathy

    And like I said before EP organized for KH and her husband a party!!!
    EP, TR and KH are friends…. I don’t know about EP and KW!!!!

    Why people are aggressif about EP not being here but not about PD, ED, SR, CW, Shonda and Betsy??????????

    Bump for the grey’s girls…

  • anonymous

    SR has a huge family. EP does not even care about her family b/c she did not even invite them to her skank courthouse wedding. EP obviously does not care about her family. She did not even tell her own father about the wedding. Bitch. The rest of the cast has kids so that is understandable. EP has no kids and she does not give a shit about her family. So she could have made it and made it back whereever in time for Christmas. She is just a bitch who did not go. Oh well, I doubt Katie wanted her ugly ass there.

  • anonymous

    Oh yea EP organized a party. Bitch could not even schedule the party right, so JK had to hurry around and change his schedule to accomodate her. Bitch.

  • robin

    I agree I have no respect for EP marrying a drug dealer and credit card thief. She and her husband are garbage.

    KH and JK look cute together. Congrats

  • kathy

    anonymous, you seem bitter toward EP!!!!! It’s sad, I was on the set last year and all the cast seem close, EP is a very likeable person, same for KH.

    It’s not because EP had something private and didn’t tell her family about her wedding that makes her a ******. And EP has a great family (lot of brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews!!!

    I think that whatever we say, you’re going to keep insulting her and her fan!!! It’s sad to use all this energy to be so violent and vulgar!!!

  • robin

    #32, Your comment is funny. Of course they will be nice and friendly when they have fans on the set. Duh.

    The Enquirer had a list of people who are bitches on set. EP was the only one on it. They called her “Pompous Pompeo”. lol.

  • kathy

    I’m not stupid, I know that actor are supposed to be frendly with their fan, but she is very geniune, you can’t change my opinion about that!!!

    Seriously, The Enquirer is a reference for you??? Seriously???
    Because, in all the interview of the other actors(GA or the movies she did) they all say great things about her !!!

    I know you’re going to say that they supposed to say kind thing about their co-workers but in her case in not just she’s great and stop!!! They always stay a moment saying sweet things about her!!!

    But I do respect that you hate her, it’s ok, we’re not suppose to love everyone but I just find sad that people have be insulting!

  • robin

    The Enquirer had the whole entire Season 3 finale of GA all correct. I would not disregard it, they do have inside sources.

    There was a TV guide blind item that talked about a actress being a bitch on set to the crew bc she was unhappy with her storyline. Even the EP fans thought it was her.

    I used to like EP then she married a felon. I have no respect for her. You are who you hang out with. She married a drug dealer. I think she is a druggie.

  • michealangelo

    to anonymous and robin

    you have it all wrong my friends….and you are not intellegent enough to see it. EP is the only one who did not have a wedding for publicity and then sell it for profit…..Walsh and Heigl both did and on top of that registered for gifts…….Clearly you have a motive for hating EP…..but you talk like you know her, but i know you dont cuz your sooooo off base…

  • nicole

    I am a Ellen fan and it is true she did marry a felon she said it herself that he was a drug dealer.

    I love all the GA girls.

  • Lee

    EP can’t exactly hide the fact that her husband is a convicted drug dealer, credit card fraudster. He has spent time inside. Let’s hope she got him to sign a pre-nup. He must be holding onto his meal ticket !!

  • Matt

    #37 – you have got to be kidding right ? LOL.

    You think that EP shuns the limelight !! Hello, she has sold out to Playboy magazine in the past. Someone needs a reality check.

    The only reason she didn’t sell her own wedding was the fact it would have attracted publicity to her McFelon. EP only confirmed his dodgy past when the paps uncovered it – she’s hardly going to want the paps to pay more attention to his dodgy dealings LOL

    I love how some people are so high & mighty. “Oh, she doesn’t sell out” etc etc. Yeah, right. EP needs all the publicity she can get. Being fug ugly doesn’t help, but at least KH is cultivating a career outside Greys. EP is heading for an early retirement.

  • cybergurl

    I despise this mouthy beyatch

  • BrainySmurf

    Wow, poor Jared! Here is a sweet little tidbit about Katie Heigl’s wedding-enough to hold us over until OK! comes out but instead of us being grateful, we turn it into an all out fight over KW, KH, and EP.

    KH’s wedding was beautiful as we will all see in OK. Yes, she sold her wedding pictures so her fans could enjoy them.It does not make her a terrible person. She is only doing what Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria, Kate Walsh, Patrick Dempsey(with his newborns) and many other’s before her have done. She is sharing her wedding photos. Guess what-I showed my coworkers my wedding pictures-do you think I’m a terrible person? People share photos of their happy times-it’s what most humans do! Sure, KH got paid to show hers. Well that’s life. She may have donated the money or she may keep it, but you know what-it’s her business. I for one would much rather look at wedding photos then some pictures we are treated to every week.
    About the party EP recently had: it was not a party thrown in KH’s honor-it was just a party. Also to the fan that said EP was so nice on set. Let me tell you a TV set is a VERY CONTROLLED place. You would never be able to tell who is naughty or nice by visiting a set.
    I have a question too: Why is it that the only way EP fans can defend her or build her up is by bashing KH or Kate Walsh? Really is that the best you could do?
    Anyway, I can’t wait for the pictures. I love how Justin Chambers always shows up for everyone. Thanks Jared.

  • Lisa

    “I have a question too: Why is it that the only way EP fans can defend her or build her up is by bashing KH or Kate Walsh? Really is that the best you could do?”

    Good question. I think the little teenage fangirls of Greys must simply be jealous that the other Greys actresses like KH & KW steal the limelight from EP, who is widely regarded as the show’s weakest link.

  • lyn

    Lisa, EP never had the limelight. She was just in PD’s shadow.

    Just read a French interview of EP at the TWOP. Yea she is a real nice person. She just dissed Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, the traditional church wedding( what a bitch to diss a churches), and marriage. If she hates the idea of marriage so much, why did the big dumbie get married in the first place?

    I want the felon to divorce her and take all her money serves the dumbie right.

  • Gy

    Word #43
    EP fans are just jealous of KW & KH´s luck!
    Cause EP is just like her character instead of Grey is GRAY.
    oh yeah so so so GRAY and boring!

  • Gy

    Btw i want to see the pictures already!
    I wanna see Kate & Alex!