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Spencer Pratt Helps Donate $20K to Charity

Spencer Pratt Helps Donate $20K to Charity

Is Spencer Pratt really that bad after all?

The Hills bad boy was in the holiday spirit last week, helping to motivate students and donate money to North Carolina’s Kings Mountain High School, where he attended.

The Charlotte Observer reports that Pratt was accompanied by Ron Feemster, the 26-year-old producer of his girlfriend Heidi Montag‘s album. Feemster, aka Neff-U, donated $10,000 and handed out cash to lucky students, including $1,000 to the student with the highest GPA. In all, nearly $20,000 was distributed.

Pratt also spoke to children at the Kings Mountain Family YMCA. Heather Wilson, the family coordinator at the Y, said Pratt was “very inspirational,” “super, super nice” and “down to earth.”

“He said it’s important for the kids to be morally aware of what they’re doing,” Wilson added.”[Pratt spoke about how] God has changed his life and how it’s happened in the past two or three weeks.”

It’s divine intervention, ya’ll!

Just this past Christmas Eve, Spencer helped serve food to the less fortunate at the Los Angeles Mission in Downtown Los Angeles.

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33 Responses to “Spencer Pratt Helps Donate $20K to Charity”

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  1. 1
    Beckz Says:

    i hate spencer…

  2. 2
    Jenn Says:

    nice… but I still hate him

  3. 3
    Laura Says:

    Please stop reporting news about this tool. Nobody gives a crap.

  4. 4
    intel Says:

    All these reality stars are such attention wh*ores! They know their 15 mins are up SOON, so they try to get as much attention as possible, even if it means making a donation to charity. If this was just a selfless act, than why publicize it??? Why not do it quietly and STFU!!! I’m mad at myself for even posting on this thread, but I couldn’t help it! The Hills morons are the worst of all!!!

  5. 5
    craig stairs Says:

    when stars donate their own money it’s something to talk about, not when they beg you to donate YOURS.

  6. 6
    mOANA LISA Says:

    You didn’t mention that the $20,000 came from MTV.

  7. 7
    fofolioxoo Says:

    I think that is really nice of him, give him a break i no he is a total ass and everything and deserves to be called be names but he is human too.

  8. 8
    goz Says:

    mmm… good for the people who’s getting the help

  9. 9
    Me Says:


  10. 10
    Oh Angelina! Says:

    Adorable children! I’m all for anyone who goes out of their way for kids.

  11. 11
    dean Says:

    I hope he is being honest. Seems Spencer found God when MTV said that they would not pay for his wedding.

  12. 12
    lorenxvy Says:

    thats a nice thing he did

    but i still hate him..

  13. 13
    mildred l Says:


  14. 14
    Alyn Says:

    Well if Angie can change her image (by doing good things) so can Spencer.

  15. 15
    lololololol 696969 Says:

    wow this is a shocker

  16. 16
    Tim Says:

    i smell PR bull of just trying to get into Heidi’s good side. i wish it was out the goodness of his heart, but i doubt it.

  17. 17
    Giggles Says:

    If Spencer really wants to change his image he should come clean about Lauren and apologize to her.

  18. 18
    okay Says:

    it is definitely a kind gesture, but seriously, spencer if you want to change your image, apologize for all the crap you’ve talked about on lauren. he claims hes always been a nice guy and the way they edit him on the show is bad (which is somewhat true) but we all know you talked trash about lauren on radio shows across the country, and those are not edited.

  19. 19
    Jenn Says:

    I think he’s doing this for some nice publicity for his name. Yuck I don’t like him. Hope it’s honest, if it is, good for once :] Always nice to help children.

  20. 20
    Didi Says:

    20 grand is nothing considering how much money he’s made from publicity thanks to that fake show. 20 grand…what a miserly b*stard

  21. 21
    cassie Says:

    thats great of him, but i still hate him and hes an assholeeeeeeeeeeee

  22. 22
    Sara Says:

    Good for himm :)

  23. 23
    blip Says:

    Is Spencer Pratt really that bad after all?…YES

  24. 24
    jennifer Says:

    So you want me to praise a guy who made fun of a female’s anatomy, yes people he called Lauren Conrad beef curtains on his blog, which was reported by Perez Hilton, Us Mag and Just Jared. I will never like this guy.

  25. 25
    Michelle Says:

    Although he is the biggest douchbag in the world, you have to give him props for the little bit of charity work he’s been doing (even if it might be for some publicity)….i bet it’s a lot more than most of us have done all year.

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