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Paris Hilton is the Gold Standard

Paris Hilton is the Gold Standard

Paris Hilton gussies herself up in gold for a night out in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The 26-year-old heiress just came back from a family vacation in Hawaii over the Christmas holiday.

Paris dropped by Goa nightclub before being driven in a SUV limo to Villa with a couple of friends. Yay for chauffeurs!

Just yesterday, it was announced that Paris‘ late grandfather Barron Hilton will donate nearly all of his $2 billion fortune to his family’s philanthropic foundation that provides clean water to drought-stricken villages in Africa, education for blind children and housing for the mentally ill. Paris is expected to receive chump change as her inheritance–$5 million!

10+ pictures inside of Paris Hilton‘s golden night…

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paris hilton gold 01
paris hilton gold 02
paris hilton gold 03
paris hilton gold 04
paris hilton gold 05
paris hilton gold 06
paris hilton gold 07
paris hilton gold 08
paris hilton gold 09
paris hilton gold 10

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    love the outfit

  • j


  • bcvbvcb


  • Meeee

    Ehh not sure about her bag shoes….

  • Deb

    Yeah!!!!!! for her grandfather, why keep pouring money into those useless grandchildren. Their parents are sad people without good parenting skills. I can’t see Paris settling down. I wonder what kind of men her brothers will be ewwwwww look out hollywood.

  • Meeee

    ^^^I actually find it ironic that he is giving the $$$ to charity considering he contested against his father doing the same thing.


    Same thoughts here, Meee. I wonder if this will end up a ten year court battle?

    Paris has endorsement deals and millions made from her reality show and other ventures. She’s not exactly broke.

  • jj

    I didn’t think he was dead yet, right?

    Still, he’s a smart man.

  • Yawn

    I must say she looks good here. More more like a young socialite than a young skank. But she looks so sad!!!! Look at her eyes.

  • montana mike

    besides looking sad, those are the worst legs i’ve ever seen. she’s looking anorexic lately–and those feet————————

  • rhymes with witch

    Kudos to Grandpa Hilton. Make the skank work for a living!

  • Cynthia

    She looks like a man in drag.

  • weave head
  • waste of space shes not a teen
  • sad sad sad

    Wonder how it feels to know you cost your family $2 billion. And considering what the old man fought for when HIS father left the money to charity I would say the whole family is a bunch of hypocrites.

  • jay

    Why must she seek attention so much,stay your tired azz home, you are poison. Your’e rich, that’s it. U can’t act, can’t dance, below average looking, even with your faux hair and make up artists. I remember her running to mommy when she got out of jail, like the spoiled selfish b*tch she is. Follow by ,Faux promises, lying on Larry King.Trying to start sh*t with Stavros new women interest. ITA she is not a teen anymore, age- wise, but mind wise..,she still is.No offense to teens ,most are wise beyond their years. Parasite is’nt.Delusional self important twit.Go away,we know u shop, wear new outfits,shoes,hair,make up,,ho hummmm..yawn. I suggest a New gig for herplex,,fade away.

  • Mary

    I think she is sad because no matter how much money the rich have they still want more so it hurts that she is losing all that money.
    I’m glad the granddad is doing this. He must have learned that it’s really for the better.

  • Jamie

    She looks sad. Her grandfather made the right decision. She’s a disgrace. He probably got sick of his spoiled grandchildren dragging down the family name. How much longer is her “fame” going to last? She can’t be a paid partier forever.

  • lily

    this sorry ace biotch needs to crawl under a rock. she looks more pathetic than ever.

  • lily

    oh and the biorch always acted as though she was the only heir to the hilton empire. good for grandpa. suclks for his loser offspring.

  • CelebGossip

    even she wouldn’t get her part, she doesn’t worry

  • craig stairs

    paris needs to go to africa on a one way ticket and stay there, let her drink with the elephants.

  • irrelevant

    Hilton has absolutely no talent as an actress. It’s a pity she’s trully what we see. The public has long been clued in to what this skan.k is really about. She has the me me me me personna. Anything or anyone else is last. Her baby voice is particularly annoying.

  • j

    she’s looked busted ever since she got that short ugly hair

  • ummmmmm

    Umm short hair has nada to do with her looking busted, bish has always looked busted, the miracle of loads of cash$$$$ and a personal assistant painting your face , helped the bish alot.

  • donna rector

    She looks so hot! I want to suck her toes so baaaad!

  • crusty

    those things she call lips, looked like vienna sausages glued to her mouth, how nasty. ewwww.

  • chris

    5 million is hardly enough to buy a pad befitting a has-been extra in Hollywood, much less a place a star could live in. She needs to marry some super-rich stupe quick like, and then take him for half what he’s got.

  • rincez26

    She’ll spend that 5 mil on shopping… She’s not broke anyway! She has ner clothing line, perfume line… She’s still loaded.

  • watever

    what happen to her legs? yucks~~~ seems like going to break…

  • noone

    She has no fshion sense she looks like a golden christmas tree…
    and good that she’s not getting any money… she doesn’t really deserve it

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    her knees neeed lotion asap, and how fug is she in those fotos that people posted. sameoooooooooooooo, cr#p.

  • Noemi

    I think it hurts her that her grandfather did this. On TMZ there is a video of Nicky Hilton saying she is proud of her grandfather for doing this blah, blah, blah. They probably all agreed to go out on the town town to show the public that they are not down and out or sad. Since when does Nicky Hilton talk to photographers or even smile? Never. They are all egoistic, self serving, and overrated. I bet this time next year Paris Hilton’s name won’t be on all these gossip blogs. Also, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, etc. They will no longer interest the public. The sad thiing about this is that Britney and Paris Hilton LOVE the limelight. They are lucky they got their 15 minutes of fame. You have to have real talent like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Barbra Streisand, etc., to stand the test of time, decades. Those women can age and still be in demand. The rest have to rely primarily on their looks.

  • I agree with Noemi

    ITA 33, but unfortunately I don’t think they will stop posting these pathetic women,let’s hope. You are so on it about Niki,and the putting up a brave face.
    And yikessssss to that pic showing Parasite’s collagen lips,so not right.

  • you people jealous & worthless

    She looks beautiful as usual.
    She also has no use for the old fart’s money. She makes tons of it on her own. Everytime she shows up to any function they pay her tens of thousands of dollars each time.
    You hideous fat, couch potato haters can all just sit there and drown in your own venom.




  • luisa

    eres ermosa un beso